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    2 months later donor havent had my haircut for a while now, but there is some shock loss for sure. I notice new hairs are growing on top of the scar so the donor situation should be decent by month 6. the front is slowly growing, I can feel hairs coming through.
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    Hi gents meant to update sooner but with lockdown etc not had chance. Hopefully everyone is keeping safe and hairs are growing well. I am currently 5 and a half months in after my touch up and am very happy. I have noticed my front has thickened up nicely and still have months to go, I go out no products or gels and it looks natural and never had anyone question if I've had a ht. I am waiting for the oral minoxidil kicking in apparently around 6months as I have noticed my crown thinning since I stopped oral minoxidil. Anyway pics below different views one lockdown no haircut and then one where my wife's trimmed it and think shes done a good job anyway keep good and stay safe
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    Day 91 wow 😯 time flies under quarantine
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    Asians hair follicles are larger than Caucasians, and some splayed root is common. I have done many types of hair from many countries, most difficult is Afro-American hair then Asians which usually you have to choose larger size of punch. Quality of graft is more important than the donor scars.
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    That's how they advertise such fast shipping. Their trucks are already on the road getting it to you as you place your order. LOL
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    Yaz89 had roughly 4k grafts in the frontal third and maybe 1k in the midscalp and crown. He had a significantly narrower balding area and had an emerging NW 5 pattern but was roughly a NW3-4 with a reasonable midscalp and good crown. His temples were still very strong. You have a wider balding area, and an emerging NW6 pattern in an unconvential balding pattern that doesn't fit into either scales. Your crown is almost completely bare and your remaining native hair at the front was cosmetically insignificant. Maybe 1k healthy grafts worth. Your balding area is MASSIVELY bigger than Yaz's was. Your balding area is also significantly bigger than that of the average hair transplant patient. I can assure you Farsan, that 95% of people with your balding area are not getting full ideal coverage in a single procedure. Your hairline is clearly lacking in density and you didn't achieve full coverage, but you're dealing with a massive balding area and a graft number that is comparatively small to what is required to fill it. To expect a one and done, is quite frankly totally absurd. From looking here, its obvious that the hairline density isn't very high and behind it is a bit thin. Ultimately however, you have a fairly aggressive and aesthetic looking hairline and good coverage behind it. Even in your initial post you talked about a potential second procedure. You also made multiple (three?) accounts from what I can tell for no other reason than to make it appear like more people from the clinic are having problems than actually are. No one with your result from another clinic would be complaining in the way you are especially if they're offered a free touchup to a result that already matched the amount of grafts you had for the area. Again, comparing your result to that of Yaz is utterly ridiculous and shows you don't care about objectivity or realistic expectations. I'd want more density in the front if I were you also, but you clearly didn't have a huge amount of grafts in the front considering how large your balding area was. There are multiple Hasson cases with 3500 grafts in an area 1/4 of your balding area. That is the reality. "And yeh those pics look awsome why? Because i had so much native hair i can even now grow it out so much that it can covet the bad work." And to this comment: No, you clearly didn't have "so much native hair". You did however have a gigantic balding area that isn't a one and done with 5k grafts. I can't remember the name of the doctor, but there was a post on this forum a few days ago with a surgeon doing FUE graft numbers over 10k grafts, many of those patients had less area to cover than you did.
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    @Portugal25 Congratulations very nice progress to date. You are very early on your journey especially as it takes longer for the crown area to show the illusion of density , you are doing really well, and you have a plenty of time yet. Continued good growth. Paddy
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    @HTHope I ‘ve been using Sebamed Ultrasoft for sensitive hair every day since I started washing my hair and it’s great. Nizoral should be your best bet to remove dandruff and promote growth.
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    Just a quick mini update with some outdoor shots. Enjoy.
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    This is actually yielding pretty well. My scalp didnt have much loss i had beard body hairs in crown too, mine ruined scalp more and shocked it more with the doc i had. You are definitely coming along well for 4 months with the doctor you went with. I cant wait to see the final result. Lookin good so far!
