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    Correct. But for other NW6 observers who don't see the transformation on this thread as a good result, hair transplantation is absolutely not for them. This is an example of a very good result - and still, IMO, with the potential to improve up to 12-18 months, and furthermore so, with a second pass down the line if OP desires, to add to density with an extra 1000-2000 donor scalp grafts.
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    I get it....I had your same attitude....but take it from me, a guy who rushed in to surgery with a doctor not recommended here with patient posted results and ended up with disastrous results and had to then come on here looking for help from an ethical doctor to fix those issues. If I was dead set on doing this surgery and I just waited for my surgery with a great ethical doctor I would have saved time, money, and a lot of stress. the fact that you think that worst case scenario you will just need a touch up tells me that you, just like me didn’t do enough research into how detailed this surgery is and all the things that can go wrong if you go to the wrong doctor. Konior or any doctor near his level is worth the wait.
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    Let me add my 10 Cents here. I was 63 (last year) when I decided to have a hair transplant - now I'm 64. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a person lacking self-esteem, I have a university education both graduate and post-graduate and am successful in my profession but it certainly bugged me every now and again that I was (going) bald, so I decided quite early on to look after the parts of my body that I could influence myself - this included fitness in the form of regular running and some weight training as well as paying attention to what I eat and what I wear and guess what, it worked fine and I was fitter, my body looked much better with some muscle definition and I felt better but nobody really noticed it (or at least nobody ever said anything). I did this mainly for myself but let's be honest, I also secretly hoped that others would think - he doesn't look that bad even if he doesn't have much hair ;-)) Instead, the comments were generally, "hey there mate" looks like you're losing your hair" - as if this was some kind of stigma and I hadn't noticed it - and, on top of that, the usual jokes about "you only have a certain amount of male Hormones so why waste them growing hair" and the "glad it's not Happening to me" comments. Of Course, These were my "friends" telling me this and not strangers I think it would have been much better of nobody had said anything at all! Just last week, two young women at my place of work actually commented (independently of each other) on my appearance, specifically, my hair style saying that I looked 20(!) years younger (OK, 10 years would have been sufficient for me ;-)). They only mentioned the hair style and I'm sure they didn't think that I'd had a hair transplant. That was just nice. I can only put this down to having more hair and a nicely-framed face now. Although my wife said to me that she didn't care whether I was bald or not, she did eventually say that having a HT was a big(!) improvement to my appearance but she felt that my overall demeanor and self-respect had improved as well. So there you have it - it does make difference in all respects! Cheers to all fellow apes!
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    If you ever consider a revision in the future, do not go back to this doctor. The hair transplant industry in cali is pretty chop-shop still, even with surgeons that are more recognized.
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    Avoiding sunburn is a solid numero uno. Also avoid rubbing your head with poison ivy and stay clear of axe murderers.
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    It's a very subjective question on a number of criteria. Regarding shock loss, No. of grafts extracted/implanted, Size of recipient zone Size of donor extraction zone Volume of hair in or around recipient zone, Quality of native hair (miniaturising or not) Patient physiology Surgeon skill level Arguably type of HT (FUT v FUE) the list goes on. Regarding 'Back to baseline' - thats largely dependant on the patients natural speed of hair growth. There is evidence that certain vitamins, PRP, LLT and minoxidil can help speed up growth and 'bring in results earlier' - however there are a few threads on here that I have seen where patients haven't shed, or shed very little without the use of any of these, and then patients who have been using the aforementioned products, who have grown at a more average rate. Have a look around cases that are similar to yours to get a rough idea - however IMO shock loss is very rare amongst quality surgeons, although it can happen. I would advise to just go with the flow during the ugly duckling phase and just accept that it is part of the process - trying to make good of a bad situation with things like toppik etc will likely impede growth and results, which is kind of defeating the purpose of under going surgery in the first instance.
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    You If you would have come up with ONE more....you could have made it THE 10 HAIR TRANSPLANT COMMANDMENTS! Which would make you a Moses of sorts.
