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    You will forget and not care about the price of a great Hair Transplant. You will never forget the price of a poor Hair Transplant.
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    I have noticed that some members of this community continually denigrate our forum, and while they benefit from our community, they undermine our ethics and integrity whenever they can. In fact, I have had some members request to delete their topics, because of this negativity. These new members are now questioning our integrity and our ethics. I'm no longer going to tolerate this behavior. I would like to set the record straight. Firstly, since this pandemic our sponsorships have fallen by more than half, while our costs of running this community remain the same. We've made personal sacrifices to keep this community alive, and to keep promoting surgeons we feel our worthy of our recommendations. Now, not everyone will agree with our recommendations and that's fine, we are proponents of free-speech, and even though some may disagree with our recommendations, we allow everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions, good or bad. I would also like to set the record straight personally, I work a full-time job, and the work I do here is a fraction of my income. Since this pandemic, I'm working at a fraction of the fraction, to keep this community alive and thriving. I do not live in a mansion, I don't own a yacht, i'm a regular guy, who benefited from this community, and truly want to give back to the community that gave me so much. I take these gibes personal. In short, those of you who truly feel that we don't have any ethical integrity, I'm opening the door for you to leave our community. I will no longer tolerate denigration of this community that I work hard to preserve and upkeep on my free time. How Physicians Are Chosen
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    Dear Community, It has come to my attention that one of our recommended surgeon's representatives took it upon himself to contact a forum member's employer. We take these things very seriously, as this undermines how we run this community. We want the community to know that we do not condone this behavior, and we are firmly against any sort of intimidation, whether it be through contacting employers, or family members. We have researched the allegations closely, and we have been provided with undeniable proof. As a result, we have decided to suspend this representatives participation on our forum. We have reached out to the physician, and he was unaware of this reps actions, and he does not condone his actions/behavior either. We are still deciding on whether this suspension will be permanent, but in all likelihood it will. Moving forward, I ask every forum member to contact me in the event that something like this occurs again. I would like to remind the community and the public that we are patient advocates first and foremost. Please understand that we are here to help patients, our mantra is "created by patients for patients" many organizations claim that they are advocates, but turned a blind eye, that is not us. Please know we will be having these issues addressed promptly.
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    Here is the first edition to the "best hair transplants of the week" Special thanks to @makehairgreatagain @BOW32 and @Danny1671 for allowing me to share their amazing results with the world. This is just the beginning guys, let's build this community up, as we all know how important it is for anyone researching hair transplants.
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    Melvin and Diep better love story than twilight 😍
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    If the patient does not require any further surgeries due to MPB being stabilised, or the patient does not want any further procedures, or simply cannot afford them in the future (Dadda even says he has limited funds) then this logic falls completely flat. It's fine to argue that a portion of the donor should remain untouched for further operations, but then why not at least make an effort to leave the donor looking cosmetically appealing??? I also don't understand exactly how this approach can "reduce the scarring". How does this work exactly? The extraction tool is the same, the scars would be the same, the patient heals the same, so the emphasis then becomes all about the extraction pattern - which everyone here rightly observes is strange. If the argument is that FUE reduces the overall density of the donor, then it becomes absurd to argue that it's somehow better to confine the extraction pattern to a single, smaller (and more noticeable) area. And that area isn't even uniform here. I agree. Given that every top tier clinic spreads out the extractions evenly, and every other top tier clinic uses a smaller punch size than Diep's 1mm punch, my (unfortunate) conclusion is to agree with @pre-screened and @PlzRespond that this was done to convenience the doctor. The fact that Dadda even says Diep was running behind all but confirms this. Thankfully it was only a small number of grafts so the donor will likely look fine. One truly worries however when there are larger graft numbers involved and this same "philosophy" is applied to those cases (as we have seen elsewhere on this forum) Let's at least hope the results are good. Wishing you the best @Dadda, keep us updated!
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    @Singhair83 Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplant and Hair of Istambul is your typical turkish hairmill operating several patients per day using underpaid technicians. If you want good results at a affordable price then do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Demirsoy (1.25€/graft). He does surgery on just 1 patient per day so he will be totally dedicated to achieving the best possible results for you. This is not like buying a car you can replace after a few years this is a permanent surgery and your donor area is limited so every graft is precious.
