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    I don’t post too much but lurk a lot and based on what I have been reading around here, get ready for certain individuals to tell you that your hairline is not bad, looks good, that you have unrealistic expectations and all because it was done by Erdogan.
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    Although I understand what you’re getting at here, I would say that the pics he provided are in “normal lighting”, as people are routinely outside during daylight hours in their normal lives. Obviously outdoors/sunny lighting isn’t typically going to be as flattering a setting for an HT as indoor, non-overhead lighting. That doesn’t mean it isn’t “normal lighting”. And, wanting your HT to look natural when outside during the day is a reasonable expectation.
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    Contact asmed and say hey great result I'm so thrilled, can you post this on your website, YouTube channel and on the forum? in all honesty it's not a botch but not great either and requires more density no doubt. This problem of yours is becoming very common. Yes there will be people saying there is no guarantees and everyone's physiologically is different you just dont know what's going to happan. Well when it's the exact same issues on a growing number of patients (see through hairlines, bad density/growth) then that theory is completely false. Unfortunately nothing will be done in terms of taking this doctor off recommended lists like this one and the iahrs whom both require consistent good results to stay affiliated. Melvin/bill it is your duty to help guys out there and not let bad results ruin lives. If you take guys like Erdogan off your list you will save alot of heart ache and depression. This is serious, you need to do the right thing if you care at all about how hairloss and bad results can ruin lives. Enough is enough there is too much vested interests in this industry it's about time someone actually stood up for what's right. Even if my own results ends up being decent maybe I will get lucky and would have had the right team but my opinion will never change as to how they operate and I dont want to risk other people getting messed up, why? Because i care about this sh!t
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    I had 4600 grafts in 2015, I can provide you photos if you wish via PM. Even if I wasn't, I don't see the relevance. This forum was the sole reason I went there, the results being posted at the time were all good. In terms of my result, I was not satisfied with my hairline which shows scarring in the light, of areas which failed to grow (the hairline does not look good). The area behind was ok, but they used a massive amount in the crown which I've since heard was totally unneeded. My theory is they do this knowing some areas wont grow but can take credit for a good result either way (because something is likely to grow with that amount of grafts ). Nearly all top surgeons use about half the grafts for the same, if not much better results. I've since had another transplant in May inwhich the doctor stated how my donor area had been very aggressively harvested, leaving lower quality grafts for him to work with. This will negatively effect my results I'm sure. It is due to my own struggle with this that I feel for the people who went there and got a bad result. There are loads. To deny it is ridiculous at this point. I'm sick of getting attacked for pointing out which is blatantly obvious to see. I respect your work here alot but I believe your conversation with him regarding this was inadequate. He should be fully explaining what's going on here, offering refunds and not trying to sweet talk you with a visit to his clinic. He states he does not give refunds due to this being an admission that another surgeon could do better. This is interesting due to the fact that he is barely involved. The fact is, I believe I could have avoided years of stress and anxiety had I just gone to a top surgeons who was actually properly involved in the procedure. It is therefore that I say he shouldn't be recommended here at all. You say you recommend surgeons not clinics, but this makes zero sense. Koray Erdogan is barely involved in the procedure so you are therefore recommending people go to see a surgeon who is barely there! It is young techs who do nearly everything. They couldn't possibly have much experience due to their age. I was attacked on another thread by a guy who you seemingly allow you call people names. He stated how H&W operate the same way. From what I have read, the techs there, especially the lead techs have huge experience and they are always present, they do not run 9 surgeries a day and the surgeons are often present. The comparison is ludicrous. He doesn't even supervise your surgery at all. Furthermore, they never contacted me even once to see how it was going. Completely uninterested. Of course, this is my opinion and appreciate being able to say it freely, which is how any fair discussion forum should operate. Yes all surgeons have bad results but I'm sorry, not to this extent. What I have learnt is it is extremely important to get it right the first time, which is why I don't think a clinic who are constantly offering free touch ups to fix their disastrous work should be recommended here. Your donor cannot be refunded or replaced. I think its extremely bizarre that people think I'm needlessly slagging off a clinic. The evidence is overwhelming.
