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    I had 2000 transplants with Dr. Tim Love in OKC in November 2011 and 2300 transplants Sep. 10, 2018 with Dr. Junaid Syed in Orlando. Today marks 1 year since my last transplant, and I am very pleased with the results. I am growing my hair out so it is looking better every day. Looking back at that picture I didn't realize how bald I was
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    No, your comment does not make sense....generalizing your predisposed assumptions of an ethnic group does not make it right or moral because of what a small minority of a similar ethnicity did to others in years past....if that is your justifying logic then I have some Native American friends that could assume the same of you. So according to you people of a similar ethnic background that may want to visit grounds of a tragedy to get an understanding of why scum bag people of their similar background did such horrible things or pay respects is off limits and triggering to you???...sorry not sorry but that’s sounds so ridiculous and obsurd. Should German visitors visiting the WW2 & Holocaust memorial , Vietnamese visitors visiting the Vietnam memorial, Korean visitors visiting the Korean War Memorial in D.C. all be reported to “guards” then too???? Would they make you so uneasy and trigger you to report them too?? Also, who are you to say and assume what other people are mindful of when the come here? It’s obvious that people coming to this country either on vacation or to legally live here do so because they want all the things that make this country great.
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    You got mad because Japanese people were visiting Pearl Harbor? And you’re going to be mad when people from Saudi Arabia visit ny? What kind of overgeneralized bs is that? The people that are visiting have nothing to do with what happened in these tragedies. You think they made the shots? Wow. Get a grip dude. You actually went to a security guard to warn him that you’re enraged Japanese people are at Pearl Harbor? Lolllll you realize the biggest minority in Hawaii is Japanese. what if I visited the Alamo and became enraged at all Mexicans living in Texas or visiting? Does that even make sense?
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    Seldom do I hear "hard skin." Interesting...Perhaps doctors can jump in and give their opinion. I don't think there is such thing. Could it be less elastic? Perhaps that's what's causing the issue. But.... Typically when grafts pop it's not because of the quality of the skin. It is because you are a bleeder. What's causing that? Perhaps the diet. I am very aware of the many condiments in Indian culture - as I enjoy most of them when I cook. Tumeric is one. If this is the case, it is important to bring it up during the initial consultation. Leafy vegetables, fruits....that can help. The doctor can also suggest other vitamins to minimize the issue. But it's a bit early to question the results. I would give it 6 months and then start taking photos. Make sure you return to the doctor's office when scheduled to do so...and follow their instructions. I keep looking at your photo and it might be me, but you seem tilted somehow. Your left side is much higher than the right and it end on a point. The right seems blunted a bit, but slopes down. What this the hairline you and the doctor discussed prior to the procedure? Symmetry is typically a no-no in this industry....but this is an issue. Keep an eye on things and post at 4 and at 6 months.
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    Hi From your post and photos, IMO, your donor looks pretty good and agree, doing a FUT for your high level of loss would be a wiser 1st chose choice. The list of surgeons/ clinics looks good....I would also add Hattingen hair clinic in Switzerland and Dr Bloxham @ Feller in Bloxham in NY for FUT work. Get as many consultants as possible and the more in-person the better. Best of Luck!
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    Day 140 (4 months 20 days) updates Apologies first of all due to my work commitment I was not able to update my thread. I have received few PM I have tried to answer as many as possible. If I have missed yours then ask your question here I will be happy to share my experience with eugenix. Some of you who has my number feel free to call me if you have any question I will be happy to answer. I have gone through this process and I understand how difficult it is now a days to find surgeons you can trust due to this fake marketing. Few words about Dr Pradeep Sethi. My results are not 100% because it has been only four and half months so I will reserve my comment s about his work for few more months. So far I am happy with the growth and hoping to see more improvement in next few months.I must say Dr Pradeep Sethi is amazing man he is patients doctors. He is best in this field and master in hair line design that is why I have chosen him and so far I am glad I have been proven right behind the scene Dr Arika Bansal makes sure their team is properly trained and they follow all the procedure when it comes to HT. She understands that this is life changing procedure for patients. I think they both compliment each other really well. Anyways back to my progress. I still have some numbness In frontal part of my head. I need to speak to doctor about this when this will be gone completely. Density is improving day by day and hopefully in next 3 months i will have full coverage.Other then that everything is going normal.I let you guys comment and provide your feedback. Please find my latest pics attached
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    Hey man, Im not familiar with your surgeon but really good job of documenting your 2nd procedure journey! I really like your hairline and widows peak the doc did for you. Best of luck with healing and your progress!
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    Yes, exercise can and does increase your testosterone levels which can, as a byproduct, result in an increase in DHT levels. However, if you are already taking medication that inhibits DHT like Finasteride, this isn't necessarily an issue. Having said that, even if you're not on the medication the difference for a healthy younger man is NOT going to suddenly cause you to to bald. You were already headed in that direction and at best natural increases like this MIGHT marginally accelerate the process at worst, not cause it. Really, you're only going to have to worry about a testosterone bump as a triggering factor for hair loss if you're receiving T therapy, taking steroids, etx. This is also a good time to reiterate what most people here already know, which is that DHT is not the sole cause of hair loss. Worth noting exercise also increases general circulation which is of course good for hair. Additional note: that full head of hair isn't doing you much good if you drop dead because your heart is in crappy condition down the line.
