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    Early signs of a norwood 8 .
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    The mostly useless topic of manual versus motorized should be relegated to the trash heap. It may have held relevance at some point in time, but it means little today. Patients should also be leery of dogmatic statements made about how an individual conducts his or her practice as the only person who can provide definitive detail as to what is done and how it’s done is the surgeon himself. The fact is that I use multiple devices for extracting grafts, with the device of choice depending on the situation at hand. There are days when a motorized technique is best and days when a manual technique is best. There are days when a straight-wall trephine is best and days when a flared-wall trephine is best. There are days when a straight-edge trephine is best and days when a serrated-edge trephine is best. This argument reminds me of guys arguing which is better, a straight-edge screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver. Of course the answer is that it depends on the situation at hand. Also remember, there are some talented surgeons who can use every technology effectively and some who, despite having the best of the best instruments, can’t extract quality grafts on a consistent basis. When it’s all said and done, it’s not the instrument that matters as much as the surgeon choosing the instrument to use for the situation at hand. If you place the world’s finest and most expensive Steinway piano in front of most people, very few would be able to generate a beautiful song. On the other hand, place one of the world’s top five pianists in front of a Walmart special keyboard and you will probably hear some darn good tunes.
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    I don’t post too much but lurk a lot and based on what I have been reading around here, get ready for certain individuals to tell you that your hairline is not bad, looks good, that you have unrealistic expectations and all because it was done by Erdogan.
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    Erdogan loves using high graft numbers because they know at least half will grow so can say there was some iporovement in most cases. Not much consideration is given into future loss just their bank balance. It is why they have so many surgeries. I would never get a transplant there.
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    You realize Spex is Dr. Bhatti’s rep right? Also, he left on his own accord. I sent him an olive branch by asking to speak to him personally and he never replied. We’re here for patients and we will always represent patients. We cannot coddle the feelings or egos of paid reps. We did not ban him nor did we tell him to leave; he did that on his own accord. We’re not defending any doctors, we are being the voice of reason. I spoke with this patient when he was thinking about removing his transplant after a month. This sort of impulsive behavior shouldn’t be accepted as appropriate or normal. In fact, I’m seeing an alarming trend where patients are anxious about their results and start calling it a failure before the results have even started. We will never concede to this unhealthy behavior. We’re all patients ourselves me @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Pat - Community Publisher we’ve been in the chair multiple times, so we know what it’s like. This is not the first time you throw accusations our way. Our system isn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement, but name one forum that is as actively involved as our forum. I have advocated for this patient and personally sent Dr. Bhatti an email discussing his dissatisfaction thus far. We didn’t hide this thread, edit it or censor him in anyway. In fact, I take great offense that you accuse us of pocketing money for our benefit. I work a full-time job. I work here on my free-time because I’m passionate not because of money. We’re not living in mansions and riding in yachts. We completely upgraded our forum last year. We’ve made several upgrades to our patient websites making it mobile-friendly. We’ve put a lot of time and resources back in to the website to make it user-friendly and improve the user experience. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. We do this so that patients have a place to speak and be heard. Sincerely, Melvin
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    Please stop posting in this thread. I'm trying to provide constructive information for other people who are considering treatments with this doctor. Your comment about my donor area looking subpar immediately after surgery is well taken (you aren't fooling anyone by being purposefully literal to backtrack from the clear intent of your comment) - I think most people can agree the large punch looks a bit worse than the work of other doctors. But I think it remains to be seen whether or not this temporary condition has any lasting meaningful consequences - from what I've seen, the donor areas of Diep's patients look great after they heal, and his results speak for themselves in terms of his reasons why he uses the larger punch. And you can see from my pre-op photos that I've accepted the possibility of larger FUE scar since I don't wear my hair terribly short on the sides and back.
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    After much hysteria on the forum, this issue has to be addressed. Anyone reading this that is interested in getting a hair transplant, it will either deter you away from one or entice you. If it does either my job is done. First of all, pictures can be deceiving both to present good and bad results. However, most only think that pictures can be deceiving to present good results, this is not true. I would like to start off by saying, I’m ecstatic about my hair transplant and it has changed my life, but I do not have true density. I have the “illusion of density” meaning I have to comb my hair a certain way and have it dry for my hair to lookst its best, but certainly it can look bad if I intentionally try too. I will be writing an article on this, because it is important to get out there. I’ve always said, id rather someone not get an HT if they’re not gonna be satisfied with the reality. Here are my pictures first one hairline spread apart in bright light looks horrible. Second one in normal room lighting, but not facing the light. Third one in bathroom lighting, with the light source behind the hair. See how each lighting changes the appearance and also how combing and layering the hair provides “illusion” of density.
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    People aren't looking for answers, they're looking for action. No "answer" can satisfy the results we've seen over the past 1-2 years. Action would be nice, both from the admin side on this forum who are raking in the cash on the back of Erdogan, and from Erdogan himself who, in a reciprocal parasitic manner, is raking in even more cash from the advertising given here. The result: damaged mental health, depleted bank balances from often people who've saved for years to do the procedure, and ongoing daily stress from having to see the botched work in the mirror day in, day out.
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    I cannot understand why ASMED is still a recommended surgeon after a tsunami of poor reviews over the past 12-18 months. It's not as if these are one-off experiences, either. After all, if a surgeon is "recommended" on a forum such as this, which has a large following, it's incumbent upon the powers that be that this recommendation is not made. Having surgery to adjust one's appearance is no small thing. It can for many lead to depression, and that's without discussing the physical scars and financial loss that comes with poor surgical practice. I believe, as do many others, that a moratorium should be held on their recommendation until such time that results have restored to a sufficient standard. If this action is not taken, there must be an ulterior motive - such as finance. If Dr. Erdogan was recommended by popular vote, then ANOTHER popular vote should be held. If not, why not? These results are an absolute disgrace.
