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    This is my story guys, but I want everyone to join in and share their story. I wanna hear how you guys decided on going through with surgery which is a huge decision.
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    3 Month Update Hairline is slowly starting to form. Pretty sparse in the middle, but it's still very early so I figure things will thicken up significantly over the next few months. Watching the sides and temples grow in has been very satisfying!
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    Hi guys a little update. I’m very happy with my results, my hair is naturally thin and obviously isn’t as dense as normal persons hair but it’s an illusion and I think it’s a very good one, I’m often complimented on my hair even the barbers all ask where I had it done.
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    Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm 42, and started thinning in the crown in my late teens. Started on Finasteride 20+ years ago, and it's done a good job of guarding against much further loss (no side effects, BTW). I've tried Minox a couple times over the years, but never would stick with it long enough to give it much of a chance. Lately, I've been thinking about a HT procedure to thicken up the crown area and maybe address my *slightly* receded hairline; even consulted with a couple surgeons near me, one of whom is recommended on this forum. However, seeing this thread early this year inspired me to really give Minox one more good try before going through with a procedure. I started on it 2x daily back in early February, in addition to the Finasteride (and also added Hair Restoration Labs shampoo and conditioner daily), and I have to say that I'm happy with the result so far. Unfortunately no pics to share (I really am that self-conscious about it), but I'm honestly pleased enough with my progress that I don't think a HT in the crown would give me much better of a result. In fact, with the risk of shock loss, at this point with the progress I've made, it might do more harm than good...and crown work is notoriously difficult anyway to achieve 100% density for most people. I may possibly get some work done on the hairline one day, but it's holding up well for now. All that to say, thank you Shifty for giving me inspiration. I saved thousands of dollars, and avoided surgery and permanent scarring (I was advised that FUT would be best for my case). THANK YOU!!!!!!
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    I'm a lawyer. I work in a law office. I'm pretty invaluable here, so I didn't ask for 4 months leave, I just told my boss I take it as fact and done deal. even though I knew he wouldn't take it easy, I knew he had no choice. I did work from home some of the time (week in a month). and used the time to travel the world (australia, thailand, japan, china). I was honest, I told him that i'm gonna do HT, and I'm way too sensitive to get back before the hair grew back (I was wearing a hair piece - no one at work knew - so it was harder for me). he gave me a few examples of ppl who did a HT that got back after 2 weeks. but i kept saying everyone is different and I have my own mental scars In israel long vacations are more acceptable i guess. And i was thinking about it for so long, that I was ready to quit my job if needed for those 4-5 months leave. I knew i wasn't able to see pepole like this. All my friends say i'm exaggerating, but that's who I am - hair is a very big deal for me. Everything worked out for the best - I got my 4 months leave, traveled the world, got around 60% sallery during the vacation - I couldn't ask for more
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    HISTORY TIME! Original location was in Canada as you stated and that was run by dr Armani (RIP). His marketing team did a number on many of the forums and pulled in tons of patients. At one point they opened clinics in Beverly Hills (current location), Dubai, India, Argentina, etc. There was a lot of shady business going on by the company. Patients had to sign NDAs before surgery. If they posted bad results, Armani’s lawyers would contact them and threaten. Forums censored bad reviews and banned people posting bad things. Many of the forums were on Armani’s payroll. One unhappy patient finally reported Armani’s actions to the Canadian medical bureau and they did an investigation and took away his medical license permanently. This same patient researched dr Armani’s history and found out he wasn’t Italian (as indicated by his FAKE last name which he changed after coming to Canada from Pakistan which was his country of birth). After all of this, dr baubac was designated as the head of surgery for the company. (Baubac is actually a former patient of dr Armani). A few years ago I heard Armani got some form of cancer and passed away. Anyone is free to correct me but ive seen Armani’s name and results on various forums since 2005
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    I just saw, it is exactly the same good luck! I think that from my 4 months pics you guys got the wrong impression. when the hair is down it's looks pretty good butwhen it is combed up it looks sick & very low density. here is a pic with a fluorescent light and a flash so you can see clearly the low density:
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    I try to stick to shampoo’s & conditioners that are free of harmful chemicals, you don’t have to spend lots of $$ to find decent ones, just be sure they are free of SLS, Sulfates, Parabens, dyes, etc. I like and use and switch off between Avalon organics Biotin shampoo/conditioner and Renpure Originals Biotin & Collagen thickening shampoo, available on Amazon and not very expensive. As for vitamins, I take NOW brand MSM, Natrol Biotin 5,000mcg fast dissolve tabs, Multi-Vitamin gummies from Costco. For herbs, I also take NOW brand Nettle Root extract to help with DHT and boost Test and an organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha supplement to lower cortisol and prolactin. Almost forgot, a good Vitamin D3 softgel.