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    Looks like you've managed to get some pretty good fullness in your hair style there. Perfect example of why non-surgical options should be seriously pursued prior to going under the knife.
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    Sorry about your disappointing Ht results man. If you are in Chicago (if that’s what your username implies I take it) I would have consultation with Dr Konior and see what his take is on your Ht and donor for a repair procedure. Best of luck!
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    don't worry ...I have shown my pics on here at 5 months where the growth was starting to be noticeable because a lot of guys were freaking out about their growth at 5 months ..I will look and see if i can find a 3 month pic ...I know it's stressful man but honestly 3 months is just the beginning . Just read through your post ..understandable why you are extra nervous as you had an unsatisfactory transplant before ...the work looks good with Asmed I'm sure at 4 months you will notice the start of the growth ...
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    Most of the results look poor. same people commenting on all the results must be mods or affiliated to the clinic saying bravo job. dr erdogan was once a highly rated surgeon back in 2013 in that time he has changed how he practices moving to bigger clinics and having 4 patients plus a day 2000-3000 grafts per patient. results are just not the same, once surgical assistant dilek is now head boss running a bunch of young surgical assistants with dr erdogan supervising from head office via monitors. patients are no longer getting a dr erdogan hair transplant they are getting a asmed hair transplant, completly different to what you once got hence the poor results. Lots of un natural results coming out of this clinic, lots of patients are afraid to speak up about it. A gang of keyboard bullys will attack you and tell you have mental problems.
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    At a recent FUE Europe conference, many top physicians seemed to agree that 25 was generally the cut off age. Having said that, there was a particular well respected physician that told a very compelling story of an 18 year old that was extremely depressed, and visited his clinic with hairline/temple recession. After inviting the young mans parents to his clinic and discussing not only the finer points of surgery, they discussed his state of mind, his future in education and job prospects. After forging a deeper relationship, it was decided to go ahead with surgery. Whilst specific details escape me, some 10 years later and after many follow ups and promises of further education and application, the then young man has made a successful career and life for himself mainly to due to his self confidence gained from his hair restoration procedure, therefore it was certainly deemed the correct decision. Whilst in no way do I suggest or support that this is the norm, this particular physician obviously went above and beyond, but it is an example that every patient is a human being, not just another patient, or another scheduled surgery. Every patient has their unique back story and whilst with many commonalities, their own battles in life due to hair loss. I believe that this subject is also very much dependent on the stand out ethical physicians that lead this field. With their experience and personal approach and relationship with each patient, it makes sense that each decision is unique due to its circumstances. Whilst a physician may accept a 23 year old patient, the same physician may also deem that a 32 year old individual isn’t a good candidate. This is also why tech led surgeries in “specific countries”, without much if any of their Doctors presence or input, without any long term consideration for donor management or the patient in general and with their one hair line design fits all approach ruin the industry. Accepting patients that they should never accept, despite being poor candidates or being too young without any real understanding of the procedure and it’s risks. It’s a deep and important discussion, with no one size fits all approach.
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    @HLPToronto Great words. I rate you very highly for that, brother. At the end of the day, whichever surgeon or clinic any HT patient chooses, they're still in pretty much the same boat as all other HT patients on this forum, in that we're all trying to improve our appearance, and we all require a bit of luck (because even with the best doctors, sometimes individual scalps just don't take well to HTs). Therefore it only makes sense for all of us to treat one another with respect, admiration, and best wishing for having taken the plunge which so many don't have the guts or motivation to do. This community, at its best, is like a massive extended family. It's great to see your contributions to the forum, and I certainly look forward to following suit and giving back to the community once my HT is done Dr Bhatti's celebrity clients in India (especially the Punjabi movie and music industry) are very impressive -- these celebrities have the money to get their HTs done anywhere on the planet, and with any doctor they want, yet they choose Darling Buds/Five Rivers... and that itself is a testament to the trust and respect that Dr Bhatti commands. Furthermore, I've only seen positive words for the likes of Shera for his assistance to patients throughout their journey. Hence why I am always on the lookout to see new threads from his patients. I have to say though, when I saw your one month photo I was taken aback a little with the extent of what looked like shock loss to native hairs... but after scrolling down and seeing the 3 month photos, the smile came back even quicker than it had left. It just shows what's possible when a master of the art has done their work well, and when the patient has followed instructions to the letter and maintained a positive and powerful mindset. When it gets to the 12-18 month mark, and the hairs mature and the density builds up, I think your results could be one of those that others consider to be miraculous. It's going to be awesome! As Melvin likes to day... Happy growing!