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    Perhaps it would better serve the community if you would act as a patient advocate more frequently instead of repeatedly finding excuses as to why procedures fail. Hopefully you do not take the feedback to heart but instead try to think and behave in a manner that is more balanced, fair and educated. Under no circumstances is this result acceptable and that shouldn’t even be implied by someone who should be looking out for patients and providing them with guidance and genuine/honest feedback. I enjoy providing feedback and guidance to those whom I can support. I fail to see the logic in you asking me to leave just because I provide you with direct feedback. At the end of the day, you should be supporting and encouraging members who help others and provide an honest and unbiased perspective to the community. This community is not about you; it is about helping others make well-informed and educated decision. You should encourage support for members and hair loss sufferers who need guidance. Fret not, I will continue to contribute.
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    This is what you get when you go with a world class surgeon. No marketing, no technicians, no bullshit. I wish I could go back and use him for my previous surgery too. This forum needs to rethink who it recommends here.
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    Agreed, there should be pictures of both environments, as people’s lives are spent in both settings. I just wanted to point out that it is reasonable to hope for an HT that looks decent both indoors and outside. They are both “normal” conditions and you shouldn’t be expected to be satisfied with results that only look acceptable in the most optimal of conditions.
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    Although I understand what you’re getting at here, I would say that the pics he provided are in “normal lighting”, as people are routinely outside during daylight hours in their normal lives. Obviously outdoors/sunny lighting isn’t typically going to be as flattering a setting for an HT as indoor, non-overhead lighting. That doesn’t mean it isn’t “normal lighting”. And, wanting your HT to look natural when outside during the day is a reasonable expectation.
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    Contact asmed and say hey great result I'm so thrilled, can you post this on your website, YouTube channel and on the forum? in all honesty it's not a botch but not great either and requires more density no doubt. This problem of yours is becoming very common. Yes there will be people saying there is no guarantees and everyone's physiologically is different you just dont know what's going to happan. Well when it's the exact same issues on a growing number of patients (see through hairlines, bad density/growth) then that theory is completely false. Unfortunately nothing will be done in terms of taking this doctor off recommended lists like this one and the iahrs whom both require consistent good results to stay affiliated. Melvin/bill it is your duty to help guys out there and not let bad results ruin lives. If you take guys like Erdogan off your list you will save alot of heart ache and depression. This is serious, you need to do the right thing if you care at all about how hairloss and bad results can ruin lives. Enough is enough there is too much vested interests in this industry it's about time someone actually stood up for what's right. Even if my own results ends up being decent maybe I will get lucky and would have had the right team but my opinion will never change as to how they operate and I dont want to risk other people getting messed up, why? Because i care about this sh!t
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    I have always been defending asmed and even wanted to go there myself but i think it's time we start taking these complains seriously.
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    it's my decision on who I feel confident with and who I choose to go with for a HT. Thanks to Payam's post I wont ever be considering Dr, Koray as it was a real eye opener. And while no doctor has a 100% success rate there's some doctors out there who are willing to put their money where their mouth is by offering some sort of warranty incase the HT doesn't go according to plan. Far better than having Dr. Koray's assistants work on me while he supervises from an office chair looking at a television screen!
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    I've tried to hold my tongue on this thread, as it seems to have devolved into a hysterical, hand-wringing, anti-Erdogan frenzy that I didn't want to indulge. However, the claims on here that no one has gotten good results out of ASMED recently are flat out dishonest. While I didn't originally want to name names, I felt I needed to do so in order to make a credible point to those who are lurking here (including newbies) who may be influenced by what's been said, about the clear distortions that have been made on this thread. For great results from ASMED in this forum from surgeries that were performed since the end of 2016 (i.e., no touchup was necessary, whether or not the individual decided to take another pass anyway), look at Alexmczane26575, DEB1982, JeanLDD, Jammerz, Vchorro, Sk78, Artofeden, HG1, Vainism, and Ediee. For good results since the end of 2016 (i.e., there was a major cosmedic improvement the first time around but a minor touchup was needed to achieve a perfect result), see Jonyny (who says he is happy now), Pancake, Shuriken, Nathd911, HairDew (who specifically says he is very happy with his hair), Bloodshoteyes, Handski, Ponchik, Scotty9107, Hamburger, and JustJax. Only five people -- you, Webhandler, Planetstephen, Boulderbalder, and Rwethereyet, showed results that could be considered "mediocre" (i.e., they need another procedure of comparable magnitude to the first to achieve the optimal result, by their own account). I did not include HT0416 because his surgery was over two years ago (in other words, outside the timeframe in contention). That means, in this forum alone, and at the time I did my analysis in the beginning of December, there were 10 great results since the end of 2016, 11 good results, and 5 that were "mediocre." So let's do the math here....21/26 = 81% good or great and 5/26 = 19% that were mediocre. None were poor (poor being defined as the hair looking the same or worse than it did before surgery). For a good example of what "poor" looks like, see Sanjar41 and Sufferer12, who went to a clinic in Colorado and had truly awful results, by their own account. When combining results from the French and Italian forums with those of this forum, the results were essentially the same -- 48% great, 33% good, 19% mediocre, and 0% poor (so, doing the math, 81% good to great) -- but with a much larger and more statistically significant sample size. In this forum, it also looks like grantleebuffalo and cali101 will soon be in one of the top two tiers (although I had initially rated them as inconclusive, as their procedures were 5 months ago or less when I did my analysis); we can also add Panos1982 to the ranks of "great" as well. I hadn't included Panos in my initial analysis since his post was put up afterwards. I understand you're upset, as the numbers above would be of no solace to someone who is in the unfortunate minority. However, you clearly are in a very vocal minority of dissatisfied patients. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence that the clinic reached out to those that were dissatisfied to try to help those patients. Planetstephen is going back for a touch-up this month. HT0416 was offered a repair but declined. You have openly stated you won't go back there, and you're not even at 10 months post-op (when everyone repeatedly told you you need to wait 12-18 months), so what exactly do you expect from them? The clinic says they offer a 90% regrowth guarantee, which means you wouldn't pay a cent if you got a yield lower than that. As far as the technicians are concerned, you make a lot of assumptions about their level of experience and the idea that it was their involvement that led to your mediocre results. You have no idea what caused your results. Your fever on the first night may have been your body rejecting your grafts, for all you know, but you chose to assume that it was the technicians' fault. You have no evidence of this. You make several claims that you were misled about the surgeon's degree of participation in the surgery. Nowhere on the ASMED website, or anywhere else, does Dr. Erdogan claim to carry out the entire procedure himself. Once again, you made an assumption which could have been easily clarified with simple research or questions posed to your coordinator. I asked my coordinator these questions prior to my surgery and she explained every aspect of the process to me, in detail. You weren't mislead....you just didn't ask questions and made unsafe assumptions about what the experience would be like. Finally, with respect to HT0416's hairline shape....buddy, you really need to take some responsibility for this. Why didn't you ask Dr. Erdogan to change the hairline before surgery began if you didn't like it? I asked the doctor like 3 different times to modify my hairline before I gave them the go-ahead to proceed, and he was happy to make the adjustments for me each time. You are responsible for taking an active role in your own hairline design. Don't just leave it up to the doctor to make that determination and then whine about it later, when you had ample opportunity to make a change.