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    In my time as a moderator and associate publisher of this community, I have seen censorship, you guys would be surprised how many members contact us asking to remove all of their posts because they're being sued. Most of these clinics/ surgeons are not well-known, we've even been sued several times ourselves, freedom of speech isn't free, but its necessary. I'm glad that I belong to a forum that truly keeps a free and open environment where surgeons and patients are held accountable for their actions and words. The more messages I get in my inbox, the more I see that we are becoming the minority in this industry. Censorship In The Hair Transplant Industry Is A Real Problem
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    Let’s talk results. Did you choose a clinic with real patient reviews, or did you go to some low-cost FUE hair mill in search of the most grafts at the cheapest price? I truly hope you did your research, because this mentality is dangerous. You’re not shopping for a washer machine, you’re having cosmetic surgery. The results will change your appearance forever.
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    I requested that my images be removed because I wished to regain my privacy, finding this experience to be utterly humiliating. I had previously uploaded screenshots (from the consultation sheet and emails) along with multiple photos outlining the specifics of my case. While my bad results are one thing, I believe the main concern here should be the unethical and fraudulent actions committed by Dr Devroye, such as; lying publicly about following the basic pre-op surgical protocols such as inspecting my donor or marking out the recipient sites properly (despite the photos i later supplied) having another doctor in his clinic operate on me without telling me (which goes against my prior consent) never explaining why the operation was expanded while i was unconscious (which goes against what we agreed to in pre-op and what is written on his consultation sheet) why I was forced to pay for the extra grafts taken (and what the cosmetic benefit of taking those extra grafts even was) why i was forced to pay his overseas bank fees lying about offering me post-op support once I left Belgium and started noticing what he had done I ask that this thread remain open so as to warn others about Dr Devroye's behaviour - especially given how I am the only patient posting of his within the last 7 years or so. If Dr Devroye was interested in challenging anything Ive said then I would be more than willing to resupply all the documentation and photos once again. However failing that I simply wish to regain my privacy and move on with my life, with my only interest in staying on this forum to assist others.
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    Hi PA, So just to be clear: you started 1mg finasteride in July of 2018, and seemingly did not see any sort of initial shedding phase? By around 4.5 months post-op (November), your hair looked great and you appeared to be an excellent responder to finasteride. Then from November until now, you experienced gradual and worsening thinning to the point where you believe you have pretty much lost all gains? Typically people experience a shedding phase for the first 3-4 months; the follicles are somewhat "shocked" into a telogen phase (which lasts around 3-4) and then wake up and begin functioning better -- and growing stronger, healthier terminal hair as a result. If we presume that you did not experience an initial shedding phase but did experience one starting in November, it would likely end around March or so and should start exhibiting noticeable improvement by June or July. If you were my patient, I would probably tell you to wait 6 months from when the transition from Telogen (rest) to Anagen (growth) occurred. If we say the resting cycle ended in March, you would maybe want to wait until September before declaring that you have experienced no benefit from the finasteride. Now, how likely do I think this is? Probably not too likely. However, I have seen stranger things when it comes androgenic alopecia. I also think there is another possibility; and fair warning here: I do not think my experience and opinions when it comes to finasteride are necessarily as "main stream," but I feel pretty confident in what I have seen thus far interacting with thousands of hair loss patients over the past 5 years. I personally believe finasteride is a "kick the can down the road" type medication. In the end, androgenic alopecia is genetic. It is like your height, eye color, or any other inevitable physical trait based upon your genetic code. In the end, your genes are going to win out. You take a drug like finasteride and put someone on it while they still have a lot of their own native hair, and it may help them hold on to this hair or hold on to a greater portion of the hair for a longer period. In the end, however, they are still going to get to the same point. It just may take a little longer on finasteride. When you get to a certain point where you have already lost a good portion of hair or maybe the "horse is out of the barn" a bit, the drug tends to do less. You specifically may have been further along in the process, and there was just simply less that the drug could do. Maybe an initial "bump" was all that was possible before your body started making more DHT or expressing more DHT receptors in the follicles because that is its coded mission and there was not much you could do to slow it at this point in the mission. I know this is not the rosiest of theories, but I often find it holds water. While preventive medications are great and I always have a detailed discuss about using them with patients, they do have limitations and they cannot overcome what is hard-coded in your programming. Does this mean you should give up on it if you are not experiencing side effects? No, not necessarily. But it may be time to research other adjuncts (surgery possibly being one of them) to help. Just remember to play it safe and try to stick to tested and approved treatments. Again, the above is my educated opinion based upon my experience with the medication and hair loss patients. Other doctors may feel differently and they are absolutely entitled to their own conclusions based upon their experiences. I also say the above not to discourage anyone from using preventive medications; I do think they are useful adjuncts and recommend that all hair loss patients research and consider them.