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    Obviously I sound biased, but i have to say I strongly disagree. I see far more bad results lately from the clinic. Just read back through this thread, a bunch of people have chimed in with their own bad results, I think nb98 is one of the first on my thread to report a positive outcome. I guess we all have different standards and it’s subjective but when a bunch of us look to have had less than 50% growth of the grafts we paid a lot of money for, I couldn’t ever recommend this clinic to anyone in good faith.
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    Hi guys a little update. I’m very happy with my results, my hair is naturally thin and obviously isn’t as dense as normal persons hair but it’s an illusion and I think it’s a very good one, I’m often complimented on my hair even the barbers all ask where I had it done.
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    It's a shame about not posting pictures. I have heard about this clinic on this forum. To date, I have yet to actually see a real patient review with real pictures. These forums were created for this very reason.
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    Vast majority receiving quality results? This seems to be true in the past with this clinic. At present, the evidence we are all seeing is the exact opposite. Asmed needs to address the quality issues - why the dramatic inconsistency? Huge numbers of grafts and yet still density issues... What was once a sure bet high end, bang for buck clinic (never 100% guaranteed, but as close as it gets) has now become a mill turning out some really below average results; all in the space of a year or so. It's terrifying that a change this drastic is possible.
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    Bro, come on...I will call it like I see it and I’m with Melvin on this one. I don’t know if you’ve had a procedure but it’s nerve wracking especially the days following it. There’s no need for snide comments that can cause more anxiousness or doubt. Let’s respect op and the fact that he’s come to share his story with us.
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    11 months! Hey guys and gals! Well nearly a whole year has passed since I had my transplant. Currently keeping the length on top and shaving the sides every 3 weeks or so. I'm going to be growing it longer and longer and who knows....maybe get myself an man bun haha! I'm VERY happy, I think if I was to do a 2nd pass at it I would want to adjust the hairline a little on the sides, but overall I am amazed just how different I feel in myself. Again for reference I've attached the 10 month comparison.
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    You got mad because Japanese people were visiting Pearl Harbor? And you’re going to be mad when people from Saudi Arabia visit ny? What kind of overgeneralized bs is that? The people that are visiting have nothing to do with what happened in these tragedies. You think they made the shots? Wow. Get a grip dude. You actually went to a security guard to warn him that you’re enraged Japanese people are at Pearl Harbor? Lolllll you realize the biggest minority in Hawaii is Japanese. what if I visited the Alamo and became enraged at all Mexicans living in Texas or visiting? Does that even make sense?
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    um seriously, why is a recommended doctor on this forum posting private email exchanges and photos on a public forum. this is entirely unprofessional and disturbing behaviour.
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    It depends on the region of the scalp. In the frontal hairline region, you can expect new hairs to start popping through around 3-4 months, start to get visible and longer around 5, and then pretty decent transformation with the caveat that they are still thinner shafts with extra "frizz" by month 6; month 6 through 9 they continue to thick and normalize, and then typically between month 9-12 the texture really starts to calm down and they mostly resemble the native hairs. Anywhere behind the "frontal band" region really can take longer to mature. And if this is the crown? Definitely give it 18 months to cook. Of course you always have to keep in mind that all patients are different. People mature at different rates and everything is "all good" as long as the end result is good. It may take some people a little bit longer to cross that finish line, but it's finishing strong that counts.
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    Personal opinion here but i think i like your hair a little shorter on top in the first photo (even though it might not make your hair look as dense). Just looks neater. I've read in places (and from personal experience) there seems to be a sweet spot in hair length so i guess you get to experiment now Do you have a preference?