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    What’s wrong with his results ? Looks good for $16,000 . Money well spent ..
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    Conor McGregor is that you ? haha jk. Looking great man, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. You definitely are a fast grower.
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    Hi Guys, Most of of you are familiar with my story, but some of you new guys may be wondering how I got started. The truth is, I started off researching just like most of you, luckily I found this forum that gave me the tools and confidence to pull the trigger and start my hair loss journey. I wanted to let you guys know that we will start posting informative videos on YouTube. I encourage you guys to watch and share this video with anyone interested in getting a hair transplant and seeing a real result from a real patient.. If you guys have any suggestions for topics please let me know.
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    I'm having a procedure done with ASMED in a couple of weeks and, like many of you, wanted a better idea of my chances of having a satisfactory result. Since there have been many differing opinions on here concerning this clinic lately (and while it's a little tough to quantify something like this), I figured I'd try to tackle the question mathematically/statistically to produce a more definitive answer. Methodology for Analysis: First, I went through the French, Italian, and English hair loss forums (i.e., international, Belli Capelli, and this forum, respectively), and looked through every result that was posted within the last 2 years (I went back to around September 2016). I recorded the approximate date (to the nearest month) that the surgery was performed and assigned a score for the result based on the pictures that were posted. The ranking criteria were as follows: - Great = A score of 4 = The result of the transplant was a very thick, natural looking head of hair; in my opinion, no further surgical intervention is required. - Good = A score of 3 = The result of the transplant was a major improvement over the pre-operative state, but not perfect; while the hair is generally thick, a minor touch-up may be required to achieve the optimal result. - Mediocre = A score of 2 = The result of the transplant was a modest to moderate improvement over the pre-operative state; a second procedure of a similar magnitude will likely be required to achieve patient satisfaction. - Poor = A score of 1 = A complete botch job. The scalp looks effectively the same or worse than it did before surgery. A second operation is absolutely required (and possibly a third) if there's any hope of salvaging the situation. - Inconclusive = No score = The result could not be determined due to the fact that the surgery was performed too recently (less than approximately 5 months ago) or the fact that the user did not continue to post their results/pictures beyond a few days/weeks/months. There are some rare cases where a patient experienced a good result by the 5 or 6 month point and I felt comfortable including them in the analysis despite the fact that their hair has not fully matured. Caveats: - While there are many clinic-posted results in all three forums, I only included those from the Italian forum in this analysis (in other words, I only included patient-posted results from the French and English forums). Why did I do this? First, in the French and English forums, there was no indication as to when the clinic-posted surgeries were performed. Second, the doctor likely only posted his best results, leading to a form of selection bias. When patients post their own results, from start to finish, selection bias is less likely. Third, I wanted to make sure I didn't double-count, so each patient had to have a unique identifier (and it was hard to assign one for clinic-posted results; for patient-posted results, on the other hand, I could differentiate them with their user names). Please note that the omission of clinic-posted results might skew the results in such a way as to make them seem slightly more negative than they actually are. - I realize that the ratings I assigned to each result are subjective. I can't think of a way to do this in a truly objective way, as one person's "good" might be another's "mediocre." For this reason, I'm willing to provide user names via PM in case there are any doubts concerning my judgment. Analysis: The chart below shows my findings from the three forums, combined, within the specified date range. I removed the user names and replaced them with patient numbers to maintain anonymity. As I mentioned above, if anyone wants to see the user names associated with the patient numbers in order to check me (or compare your judgments with my own), I can send them to you via PM. Assigned Patient Number Surgery Date Result Rating 1 Sep-16 4 2 Oct-16 