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    This restoration was performed over one and a half years, not two and a half years. There was a one year interval after its completion which is when the final photos were obtained for presentation here. There is no reason any ethical surgeon would force a fast-track restoration. First, the patient had been operated on by several physicians with nothing positive to show in terms of graft survival. An experienced surgeon would first question whether the patient had some intrinsic healing predisposition that compromised graft survival. Committing to a one-shot restoration would have proved disastrous should his limited supply have been fully depleted with a resultant low yield as had been experience in his prior procedures. Second, he had a highly compromised donor site with extensive scarring and lower quality residual follicular-units. Attempting the one-shot approach would have risked an over-harvest of the scalp’s donor area with the potential for unacceptable visual thinning and detectable scars. Finally, a staged approach allows the surgeon to strategically build zones of coverage and density gradients based on the perspective of seeing what a prior procedure was able to accomplish. Understand that we are using a relatively small number of hairs to hide a vast expanse of scalp. It is the strategic integration of hair using density gradients, graft insertion angles and prioritization of placement zones that makes a little look like a lot. Thanks for all comments.
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    These individuals continually talk down on the forum and the fact that we take sponsorships to keep this forum alive. They are constantly talking down on the community, but I’m not gonna stand for it any longer. Enough is enough, if they don’t like our community, I will show them the door.
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    They are called disconnected transplanted hair Another part of the hair will not grow because it is already completely disconnected. The detached hair is detached internally and is not intended to grow, but will have to fall out to allow the new growth that pushes from below, generated by the transplanted bulb. To recognize a disconnected hair, one month after the transplant, it is sufficient to evaluate its regrowth for a couple of weeks (if it remains the same in length, especially compared to the others, then it is disconnected!). It may happen that this disconnected hair does not fall on its own (as hopefully) but remains attached to the skin for months, preventing the leakage of the new underlying hair. In this case, when the phenomenon was recognized precisely for the characteristics described above, yes you can try to remove the disconnected hair by pulling it very gently with tweezers (almost no force is enough, because the hair is not tied to the bulb), thus facilitating the future leakage of healthy hair. If you accidentally pull a functional hair, do not worry, the follicle is under the skin and will produce a new one. But if you see that the hair offers tensile strength, then it is not a disconnected one and you have to leave it where it is.
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    This story really had a big impact on me @Glam Hair shared his story, and I decided to make a video on it, because I think this story happens way more than we know. Let's share his story
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    Its physically impossible to achieve. Simply put, how the fuck do you expect that the top of the head which is of similar size to the donor to achieve density at the same level that the the donor is to begin with? Its common sense. You may as well be believing in magic. At best most people can get 40%ish on average of original density across the entire NW5 area if they've lost it to begin with. Hasson is the surgeon I've seen that is closest to achieving natural density, but even his density is going to be significantly lower than what is natural, and even if it is possible to get close in the hairline it is an impossibility across the whole scalp. The entire premise of hair transplants is that you are able to extract from a donor without making a significant negative cosmetic impact while transferring to the front, only an idiot can look at that situation and not understand that there is an illusion going on in comparison to nature. Couto has many stunning results, but it should absolutely be considered that 95% of the results on his channel have incredible hair quality. Hugely above average. Even with 100% yields which many of his results appear to achieve they are significantly less dense than pre-hairloss. He's one of the best FUE surgeons in the world, but not a magician.
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    I just wanted to take time to say thank you to everyone who comes on this forum to share their genuine experience for the collective wisdom and good of our community. The industry is changing rapidly, and a lot of guys out there are getting most of their "research" through social media ad-campaigns instead of learning from other patients. We have big plans this year, and we hope to continuously grow and cultivate this community, as we build trust through transparency. We remain one of the last places online to really host the good, the bad, and the ugly. It saddens me to say this, but it is a sad reality and state. This community was built over 20 years ago, to give patients a voice, and to cut past all of the infomercial hype that existed back then, but history seems to repeat itself. The good news is that we remain diligent and our work is rewarded with you guys, learning and paying it back. So thank you to our members, visitors and everyone in between. Remember guys we grow through word of mouth, so if you enjoy our community and find it helpful and insightful, be sure to spread the word far and wide. Thank you all, Here's to more hair in 2020🍻
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    Think it largely depends on the person and how much they looked in the mirror beforehand and how much effort they give generally to their appearance. I would also guess the answer comes down to how successful their transplant(s) went as well, and what level norwood you are looking to cover. Me personally, even after a bad HT experience, i just grew my hair long to cover all my issues and would get out of bed in the morning and not even bother looking in the mirror. But then again i was in denial lol. Funnily enough, now after a recent good HT i find myself looking in the mirror moreso and occasionally thinking "damn my surgeon is talented". I think the whole point of getting a HT is to not think about your hair anymore so an argument might be made that you can properly assess it by asking "how anxious are you about your balding now vs how anxious will you be about having some hair that you can actually style". For some guys though no amount of hair is ever enough If you do get start travelling down the HT road keep in mind you probably will need more than one to achieve to achieve favourable results, and will also need to keep an eye on things as once male patterned baldness has begun it continues and is unpredictable. For me thats my only remaining anxiety as i really want to avoid surgery again Good question for a survey btw!