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    Here's a little tutorial I made for you guys, i've gotten some questions about how to use DermMatch, I hope this clears things up for you guys.
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    I have an old video where I actually went in the pool and dunked my head around 7 times. It doesn’t come out at all.
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    I'm a DermMatch fan too, although I don't use it every day. A shortcut I've used before, is to just rub the disc on my dry hair/scalp, then comb it through. I'm not sure if it's waterproof when applied that way (I haven't tested it by going swimming or getting caught in the rain), but it's worked well for me. Even applied that way, it seems to stay in my hair better than hair fibers.
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    I did in my quarantine hair cut tutorial. I really hate how it looks when it gets ‘puffy’ part of the reason why I chose FUE, even though FUT would’ve been better in my case.
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    You are turning the corner, my friend. 👌🏻👌🏻
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    Yes, I am referring to the areas that were transplanted. I do agree it looks good after the touch up, but in the end it's taken around 4000 grafts (around 2/3 of an average donor zone) for this result. It's a good result, but I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary.
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    Hi, If you read the full thread you will note I have only had my front done. Mid to back I am trying to restore via medication but will have another ht to address that area if required. Please see pics below to see the difference in my opinion hes done a miracle and I do not use any products or gels in the pics
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    Awesome result. Looking at the before pics it’s a massive improvement. Your hair is very enviable. Looks so natural.
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    I was scratching my head on this response too
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    Where is a good website or seller on eBay that can be trusted to get this Morr F 5%. i don’t want to just get it from any seller, just wondering if anyone here had purchased any in the past . please provide a link if possible? thanks
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    I used Aloe Vera after my HT and found it to be really refreshing and soothing. For the first 3 or 4 weeks I only used it on my donor area as I didnt want to take any risks on the recipent. Check with your doctor before you put anything on your recipent. The redness will fade away week by week no problem at all so no need to worry at all about that it will just take a little bit of time. This is the brand I used . All the best and happy growing Paddy
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    The first part sounds good. But the second part got me worried. Sent you a PM.
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    Wishing you all the best with your procedure mate. I'll be rooting for you.. If you'll excuse the pun 😊
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    I am going to be following your case as I too am impressed with what I see from your chosen clinic. Is the comprehensive package the top tier one?
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    Is it still likely to have new hair sprout at this stage? I didn't know if all hair would have sprouted by now and its just current hair density that improves? I will keep updating.. it's so frustrating when guys just stop. Haha.
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    @Pyrat..thanks and I'm thrilled to hear you've booked with Eugenix for your forthcoming HT.. I've no doubt you'll have an excellent result.. I'll be staying tuned to your progess for sure... Good luck
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    Hey mate, I also had the same questions when I was about to purchase my very first hair system. Since I’ve been using hairpieces for more than 2 years now, I think I can I can answer most of your questions: The price of the hair system actually depends on its type and quality. Custom hair systems are more expensive than stock. I purchase French lace hair systems most of the time. One hairpiece from Lordhair (my current supplier) costs $189 but since I buy multiple units, I get one at $170. So, in 6 months, they cost me around $500 It depends on the type of base & hair material. If you don’t live in a hot region, you can wear one for a week with ease. If it rains fire in your town, then, maybe a couple of days only. Of course, you can wash your hair system while taking a shower. I also swim while having it on my head. Guess you got the answer to this from the third point mate. Well, it depends on which company you brought your hair system from. In my case, the full French lace hair system I purchased from Lordhair has bleach knots that give the appearance of hair coming out of my scalp. Yup, you can! However, I would recommend you to hit a salon as it is way easier that way. Yes, I often do that. Umm... I never felt bad about the fact that hair system strands are not my real ones. I guess I got the hang of it eventually. I mean we wear nice clothes to look good. Look at hair systems the same way. No, not in my case. But it will if you brought a cheap hair system with poor quality. Okay… Look buddy, it all depends if your partner is ready to cope up with your hair loss situation. My GF was the one who gave me the idea of using a hairpiece. I don’t want to discuss my personal life but I’ll say one thing: do let your partner know that you wear a hair system. Trust me, it will help you a lot. Never ever in million years would I go with the idea of getting a hair transplant surgery. I’m aware of its side effects and it was my very first idea to overcome hair loss. Not worth the risk I feel. Hope, you got all the answers to your questions. In the end, I would recommend you to buy a top-notch hair system from a good supplier. Here are the folks I buy from. https://www.lordhair.com/mens-hair-systems.html Good luck with your first hair system buddy!
