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    Its physically impossible to achieve. Simply put, how the fuck do you expect that the top of the head which is of similar size to the donor to achieve density at the same level that the the donor is to begin with? Its common sense. You may as well be believing in magic. At best most people can get 40%ish on average of original density across the entire NW5 area if they've lost it to begin with. Hasson is the surgeon I've seen that is closest to achieving natural density, but even his density is going to be significantly lower than what is natural, and even if it is possible to get close in the hairline it is an impossibility across the whole scalp. The entire premise of hair transplants is that you are able to extract from a donor without making a significant negative cosmetic impact while transferring to the front, only an idiot can look at that situation and not understand that there is an illusion going on in comparison to nature. Couto has many stunning results, but it should absolutely be considered that 95% of the results on his channel have incredible hair quality. Hugely above average. Even with 100% yields which many of his results appear to achieve they are significantly less dense than pre-hairloss. He's one of the best FUE surgeons in the world, but not a magician.
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    "pseudo wet hair" This is underestimated and not well considered enough. In Couto's case (and I'm not bashing him as a surgeon) there is a conscious decision to mislead. The damp hair in his cases will show virtually no more information than dry hair and they clearly aren't stupid enough to not understand this. 90% of even top surgeons do similar things but inexperienced noobs like Wally (which is the vast majority of those who haven't had transplants) can't understand this sort of thing.
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    Cheap does not equal poor result. Expensive does not equal great result. There are no guarantees in surgery so there are no guarantees in price. Anything can happen All that matters is High ethics and standards of care and patient satisfaction.
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    While everyone here has focused on the problems of bargain shopping for a HT, paying extra doesn't necessarily insulate you from a bad result either. I went to a supposed “top tier” doctor in Belgium that ended up charging me an extra 3-4k more for my surgery (he decided to expand the operation when I was unconscious and exceed our agreed upon graft count, only then to have his financial secretary awkwardly tell me the next day how much more I would be paying for the honour). Not only did I end up with a bad result from that surgery, but then I had to turn around and spend another 12k with another surgeon just to fix it. All in all I spent around 28k (including flights accomodations etc) and had to go into debt over what should have been a straightforward surgical experience from an award winning veteran of this industry - so no, not happy about the price and regret getting a HT in the first place. I've also seen enough bad results (even botched results) from prominent doctors that price isn't really a good gauge of quality in this industry either - all that matters is patient verified results.
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    You still have a lot of hair. Your hair will never look as good as it does with Toppik, with hair transplants alone. Are you okay with this? If not, my advice would be to not go for a hair transplant.
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    Right, lets look at my result then: The reality is there isn't a single person on the forum or on the planet with my previous hair situation who wouldn't be happy with these results. To add to that, Erdogan has and continues to have among the most impressive high norwood results on this and the international forum. Certainly the most impressive of FUE. You're obsessing over Couto purely off the basis of Youtube videos, I doubt you've seen a single patient posted result from him. You literally were praising an Erdogan result as "One of the best jobs I've ever seen." a few days ago. "Of course obtuse and uneducated guys like jayldd dont know hair while stuck with shitty transplants." You know as well as I do that this comment is false so why say it? I've had multiple transplants, I've seen multiple people with transplants in person including people who had previously been to American and Canadian clinics at ASMED and I've been on this forum for longer than you have and engaged more significantly. Same situation with Gas and same situation with Melvin who has been here for years and years. You've never had surgery, the current state of your hair is terrible and you're jerking over a surgeon who again, I am 99% sure you've never seen a patient posted result from. You refuse to understand that it is impossible to achieve natural density on the top of the head by taking from a donor with less hair than ever originally existed on top. Its the equivalent of a child believing in magic. I feel bad for you in a way because its clear your own hair situation is terrible and you're looking for a magic bullet so badly you've decided wizardry is a real thing. Wake up and stop acting like a child. "Dude youre overreaching and getting angry af. Its not that serious if youre wrong. Take a water break you need it" Proof you're deluded? I strongly recommend you read and reflect on this comment you wrote, specifically how hypocritical it is and the projection involved in case you're beyond figuring that out.