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    Nah I think we've had it wrong this whole time it's obviously Regenix
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    This the main reason I didn’t go with diep .. even though I already deposited the $1000 .. I rather risk losing the deposit than to have subpar results where he won’t fix it .. it’s always the customers fault if ur transplant don’t turn out well . Was the feeling I got when I was speaking the office manager ... hair transplants aren’t guaranteed . But if u don’t have good results , at least attempt to fix it .. who wants to spend $15,000- $20,000 n not get what they paid for.. I mean if ur results were B- quality . It’s still acceptable ,. But this is C- quality, how can u not attempt to fix things .. they can’t ! Because they booked too far in advance , to fix the mistake they did on u will cost double the money .. the free repair + the $20,000 they would be losing to another potential patient that could be having surgery that day .. it’s just buisiness to the clinic , n another number .. but to us, it’s our savings n A permanent result that lasts forever .. Good or bad .. clinics need to understand that ..
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    Guys, I’ve been alerted by another Bhatti patient a legitimate one who posts here all the time, and is not affiliated that he received two receipts. This patient said he wasn’t provided any, why he wouldn’t ask for one I don’t know. I’ve also been provided an email exchange that shows the patient was clearly unhappy at some of the concerns he shared, but also about the fact that he has to pay for his hotel stay, which he claims was part of their deal. Based on Bhatti’s reply he didn’t apologize for the patient’s unhappiness with waiting etc. This might’ve solved the issues, but I honestly feel OP was mad he had to pay for his hotel stay. Frankly, this has been a circus that has taken hours of my time trying to make this community a better place for patients and physicians. All of this for a few hundred dollars seems ludicrous, but I think Dr. Bhatti could’ve handled this a lot better I will be speaking with him privately. At this point, this sideshow has gone on long enough and I’ve wasted enough time on this. I’m locking it so the community sees my response and conclusion. If at some point I’m provided with inarguable facts and evidence as opposed to “hearsay” I will re-open the thread. Now lets focus back on what’s important RESULTS!
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    See, here's the thing, though. There's a major difference between coming onto someone's thread in an attempt to provide support (since, as we all know, hair restoration is a stressful journey) and joining in the conversation with inflammatory language to make them feel worse. Kraistoff was uncertain and needed support and guidance...not for anyone else to use his result as a prop to bash a clinic against which they have a personal vendetta (these people know who they are). Obviously, we should be honest, but there are constructive ways of telling the truth that show sensitivity to the struggles of the individual/OP. The old saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" seems to apply. Basic rule of thumb? Use the same social skills you'd use if you were talking to the person face-to-face. If someone's result looks good to you, tell them, as I'm sure they'd appreciate it. If they don't look good to you, stay quiet and only make this opinion known if the OP asks for it (and do it in a way that's helpful, like a suggestion about how to improve the situation); for the purposes of determining whether or not a clinic is outputting good results, let the pictures speak for themselves. If people on this thread had been more sensitive to Kraistoff's needs and not their own, he wouldn't be asking to leave.
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    People aren't looking for answers, they're looking for action. No "answer" can satisfy the results we've seen over the past 1-2 years. Action would be nice, both from the admin side on this forum who are raking in the cash on the back of Erdogan, and from Erdogan himself who, in a reciprocal parasitic manner, is raking in even more cash from the advertising given here. The result: damaged mental health, depleted bank balances from often people who've saved for years to do the procedure, and ongoing daily stress from having to see the botched work in the mirror day in, day out.