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    Having two surgeries going on at the same time is an instant deal breaker for me. That is a pure greed move. What if a problem occurs in one room that takes more time?
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    Most ethical clinics wouldnt consider you a candidate at 20. I believe 25 is the youngest most are willing to consider Hair loss is progressive and incredibly unpredictable at your age, and it would be a tragedy to commit to surgery at this stage only to spend the rest of your 20s trying to play catch up with an unreliable donor and continued recession. Give the medication 12-18 months to see if it works. Take photos every 3-6 months, same lighting conditions/same hair length so you can monitor the progress. If you are self conscious about your hair loss you can try using concealers like dematch or toppik.
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    What's your problem mate? I feel like you're trying to pick on this forum for no reason. This is business. They have created a huge traffic for people looking into hair loss & hair transplants, thus clinics want to advertise themselves in such places. The difference of this forum compared to others is that here you have a freedom of speech. You can talk/recommend any doctor. Mods will not go and start bashing them or deleting threads because they didn't pay money to be in here. That's why this place is unique as it gives transparent information where everyone can share what they want. Besides, not every doctor would make to this list. They're always asking community what they think of potential recommendation on the website. Doctor's job is analyzed to meet certain standards. Also, if someone is not on the list, it doesn't mean they do a bad job. It just means they decided not to participate in this forum. Nothing wrong with that. If some doctor is doing a consistent great result that you are aware of, please, create a separate thread and share with us. I'm sure lots of people would like to expand their surgeon lists.
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    Hang in there... I've gotten on it, had the most phenomenal regrowth one could ask for. All of a sudden, life became worth living. Got off hoping finasteride would keep all my gains. Lost EVERYTHING in 2-3 months. Got back on telling myself I'd never get off. Regrew everything, confident as hell. Ran out due to being stuck abroad from COVID travel restrictions. Lost EVERYTHING in 2 months. Back on now for 1 month. Hair looks awful, depressed as hell. The last two huge regrowth periods, I was on offshore oil contracts making cash surrounded by 20 men. Never really thought about my hair or how I looked. When I finished the contract, my hair just looked great as hell. Now, I'm confronted with being in real life while going through the regrowth phase. It's a whole different animal, mentally. Huge new respect for those of you going on about your day to day life on this regimen in the early stages. It's brutal as hell. Only way I'm getting through is that I know for a fact in 2 months I'll be on top of the world again, as it's statistically the most probable outcome. It's the same for all of you just starting out. Hang in there!
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    WARNING-- GRAPHIC CONTENT - Nice head of hair or a shortened life due to throat/mouth cancer? My sister was a lifelong smoker who contracted squamous cell carcinoma (head and neck cancer) at 57. She died at 59, having not eaten solid food for a year with me feeding her through a tube to her stomach. Once the cancer spread following a failed jaw replacement, her neck was literally unable to heal and was open and exposed - the cancer growing across her throat until she died suffocating alive one night. By then her nice head of hair was also history. I know firsthand how hard it is to quit but sorry - our 'hard time' is a cake walk compared the misery you will endure should you roll the dice and come up snake eyes. This goes for all smokers reading this. You've been warned.
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    Dr. Panine and Dr. Konior in Chicago
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    Honestly, the risk with a transplant for you outweighs the reward at this time. Especially being a diffuse thinner, you'll risk shocking the hair you currently have, potentially leaving you with less coverage than before the HT. Stay on fin and wait it out.
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    I feel you have every right to be upset with your result at this stage. You've been incredibly patient, but at almost 8 months things should be looking better. Sure your recipient may show further growth and thickening, but your donor area does not appear to have been managed with great care. I do not think, however, that it was over harvested. If anything, Eugenix is very conservative and ethical in their graft estimates. I agree with another poster that you chose a slightly aggressive hairline given your pattern of baldness, but the yield in the first six rows of your hairline is subpar to my eyes. Consequently, its gives the effect of 3112 grafts not being enough, but with your hair caliber it should've been sufficient. Obviously a HT is not an exact science, but top clinics consistently get top results. I think it's only fair, however, to wait a year before making a final judgment call. As Nelson said, there is still time for growth and thickening. I'm cheering for you, brotha. I know how much this matters to you. As PizzaWolf said, your courage in continuing to post is incredible. You are undoubtedly helping others make a more informed decision in their hair restoration journey. Look forward to months 8 and beyond.
