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  1. People explode over stuff like this it makes no sence. In no way is there any coorilation between hairloss and creatine
  2. thanks bill nice to be back, i just to tinker with a stimulant, a DHT scalp blocker, and a regrowing agent. Preferably id like to make it liquid to be sprayed.
  3. I want to make a topical that includes minox 5%, 100% whey protein, and nizoral. How would i go about doing that?
  4. yeah its legit human testing started a week ago
  5. i was just wondering how long the large toppik bottle lasts for.
  6. i was just wondering how long the large toppik bottle lasts for.
  7. are you still taking dut orally becasue you maybe getting regrowth from that
  8. cured, are you still taking dut orally cus you may get getting regrowth from that
  9. cured, how do you get dut into a liquid form?
  10. how do you get dut in liqui form?
  11. if you plan on getting a HT your going to have to get on propecia anyways, so id suggest you do it now. Im 18 and have been on it for 7 months-no sides
  12. 1. Where are you balding/thinning? a) Frontxxxxxxxxxxxxx b) Crown c) All over (YES) d) Other (Specify) = 2. Rate your baldness/thinning (personal opinion): a) Totally bald areas b) Extreme thinning c) Tolerable thinning (YES) d) Very slight notice - Im here so I can stop it earlyxxxxxxxxxxx 3. What is your age? (Optional) = 18 4. At what age did you notice thinning / baldness? (Optional) = 16 5. Do you use Propecia (or equivalent Finasteride brand)? a) Yes - Propecia (YES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b) Yes - Proscar c) Yes - Other (Specify) = d) No pills for me 6. If YES to question 5, do you think it is working? a) DEFINITELY - I have more hair on my head b) I think so - it seems to have slowed my thinning (YES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx c) No - I am still losing hair, it looks worse d) I dont know / too early to tell 7. How long have you been using Propecia/Fin.? = 7months 8. Do you use Rogaine (or equivalent Minox)? a) Yes - Rogaine 5% (YES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b) Yes - Rogaine 2% c) Yes - Other Brand (Specify) = XANDROX 5% d) No topical treatment 9. If yes to q8, foam or liquid? = foam 10. If yes q8, do you think Rogaine / Minox is working? a) Yes it is working, my hair is thicker / denser / looking better (YES) b) I think so, I think it may have halted hair loss c) No, Im still shedding - its not working at allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx d) I dont know, its too early to say 11. If yes to q8, how long have you been using this product for (please specify daily application, once, twice, etc.)? = Twice a day 1year 12. Do you use any shampoo that may aid in reducing hairloss? a) Yes - I use Nizoral '2 to 3' times a week (YES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b) Yes - I use Revita 'X' times a week c) Yes - I use 'OTHER' 'X' times a week (Please specify) = d) No, no shampoos or conditioners 13. Do you use any vitamins / tablets / herbal remedies? If yes, please specify = PROVILLUS 14. Finally, lets look at the overall picture, and answer this one question. 'My hairloss prevention routine, so far, has been' = a) VERY Successful. I have more hair. b) Successful. It seems to me that I am keeping what I have. (YES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx c) Somewhat successful. I am thinning, but it has slowed. d) Unsuccessful. Its not helping. e) I dont know / too early to tell. 15. My final comments / advice / speculation that may have been missed in the questions above: not shedding from rogaine foam but not really doing anything. I am happy with propecia and i hope i can get some regrowth from it
  13. jupiter, I fell you on this one homie I am currently 18 and stated receeding at 16. Dude listen i know its tough, however you still have to go at life 100%. When your 35 and theres a cure and you have a full head of hair you going to have wished that you didnt spend all that time worrying about your hairloss.Its so much easier said than done but you cant retreat from your life.... also do some things that my help you increase your confidence between now and when you get a full head of hair. Hit the gym 4-5 times a week, shav your head and grow a go-tee, i dunno... No worries dude
  14. Thanks Bill, Its been awhile iv been pretty busy. hope all is well.