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    Please keep in mind that a higher dose does not mean that the effect is better/higher, especially when combining DHT inhibitors. On the other hand the chance to get negative side effects could increase. Take care of you!
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    @Corbyn @Abhinay Singh @Fluffhead @eyesonyouuuu @Portugal25 @inquisitivebald @Looking for HT Thanks Benson for your kind words and appreciation and also for tagging me in the conversation to share my experience and knowledge to help you. I was a Norwood 6 before my HT with Eugenix. When you ask if you have any hope or better to shave it off, the answer is you have great hope. You are a norwood 6, maybe eventually be a 7. There are solutions. @Eugenix Hair Science has a proven track record of dealing with high norwoods and achieving outstanding results. Dr.Arika and Dr.Pradeep with supporting Doctors and team are pioneers of the DHT ( Direct Hair Transplantation) technique where very near 100% graft growth is achieved with simultaneous implantation of the grafts as their out of body time is kept to a minimum with no root touch. Your scalp doner will be optimised to its potential while at the same time well managed without being overharvested as Eugenix past results have shown . They are also highly skilled in Body Hair Transplantation with beard grafts as I had used for my HT , their is no scarring at all noticable to the naked eye and nobody or even myself can make out extractions were made . Chest Hair if needed can also be used. I would highly recommend Benson to speak with Dr.Arika as she is very honest and genuine as she will talk to you regarding any concerns you may have. Medication is not needed for newly transplanted hair and you will have that for life. It can take 12 to 18 months before you see the final result of a HT . There is no need to stay for a few weeks after the HT, I left the next day after mine. I stayed at the facility near Delhi and it is 5 star. Yes Eugenix can clean your doner area when you are there, as I had , but its not a neccesity as their work is really clean, you need a little beataline antiseptic solution and antiseptic ointment prescribed that I had to take for the first 7 days on my doner as a precaution for infection. There is no need to worry about the doctors being tired as they all work like clockwork and know their jobs to perfection with the goal of giving each and every patient the best possible result . The prices have not increased as you can still get a HT for the same price with Dr.Arika, and even at that it is really reasonable priced for the outstanding results that can be achieved. You will enjoy your HT for life. .............Paddy..........
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    Agree with @Abi28 1500-2000 grafts isnt actually all that big a variable when coming to an estimate, especially if you are sending online photos. This basic estimate might even change compared from the photos you sent to say if you were actually to see the doc in person; being that things like hair quality (finer hair requires more grafts to achieve an illusion of fullness, coarser hair requires less) the health of your donor, and what your actually goals are all need to be taken into consideration. A basic rule of thumb is that for every 1cm you will need about 1000 grafts, so im guessing you are either a NW2.5 or a NW3.
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    I agree, in Turkey anyone can claim to be a hair surgeon, just open a site, upload photos of amazing results, perhaps stolen by other surgeons and passed off for them, photographing large hospitals even made to look like owners, and who doesn't ago nothing is known about the hair transplants being deceived, all because there is no control in Turkey. We find ourselves managed by young people who were perhaps the waiters the day before or who know what other job they did. It is indeed very dangerous.
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    Hello everyone, just an update. I've been to another doctor, we examined my hair scalp with a trichoscope. There are quite a few hairs close to "full miniaturization" on my bald area and, according to the doctor, those can be saved with the proper treatment (Propecia, rogaine and some vitamins). Also, he evaluated my donor area as 5.5/10 (very different from what the other doctor (who acted as salesman) told me). Therefore, I got back on meds and will wait a year before considering a hair transplant again. I'm so thankful for this forum because it provided me so much information that I was able to "judge" what doctors were telling me. If it wasn't for this forum, I could've gotten a premature hair transplant. Research, research and research. Kind regards, Arthur Passos.
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    Should you name the clinic, because either way, if it is a success people should know, and if it is a failure people should know. Try to post without agenda, simply share your experience and allow the community to make the judgement. This way you're not necessarily naming and shaming, you're simply sharing your genuine experience.
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    George....IMHO, this is an infection called Follicularitis...and I highly recommend that you contact your surgeon immediately so they can start treating this a.s.a.p.
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    @paddyirishman I did write 1.8€/graft with 18% tax. Civas, Doganay and even Asmed are most definitely not in Dr. Arika league.