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    This actually me me feel less guilty about getting my own HTs. His hair looks awesome. Looks like he had a few FUT's and at least one FUE (the extractions below the scar). Cheers for sharing Cosmo!
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    3 months and 2 weeks update. Hope everyone is well and staying safe due to the current situation regarding the pandemic. Just under 14 weeks now and not sure if this is early growth. Donor had recovered quickly. Far too early to judge the growth regarding the grafts placed in the crown and I know crown grafts take longer to appear. But I have a feeling, due to diffused hair loss pattern, that a 100% full coverage won't be possible. For diffused hair loss, minoxidil is the best solution. I will judge the crown growth in 18 months and will then decide whether to use minoxidil or not. I am still using fin. Have been since passed 7 years with no sides. Stay safe everyone and I will update again in due time.
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    I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love this forum, it’s been super helpful in my journey. I decided I am getting a HT this year and I narrowed down my list to Victor Hasson and Raymond Konior. I am in my 30s and need ~2k grafts (FUE) in the hairline and temple points. I feel like I have a solid donor area (but it hasn’t been measured so I don’t really know) and I’ve been on finasteride for half a year. I know I can’t go wrong with either surgeon, but I wanted to share my impressions of each, and hope you could share your opinion as well. I want to minimize the risk of a bad/mediocre result and find impressive how Hasson consistently puts out so many great results, especially when the clinic uses techs for extractions. Konior has much fewer results posted, but they seem excellent and he does the extractions, incisions and placement, which I would think minimizes variability. I like Hasson’s hairline design better (might be in the minority here), but I like Konior’s temple work better. Both seem to create extremely natural hairlines, but I think Hasson can dense-pack more a bit more aggressively than Konior (I want good density since it will be the front of the hairline). I was impressed by a few cases where Konior managed to get so much more coverage than you would think possible for the amount of grafts he used. Hasson performs very clean work, but Konior’s is on another level - his postop pics are almost hard to believe. I know stick and place explains the recipient area, but the donor areas also looks immaculate - I wonder if this actually increases the grafts available for future procedures (less scarring etc). Travel/money are not restrictions for me at this time. Which parts of the above do you agree/disagree or what other elements should I consider? Finally, who would you choose in my situation? I hope you guys are staying safe and sane in these crazy times!
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    Hello fellow baldies and ex baldies, Here I am, 4 months after my FUE with Dr. Ferreira. I'm proud to present you this update. I've managed to make quite good close ups of both donor and recipient areas. To be honest, from 8:27 I can keep watching over and over again. It's oddly satisfying to see me combing my donor area with this beat P.S. After 3659 grafts extracted I feel like i still could keep going back and take more and more and more! Enjoy!
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    @paddyirishman you’re always a rock of support ...hope I can piggy back on your stellar growth over the next 6 months to take the 2 of us over the line in good stead !!! stay safe my friend z
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    Hey. So, speaking from personal experience, I have only experienced one occasion where I can confidently assert that stress (more a case of intense anxiety for me) triggered excessive hair shedding (which lasted for 6 months). It followed the cycle that telogen effluvium usually does (shedding starts 2/3 months after stressful event, etc.). I was already experiencing MPB before that so I would say that it definitely made things worse in a short period of time. Shedding does not necessarily mean MPB, but in my case my MPB was worsened by anxiety-induced shedding. That being said, I have noticed some improvements since I stopped the excessive shedding period (this stopped around December 2019), but nowhere near how it was before. Perhaps by the end of the year I'll be able to report more improvements but I'm not expecting it. I don't think I know enough to answer the last question but I hope my reply has been of somewhat use!
