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    Well I am almost at the 1 year mark (3 days shy)!! But as I have family in town I likely will miss the date to update so wanted to give my results today! My family's coming in from England tomorrow and they haven't seen me since just before and after the operation. So this will be the biggest testament in terms of what they notice and how different I look. - Of course they know about the transplant, but will see it for the first time in person. I am growing my hair out and after a few weeks of the awkward stage it's finally getting better in terms of being more manageable and doing what I want it to. Overall at the 12 month mark I am ecstatic over how different I look. The fact the hair shapes my face, I don't mind about the wind as it's a quick fix. I can part my hair either side of my head (photos to follow). I've had a ton of compliments stating how I look 8-10 years younger than before, is it from working out, diet? I've been very open with everyone who's asked about what's different, and no-one has even guessed that I had a hair transplant until I tell them. They're reactions are priceless..I can almost hear their inner voices changing as they process that information "Are you crazy, woah that's so cool, hmm maybe I should get one" haha! This forum has been a huge help and I really appreciate everyone reaching out to ask about my story and following this thread. I will be continuing to post my journey over the next few months too. Thank you all and feel free to ask me any questions that I can help answer
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    Just wondering...could you please define “damaged” in regards to the grafts you had removed? I thought if they were damaged then they would not grow. Thanks
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    Hey man, I hate your hair....because ...It. Looks. Fantastic! and wish mine was the same, haha Just discovered your thread/journey posts from this update, very helpful, thanks for sharing!
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    I wrote an article about this recently. There is factor x, which could be a genetic or underlying health condition responsible for poor growth. Top 3 Reasons Hair Transplants Fail
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    Vancouver area patient in his mid 30's. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted 3,100 grafts via FUE to rebuild a new hairline and frontal zone. 301 were single hair grafts, 2511 were double and 189 were 3-4 hair grafts. A nice result at 7 months with more added volume and density to come.
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    5 months update. Everything looks fine so far. The new fine hair are maturing and still new hair are sprouting. Mid scalp is lil week, hope it will get better in coming months.
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    Yeah I was in a similar situation last year. Derm match was a life savor. You look good brother. Happy healing and I wish you the best in a few months as your hair grows back in!
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    Normally we don’t allow links to other forums. However, if it is to show your pictures I will allow it this one time. I do suggest posting a recent picture on here.
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    That's really impressive Melvin. Given your starting point it's a wonderful turnaround. Congrats.
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    Finished product outright one of the top five transplant results I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately gives me some serious hair greed and desire to address my temple points too, huge difference.
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    Hey mate, amazing result. Where I can find the threats about your first and second transplants?
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    I just shaved my beard in December, too much maintenance. Your hair is looking awesome thanks for keeping us posted.
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    Hair looks great. The addition of the temple points were really the icing on the cake. Nice!
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    yieks, didn't you thought about another procedure? That would have been a really bad idea. Your hair looks perfect.
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    I wouldn’t remove any grafts either. The multis aren’t your primary issue, it’s density. If you add density between and behind the multis then they will blend into the hairline better. 1000 grafts along and behind the existing hairline would make a big difference for you. Plus a few hundred to fill in the sparse temple. Unfortunately you’ll need a second procedure to achieve your goals but I think you can achieve them.
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    Looking at the latest hairline picture: It doesn't look to bad IMO. No reason to remove grafts by laser or anything else, like you asked in another thread. If you add density then most likely it will be just fine. And if not: Just plug the few multis so that they are singles. Many people do that with their remaining native hair in front of their new hairline. If (and it is a big if) after that the multis still bother you then (and only then) you look for removal.
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    can you post some good before and afters?? also would love to see some good recent bht, I know Dr Umar is a legend in the bht field!
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    This is why you go to long-standing reputable impeccable surgeons like H&W, Konior, Shapiro and a FUE doctor in Georgia who can't be mentioned here. With these particular surgeons in N. America - you get 100% straight-up knowledge and they have spent 20+ years building up their reputations and employ rigorously trained personnel. These top-tier surgeons know EXACTLY the major & ever-so-subtle differences between FUT & FUE and create a custom/boutique-like plan for each patient. Specifically the meticulous cherry picking during FUE is vital if you are stripped out or only need 5000 grafts or less lifetime. Frankly, Legend's hair quality from donor absolutely sickens me - but in a good way. A better choice than the other FUE surgeon he was considering w/larger FUE extraction 'holes.' Now he'll look good for his wedding and in 2 years his wife won't even care and he probably doesn't need another surgery for many many years if he stays on his meds. Hasson's hairlines are very very good and he can even 'fine-tune' it if one is a perfectionist.
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    Congratulations . It is very difficult to judge at this stage .
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    BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 37 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Donor densities: 70-80-75 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 2284 * FU breakdown:- 1s 500 2s 1136 3s 621 4s 27 TOTAL: 2284 That means 2284 FU = 4743 Hairs. Average = 2,07 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild hairline and temples after a previous surgery with a low yield. Recipient area had plugs and pitting after that procedure. Before Pre-Post surgery 1 Month 5 Months The patient at present is pretty pleased but we obvioulsy expect more yield to come in the following months. Kind regards,
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    Apply the toppik in your midscalp and use a thin tooth comb, as you brush your hair with the comb it will start to gather fiber, then use the comb on your hairline. This gently coats the hairline without making it clumpy. Also, I’ve had concealer in heavy rain and wind it doesn’t move. The trick id to use a a pomade or wax and ultra hold hair spray. Personally, I use bed head hard head. I can literally dunk my head in water and it won’t run. I dont use concealer in my hairline, but I use it in the crown and sides. Honestly, I took 40min to an hour when I had hair in high school and it hasn’t changed. I’d rather have the option of making myself look good rather than just being bald or having a sloppy hairstyle.
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    It doesn't actually look too bad from this angle, considering that the growth looks fairly even I think it could still improve hugely. I know you're a week behind 6 months but here's my 5 month, doesn't look much better: 9 months - final result:
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    Shampooing your hair everyday is not a good idea. Our hair has natural oils for its growth. In fact, we don't even need to wash our hair on a daily basis.
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