3 3 Oct-16 3 4 Oct-16 3 5 Nov-16 4 6 1-Nov 4 7 Nov-16 4 8 Nov-16 N/A 9 Nov-16 3 10 Dec-16 4 11 Jan-17 2 12 Feb-17 4 13 Feb-17 4 14 Feb-17 4 15 Feb-17 3 16 Feb-17 N/A 17 Feb-17 4 18 Feb-17 4 19 Feb-17 3 20 Mar-17 3 21 Mar-17 4 22 Mar-17 N/A 23 Apr-17 4 24 Apr-17 N/A 25 May-17 3 26 May-17 3 27 Jun-17 2 28 Jun-17 N/A 29 Jul-17 4 30 Jul-17 4 31 Jul-17 3 32 Jul-17 3 33 Jul-17 2 34 Jul-17 2 35 Jul-17 N/A 36 Aug-17 4 37 Aug-17 3 38 Aug-17 N/A 39 Sep-17 3 40 Sep-17 N/A 41 Sep-17 2 42 Oct-17 4 43 Oct-17 2 44 Oct-17 4 45 Oct-17 4 46 Oct-17 4 47 Oct-17 N/A 48 Nov-17 4 49 Nov-17 3 50 Nov-17 2 51 Nov-17 N/A 52 Nov-17 4 53 Nov-17 3 54 Dec-17 4 55 Dec-17 4 56 Dec-17 3 57 Dec-17 2 58 Dec-17 4 59 Dec-17 3 60 Dec-17 2 61 Dec-17 N/A 62 Dec-17 N/A 63 Jan-18 4 64 Jan-18 3 65 Jan-18 3 66 Jan-18 2 67 Jan-18 N/A 68 Jan-18 N/A 69 Feb-18 4 70 Feb-18 4 71 Mar-18 2 72 Mar-18 4 73 Mar-18 3 74 Mar-18 2 75 May-18 3 76 May-18 4 77 May-18 N/A 78 Jun-18 N/A 79 Jul-18 4 80 Jul-18 N/A 81 Jul-18 N/A 82 Jul-18 N/A 83 Jul-18 N/A 84 Aug-18 N/A 85 Sep-18 N/A 86 Sep-18 N/A 87 Sep-18 N/A 88 Sep-18 N/A 89 Sep-18 N/A 90 Oct-18 N/A 91 Oct-18 N/A 92 Oct-18 N/A 93 Oct-18 N/A 94 Oct-18 N/A 95 Oct-18 N/A 96 Oct-18 N/A 97 Nov-18 N/A 98 Nov-18 N/A 99 Nov-18 N/A 100 Nov-18 N/A As you can see, I looked through 100 patient reviews between the three forums. Out of the 100, only 63 were conclusive. Out of the 63: - 48% were great - 33% were good - 19% percent were mediocre - 0% were poor For me, a result of good or great is acceptable. Here's some more useful data: - There is an 81% chance of an acceptable (i.e., good or great) result - Margin of error is 12% (with a confidence level of 95%)* - Average is 3.3 (a result between good and great) - Median is 3 (a good result) - Mode is 4 (a great result) - Standard deviation is 0.771 * I calculated margin of error by assuming that ASMED performs 4 surgeries per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, yielding a total population of 2,080 surgeries performed within this time frame (and, as shown above, a sample size of 63 patients). I want to stress, again, that I excluded all clinic-posted results from the French and English forums, so outcomes may actually be better than what is posted above. Another question that was recently raised was whether or not quality from this clinic has decreased over time. In order to determine if this is the case, I plotted the results from above against time (see the plot below) and inserted a best-fit trend line (including a projection into the future, assuming the same trends continue to hold). It does appear that there has been a slight degradation in quality for surgeries performed between September of 2016 and June of this year. It looks like this degradation may have been caused by a cluster of negative reviews made by patients who had surgery between August and December of 2017 (though there were also many successful surgeries that occurred around this time as well). I might do another analysis looking further back into the past to see if this trend remains the same, or if the second half of 2017 was a blip. I don't know about you guys, but this made me feel a bit more confident about my upcoming surgery. Any thoughts?
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    I don’t understand why we have to pretend there’s hope for this poor guy following 7 months. Yes, there may be additional growth and thickening. Will it be satisfactory? Absolutely not. Let’s please stop with the sunshine pumping and be real with people so they can address the issue sooner than later.
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    See, here's the thing, though. There's a major difference between coming onto someone's thread in an attempt to provide support (since, as we all know, hair restoration is a stressful journey) and joining in the conversation with inflammatory language to make them feel worse. Kraistoff was uncertain and needed support and guidance...not for anyone else to use his result as a prop to bash a clinic against which they have a personal vendetta (these people know who they are). Obviously, we should be honest, but there are constructive ways of telling the truth that show sensitivity to the struggles of the individual/OP. The old saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" seems to apply. Basic rule of thumb? Use the same social skills you'd use if you were talking to the person face-to-face. If someone's result looks good to you, tell them, as I'm sure they'd appreciate it. If they don't look good to you, stay quiet and only make this opinion known if the OP asks for it (and do it in a way that's helpful, like a suggestion about how to improve the situation); for the purposes of determining whether or not a clinic is outputting good results, let the pictures speak for themselves. If people on this thread had been more sensitive to Kraistoff's needs and not their own, he wouldn't be asking to leave.