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    This is complexity selfish. You are sharing your experience with other people, that are supporting you with their experiences and their knowledge. A forum is a a two way street: you keep something here and you should give something back. Naming names is the best way to orientate other people looking for an hair transplant surgeon. "Im not going to shame yet" You are not defaming anybody if you show your pics and say where you got your op. Every person, looking at pics, can make his own idea and take his decision.
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    A lad who went to demirsoy the week before says you don’t see the hairs before you remove the scabs so you don’t know wether they have not grown bud until you remove the scabs hope this helps 👍
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    Thank you very much. I had about 3.100 grafts. I will post pics asap
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    I was reading some papers about type II diabetes and metformin when I read some interesting researches about autopaghy and hair loss. Autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components, allowing the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular component. during the last decades, we have had several researches on AF and the benefits correlated to AF (on this topic, I suggest to read the book written by David Sinclair where he explain the results of his decennial research on this topic at Harvard University). In 2016, Matsumura et al. demonstrated that "that hair follicle stem cell aging causes the stepwise miniaturization of hair follicles and eventual hair loss in a process that that depended on the proteolysis of type XVII collagen. The cyclic growth and shedding of hair requires a complex communication between epithelial and mesenchymal cells. While autophagy is active in hair keratinocytes and mesenchymal cells surrounding hair follicles. A 2018 research (Parodi et Al.) showed that "genetic inhibition of follicular autophagy induces premature catagen and enhances hair matrix keratinocyte apoptosis, suggesting that autophagic flux in the anagen hair matrix is important for the maintenance of this stage. Indeed, we find that the principal ingredients of a product used to treat hair loss induces autophagy in organ-cultured human scalp HFs and promotes anagen. We conclude that organ-cultured human HFs are a suitable (mini-)organ system to study both the role of autophagy in human physiology ex vivo and to test candidate agents that modulate autophagy under clinically relevant conditions". So, the interesting question was, "if we do activate autophagy, can we stimulate anagen?" In 2019, Chin et al answered to this question "quiescent (telogen) hair follicles can be stimulated to initiate anagen and hair growth by small molecules that activate autophagy, including the metabolites α-ketoglutarate (α-KG) and α-ketobutyrate (α-KB), and the prescription drugs rapamycin and metformin, which impinge on mTOR and AMPK signaling. Stimulation of hair growth by these agents is blocked by specific autophagy inhibitors, suggesting a mechanistic link between autophagy and hair regeneration. Consistently, increased autophagy is detected upon anagen entry during the natural hair follicle cycle, and oral α-KB prevents hair loss in aged mice". Unluckily, the last research was conducted on aged mice. Can we stimulate hair growth taking metformin? Or, considering that fasting stimulates AF, can it be a weapon to fight hair loss?
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    Looks good, take care. and keep us posted. My surgery was 3 month ago and I am happy with the progress and quiet on track.
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    @hairlossPA should probably be noted that me, 1978Matt and RecessionProof all got FUT with Konior in case you were after a wider survey of patient experiences. As you said you were looking at Hasson, (who like Konior is known for his incredible surgical skills), it might be easier to message some Hasson patients privately for their FUT stories - or even tag some here in the hopes this thread might help others. My 2 cents is that I think youre looking at the best of the best with Hasson for FUT, so whatever you decide I wish you luck!
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    Congratulations @Bigjab for your HT. Your pictures show the work is really clean. Now that your procedure is over you can relax. Take care for the next 5 days untill your grafts are securely anchored . ......Paddy....
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    During a transplant procedure the doctor will carefully select the "hair" he needs. Hairline hair, for example, will be finer in caliber than the hair located in the mid scalp. Finer hair is typically harvested from behind the ear. Some will have one hair, some two and so on. If a 2 hair graft is selected and planted as such, it will grow as a 2 hair graft. That specific graft will not grow additional hair. But this does bring up a question. Say that two hair graft is split into 2) 1 hair graft. Would that 1 hair graft grow additional hair? I doubt it. What is transplanted is what will grow. So the site is made and the graft implanted. A crust forms. 7 or so many days later, the hair that came with the graft - along with the crust - will fall off. 3-4 months later the new hair will start coming in. The hair will be very fine and will continue improving. Matured results take 12-18 months. At that point the caliber of the hair will match that of the donor. The follicle still "thinks" it is in the donor area and will behave a such.