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    Lenney you seem like a great guy and I’m happy you’re very satisfied with your results. You look great at 6 months. Should thicken and grow some more. It brought a smile to my face when you mentioned you’re ready to start your public life over. I felt the same way and hope I can do the same soon. Thanks for sharing your story bro!
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    I just don’t think you throw around the term hair mill lightly. Maybe you could’ve chose a better term. One of the premier clinics for results in the entire world should never be referred to as a hair mill when that term has so many negative connotations on this site. I think I get what your point it, you just used a term that I think is totally unjust for that clinic that’s why I felt the need to defend them
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    That’s great, and I’m happy you feel that way, but I feel you can’t really say how good a surgeon is until you’ve experienced the results. Not to say you won’t, u picked a really good surgeon imo, but he could be the nicest, most professional guy in the world, but when all is said and done the only thing that matters is the results
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    Missed last month, will update fully in a cpl weeks. This is right now. Hairs still sprouting in the front, not sure about crown. I have a tiny bit of fibers in the front left but you wouldn't be able to see it in this photo i do not think. I have being going hard with derma pen, I think the harder I am on the areas i'm injuring the better the result......who knows, no pain no gain!!!
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    9 Months. Can I get some feedback from those who are experienced in the field? Thank you!
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    Progress Update - 3 months: Let it groooow I haven't updated much in the last month as in all honesty, the hair transplant has been at the back of my mind, which is a really good thing. The hair requires so little 'maintenance' that I'm fully back to just going about my normal life / exercise routine. There are a few things I make sure to do though: I always wear a cap in the sun - I think Dr D said 'no sun exposure for 2 months' but there's no need to really get it in the sun anyway so I'm going to keep it out for another month still. Lots of research I've seen says to wait 4 months and that's fine with me, I don't really want a sunburnt head in any month. I still wash the hair with the gentle Sebamed shampoo everyday, and I've just bought the 'anti-hairloss' version to try out. I've been in the hair restoration game long enough to know that shampoos do little more than reset the pH balance of your scalp / nourish the hair but I'll give it a shot anyway as it says it can help blood circulation on the scalp I find it's a little itchy sometimes - maybe some of those new hairs coming though? I try to just gently rub it with the pad of my finger rather than using my nails (not that I have any nails left after Stranger Things Season 3 ) As per usual, still using Regaine 2 x per day, and taking my cut-up into quarters Proscar pill each day Apart from that, life with my head is as per usual Muzzafer told me not to shave the recipient area with a hair trimmer as the trimmer can yank out some of the hairs if it's not properly oiled. I bought a new shaver recently and decided to just go ahead gently with the hair, even though I was a couple of weeks off three months. It created a far more even look and I really don't think it would have done any damage at all. I'm going to keep shaving for the next few weeks, hopefully as I see some of the new hairs begin to sprout, then I'll let it all grow in together (trying to avoid too much of an ugly ducking phase!) In terms of how it's growing...it's hard to say. As I see and touch it everyday, I see very little growth but I'm with my parents this weekend who told me they see a real difference and that the crown of my head is "covered in hair though it's soft 'baby' hair for now". If I run my hand over my head, I can feel different lengths and textures, so something is definitely happening up there, though I wasn't expecting much to begin growing just yet. However, from the 3 / 4 month mark, I'm hoping to start seeing something happening! I really don't pay any attention to my donor area, though I'm pleased with how this looks. The only thing I'm currently not keen on is the difference in hair density on the back of my head - the donor area is now slightly thinner (but I'm happy with all the hair there) - then there's a 'ring' of thicker, natural hair above that, then you get to the recipient area. I hope this all kind of evens out in the end (especially when I get a decent haircut) but if not then at least I can extract those thicker hairs for another transplant if I want. Some pictures below - FYI I know there's a red spot on the crown of my head. I think it's always been there but has been feeling a bit sensitive lately - think I caught it with the shaver (hope you weren't eating when you read that!) Donor area, feat. The Ring Looking to the left Looking for chocolate biscuits Looking down The Crown feat. the artist formally known as The Spot Close up