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    Hi PA, So just to be clear: you started 1mg finasteride in July of 2018, and seemingly did not see any sort of initial shedding phase? By around 4.5 months post-op (November), your hair looked great and you appeared to be an excellent responder to finasteride. Then from November until now, you experienced gradual and worsening thinning to the point where you believe you have pretty much lost all gains? Typically people experience a shedding phase for the first 3-4 months; the follicles are somewhat "shocked" into a telogen phase (which lasts around 3-4) and then wake up and begin functioning better -- and growing stronger, healthier terminal hair as a result. If we presume that you did not experience an initial shedding phase but did experience one starting in November, it would likely end around March or so and should start exhibiting noticeable improvement by June or July. If you were my patient, I would probably tell you to wait 6 months from when the transition from Telogen (rest) to Anagen (growth) occurred. If we say the resting cycle ended in March, you would maybe want to wait until September before declaring that you have experienced no benefit from the finasteride. Now, how likely do I think this is? Probably not too likely. However, I have seen stranger things when it comes androgenic alopecia. I also think there is another possibility; and fair warning here: I do not think my experience and opinions when it comes to finasteride are necessarily as "main stream," but I feel pretty confident in what I have seen thus far interacting with thousands of hair loss patients over the past 5 years. I personally believe finasteride is a "kick the can down the road" type medication. In the end, androgenic alopecia is genetic. It is like your height, eye color, or any other inevitable physical trait based upon your genetic code. In the end, your genes are going to win out. You take a drug like finasteride and put someone on it while they still have a lot of their own native hair, and it may help them hold on to this hair or hold on to a greater portion of the hair for a longer period. In the end, however, they are still going to get to the same point. It just may take a little longer on finasteride. When you get to a certain point where you have already lost a good portion of hair or maybe the "horse is out of the barn" a bit, the drug tends to do less. You specifically may have been further along in the process, and there was just simply less that the drug could do. Maybe an initial "bump" was all that was possible before your body started making more DHT or expressing more DHT receptors in the follicles because that is its coded mission and there was not much you could do to slow it at this point in the mission. I know this is not the rosiest of theories, but I often find it holds water. While preventive medications are great and I always have a detailed discuss about using them with patients, they do have limitations and they cannot overcome what is hard-coded in your programming. Does this mean you should give up on it if you are not experiencing side effects? No, not necessarily. But it may be time to research other adjuncts (surgery possibly being one of them) to help. Just remember to play it safe and try to stick to tested and approved treatments. Again, the above is my educated opinion based upon my experience with the medication and hair loss patients. Other doctors may feel differently and they are absolutely entitled to their own conclusions based upon their experiences. I also say the above not to discourage anyone from using preventive medications; I do think they are useful adjuncts and recommend that all hair loss patients research and consider them.
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    You know as well as I do itll be like a politician answering it. What's he gonna say? Yeh the results are sh!t my techs are sh!t and i need to reduce the amount of surgeries and have a bigger role. Come on mate. We dont want an explanation from dr koray. We simply want him taken off the recommendation on this site. He consistently produces sub par results, no explanation is going to help repair these patients all he will say is come back for a touch up he is a disgrace and I hope he is reading this . He is ruining peoples'mental health and the owners of the forum who have him recommended also take that responsibility.
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    After reading this on the main website, unfortunately I doubt the concerns raised of 'recommended surgeons' will make a difference... "To support the costs of operating and promoting our community the physician contributes a monthly fee to sponsor this community." That tells me all I need to know about the recommended surgeons on this site.
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    Sorry about your disappointing Ht results man. If you are in Chicago (if that’s what your username implies I take it) I would have consultation with Dr Konior and see what his take is on your Ht and donor for a repair procedure. Best of luck!
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    Jesus Christ. Why would anyone reply this way? What you're asserting here is that if the procedure is a success, the doctor takes credit but if it fails, the patient is to blame. There could very well be plenty of reasons why a transplant could fail but blaming the patient at every step is just ridiculous.
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    Number 6 : You need to know that once your hair transplant has successfully grown out you'll look great wearing your mum's favorite T Shirt! 😀
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    If nothing else, I could not have worded @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia 's answer better myself. At this point, you're not ready for a HT. It's fine, it just means you need more research. I'm your age, by the way, so it's not a knock on your maturity. I've posted comments elsewhere, but I'm going to copy them here if it helps you. The first is the "why" and the second is the "how". They are in order! My advice for you: 1. Try the finasteride. I didn't and wish I would have known about it in my early 20s. Maybe I could have delayed a HT. 2. It is important to put a value on a HT. What is it worth to you? Financial cost of procedure, time cost of awkward recovery period, emotional cost of missing events/ fielding awkward questions. 3. What do you stand to gain? Self confidence that will manifest in all social interactions. Removal of the anxiety/emotional burden of balding. If you're single, it'll open up more dating opportunities for you. (In my case) Not being age discriminated for entry level jobs post college. Whatever else applies to your case. It could well be that you have little benefit from a HT. It also could remove any self-imposed hair-loss barriers that open you up to the world. Weigh 2 vs 3. 4. Choose with conviction. Either way, own your decision and know it's best for you. If you get a HT, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. It is the best choice for you. When people ask "why" I tell them, "I considered it for a long time, and I felt it was the right time for me. I've always been concerned about my hair loss. I am fortunate to be alive at a time when baldness is treatable with a permanent and "natural" (my own hair!) solution. I am happy to answer any questions you have." - The questions then don't focus on my choices (since I addressed them from the start) but focus on "does/did it hurt, How long is it good for, How long does it take to see results, How much?" By taking control of your situation, you take the power out of the tough questions. Your friends and family will support your decision if you present it as a decision that was best for you! I have a strength in personal finance and budgeting. Before you jump in: Timing could cost you $X,xxx more or less depending on when you travel. Also know the travel costs involved. You have time when it sounds like $ is more of an issue. So be smart with your time to get the most value for your $: 1. Create a list of doctors. (You should) Prioritize the doctors who you see yourself using, and then add them to the list. Usually their websites will list a range. I don't recommend "shopping" docs at this point - asking what they will charge. Build your list first, I'll come back to this point. 2. If you're looking for value, look up the Countriesyou find the surgeons you wish to hire. Use google flights to explore destinations from your Country's airports (plural) to those country airports. Find the cheapest airport for that country, then find the cheapest time to fly - the month or time of year. You're not booking yet, you're only assembling a cost database for the 2-5 countries abroad you've found reputable doctors for. I can help if you don't understand this. 3. Now that you know what you should pay for the travel, find out what lodging and transport looks like in that country. How long do you plan on staying there? Estimate a per-day rate for each country. *Personally, I am passionate about this, but I recommend traveling while you're there. Feel free to ignore this, because it is purely an opinion. 4. Now that you know when the best rates for travel are, plan to book a procedure during that time Next year. It will do four things: A. Allow you to save and ensure you can get that travel rate in the future (I can explain on the booking a travel plan theory later). B. Allow you to establish dialog and communication with a clinic where you feel confident in your doc, and set expectations on the procedure, talk about hairlines etc. C. It will Ensure that your doc is available when you want your procedure done and D. Allow you to save up some money/clear off some credit card balance etc. to afford the procedure/ pay off the airfare after you book it. 5. Now that you have the costs for travel, the narrowed list of surgeons, the open communication with those surgeons, ask the price. Build it into your budget. Travel + expenses while there + HT + Qualitatives (things to do if you travel, idk, but these are "what it's worth to you if all else is equal" among surgeons/total price). Then do your own cost analysis and get the best value. Value = benefits/costs. Now: I mentioned FUT is cheaper than FUE. Just know that there are benefits to both, but know that there exist good surgeons who perform FUE at a cost which is less than other surgeon's FUT. Geography changes costs. I can answer any questions you have. I do think it will be in your best interest to create a list of say, 20 docs you're at least interested in (who fall somewhat in your budget), then ask for opinions. If you don't do 80%+ of the doc research yourself, I think that you won't really have the confidence in the result, and may experience buyer's remorse. I hesitate to tell you with confidence what may be best for your cosmetic future.