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    Well! I did it. About 8 hours of surgery and I now have a much better hairline and a few less thousand euros than I did before. The meds are starting to wear off now and my head feels like it has been kicked (although it could be worse and I imagine before tomorrow morning it will feel worse too). My hairline, as I mentioned in my other post, is now like my 24 year old hairline which is not a straight one but I do not think a straight one would suit me and I have never had one anyway, even as a teenager. It really suits my face. There is almost no redness and no swelling (as yet). I haven't seen the incision yet and need to go back in the morning tomorrow for the first wash and for them to examine everything. They have a team of techs who do the implants and they are really good. Three work on you at once and so it doesn't take that long. It is quite boring though. I fell asleep at one point. You get lunch at around 13:30. The pain is actually getting worse and I have a bit of buyer's remorse now for the second time today (the first time being when I was sitting in the chair and I just thought "you look good with your head shaved, why are you doing this? It is so extreme"). Still haven't decided if I will upload pics or not (and I won't have any until tomorrow anyway) but if you have any questions, queries or well wishes, I am all ears.
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    I'm a lawyer. I work in a law office. I'm pretty invaluable here, so I didn't ask for 4 months leave, I just told my boss I take it as fact and done deal. even though I knew he wouldn't take it easy, I knew he had no choice. I did work from home some of the time (week in a month). and used the time to travel the world (australia, thailand, japan, china). I was honest, I told him that i'm gonna do HT, and I'm way too sensitive to get back before the hair grew back (I was wearing a hair piece - no one at work knew - so it was harder for me). he gave me a few examples of ppl who did a HT that got back after 2 weeks. but i kept saying everyone is different and I have my own mental scars In israel long vacations are more acceptable i guess. And i was thinking about it for so long, that I was ready to quit my job if needed for those 4-5 months leave. I knew i wasn't able to see pepole like this. All my friends say i'm exaggerating, but that's who I am - hair is a very big deal for me. Everything worked out for the best - I got my 4 months leave, traveled the world, got around 60% sallery during the vacation - I couldn't ask for more
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    As far as I've been able to ascertain, it will work for as long as you take it. The problem, and what typically does have an effect is the fact that sometimes you will forget to take the pill or you ran out and now you have to wait to resume taking it. And, that is honestly all you can do. Two things to consider here. Say you start taking the medication at 22. Unknown to you, you will start losing hair 5 years from now. So the first thing, when do you start taking the medication? I would say common sense tells you - you start when you start thinning. But this, necessarily is not true either. Take my son, for example. He is well aware of family history so he started taking the medication at 18. Mind you, he did not have any loss at the time. The other side of the coin, obviously, is - suppose he was to start losing hair the very next day. Good thing he started taking the pill. Now let's say he stops after 14 years. He will lose all that he would have lost. This process typically takes a full year. With regards to your comment about being effective for about 5 years and then starts loosing some of its effect...I've heard that about Rogaine and not Propecia. And the time is 7 years. The suggestion, however, is to keep doing the treatment as you are still getting some benefit...and more so when combined with other modalities.
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    It has been wrongly thought and propagated by some people that Direct hair transplantation (DHT) is impossible to perform and those claiming to perform DHT are actually not doing simultaneous extraction and implantation. However, that's not true. This idea was first conceived, and published by Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi. The publication link is mentioned below: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3764754/ They have been able to demonstrate this technique through live surgery workshops at various conferences. 1. Chandigarh CUTICON 2013 2. Kolkata ACSICON 2015 3. ACSI live surgery workshop in hair transplant was conducted at Eugenix in April, 2019. They have also demonstrated to this technique to various doctors coming to Eugenix for training, fellowship programs and workshops. Infact, Eugenix became the first centre to be accredited for training fellows by the National Dermatology Society (IADVL). Dr Pradeep is a professor of Hair transplant surgery at DY Patil University and involved actively in research and technology development related to the field of hair transplant. The unique idea of making the recipient sites beforehand and then doing extraction & implantation simultaneously has actually enabled them to reduce the out of body time drastically. Moreover, the unique implantation method by using implanters in pre made sites, we are able to implant in any position. This enables extraction and implantation to go on simultaneously in lateral positions (both right and left) and prone position.