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    I’d say the only option would be to add more grafts in order to achieve more density. Something like smp in the recipient may be possible but I doubt it would give you what you want. I’ve heard with thick haired individuals double grafts can be possible in temple points but I find it odd that only one side had them. I’d Def bring these up with them if you do decide to have a touch up with them. i find it a bit odd how a few eugenix cases where there was one guy unhappy with his donor just disappeared. So thanks for keeping us updated
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    Thank you for being open about your HT experience. I think it takes balls to continue documenting something like this, even when the results appear to be disappointing. I followed you from the beginning, and you seem like a patient and optimistic guy. Please don't get discouraged. It does seem like something went wrong with your procedure, though. Your poor growth could maybe (emphasis on "maybe") be attributed to physiology, not taking finasteride, and all the other reasons that are generally given, but why does your donor look patchy and over-harvested? That seems a little harder to make excuses for.
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    Ayyyy the magic of Hollywood. Reminder for all of us not to unreasonably compare ourselves to celebrities and/or models on social media. They have so many tricks up their sleeves to make things look picture perfect, and if any of us had access to the same stylists, tricks, etc. we'd be feeling really good about ourselves most all of the time.
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    Its all about the genetics out of the gate, not time. Each hair follicle is programmed with a sensitivity level to DHT. The guys that have the follicles that are the most sensitive to it are the ones that start to lose early and aggressively. The luckier guys that have some follicles with more DHT resistance will have more hair hang around longer before they start the miniaturization decline too. Sometimes there can be temporary changes in the body that cause spurts of accelerated loss, due to chemistry/external circumstances/unknown sources of hair loss we don't know about yet. And then there are the luckiest guys of all, that have an almost ENTIRE head of bullet-proof donor hair, and seem to never lose a single hair their whole life! Bottom line, there's no port in the storm. Once it starts and you visibly notice the loss -estimates are its already up to 50% gone! So start when you first notice the loss and keep taking it until you don't care about having any visible hair.
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    Others may disagree, but I do not think you really need a HT. I understand you may want one, but your hair looks good to me and you risk making troubles for yourself with a HT. If you do one, as I suspect you will, be very conservative with what you have done.
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    Sit down, young feller. I'll tell you a story - it was, I reckon, the summer of 09 and me and the Missus wuz havin' a homemade brew on the porch and she squints at me and sez "hey Old Man, the sun reflectin' off yer head is hurtin' my eyes". Well, Lordy, the light bulb went off and I figgured it was a sign from above. Bout then a young fella names Bosley sheweed up and after some discussion I shot him dead right there and thought "There's gotta be better Follicular Transplant fellas than that snake oil salesman!" Then I discovered this hear website and my eyes were open. So at 64 I got my head cracked open for planting and I ain't looked backsince! So take my advice and do all you can to please yourself cuz in the end that what matters!!
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    Thicker, stronger hairs hold on to the surrounding tissue much better, so when a FUE graft is pulled out it is much more likely to be intact and have a good follicle root. Thinner hairs have more tendency to easily rip out of the follicle and also is more delicate to implant, thus they have a tendency to not grow as well. FUT grafts are cut from a strip of hair, so the techs can cut thicker grafts that will stay together even if the hairs are thin.
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    I would eat porridge and sit in a dark room all day if it meant a good result. I want to know my surgeon is putting his money into his staff and his equipment, not meals and entertainment.
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    How about some pictures for us to actually see your before and after results. I'm serious. Just look at my face.
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    Haircut makes a big difference! Having uneven length hair makes it look worse than it it. Looks good for under six months.