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    Thanks man! This is how short I used to have my hair cut for many years the “Army”-type haircut with lots of gel as it was easier to manage and still is and like you mentioned it looks even and neater but as I started to loose it that’s when the hats took over. Yeah, it feels great testing different lengths and styles, for convenience I like it short for hipper style I like it long. Recently saw an intereview with this actor in these photos (Stranger Things I believe) and I think my hair is similarly wavy like his and like the way he’s styled it in both photos.
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    Personal opinion here but i think i like your hair a little shorter on top in the first photo (even though it might not make your hair look as dense). Just looks neater. I've read in places (and from personal experience) there seems to be a sweet spot in hair length so i guess you get to experiment now Do you have a preference?
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    For this who care: another one one of my hair outside loving my my new head of hair!
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    I feel like ther are some lessons to learn from the original post. Not everyone is going to be this responsive to nonsurgical treatments, but it's probably not a bad idea to find out before you jump straight to surgical considerations if you're still in the earlier stages of loss.
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    Thanks Cosmo I will check them out, think.ive had the gummies before but definitely look at the others
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    There is no supposedly, they have been with them for years, I started going to them in 2007 visited multiple times up to 2015 and called in recently.
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    Hey y’all thanks for the support .. yeah I did invest in myself .. I look pretty good again n I saved back $7,000 that I spent on the hairtransplant in the last 6 months , so finances lookin good again after that big $20k hit ..
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    They usually ask this in the pre-op medical history form, but this depends on whether the patient has had prior ops, or thinks to mention it.
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    This looks awful.. That is NOT shock loss, you clearly see it is stretched scar tissue, what is diep saying? I would consider konior for your scar revision, I bet he can make that scar dissappear without any hassle.
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    This was way before I was moderating on this site. This was in the early to mid 2000's.
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    $8 per graft when I consulted with his reps late last year. Im a repair patient from another doc and consulted with Baubac's reps who gave me some wrong info on how best to approach my case, almost booked me into a spot without realising i was a repair patient (which in that case they required me to come in and do in person consultation first to see if i was eligible) and then I spent 10 mins explaining to one of his reps why I didn't want the juvenile hairline of Brad Pitt (my donor was depleted so obviously that would be a complete waste of grafts). Made me realise that maybe Baubac was only capable of one type of hairline (?) or at least maybe i shouldnt be talking to his reps in the first place. Says a lot about docs who actually consult with their patients from the start Only heard rumours about the NDA's. At that point everything seemed too dodgy. God i hate this industry
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    Yep, I noticed that too. Not a good sign. If the Doc had all these success stories, he wouldn't need to keep recycling the same photos of guys from 10-20 years ago. And who knows if those pics from 10-20 years ago are legit photos and their grafts haven't fallen out by now.