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    Noticing some slight hair thickening improvement in my midscalp & vertex thought I’d throw some photos on here. Hair is not styled and no hair products at all. 1st photo is directly under 4-bright white led bathroom lights. 2nd is a short distance away from those lights. 3rd photo is I’ve circled the vertex hairs that look slightly improved but I hope get thicker over the next 6 months (which will make it the full 18-months timeline)
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    Just a few days shy of the 5 month mark photos taken with no product in hair. Feels so good to start getting my confidence back and and feel like my old self again. Been going out a lot more and have ditched the caps! best money i’ve ever spent!
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    For best results, you have to always work slightly harder and make an attempt to shower/ wash/shampoo quickly to make sure scalp is all clean and dry before applying minox each night. I know its hard on those night outs/bar events but think like this.... you get home after being tired, you brush your teeth so why ignore the hair which will only take 5 mins maximum. It requires effort but we all should try to invest into this. If you apply minox on hair with product/gel on it, most of minox will just stick with the product on the top most layer and will be hard to penetrate deeper into the scalp. It should provide some impact but real impact is only when there is no product at all.
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    Hattingen in Europe stack up to any FUT clinic in NA, but as a generalisation you're right.
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    The 2% ratio of side effects is total horse $hit. Its far far higher than that.. Every drug has side effects and some people will just get the sides milder than others and not possibly notice them or be bothered by them for a multitude of reasons... Any drug that alters your hormonal system is powerful and should be very carefully considered. Unreversable side effects are a confirmed situation by the manufacturer. Thread very carefully and if you are going to use it. Get all of your base line blood and test levels checked BEFORE you start so you have baseline data.
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    I don't know if its just me noticing HT scars or if a tide has turned on the stigma about them, but I work in NYC and see way many more guys who have just completely shaved their head and are sporting a linear FUT scar on the back of their head without any worries. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, and when you get to a point where you really don't care about what others think, that's real freedom. There is no need to be ashamed of our scars - its a part of who we are, our struggle, journey, etc.
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    Yeah h&w do need to update their results on their webpage .. when I was over there I asked doctor hasson himself in front of his staff n technicians .. . How many FUE’s have u done? He said around 1000.. he showed me pictures of his FUE patients that required the same grafts as me. Around 2500-3000 grafts ., n it was damn awesome . N those patients aren’t on his website .. just on his office computer .. they didn’t sign the Authorization form to publish their results ..even though their results are awesome .. it’s understandable .. why would u want ur image on a clinics website where it’s going to be viewed by thousands when u want this a secret .. I sure as heck didn’t sign the authorization form myself ., so they can’t use mines either.. just like a lot of other successful h&w patient results here .. it’s only because y’all help me out , in learning n being supportive is the only reason I choose to put my image on this forum . But yet I won’t let the clinic
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    I agree with @Lennney, it’s already done and the only thing you can do is positively hope it improves up until the 18th month mark, and if it helps your emotional state, to consult with whatever surgeon you might also be considering for a repair and book something down the road to look forward to. i think you’ve done a good job of showing your results and don’t be disused by others, your testimonial here will in fact help others if it hasn’t already, I’m glad you’ve kept your updates coming and posting photos, good or bad it’s helpful. Pulling for ya!
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    Ignore the negativity mate. Your hair looks great. Enjoy the new look. There are people like me who have followed your progress from start and there are some other guys who have posted their amazing results they have got it after their surgery at Eugenix. This gave me confidence in choosing Eugenix for my own HT Surgerry. I am thankful to you and other guys for posting their results.