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    I cannot understand why ASMED is still a recommended surgeon after a tsunami of poor reviews over the past 12-18 months. It's not as if these are one-off experiences, either. After all, if a surgeon is "recommended" on a forum such as this, which has a large following, it's incumbent upon the powers that be that this recommendation is not made. Having surgery to adjust one's appearance is no small thing. It can for many lead to depression, and that's without discussing the physical scars and financial loss that comes with poor surgical practice. I believe, as do many others, that a moratorium should be held on their recommendation until such time that results have restored to a sufficient standard. If this action is not taken, there must be an ulterior motive - such as finance. If Dr. Erdogan was recommended by popular vote, then ANOTHER popular vote should be held. If not, why not? These results are an absolute disgrace.
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    Just had my third surgery with Dr. Konior on Monday, March 9. My first two go arounds were FUT (in 2009 and 2010) but his time I did FUE. Really had no choice because my scalp is tight after the two FUTs. I won't get pics from Dr. Konior for a bit as he's understandably busy but when I do get them, I'll update my blog/website. I have gone from being pretty much nearly bald when I started all this to pretty much having a full head of hair, thanks to Dr. Konior's amazing skill. When I first started all this, I was pretty uninformed about the hair transplant industry and the multitude of things to consider when thinking about a hair transplant. I fortunately found this site, which is loaded with extremely helpful information and people who offer genuine and well-informed advice. Thank you all for that! And thank you moderators for the great job you do and service you provide to people who are concerned/stressed/depressed/desperate/curious about their hair loss and their options. My first procedure restored a non-existent hairline with 2800 FUT grafts. That was a surreal experience as I couldn't really believe I was going to do this HT thing. To be honest, it seemed like a pretty dicey snake oil industry to me. But I was kinda desperate and I read a ton on this site - enough to convince me to give it a try. I was pretty damn poor to be honest so it was a heavy lift to finance my first HT, especially since I found out it was going to cost roughly twice what I originally figured (and that original figure seemed kinda outta reach at first). I'm glad I didn't let money force me to make a poor decision. I scrimped and saved and used a 0% credit card to get it done. I ended up choosing Dr. Konior because he was recommended on this site and he was fortunately, the closest recommended doctor to where i live. Man did I get lucky! The FUT procedure was frankly a bit jarring as you get heavily sedated, your head gets sliced up like a pumpkin and you get these big silver Frankenstein staples put in your head that had to stay in for about two weeks. And my head was numb and sore for several months which was a bit concerning. However, Dr. Konior's work was exceptionally clean and I was back at work in less than two weeks with no one knowing anything. I kinda forgot about it but four months later, my new hair started coming in like gangbusters and I was getting all kinds of confused comments (your new hairstyle is nice, did you change your wardrobe?, etc). The framing of my face made a huge positive difference. Well, I was pretty much hooked after that as i learned that in the right hands, an amazing HT was possible. About a year later, I went on for a second FUT pass with Dr. Konior to cover up my crown and shore up my hairline. That one yielded 2400 grafts and when it was all said and done, I had pretty mucb restored all my hair (not really as it is somewhat of an illusion but I have thick hair and it's a good and effective illusion). When I had this second procedure, Dr. Konior didn't shave my head, instead working around the existing hair (he charges more for this now but didn't back then). I was back at work in a week with no one being able to tell I had anything done. Dr. K's work is immaculate and my existing hair covered the staples. I had those removed later by a doctor in my hometown (who commented he had never seen such a small and neat scar) and then 6 months later, I had a full head of hair and was ecstatic. I have never taken propecia as I just don't really feel comfortable messing with my natural hormones. Just a personal choice and maybe had I read more about propecia sooner before losing so much hair, I would have made a different choice. But I haven't taken it and don't plan to. I used Rogaine for a while but quit as it was a pain. I did lose some hair after quitting though but by that time, it was pretty bad anyway. My two hair transplants pretty much changed my life. I have been really happy with the results for the past decade. In recent years, I started to lose a little more hair from my crown and along my part (propecia likely would have helped that, I admit). So I pulled the trigger again and went back and talked to Dr. Konior. He suggested 1500 FUE grafts this time and I think when it was all done, he got around 1600. I was fortunate in that my wait time was only several months. I think he must have fit me in a cancellation slot. Anyway, the FUE procedure was an absolute piece of cake. After the morning of consult and planning, I took a valium, laid down on the chair, felt a few minor anesthesia pricks (although the valium pretty much sent me