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    Omg. it's the exact same hair line as mine looking good i'm following
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    Thanks! Yeah, I'm still hoping for some improvement for a thick appearance in direct sunlight and when wet, but there's enough of an improvement already that I could live with it even if all progress stopped now (obviously I hope it does continue to improve). My biggest issue before was the loss of my hairline and the way it absolutely decimated my appearance. Here's what I looked like at 18, before the Noorwood Reaper came in on his wrecking ball, on a mission to ruin my self esteem (and dating life) forever. I acknowledge that I'll never look like this again unless hair cloning becomes mainstream in the near future: Here's what I looked like at 26, after loss was well underway but the hair still looked decent. This is what I'd like to get back to (and what I think is realistically within reach). And here I was at 30, when I finally decided things were out of control and I needed to pull the trigger on the transplant. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I used to be a pretty decent looking guy before this all started. The loss of my hair was absolutely devastating. Hell, after it got this bad, I couldn't look in the mirror without getting hit by a wave of depression. Here I am now, again: As you can see, the difference between now and immediately before my surgery is stark, and I think I've already reached where I was when I was 26. The fact that I no longer have a "fivehead" transforms my look entirely; this is why any additional improvement would only be icing on the cake.
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    Nice progress update! The hair in your temples looks to have really filled-in nicely at this early stage. 👍🏻
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    agreed mill was too much. apologies.
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    I hate treating the crown for exactly this reason. So hard to tell what's going on back there and even with the pen dermastamping is harder than it is in the front because I'm working blind. Great results so far and very encouraging. I actually started on a more complex regimen (up from just taking finest ride) around the same time as you did, so this thread helps me stay patient and keep perspective. Looks like you've had nice improvements not only in coverage but density and volume as well. Your hair has some nice bulk to it in this photo.
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    Honestly, if you're going FUT, H&W are a no-brainer. Both surgeons do amazing FUT work, and can get so many grafts out of single sessions. Plus their FUT isn't that expensive at all, there are far more expensive FUT operators around. When it comes to strip, it's pretty well understood that H&W are pretty much the best place you can go. This thread is virtually the first time I've seen people question anything about either of them.
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    Same day but different lighting at 4 months:
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    Absofuckinglutely fantastic progress and results!
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    Wait... people are downplaying H&W and acting like they aren’t and haven’t been the premier HT surgeons in the world for over a decade? You can probably count the amount of bad results from this clinic posted to this forum on one hand. They are incredibly consistent and regularly produce world class results in the patient posted threads. Also they are not pushy, I’ve had experience with 4 clinics and was only harassed by one and that wasn’t H&W
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    Starting with FUT for your first procedure is still the superior choice for long term donor supply/graft optimization. If you’re going to need multiple procedures over your lifetime, you’ll get more total grafts by starting with the strip method and switching to FUE for subsequent transplants.
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    And @Steeeve, trust me, if you are wearing a hat to hide your donor, you DO NOT need it! It looks great!
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    It looks amazing bro, really dense and natural looking
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    I’m glad you had a good experience and I’ve seen some good results from this clinic. With that said...Jacques is not a doctor. He is a PA (physicians assistant). He used to work at alvi Armani where he got his training. And that’s not to say he doesn’t have the skills required for a good hair transplant, just putting it out there so anyone else reading this will know. For some people it’s a big deal to interact with an MD/DO. Others it’s just a designation. I believe there is a “supervising” doctor in that clinic. Just wondering, did that doctor interact with you at all?
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    You have a full head of hair, you have nothing to worry about. Not healthy to obsess over this. Trust me, if you start thinning someone will tell you. You have the opposite issue as most, those who really have hair loss are usually in denial lol.
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    congrats on your surgery with Dr. Konior, I always love looking at examples of his pristine work, your final result should be amazing!
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    Any chance you could use Toppik when it reaches the length that the thinness starts to look noticeable? Then once you have a couple week's worth of growth, you could try a thickening hair paste/pomade, which you would put in when your hair is wet and then blow dry it. I've found this to be a great trick to add density/volume, and it may even allow you to get the desired look without the Toppik.
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    Are you experiencing a lot of pain? I actually feel like I didn’t need to take anything for pain at all post op with Diep. Everything was just super numb still
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    I have always been defending asmed and even wanted to go there myself but i think it's time we start taking these complains seriously.
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    I've always admired, and looked up to people speaking a language that's not their native language. And also amazed at the people who judge them for not being perfect at it. SMDH