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    Post-surgery photos After the surgery when Dr. Koray came to see me at my room to do a post-surgery inspection, he told me something about that my scalp had felt very tight during the incisions. I am not sure what exactly he meant. What I noticed is that the grafts don't seem to have been placed as deep as I have normally seen on post-surgery photos, as I noticed (if you look closer) that the transplanted hairs are sticking out much longer from the incisions. Could this have anything to do with it what he was saying? If that's the case, does anyone know if there any risks with this, like cobblestoning/ridging?
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    Your donor is impossible to judge based on wet hair. You need to show us your hair when it is dry. Also, at 22 I would strongly suggest against a hair transplant. Instead, you should focus on trying to maintain the hair you have. While your are very thin, you still have a lot of hair left. You can save a lot of that hair.
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    In the world of hair transplants 500, 1000 is not that much different. And now much less when you consider the densities doctors are achieving in a single procedure. The norm should always be - do as many as you can afford. Ask the doctors you are consulting with to show you photos of results with those graft numbers. That ought to help.
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    I just started using 1.5mm so far I’ve done it three times for about 10 minutes.
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    Paddy recommended Aloe Vera and it really helps me with the itching and soothing my HT area.
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    True & Dorin in NY do not shave the recipient area. There are several others as well.
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    So with 3 procedures from Konior under your belt, you're in the official Konior Hall of Fame, right? 🏆And fingers crossed it's the last one for a long time (...or ever?) for you.
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    I also had the same doubt regarding the total number of single FUs. regarding the coarseness of the single FU's, these were specifically taken from the side donor region, above the ears, where they say the hairs are finer and more suitable for the hairline. so I guess that should already help. and 1978matt nice you came up with the numbers, it does make sense and 15 cm for the hairline seems quite realistic. Cheers
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    Look's great Matt! Glad we both got our crown's done around the same time to watch each other's progress. It never ceases to amaze me how clean the postop work is.Here's to hoping the third time is a charm for you!
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    I think we need the actual graft count, because an average of 2.5 hairs per graft should be more single haired fu’s. My second FUE my average hairs per graft was about 2.7 and I had a lot more single haired grafts. I believe his numbers are probably off. That said, you need only the first row to be single haired grafts. I think 350 single haired grafts could work staggered.
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    My transplant is going well however I do wonder about the money I paid 3375 euros (£2,900) ($3,755) for 2,700 grafts Or 1.25 euro per graft. Which I thought was cheap But since then I keep seeing dudes who got a way better deal For example the same kinda money but for 4,000 grafts How much did you pay and are you happy about the cost?
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    Yes If you take a hd photo with flash you will observe many native hairs along side transplanted ones, but they are weak and dying Reviving them would boost density for sure
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    Quite possibly, though even if they are not damaged, the temporary loss of blood supply may cause them to die off if they were already weak and affected by DHT. Strong hair should come back hopefully. Stick and place is a good way of minimising damage compared to slits, but since you are completely blind you never know if there's a dormant follicle beneath the surface.
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    No, PRP is done very superficially and typically there is no local used. Yes, your forehead will swell. If it doesn't the PRP was not successful. This will last about a day, it is very short lived.
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    I own one, an irestore I believe. Had it for a couple years. I haven't even been using it. I put it on last night.....my guess is that its quackery but I've tried everything else might as well start doing this again.
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    Do you regret getting FUT? Nope. Only regret FUE How's the scar? My FUT scar from Konior is smaller in diameter than all my FUE extractions from Devroye's clinic (who coincidentally invented the WAW instrument for FUE used in most of the top tier clinics like H&W, Feriduni etc). I used to be able to cut my donor down to a number 2 after my FUT procedure. After my FUE it's at a number 4/5 How was the recovery? Barely remember it, so I guess that means there weren't any issues. Do you feel good about the results? Results were great for my FUT, but I only had 2100 grafts done and I was a diffuse NW5 so i was always going to need subsequent procedures. I only really regret going to another surgeon and not pursuing FUT to the end How is your laxity? (before and after) Great laxity before and after.