into orbit) and then woke a few hours later to take a bathroom break. Another valium, back in the chair, a few minor pricks, woke around lunchtime to eat a provided sandwich. Last valium, back in the chair, felt/heard a few of the incisions being made (no pain at all) before snoozing. Woke at 5 pm and was told everything went very smoothly and I'm all done. It literally felt like a 5 minute day. Not to Dr. K and his great staff, I'm sure. I had no pain afterwards. None. Dr. K.'s very nice receptionist, Lisa, drove me to my local hotel and I ate dinner and promptly fell asleep for the night. Did I mention no pain? (and no pain medicine). I woke up the next morning and had a little trickle of blood on my head. I drove into Dr. K's office for my cleaning and they figured I knocked a graft slightly out while sleeping, causing the bleeding. They put it back in, cleaned me up and off I drove 2.5 hours home feeling great. The only downside to this procedure was that they had to shave my head down to more easily access my donor grafts and more easily place them where they belong. That was kind of a bummer because damn, my hair was looking pretty good aside from that bald spot in back (which I could easily cover with fibers). I gotta say, my potato head does not look all that good bald. Not terrible but not great. But its the price I have to pay. At home, I'm spraying the recipient sites but man, I have almost no scabs and the work is so clean I have a hard time finding it on my head. Fortunately I can work at home this week and with the CORONA virus stuff going on, that may extend into the next several weeks, at which time, my hair should be grown in a lot more and looking more normal. I may have to interact with folks though and they'll see my shaved head and my FUT scar so instead of trying to be sneaky and stealth about all this, I may just come clean. I'm much less concerned about what people think these days and hell, when it grows in, it looks damn good! So what's to be embarrassed about? Alright, that's long enough. Hope I haven't bored you to tears. So grateful for the amazing immaculate work of Dr. Konior and the great interactions with is great staff. I'm a fan for sure. Also grateful for all of you who share your stories, experiences, fears and hopes. I wish you all the best on your journeys. I'll update my blog when I get pre-op, immediate post-op and results photos. In the meantime, everyone be safe and careful out there. We're in new territory with this COVID 19 stuff.
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    I have given my three signs below, but I would love to hear the communities thoughts, did I miss any? What do you guys think are the telltale signs of a bad candidate? Three Signs You Are A BAD Hair Transplant Candidate
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    I agree in the sense that finasteride is the main player in retaining hair, but I do not agree in the sense that the side effects are psychogenic. Everyone's genes are different. Everyone reacts to medication differently. Hence why some people experience regrowth on finasteride, some people maintain, and some people continue to lose ground. The same can be said about side effects.
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    All of you guys are wrong, that’s his hair from the hair transplants. He wears hair loss concealer, so these pictures were taken without the hair loss concealers. You guys have to remember, he was a Norwood 5 by 25, he’s now going on 35. He’s had two surgeries with a maximum of 3,500 grafts. That’s how 3,500 grafts will look on a Norwood 6, which he would’ve been by now. He would have no hair left on his head without hair transplants. He can always have another hair transplant with a better doctor. I’m sure he will when he retires.
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    I wouldn’t trust someone in finance to tell me anything about medical health issues or a bald person telling me how to regrow hair, or a fat person telling me how to diet .. these are people that have last lost those battles.. There’s no point trying to change people minds about things .. people are how they are .
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    Cosmo: We are going to value different things. But you have a tendency to call "fake news" any information that doesn't agree with your preconceptions of the world. Despite your previously stating how much you hated big orange, like him you particularly take offense to things when they cause financial harm. This is not unreasonable, but you take it too far. -Theories that China created the virus and is sending spies around the world are xenophobic and bigoted in their intent. While everyone is angry at China right now, to deny facts that you don't agree with, and create conspiracy theories for the ones you hope are true is truly disrespectful. -You initially doubted claims that the virus would ever raise beyond 60k, then when it did, you started questioning the methods of documentation in autopsy reports. The chain of reasoning that leads to a probable cause of death by the pathologist has not changed. Nothing is ever 100%. This just you doing another 'fake news' bit. I don't deny that the economic devastation this has caused is profound. And that the deaths from that may end up being incredible. But if we didn't quarantine, these effects would hae been much worse. The media is certainly exaggerating things to hurt Trump, but this does not mean something very serious is not occurring. I'm going to end with the first comment you made in this thread: It sounds like now you should be more concerned.