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    It all depends. How do you intend to wear your hair down the road? If long, perhaps FUT. If very short, to the point that you can clearly see the scalp, FUE. That is somewhat simplistic but not a bad way to think about things. The way I see it, why do transplants if you want to continue wearing your hair short? Just had transplants, show it! The main advantage of FUE is NOT the lack of scarring. There is scarring with FUE, it is just different. Every time you violate the skin, it will scar. Instead of having a linear scar, now you will have empty spots all over. Little ones, mind you, but still empty spaces. Depending on how much it is done per procedure, this can end up looking honeycomb-ish. How many times have I seen patients with depleted donor areas that look as if a rooster pick all over it. But, if done correctly, there can be many advantages to this technique. It is, for sure, easier on the patient. There is no cut, no elasticity issues. Within days you are pretty much back to normal. If you need a bit of work and keep your hair military style, OK. But if you need tons of grafts, perhaps considering both procedures would be the most effective way to tackle the issue. This way you are taking advantage of the entire donor area. Are you concerned that people will know you had a transplant? Just tell them! If you do, you can return to work immediately. If you wish for no one to know, it is easier to get away with it with an FUE. Many factors involved but the doctor can guide you and make some suggestions to make it happen. Typically, to do an FUE, the donor area needs to be shaved. Not sure about the yield issue. But the grafts do seem to be more robust with an FUT. Conserving donor? Don't think so. You can keep cutting, typically on the same scar to avoid multiple scars in the donor area. There comes a point, however, that you run out of elasticity. It is then time to move to FUE if you decide to have more grafts in the future. Lastly, cost. FUE is typically more expensive. On the average, FUT should be around the $4 range. FUE is more towards the $7 range. Oh, regardless of what you decide, please review TONS of photos before making a decision. It is always about results. 10 years from now, when you are enjoying a fuller set of hair, you will pay little mind to the type of technique you had. Rather, you'll be enjoying the hair particularly if the work was done correctly. If it's crap, you'll live with that for the rest of your life. Do your homework.
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    Nice to hear from you bro. Yes I think that too. Currently I don't think that I will go back to asmed. Even when its free. As a NW 5 are my donor reserves like gold for me. I can not afford that they implant me additional 1500 grafts in my frontal third with a bad growth rate. I will wait after 10/11 months and when its get not better I will contact other surgeons. You are right. Konior is a master, but Koray is it too. Otherwise we hadn't choose him. My exception was that I will better pay more money and avoid to have problems after this procedure. Now I see many 1000 €/$ hair transplant from "nameless" surgeons with much better growth. In my research time were bad results from asmed absolutely rare. Honestly I'm now seeing more subpar results as good ones. There is still hope for many of us, but the chances decrease month after month.
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    2 Months Post Op Pretty happy with where I am now in terms of my appearance considering this was the worst stage for me following my first procedure. I don't think I have experienced much shock loss in the recipient areas but I do think the donor looks a little patchy. I remember this being the case for the first 3-6 months last time so hopefully this will improve again over time. Even if it was to remain as it is then I still think it's fine for everyday life. Nobody has ever said any different. The second procedure for anyone considering it has a significantly smaller impact on your life. I think the smaller size of the procedure helped with the recovery time as well. I've not worn a hat once and was back exercising after only 3 weeks. Playing football and heading the ball now as well. Had no pain, itching or loss of sensation since end of week 4. I can't see any growth yet but it's so much more difficult to tell this time as the hairs are surrounded by other hairs. There is no new hair line to watch grow in which makes it hard to guage. People at my work have told me it looks thicker at the front so perhaps some of the hairs have remained and continued to grow as last time. One more month to go and then the fun should begin anyway.
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    If Dr Cinik is recommended, people are going to think the clinic as a whole is recommended. This will happen, we know it will happen, we shouldn't pretend it won't. Realistically, people are not going to read the fine print of what a recommendation entails and what the demarcation is. When @Bill - Managing Publisher first posted this thread, he posted incorrect info about Cinik and DHI (which has since been edited). Bill failed to fully understand the ins-and-outs of the clinic and the doctor's role based on his communication with them. So already we've had someone (not a naieve noob) struggle to fully grasp the doctors role in this clinic. The question is what is more important for this site - finances or posting clear recommendations for users that don't involve reading fine print ( we recommend this doctor, but not the clinic he runs, and only one of the 3 packages they offer, and don't make the same mistake we did about his role in DHI 😬).
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    i'm looking at rahal myself, in addition to others, but idk there's something holding me back. i just don't see enough patient reviews and detailed talk about his procedures, like you do with others. also, there's been a rep chasing me down for a consultation since visiting the site, (where as another doctor i've consulted with, straight up said we don't need your money lol). i know he's considered world renowned and recommended on here, but i just don't know, i've read mixed reviews.
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    I specifically asked Rahal's people if there quoted prices are in Canadian or USD and was told the prices are in Canadian dollars and that I do get the added bonus of the excellent US to Canadian dollar exchange rate along with $500 towards my travel along with a two nights stay at the guesthouse free of charge. I also spoke with Hasson & Wong and was told there listed prices are in USD so no additional exchange rate bonus.
