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  1. Thanks for the reply lads. I have made contact with Asmed and I am awaiting on a reply. I found Rahal on this forum so if I’m going to make a decision on a second HT it will be on advise from you guys not Instagram. I will contact clinics mentioned above also Thanks for all the reply’s. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi markee. I not heard that one before but I will certainly look into it. I can’t see it being true tho. Sounds too good to be true!!
  3. Hi pal. First one was with Rahal in Canada. I was really impressed with everything with Rahal but I just don’t have the money to go back there. I live in Ireland so turkey looks like the most realistic option at the minute.
  4. Hi. Can anyone recommended the Hair Of Istanbul Clinic in Turkey. As far as I can see the doctor there is Dr. Yavuz Güneş. I can not see to find anything on him. Their results on Instagram are impressive but I’m un sure. I am looking into having my second procedure done after a relatively successful first one.
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