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    I wanted to share with you guys my imperfections, no one ever shows this in the industry, and it’s a real shame, because it sets so many up for failure. Most of you know my story, bald before 30, three hair transplants over 5k grafts. My hair looks better than I could’ve ever imagined, but the reality is, it’s far from perfect. Below how my hair looked at 29 before any surgery. Second how it looks wet outta the shower, see all that scalp! Third once it’s damp and combed, still see scalp but a lot less. Now, I hope this can paint a realistic depiction of how hair transplants work, they do not match hair for hair-hair loss. They provide you with the ability to have an “illusion” of hair and the opportunity to take advantage of concealers to mask any vulnerability. Hope this can help you guys on your journey to more hair.
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    I have read somewhere the hair in this instance actually turns into chickens. Good luck.
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    Honestly, take this time to transform yourself, you’re 25 in the literal peak of your life. Live in the gym, get a solid physique, a solid wardrobe, and in the meantime hair loss concealers can help you. Once this is all over, you’ll be able to seek a good surgeon for your hair. @Craig2412 gotta solid dress game, I’m sure he can give some good tips. I’d also check out YouTubers like Alpha M, TMF and Alex Costa.
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    For anyone who recently had a hair transplant done, this is probably the best time ever to be going through the ugly duckling stage as most people don't have to go to work for the next few weeks and even if you do it probably won't be busy and you won't have to see hardly anyone.
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    Month 5 Progress Update
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    72 here, and you will still want to chase ass, but it becomes damn hard to catch, especially in my Hoverround or walker. The best way is to trip them with your cane. If you care now you will care when you are 70
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    I agree, I bet the “techs” that administered the anesthesia had no idea what they were doing. It’s very scary to think so many guys are going to these types of places, not knowing they’re literally risking their lives. Glad our forum was used to spread the word and potentially help others.
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    Are you just trolling? I suggest you behave civil if you want to remain part of this community. If your willing to buy the hype, that is your problem, not ours. But I will not have you behaving like a troll.
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    Right, lets look at my result then: The reality is there isn't a single person on the forum or on the planet with my previous hair situation who wouldn't be happy with these results. To add to that, Erdogan has and continues to have among the most impressive high norwood results on this and the international forum. Certainly the most impressive of FUE. You're obsessing over Couto purely off the basis of Youtube videos, I doubt you've seen a single patient posted result from him. You literally were praising an Erdogan result as "One of the best jobs I've ever seen." a few days ago. "Of course obtuse and uneducated guys like jayldd dont know hair while stuck with shitty transplants." You know as well as I do that this comment is false so why say it? I've had multiple transplants, I've seen multiple people with transplants in person including people who had previously been to American and Canadian clinics at ASMED and I've been on this forum for longer than you have and engaged more significantly. Same situation with Gas and same situation with Melvin who has been here for years and years. You've never had surgery, the current state of your hair is terrible and you're jerking over a surgeon who again, I am 99% sure you've never seen a patient posted result from. You refuse to understand that it is impossible to achieve natural density on the top of the head by taking from a donor with less hair than ever originally existed on top. Its the equivalent of a child believing in magic. I feel bad for you in a way because its clear your own hair situation is terrible and you're looking for a magic bullet so badly you've decided wizardry is a real thing. Wake up and stop acting like a child. "Dude youre overreaching and getting angry af. Its not that serious if youre wrong. Take a water break you need it" Proof you're deluded? I strongly recommend you read and reflect on this comment you wrote, specifically how hypocritical it is and the projection involved in case you're beyond figuring that out.
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    "pseudo wet hair" This is underestimated and not well considered enough. In Couto's case (and I'm not bashing him as a surgeon) there is a conscious decision to mislead. The damp hair in his cases will show virtually no more information than dry hair and they clearly aren't stupid enough to not understand this. 90% of even top surgeons do similar things but inexperienced noobs like Wally (which is the vast majority of those who haven't had transplants) can't understand this sort of thing.
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    Come on, do not embarrass yourself. No one laughed about this lame joke the first time. It is not getting better if you repeat it like a 12 year old. What is next: You tell me to use microscopes? I am here for years, and I tell you what: Every long term poster here knows Couto. It is not like you found a secret wizard. Even if you neglect the medical things like growth rate and risk of necrosis, and bring it down to simple math, it is clear: You have to create the same look with less = Illusion. Most people here have severe balding with a recipient well above 100 cm2. To achieve a 80 cm/2 density throughout, one would need >8000 FU. How many cases are here with > 8000 FU? And even if you would achieve natural density, you would have to deplete your donor by 40 to 50 %. The same illusion has to be achieved there. Natural look with 40-50 % less grafts/cm2. P.S. I bet, not even Couto himself would claim he can achieve full natural density throughout. He is a master of his craft (no one doubts that), but also a master of showcasing his results. He is selecting only examples with great hair parameters, while using clever lightning, pseudo wet hair, and clever styling when combing though.