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    End of Month 4. What a difference a month makes! Growth has started. From up close it still looks like a separate group of fine hair that's not yet fully matured but from a bit of a distance the hair has started to blend in really well. Excited for more to come in the next couple of months!
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    So you think below average is acceptable? With 3600 grafts his head should be covered with hair at this stage. Hair line is weak and density is poor. See the video. What do you consider a normal distribution? Find me one case who had this poor growth at 8 months and ended up having drastic improvement in following fee months. When you say slow grower. How much slower the growth has to be. Unless the grafts underwent hibernation I don't think it's the case of slow growth. But I really hope I am wrong for payams sake. There's a major room for improvement and only time will tell how it will end up. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
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    @jj51702 At 2-months post-op they are old miniaturized hairs. I always say this... imagine after your hair transplant has grow in...and you're having fun again, living it up :)...I walked up and plucked 5 hairs from your head. Would you freak out, yes. Would you notice the missing hairs, no. Not at all. They have zero impact on the final result. A couple of hairs are not going to make any diff. ...however, maybe keep those miniaturized hairs. They can help with the naturalness.
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    Funny that Naidimi gets scrutinized making 1500 grafts look like 2000 while theres complete silence when turkish clinics consistently make 4000 grafts look like 2000 or less. OP did Naidimi have her results somewhere online as well? Was Konoir present at all during the process?
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    loool im not posting my work here haha. and i had trouble with my last HT so I stopped working in that industry and decided to drink rum and get fat instead
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    Since when did this forum turn into the White House? People getting banned for expressing an opinion that differs from the moderators, smh.
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    confirmed. that left side is a failure (at this moment in time). save the BS for the hairs to thicken over the next couple months.. I feel your pain Payam. hang in there and do what you can to style it in a way that disguises it. good luck on a touchup in the future. check out Rahal
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    I think it has to do with budgets, expectations, and yes, where you are on the Norwood scale. If a guy has no hair whatsoever and he is given a decent rug on his head (one that many people would say looks unnatural and bizarre), to his eyes he most likely would feel rejuvenated by it. This happens in cosmetic surgery all the time. There’s a reason that not everybody has great cosmetic surgery done. Think of all the bad facelifts, boob jobs, rhinoplasties etc.- you’d be surprised by how happy people are with results that I and others would never accept. Personally if I absolutely had to and I was a higher norwood, I would do a big FUE on the crown and mid scalp with Asmed and then go to somebody else for the hairline itself. But since we are being totally honest? I just wouldn’t go to Turkey at all. Assuming you are in the United States, there are some great people here. Possibly the best in the world. I don’t think I need to throw names around but it’s obvious who they are. If something goes wrong (unlikely) you are going to be taken care of instantly. Even Mexico offers good options these days if budget is the issue. The idea of flying back and forth to turkey to correct a poor result sounds like a nightmare. The money you spend on all the airfare and hotels could easily cover an upgrade to an A-list surgeon. My feeling is that the clinic is very good at promoting success stories and their leading doctor Erdogan is a technically minded guy who is a permanent fixture on the FUE panel circuit. He even presides over the FUE association or whatever it is. But none of that means anything if results are poor and from what I have seen they are indeed poor. Maybe he is not doing the surgeries himself since they have so many patients. Or maybe he’s just a good salesman with a great photographer in those impressive results. But yeah. If you want a Ferrari don’t walk into a Toyota dealership.
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    Guys, This goes for anybody, we need to be respectful and mindful of others. This negativity has to stop. This community is about sharing experiences and interacting with one another and gaining knowledge. This is not a community for tearing down people or being negative towards them. In order for this community to grow and flourish we need to be encouraging and helpful. I will no longer tolerate negativity towards a poster for no reason. This is not the environment we want to have in this community. We want to be honest with members when they ask for our opinions, but unnecessarily being negative towards someone is something else entirely.
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    Both doctors you mentioned do very high quality work. So whoever you decide to go with will be a good decision. Just have realistic expectations, Live healthy and be patient.