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    Hi GNX1, Wow.....way to be the judge, jury and the witness! You have been on this forum longer than most folks (2001) but Dr. Bhatti has been a world reputed HT Surgeon way longer than that. If we go with your logic/philosophy/rationale/assumption etc. then Dr. Bhatti should not have been in business. RIght? If an HT Surgeon is as bad as you would like us to believe, how did he manage to not only survive but actually thrive in the HT world?.....go from one HT Clinic to a full fledged hospital? Are you saying that the thousand of Patients that put their faith in Dr. Bhatti are naive, ignorant or not smart enough? You have come out with guns blazing against Dr. Bhatti and I am trying to figure out why? You have basically accused this reputed forum that prides itself on being an unbiased Patient advocate of corruption! Can you please name one person that got banned on this forum for criticizing Dr. Bhatti (and not for breaking the rules of this forum)? Talk is cheap....slander doesn't take much.....does it? You say that "few of the HRN moderators had HT's from him".....let me help you get your facts right. ONE forum moderator, David got his HT done with Dr. Bhatti. He went all the way from the US to India to get his procedure done. You do realize that the moderators of this forum do know a thing or two about HT's ....right? So, David after being a moderator of this forum for many years and knowing the HT business much better than you and I (most probably) would just close his eyes and fly to India to get his HT done by a "bad HT Surgeon"? Wow......what logic......! We are blessed that we live in a free country but with freedom comes responsibility. Unfortunately, your comments are very offensive against Dr. Bhatti and against this forum. Since you are a "veteran" here, you might remember that Dr. Bhatti was made to go through all kinds of "tests" before getting recommended on this forum. He earned his place here and did not get it handed to him on a plate. You say that Dr. Bhatti's "graft placement is too far apart"......I just added the pre-op and post-op pics of a random Dr. Bhatti Patient here........please take a look and see for yourself. How much "closer" would you like the grafts to be?........HT is not a perfect science and it is definitely NOT a "one size fits all"....... I do hope that you will think twice in the future before bashing someone. It is not nice and it is not fair. I wish you all the best. Stay safe. Regards, California
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    @Dadda Sorry to hear that you’re discouraged. Two months is still early, and I think things will start to improve in the coming months. Please continue to keep us updated, and I wish you the best man.
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    Looking really good paddy, still a few more months of growth and maturation Aswell! Hard to believe so little grafts have had this much impact already!
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    It already looks quite good Paddy and will only get better. I cannot believe that you used just under 3600 grafts to achieve this. This should be a very good result. I’m hoping for pretty much the same whenever I get to get my procedure done.
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    Hey Paddy Density Getting stronger and stronger.. Very happy for you.. I noted you said you never touched ie cut the frontal hairline since the op... I'm left thinking what was I at buzzing my entire scalp including recipient since start of my shedding.. Aroud 2 weeks... And every week or so thereafter until month 3...ive a sinking feeling I may of comprised density down the road... Continued strong healthy growing Paddy Z
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    The result looks great already at 6 months. Congrats! I hope your military hair cut is now looking better though 😂
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    Hi paddyirishman, I have been reading all the posts in this thread. And it's been giving me motivation to finally go for an HT. A special thank you for reaching out to me over PM and I would love to see your latest pics to see the growth.
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    Hasson. Konior's work is great but H&W are on pretty much every forum and have been consistently banging out great results for years with plenty of patient posted cases. Konior is only really mentioned on this forum and there are not really that many cases. As you say, you can't go wrong with either but as H&W have greater presence, it is easier to do due diligence. Without photos, it is difficult to say what else you are missing.
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    4.5 month update I got a haircut tonight after work, and really pleased with the progress so far and the donor too which I got faded down to a skin fade around the edges. I left the top untouched as my hair needs to be a certain length to appear more thicker. I really hope the progress can continue over the next couple of months, but so far very happy with the hairline the Dr Erdogan has created for me.