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    H&W are top 3 surgeons in the world. idc what anyone says. no one puts out more patient reviews and amazing results and large cases like H&W
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    I had 4600 grafts in 2015, I can provide you photos if you wish via PM. Even if I wasn't, I don't see the relevance. This forum was the sole reason I went there, the results being posted at the time were all good. In terms of my result, I was not satisfied with my hairline which shows scarring in the light, of areas which failed to grow (the hairline does not look good). The area behind was ok, but they used a massive amount in the crown which I've since heard was totally unneeded. My theory is they do this knowing some areas wont grow but can take credit for a good result either way (because something is likely to grow with that amount of grafts ). Nearly all top surgeons use about half the grafts for the same, if not much better results. I've since had another transplant in May inwhich the doctor stated how my donor area had been very aggressively harvested, leaving lower quality grafts for him to work with. This will negatively effect my results I'm sure. It is due to my own struggle with this that I feel for the people who went there and got a bad result. There are loads. To deny it is ridiculous at this point. I'm sick of getting attacked for pointing out which is blatantly obvious to see. I respect your work here alot but I believe your conversation with him regarding this was inadequate. He should be fully explaining what's going on here, offering refunds and not trying to sweet talk you with a visit to his clinic. He states he does not give refunds due to this being an admission that another surgeon could do better. This is interesting due to the fact that he is barely involved. The fact is, I believe I could have avoided years of stress and anxiety had I just gone to a top surgeons who was actually properly involved in the procedure. It is therefore that I say he shouldn't be recommended here at all. You say you recommend surgeons not clinics, but this makes zero sense. Koray Erdogan is barely involved in the procedure so you are therefore recommending people go to see a surgeon who is barely there! It is young techs who do nearly everything. They couldn't possibly have much experience due to their age. I was attacked on another thread by a guy who you seemingly allow you call people names. He stated how H&W operate the same way. From what I have read, the techs there, especially the lead techs have huge experience and they are always present, they do not run 9 surgeries a day and the surgeons are often present. The comparison is ludicrous. He doesn't even supervise your surgery at all. Furthermore, they never contacted me even once to see how it was going. Completely uninterested. Of course, this is my opinion and appreciate being able to say it freely, which is how any fair discussion forum should operate. Yes all surgeons have bad results but I'm sorry, not to this extent. What I have learnt is it is extremely important to get it right the first time, which is why I don't think a clinic who are constantly offering free touch ups to fix their disastrous work should be recommended here. Your donor cannot be refunded or replaced. I think its extremely bizarre that people think I'm needlessly slagging off a clinic. The evidence is overwhelming.
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    A button-down shirt is a great idea..that way you don't have to pull anything over the grafted area. Bring a neck pillow. This will come in handy particularly on the airplane. I would wait at least 7 days before wearing a piece. And, if you haven't already, have any tape removed from the piece and add clips. Nice heavy socks may be a good idea. OR rooms are typically kept cold...they will likely have blankets but your feet will freeze. Are you on a particular diet? If not, don't worry about it. Have your phone and your charger with you. You may want to have the staff take photos throughout the day. This will help you remember....You'll be under local and will forget most of what you're told.
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    Looks like you've managed to get some pretty good fullness in your hair style there. Perfect example of why non-surgical options should be seriously pursued prior to going under the knife.
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    You know as well as I do itll be like a politician answering it. What's he gonna say? Yeh the results are sh!t my techs are sh!t and i need to reduce the amount of surgeries and have a bigger role. Come on mate. We dont want an explanation from dr koray. We simply want him taken off the recommendation on this site. He consistently produces sub par results, no explanation is going to help repair these patients all he will say is come back for a touch up he is a disgrace and I hope he is reading this . He is ruining peoples'mental health and the owners of the forum who have him recommended also take that responsibility.
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    After reading this on the main website, unfortunately I doubt the concerns raised of 'recommended surgeons' will make a difference... "To support the costs of operating and promoting our community the physician contributes a monthly fee to sponsor this community." That tells me all I need to know about the recommended surgeons on this site.
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    Around a week away from 6 months just thought I’d update as I recently got a haircut - thought I’d try somting new so got it short on top and a skin fade as I wanted see my donor scars. I personally think they don’t look so bad your average person wouldn’t even notice them.