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    Your hair is not in bad shape. You need to step back and take a break. You can't have too much donor left, and you are aiming for perfection. Where would you be looking to add further grafts if you were to commit to a third surgery? What will you do when you hit 35 and your crown starts to thin, or your mid scalp becomes light? You will have no further donor to use. Im not trying to be a hater. Just telling it how I see it with your best interests at heart. Tread carefully.
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    Also ... Please do not rush into getting a procedure. I understand the urgency to get it done; trust me, I do. However, it is far better in the "long term" to take your time now and make the best decision possible opposed to rushing into a procedure and being dissatisfied or spending more time and money (and irreplaceable donor follicles) to fix or augment things up the road. It is a common tale we see and something that you should do your best to avoid.
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    Who snitched on him ? Bman is literally coming on this forum for advice n help .. if some members have arguments n stuff .. just stop talking to each other but what’s up with the tattletelling .. I’m interested in this update n prefer for him n other members to continue posting their progression results , whether good or bad ... ( but it’s true the bad ones are the most fun threads to foLlow .. n it’s also sometimes the patients last resort to venting and expressing their results . Nothing wrong with that .. I don’t even look at doctor posted pics anymore .. it’s almost meaningless .. the most meaningful threads are posted by patients .,
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    We don't all have thousands of pounds flying out of our arses for multiple surgeries. Stephen made a decision based on his viable options. Respectfully disagree or move on, who are you to tell people not to complain? On a forum to voice our experiences of our surgeries no less. Maybe save your armchair psychology for another forum. Payam, myself, Stephen and others are all experiencing very similar issues and the few people that are happy with their results from the same clinic think its acceptable to trash talk others whose experience isn't as positive. Its like those who have a good result have some strange loyalty to the clinic, that makes them want to drown out any complaints by saying we have mental issues or just outright name calling on every single post. Payam isn't happy, neither are multiple others. Let them voice this without trying to somehow invalidate it just because your experience was better, its petty af.
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    I don’t get this kind of thinking. Sorry not trying to be combative, but people keep saying it and it really baffles me. Would you prefer patients hide the transplanted areas or present them in the most flattering, dimly lit, combed over conditions or do you actually want to see the transplant? It’s just odd that a lot of people say this. You either want to see clear, high quality, well lit photos of the transplant or you don’t. I for one would rather see what I’m in for, rather than a touched up version...
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    Suddenly this thread evolved into a commercialized promotion of certain doctors.
  39. 4 points
    It's disheartening to see posters on here behaving childish and sarcastic, if you notice they never have any pictures or threads either. I suggest ignoring trolls. My donor looked just like your after my surgery and I have gone on to have three procedures. The picture below was a week after my procedure. Then the second a pic is 6 months after at a #1 guard. A note to the community, this forum is to show support. Anyone who's on here knows how difficult it is to go through a procedure and so many questions and doubts running in your mind. Behaving childish and sarcastic to a new poster right after their surgery is not acceptable. If after a year there is a problem with the donor or results, then by all means call it how you see it, but a few days after the procedure we should be encouraging each other. No one wants to share their story if the responses they receive are sarcastic.
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    don't worry ...I have shown my pics on here at 5 months where the growth was starting to be noticeable because a lot of guys were freaking out about their growth at 5 months ..I will look and see if i can find a 3 month pic ...I know it's stressful man but honestly 3 months is just the beginning . Just read through your post ..understandable why you are extra nervous as you had an unsatisfactory transplant before ...the work looks good with Asmed I'm sure at 4 months you will notice the start of the growth ...
