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  1. Also Hakan Doganay is used to be recommended surgeon. What happened to him does anyone know ?
  2. Unless you have an in person consultations with the clinics, those numbers mean nothing. It is very difficult the assess all the characteristics of your hair loss with online photos. If you know what kind of transplant you want just do the math on your own by multiplying number of grafts with the cm2 of the area. Asmed tries to achieve at least 50 graft/cm2 ratio, to do that they may be implanting 55-60 grafts per cm2. hence more graft estimations. This is what I got from my consultation.
  3. He already had great hairline at the beginning, I'd expect to see more coverage and density on the midscalp for 4000 grafts. He might have experienced some permanent shock-loss though.
  4. This really scares me off. Becoming recommended got too easy I suppose.
  5. I'd say more legal than techinician clinics like Maral's.
  6. These are all very sound advices. If you can't cancel your flight do some consultations with Karadeniz, Koray Erdogan, Erkan Demirsoy say the least. By the by, it's sorta nonsence I can't afford more than 1.25 € thing. Just get the half of the grafts for now and get another HT when you save enough for another round. I don't think you can afford a bad HT for any kind of $$$ in the world.
  7. Recently, I had a phone conversation with Dr. Koray's Office to schedule an operation day. I asked if I was able to choose the technician namely Mrs. Dilek since I read her name often on this forum and the answer was no. Mrs. Secil explained to me that thay have 4 surgeries a day and they decide the tech teams which all are very much experienced according to the patients hair characteristics, some have hard fu's some have smooth etc. Now, how am I suposed to know what kind of result I will get If I don't know the tech's skills ? We come to this forum and look the results of this clinic or others for that matter but we don't know WHO was the tech. Perhaps, X tech is much better than Y tech the unbelievable result I see is belong to X tech and I won't get that tech because my hair is too hard. I think there should be 2 sets of recommended doctors here on this forum one with technicians assisted and the other with solely doctor operated. And clinics which use techs for extraction and inserition should name the tech for that operation on their showcases.
  8. Hi ED4141 Just out of curiosity, why didn't you consider Koray Erdoğan? As far as I know Doganay charges €2 vs. Erdogan €2,5. Erdogan seems to have consistent solid results published in this forum plus Erdogan uses manual punch vs. motorised
  9. I think, moderators should reach out this kinda members somehow to convince them to finish up the work or thread so to speak they have started.