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  1. No scarring at all in the recipient area. Some shock fallout (which is normal) around the donor area but it all grew back within 6 months. My crown area was virtually skin bald so I didn't have to worry about shock fallout there(smile). My frontal area where most of the transplants occurred had only a few hundred weak, dying hairs left that wouldn't grow longer than 1 1/2 inches and MAY have suffered shock fallout (I really can't tell) but they are/were doomed to fall out regardless. The area between the front and the crown (I'd say about a 2" wide band) received no transplants as the hair density is still sufficient (although thinning). I would guesstimate that 1500FU's would leave a scar about 8" long. The redness in the recipient area lasted about 8-10 weeks. I wouldn't worry about failure but I suspect you are nervous (I bloody well was my first session probably because I read too many botched job stories on the internet). It's really, really important to sign on with a skilled doctor with lots of transplant experience under his belt and I'm convinced you'd be pleased with Dr. Hasson's work. Cheers
  2. Gary Actually, what he did was remove the second session strip below the first session strip and for the third session went in between these 2 areas excising the previous scars and leaving me with one scar. (pretty nifty) For the fourth and final session he will excise the scar with the strip.
  3. I've had 3 sessions with Dr. Hasson over a 2 year period and will have my fourth and final session within a month's time. The first session involved 1325 grafts (975 in the front, 350 in the crown); the second session involved 1250 grafts (925 front, 325 crown); the third session involved 1065 grafts in the front (MY DECISION to lower the hairline about 1/2 inch). Dr. Hasson was quite satisfied with my results and height of hairline after the first 2 sessions but I'm a fussy guy and put my foot down when it came to lowering the hairline for a third session (he was reluctant and thought I was being too fussy but I did still had a good supply of good donor hair(and not everybody does). So far I am 100% satisfied with results-in fact I'm really quite amazed. It's been worth every nickle. Forget about propecia, rogaine and hairpieces if you have the money (or even if you don't-borrow it!) I checked out 3 different clinics in Vancouver and only Hasson and Wong specialize in HT surgery. The other clinics do it in conjunction with other plastic surgery techniques and I felt didn't have the expertise I was looking for. (I also checked out Boseley in Seattle but they were much more expensive and I'm very sceptical about their infomercial spread). I was one of the lucky 5-10% of recipients in my first 2 sessions whose transplanted hair kept growing after surgery but with my third session the transplants did fall out after 4 weeks and took a while to start growing. (no one knows for sure why these things happen). Dr. Hasson's minimum waiting period between sessions is 6-8 months (my waiting period between session 1 and session 2 was 6 months; between session 2 and 3, 11 months because I decided to lower the hairline); so when I went in for a check-up after 6 months between my third and fourth sessions and he said it was too soon and to wait another couple of months. Professional and non greedy-he definitely wants good results and seems quite passionate about his work. As for the guys whining slightly about the pain involved with the staple removal I have to laugh-it's about 3 minutes of discomfort for a lifetime of gain-think about it! Plus it leaves a virtually undetectable scar-even my hair stylist struggled vainly to find it. Also, even after 4 sessions I will be left with only one scar line-not too bad considering other surgeons over the years leave you with multiple scar lines. Anyway, if anyone has any questions regarding my experiences or with Dr. Hasson feel free to ask. Cheers