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    All must be warned from the generic low cost HT clinics, to he honest I wasn't even aware that my 1st HT was at a low cost category, the agent convinced me it's a high class clinic and sadly I didn't understand anything on HTs, I thought I was because I met people who had HTs since 2004, when FUT was popular.
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    @karatekid both Bruno Pinto and @Dr. Bruno Ferreira are located in Porto / Portugal not Spain. Dr. Bruno Ferreira also works in Madrid at Dr. Jose Lorenzo clinic but that amazing clinic charges 5€graft. I believe Dr. De Freitas has truly great results but be prepared for a long wait list and similar price to Lorenzo. You are not being petty, research as much as you can before booking the surgery!
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    Brilliant post @paddyirishman What matters is chosing a surgeon that has great results posted by actual patients and several of these surgeons are in fact charging very affordable prices. I have found that there are even some Doctors charging less than they what their results are worth (@Dr. Bruno Ferreira Dr. Kaan Pekiner, and Dr. Arika). None of the surgeons I mentioned above are charging 1.25€/graft and I would think twice before going to a doctor charging this price, unless it`s Demirsoy. He does charge 1.25€graft and has some decent results in this forum (but he has techs doing part of the surgery which is a no-go for me).
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    You don't need to shave the recipient area, usually female hair transplants are done to lower the hairline so you don't need to shave at all, consult with multiple doctors and they will advise you on how the procedure goes, good luck.
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    Oh yes, my mistake. I meant recipient area. The grafts are lodged within the first 10 days, so you won't damage them by cutting/trimming them. The main concern would be not to irritate the skin, which you won't do. Mine lasted about 2 months or so, I would say - but it truly does vary from person to person.
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    Impressive....and all growing naturally. Nice shingling effect. Can't help but observe how well it matches the mustache. Great work Doctor!
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    This will be my final update unless I touch up the result I already have. Thank you for all who have supported me through my neurotic adventure, there have been a few who have fed negative thoughts and a few who have continued to provide positive feedback. in essence, if i style my hair combed from left to right I can achieve the look (if not the reality ) of a full head of hair. Photos below are of me during a very sunny holiday in the Southern Hemisphere i have showed post Hoar cut ( essential in my opinion ) and a couple in direct sunlight when I hadn’t styled my hair in a few days as something be else said, unless you style your hair you will be disappointed with the illusion! I’ll throw this one out there ; a number of negative results posted on here by asmed are due to the fact they offer warranty . Draw your own conclusions .
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    I just wanted to take time to say thank you to everyone who comes on this forum to share their genuine experience for the collective wisdom and good of our community. The industry is changing rapidly, and a lot of guys out there are getting most of their "research" through social media ad-campaigns instead of learning from other patients. We have big plans this year, and we hope to continuously grow and cultivate this community, as we build trust through transparency. We remain one of the last places online to really host the good, the bad, and the ugly. It saddens me to say this, but it is a sad reality and state. This community was built over 20 years ago, to give patients a voice, and to cut past all of the infomercial hype that existed back then, but history seems to repeat itself. The good news is that we remain diligent and our work is rewarded with you guys, learning and paying it back. So thank you to our members, visitors and everyone in between. Remember guys we grow through word of mouth, so if you enjoy our community and find it helpful and insightful, be sure to spread the word far and wide. Thank you all, Here's to more hair in 2020🍻
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    England and Scotland are different countries with very different people but they are both part of the United Kingdom and have the same language (with different accents). Spain and Portugal are not only different countries with totally different languages but Spain still has a monarchy and Portugal has a Republic. My advice if you decide to travel to Europe is to avoid saying this at a Bar because if there are Scots listening you will get a black eye (watch Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” to understand why) if there’s a Spanish he will shout at you relentlessly and if there’s a Portuguese he will probably buy you a beer and try to enlighten you. Dr. Bruno has his own clinic in Portugal where Rolandas has his surgery booked.
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    Congrats on your procedure! Looks good! I’ll be following this one
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    I just found this thread. Im interested to know why the photos have been removed. @transplantedphil did you remove them? and if so why?