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    Dude - you ARE the MAN! I'm a gonna' go on a MAJOR rant right now - so all you TL-DR 'dear readers' may exit stage left at this point. TYIA. Major cosmetic surgery that is botched should be 'shouted from the rooftops' and to be brutally frank (and yes, I am in the legal field and licensed in 3 states as well as Israel) it is horrifying to me that a foreign surgeon cannot be SUED up his ass for Compensatory {expectation & consequential}/General/Punitive as well as Aggravatory and finally Restitutionary Damages. Dr. Erdogan is a reckless unfortunate well-known MILL surgeon operating in Turkey. I stand by this written statement. Unequivocally so, in fact. So sue me, eh? Oh wait - that's what Dr. Erdogan says (not to your face) when he and his staff 'ghost' a persistent and rightly so PISSED-off U.S. patient. Shame on him. And if I am given a 'timeout' for my written statement - no matter. I'll take the charge. It's really no skin off my sack as they say in Jersey. And yes, my last surgery was in India w/Dr. Suneet Soni (4.5K FUT & 500 FUE) in March '17, previous to that surgery in Great Neck, NY w/Dr. Feller 2,243 FUT in March '04, previous to that surgery two surgeries w/Dr. Mark Pomerantz in Chicago, IL (700 and 1100 FUT 'mini and micro' grafts) in two sessions '93 & '94 and finally my 1st initial surgery w/the stupendously arrogant yet 'dim' Dr. Matt Leavitt (100 and 120 minigrafts) FUT in Detroit, MI in Dec. '90 and Jan. '91 Of course I will get more surgery - 2 to 3 FUE procedures and I will utilize 'beard' hair in the process because although I have complete coverage and NO visible thinning my hair is Asian-esque BONE straight and my hair-caliber thickness in Microns is embarrassingly low - thanks Mom & Dad. You fucked it all up when you capriciously concieved me without thinking about genetic predispositions in 1966. Flaccid and weak lack of forethought, but I digress. So, I know of where and when I speak. In fact I would say I am the most informed hair transplant consumer that I've ever known personally. I am obsessed w/hair - it is who I am. Since I get a modest amount of feedback in these forums I will post my last 2 major surgery 'before/after's and my 'current situation' in great and nauseating detail later this spring when I have more free time. SLR photos - professional lighting - wet/dry combthrough videos. Scar and donor area combthroughs and both just-washed hair (wet) - towel-dried hair, no-product dry and styled hair as well as w/a touch of DermMatch concealer. I will walk the walk because I admire everyone here that posts photos and tells their story - it takes alot for me to respect other men - this is hands-down the very best hair-restoration website on the planet. Simple as. For this I owe - a mitzvah if you will for my fellow brothers (in spirit) that suffer from this terrible progressive illness that is passed down from inferior genetic donors (our parents). In the far future hairloss will be a relic of the past that time has forgotten. Until then 'by endurance we conquer!' Peace & Degenerate Blessings...
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    ... And stop arguing back and biting to every single post that doesn't agree. Stop going in to every Erdogan thread and rubbishing the results. Not because you don't have the right to or aren't justified because of your less than stellar personal experience with the clinic but because bro, it's not helping YOUR situation. People across all of these forums know at this point going to Asmed is cheaper but also risks a much higher chance of a subpar result due to all the aforementioned things such as the number of surgeries, the attention to detail or lack thereof, the techs being more aesthetically pleasing to the eye then their actual HT results at times and whatnot, etc etc etc. The fact the clinic has these types of threads going on every major hair loss forum is proof that something isn't right and needs to be addressed, that's the one thing no one can dispute. You don't see the top clinics having these ongoing threads about them and you don't see them with multiple concurrent discussions regarding their mixed results. Every clinic has average and even poor results, but the point is that the top ones have very few of these compared to their good ones, Asmed does a lot more HT's per day so they have a lot more cases of good and bad, it just is what it is. I suggest you stop biting back though you are turning people against you and that isn't going to help you in a time when you need support and guidance. Relax bro... you've made your point and threads like yours serve a purpose... for me personally who is within a year of choosing his HT surgeon results like yours are why I WILL NOT spend my money with Erdogan and Asmed... bottom line.
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    Stop this nonsense man he wasn't being racist. He emphasized that H&W employs asian techs but said nothing disparaging about turkish people, only that H&W has superior techs because they have medical backgrounds. There is no racism here and this coming from someone with middle eastern ethnicity. The point about intelligence is clearly about their graft handling intelligence, at least that is how I interpreted it. His post made very valid points though, Erdogan employs very young girls with no medical background and isn't there to supervise them during extractions or implantation, you can email him yourself and they will refuse to disclose any information about their techs academic backgrounds, and for good reason. If he was more involved in the process I'm sure we would see more natural results coming out this clinic, right now I'm not at all surprised about the state of my hair all things considered.
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    Well I am almost at the 1 year mark (3 days shy)!! But as I have family in town I likely will miss the date to update so wanted to give my results today! My family's coming in from England tomorrow and they haven't seen me since just before and after the operation. So this will be the biggest testament in terms of what they notice and how different I look. - Of course they know about the transplant, but will see it for the first time in person. I am growing my hair out and after a few weeks of the awkward stage it's finally getting better in terms of being more manageable and doing what I want it to. Overall at the 12 month mark I am ecstatic over how different I look. The fact the hair shapes my face, I don't mind about the wind as it's a quick fix. I can part my hair either side of my head (photos to follow). I've had a ton of compliments stating how I look 8-10 years younger than before, is it from working out, diet? I've been very open with everyone who's asked about what's different, and no-one has even guessed that I had a hair transplant until I tell them. They're reactions are priceless..I can almost hear their inner voices changing as they process that information "Are you crazy, woah that's so cool, hmm maybe I should get one" haha! This forum has been a huge help and I really appreciate everyone reaching out to ask about my story and following this thread. I will be continuing to post my journey over the next few months too. Thank you all and feel free to ask me any questions that I can help answer
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    Not sure anyone can say with any great conviction they have stopped balding (unless a person has lost all the hair on top), even more so if they are not on medication and in their 20s or 30s. MPB is progressive and can creep up on you at any age even when you feel it has stopped. With regards to finasteride, it's pretty simple .......by taking it you are playing the percentage game and giving yourself a better chance of keeping hold of remaining hair while adding through a HT and thus increasing the chances of holding onto a result. HT's can and are done without finasteride but the emphasis on mapping out a plan with your surgeon for the future is much greater imo and you may find yourself looking at another procedure sooner than you thought if/when you continue to lose your native hair. You would need enough donor supply to cover future loss and it needs to be used wisely with one eye on the future. For that reason, they'd more than likely be a need to be pretty conservative in your expectations without finasteride i.e wouldn't be expecting to lower a hairline too much if you still have a fair amount of native hair or throwing too many grafts at the crown/vertex area. In a way, guys who have more extensive loss probably have a better chance of getting away with a HT without finasteride. Usually a clear pattern has developed and a surgeon can probably better predict where the loss maybe heading in the future and a conservative approach is usually taken. When the donor supply/characteristics have permitted and in the hands of good surgeons, I've seen some good results with these kind of patients but they have generally been conservative and on patients in their late 30s onwards. Think guys who still have a lot of native hair and decide to go for a HT without finasteride (especially younger guys) are playing a guessing game and this is where it gets tricky imo. Think any good surgeon will look to mitigate the uncertainty factor as much as possible and finasteride is an important 'tool' that aid's that.