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    BHR clinic and Dr. Bisanga are excited to be able to announce upcoming consultation dates in the United States. In an effort to stay accessible to all of his patients, Dr. Bisanga will be in Princeton, New Jersey on October 26 - 30. These dates present a great opportunity to have your hair loss examined including donor density measurements, check for miniaturisation, hair characteristics and hair grouping, potential future loss, candidacy for surgery, design, graft numbers etc...Consultations have limited availability and so we would encourage you to reach out and inform us of your interest at your earliest convenience. Dr. Bisanga looks forward to meeting you.
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    He’s posting as an individual and not as Eugenix. There’s nothing wrong with what he said, he’s allowed to post for himself, just as I express my own opinions.
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    Sure I started styling my hair with hair products at around 4 month mark without issues.
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    If you say this it means that you don't know other forums, especially the Italian forums, they are shameful.
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    Good advice from @ciaus. Crazy how just a slight tilt of the camera and flash can change your perspective. You're in your 30's so you're probably not going to become a NW6. Just keep an eye on things, maybe get a miniaturization analysis to see if Fin is worth starting.
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    The work looks pristine. I think you'll be very happy with the outcome. Post-op pictures look as clean as you can achieve. Based on your description of the discussion, the graft implantation angles and density achieved, I'm fairly certain I know who you went to. He's more impressive in person then the forum can convey. Great choice. Look forward to following your journey.
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    Sorry I'm a little late on posting my monthly update, but the pictures were taken on Sunday at exactly 7 months. Oddly enough, I feel like my result has regressed over the past month. There are a few places on my hairline, particularly on the left side and in the middle, that are suddenly looking quite sparse. Not sure if I've lost transplanted hair, or if this is an illusion due to my hair being longer. Haven't noticed any abnormal shedding events, and I'm a model patient (taking fin, dut and shampooing with Nizoral). Have taken a bunch of photos in all sorts of conditions - wet hair, partially dried, fully dried and blown back, natural light, indoor light and bathroom light. While it feels good to get compliments saying that my result is a home run, I want to fully portray the result as it is at this point in time. Getting a HT is a very important decision, and I want anyone out there who is trying to achieve the best result a fair and accurate depiction of what Eugenix can do. This forum is for patients. Many of us have suffered from hair loss our entire adult lives. How we depict our results helps others make informed decisions. I don't want to obfuscate weaknesses in my procedure. I will note, however, that I have definitely seen an overall cosmetic improvement, but I can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment that things haven't progressed more than this in the 7th month, especially considering how positive things were looking in months 5 & 6. Luckily my donor looks fantastic, and I'm sure a second pass will get me where I want to be. There's still plenty of time left, but I'm beginning to have some concerns. I reached out to the clinic on Sunday, but Dr. Arika hasn't responded yet. Will update this post with her feedback if I get any. Please let me know if you have any questions! -Fluff
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    I understand, I think that your hair is certainly passable particularly for your age, and you should overall be happy with your result. Could it be a little bit better in terms of yield and graft placement? In my humble opinion yes, but hindset is 20/20 and I think just as every situation in life, one should be an optimist when possible. So certainly enjoy your hair and I didn't mean to criticize the result. I am in a high Norwood situation myself and thus am concerned about yield and maximizing results, and would maybe pay a premium like with dr.wong or dr.konior to do so. But of course, is 20k usd more actually worth it for just "slightly" better results? No one really knows in this business, results are never guaranteed, even when paying the highest prices.
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    Lol Nico, not that difficult considering not many people sharing their experience with Dr. Ferreira? Grab a coffee and have a read my story
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    HAH! I would be absolutely stunned if i could get that type of hair cut. I would be content and esctatic with 5-7mm all over with consistency and no gaps tbh. I paid 1700usd for the surgery.