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    Most of the results look poor. same people commenting on all the results must be mods or affiliated to the clinic saying bravo job. dr erdogan was once a highly rated surgeon back in 2013 in that time he has changed how he practices moving to bigger clinics and having 4 patients plus a day 2000-3000 grafts per patient. results are just not the same, once surgical assistant dilek is now head boss running a bunch of young surgical assistants with dr erdogan supervising from head office via monitors. patients are no longer getting a dr erdogan hair transplant they are getting a asmed hair transplant, completly different to what you once got hence the poor results. Lots of un natural results coming out of this clinic, lots of patients are afraid to speak up about it. A gang of keyboard bullys will attack you and tell you have mental problems.
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    Pelodinero, How you present yourself on this forum and interact with physicians and other members is cause for concern. No two patients are the same, there are several variables to hair restoration, hair shaft diameter is one of the most if not the most important aspect to the overall cosmetic outcome of a procedure and it's obvious this patient has extremely fine hair. With that said, I agree this result is not jaw dropping, but you already posted one negative comment about the result, fair enough you didn't think it was a good result. However, you continue to be demeaning and have an overall toxic attitude. You have had a hair transplant yourself, but you have never posted a picture of your results, I am sure you wouldn't like it if someone continuously put down your result not once, not twice, but three times. I have already warned you previously and it seems you can't help yourself. Every result is attached to a person and you never know if that patient visits our forum. Every single person here is a hair loss sufferer and knows how difficult it is to deal with someone putting you down, this will be my second warning, a third time and I will be forced to suspend your posting privileges indefinitely. It's clear the patient could improve further, but it is also clear that his appearance has improved and he now has a frame to his face. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion on the result, good or bad, but guys let's be respectful. Warm regards- Melvin
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    Oh yeah...I was 64. Had my 2nd at 66. I had a Heart Attack at 65. Off year, ya know. There is no excuse needed for wanting to look better at any age. I feel stronger, sing better, and have great plans for my 70's. Guys who say they want to look good now and won't care when they hit 50 need to hit 50. Then we'll talk!
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    Hello fellow follicularly challenged forum members, Im creating this thread, because managing our expectations is as important as selecting a good surgeon. This forum was created by patients and for patients. After 3 surgeries, I find myself wanting more, but at what point do we have diminishing returns? We want just one more strip or one more FUE that can severely compromise our donor and scalp, in most cases for a small touch up or added density. We mustn’t lose sight of where we came and how far we’ve come. Unfortunately, surgery has its limitations and until hair cloning is an option, we have to accept that our donor hair is finite. We will never get back the hair we once had as teenagers, but we can get back the “illusion”. I for one am grateful for the results I’ve been able to achieve. Do I have a perfect head of hair? Absolutely not, but is it a huge improvement from what I had? Absolutely.
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    It is ironic yet true that when provocative topics are raised - we tend to get answers. Do you really think Dr. Erdogan would have EVER bothered to come here on the board and give his explanation of tech training at his facility if there wasn't a real reason to do so? Frankly, he should have a section about that on his website - since he's such the promoter, eh? Yet we only get a personal long explanation when enough doubt or noise was created. Let me tell you something; my entire extended family is in the healthcare industry (doctors/pharmacists/physician assistants/nurses) and I can tell you with absolute certainty they are just like anyone else. Certainly nothing more but often much less than the rest of the masses. Yea, they are usually very intelligent and take tests well - that's not everything. Bedside manner is relevant too - and truly wanting to heal. Plastic surgeons usually don't go into their field 'cause it's a 'calling' - it's detailed and demanding but very lucrative. Now, to the point. There are so many doctor's that are challenged on this website and we never get a clear answer. Oh, it will mess up my refund, I don't want to out my doctor, blah blah blah. Most of them have a rep on this board or I can guarantee you someone on their staff looking for mention's of their name on this forum. What do we normally get? An echo chamber and then mods begging for more info so they can open a dialogue with the doctor. I'd like to hear more about that. Website gets paid big bucks from doctor's and then I see alot of half-assed excuses about resolution. I often wonder what the story is behind the scenes (outside of the website mission statement). Case in point. I bet at least the vast majority of doctor's aren't showing the required work on this website they are supposed to be accountable for. Oh, but the moderator didn't keep up on that for the last 6 months - 'cause hey, I'm getting paid and I have to moderate all these posts and keep replies on topic. Doctor's should be required to interact on at least a limited basis here in order to stay recommended. In fact I saw a couple very nice/detailed and informative replies from Dr. Bhatti today - thank you doctor for your insight to a regular poster(s). I realize doctor's are busy but surely they can step up and reply to at least the most interesting questions on this forum. Many do, more need to do so. It's called good standard of care. Perhaps I'm most disappointed in newbies who don't use the search function and spend REAL time studying and reading months and months (years and years) of QUALITY and in-depth threads before they come on here and ask the same uninformed questions. It would be better to charge an initial small registration fee to post in order keep out utterly clueless that don't bother to really approach major surgery investigation with the respect it deserves. But what do I know? The majority in here are into hair porn and can't emotionally handle going bald as nature intended; it's flaccid and weak & I have no bloody use for it. Yet, here I am posting like an idiot!! ; )