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    I have a very limited donor as well as was probably already at a Norwood 5A going to 6, so I had to be very conservative as well... do I have full coverage? absolutely not, but I'm happy where I am, my appearance looks 100% natural and most importantly, I don't waste an hour in the morning trying to do a comb-over to hide my balding, using hairspray to keep every hair exactly in place, worried about the wind, weather, etc. For me, my HT gave me back a sense of normalcy and better confidence. Your end result should shape up to be great! continued luck healing and growing
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    @yalla8 the general opinion of HRN members is to completely disregard and ignore any YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other results posted on social media. Same for any reviews posted on yelp or anywhere other reviews website. When choosing a Doctor you have to come to forums like HRN and see results from real patients, those are the ones that start a results thread from the day of their surgery until the end of the 12 month growth cycle (many clinic reps come here and create a new thread with just a before and after picture and then falsely claim to be a patient). If you are on a budget I advise Dr.Demirsoy at 1.25€/graft (pre-made slits and techs do implanting) but if you can spend a bit more to have a Doctor only surgery with a more advanced technique then go to Dr. Bruno Ferreira at 2.5€/graft.
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    To me it looks really really good. Don't forget where are you coming from! Also worth mentioning that beard grafts are more "unpredictable" than scalp. Their growth phases might be very different from scalp hair, thus needed more time?
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    Your # grafts, method, lifestyle, diet and work hours are so similar to my story! I'm about 3 weeks post op myself. Can't wait to see how yours turns out mate! I feel like diet through this period is so important to recovery.
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    Be careful with the seborrheic dermatitis, minoxidil solutions can dry out and irritate your skin, potentially cause the s. dermatitis to flare up. Same goes for hair styling products that contain alcohol. Its why I don't use topical minoxidil, hopefully your case is not so sensitive like mine. Helpful shampoos to try. I use Nizoral and H&S a few times a week to help keep things calm. Pyrithione zinc (Dermazinc, Head & Shoulders) Selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue) Ketoconazole (Nizoral A-D) Tar (Neutrogena T/Gel, DHS Tar) Salicylic acid (Neutrogena T/Sal)
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    Absolutely. His career was terrific without the procedure as well. Lets just say that the procedure gave him satisfaction and more confidence. It was something he wanted and felt the requirement to get it done. Hair transplant is an elective surgery and it is something that people choose to get done for more than just physical appearance. It gives people confidence, happiness amd satisfaction. Sometimes people with no hair at all couldn't bother less about hair transplant. And sometimes people with a full head of hair are extremely worried about it. Do what makes you happy is the mantra I guess. If it madr him happy then nothing better than that.
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    This is why I am looking for suggestions of hair transplant clinics. 👍
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    What is the point of having a consultation and then booking the hair transplant for 3 or 4 years in the future? By the time your surgery date comes the original consultation would be useless. Any plan that was made, amount of grafts you need, etc may all change by then. Heck, even the price can change over 3 to 4 years time. What good is that? I went from NW 3 to NW 6 in less time there is between his consultation and surgery dates. If you were at the point of being ready to do something about your hair loss.... nope, sorry... you have to wait 4 years. That doesn't make any sense. I don't know why anyone would go there. Being told I'd have to wait a year just for a consultation would make me say no and move on right there. What happens after you FINALLY have the hair transplant and have a question or maybe you don't get the amount of density you were hoping for or whatever it may be? Do you have to wait another year to even talk to him? Do you have to wait another 4 years for a 2nd surgery? Why would anyone do that? I'm not saying the guy doesn't do good work, but I just don't understand why anyone would go through it for that long if you can go somewhere else to get it done.
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    Hi Dr. Keller, According to the patient his front hairline was not transplanted. I recommend removing that portion of your post and leaving just the “thicken the midscalp and crown” portion. Also, I recommend posting some photos of the crown and top down view, so we can appropriately gauge the results. Thank you for your participation and presentation.
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    File this one under: Holy crap! Absolutely stunning transformation. This basically looks like natural density. I'd be curious to know what the caliber/characteristics of your hair are? It looks straight and medium/fine but it's not easy for an amateur like myself to tell. Enjoy that mop, sir! (The good kind of mop) Edit: Hah, I see you went against the cries of the mob on here and went back to touch it up one last time Well I think we can safely say you've reached your goal now!