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    I mostly agree with what has been said. But I'm definitely a proponent of a case-by-case approach. I don't think there's necessarily a cut-off age. If a teenager has a terrible scar that can be corrected with surgery, or congenital triangular alopecia, why not correct it? Why let them suffer through their teen years (which everyone knows can be pretty hard)? Of course we have to do adequate planning and bear in mind the need for further surgery in the future. But ask any teenager suffering from having this or that ailment that hinders their image-of-self, and I bet you almost all if not all of them will say they would prefer to have a couple of surgeries instead of staying the same for 5 more years, waiting for one in the future. (Unless that one in the future is considerably more beneficial, i.e. better technology, etc, of course) I've transplanted hair into burn scars, congenital triangular alopecias, aplasia cutis congenital scars, craniotomy scars, etc, in young patients. All with good, long-lasting results. This still means we have to be smart of what we're doing. If the scar is on an already low hairline, and you look at the patient's dad and he's a Norwood 7, then maybe you should hold back for a while. For androgenetic alopecia patients, we have to firstly know that they have to be stabilized asap, since alopecias that are very evident at a young age, are usually pretty aggressive, and I'm not afraid of using 5alfa-reductase blockers on young patients. I've done so with very good outcomes. Then, if everything goes ok and we reach stability, we can start talking about a possible transplant. But I'd never do surgery on a young patient without proper stabilization and spending some time talking to him, making sure of his maturity and that he thoroughly understands the implications of surgery. Usually when that talk comes, I'm already pretty sure he's a candidate though. There's also not a cut off point on the opposite side of the spectrum. My oldest patient was 86 at the time of the surgery. And I operated on him...twice! He must be over 90 right now. 😃 Such an enthusiastic and positive man he was.
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    What is the point of having a consultation and then booking the hair transplant for 3 or 4 years in the future? By the time your surgery date comes the original consultation would be useless. Any plan that was made, amount of grafts you need, etc may all change by then. Heck, even the price can change over 3 to 4 years time. What good is that? I went from NW 3 to NW 6 in less time there is between his consultation and surgery dates. If you were at the point of being ready to do something about your hair loss.... nope, sorry... you have to wait 4 years. That doesn't make any sense. I don't know why anyone would go there. Being told I'd have to wait a year just for a consultation would make me say no and move on right there. What happens after you FINALLY have the hair transplant and have a question or maybe you don't get the amount of density you were hoping for or whatever it may be? Do you have to wait another year to even talk to him? Do you have to wait another 4 years for a 2nd surgery? Why would anyone do that? I'm not saying the guy doesn't do good work, but I just don't understand why anyone would go through it for that long if you can go somewhere else to get it done.
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    Nutricost Biotin (Vitamin B7) 10,000mcg, 240 Capsules - Gluten Free, Non-GMO https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AMJCHB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xOYEDbZSQ0MGC Nature's Bounty Folic Acid 800 mcg Tablets Maximum Strength 250 ea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HRVSP2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_fPYEDbF60AKKT The folic acid is a dry, pressed-pill. Very tiny. It's easy to take and doesn't taste like anything, but it does begin to dissolve if you don't swallow immediately. I am currently taking 2 per day. I think you may be out of luck, and you'll have to go in person for a prescription for fin. Isn't it essentially free for you guys? I found another stash I had from India. So I got 30*4 plus another 30*4 and maybe 90. So I got about 2/3 of a year of fin on me right now. I just got to plan another visit to Mexico for a top-up in 6 months. You could play the dumb Canadian card.... Show up with Bhatti's care notes and say that's what your doc (Bhatti) said should work. Tell them it's for your HT you got in India. It could work, or it could just help you make an appointment. Just be surprised (not angry, just "oh, what, really? oh man, I thought this was enough.") Confusion and apology may be enough for something as innocent as fin. But once you have a prescription, I saw plenty of Canadian pharmacies online. I still think it'll be less if you just pick it up from a local pharmacy. I don't think it's $2 a 5mg pill in person (like if is online).
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    As soon as I get home...shave. And then just let everything grow in. Typically hair starts coming in 3-4 months post op. And, not all hair comes in at the same time. I would then, with everyone paying attention, start wearing a hat. Let the hair come in naturally. When you are good and ready, leave the cap behind. That's what I would do.
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    I registered here to answer you. I had my HT in late June in Ankara. We were 3 guys at the same time of which one had a repair job after a horribly failed transplant in the "clinic" you mentioned. That story heard in detail (and seen it myself) I wouldn't recommend any clinics doing relatively cheap transplants, flat fees, etc. You get what you pay for. There is few exceptions IMHO.
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    Looks very natural, congrats!
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    I could be misunderstanding, but I think the issue being debated is whether or not the drug is statistically more prone to causing those side effects than the company publicized. As far as I'm aware these sides are all included on the warning label (the sexual ones certainly are) because the FDA basically requires companies to print any alleged side effects people report regardless of whether there's any evidence to substantiate them. On the other hand, you could argue that this factor combined with lack of transparency from the manufacturer makes it difficult to tell which sides you should actually be concerned about. Re: not being surprised: these are the companies charging exorbitant prices for medication that costs the smallest fraction of that cost to actually manufacture. Check out the USD prices for brand name drugs from Canadian pharmacies and see how much cheaper they inexplicably are. The same drugs from the same manufacturers, but here in the U.S. our prices are somehow six times as much. The entire industry is run by criminals.
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    That whirl pattern is really starting to solidify. Very nice
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    Huge difference. Start using some toppik.
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    On the 2nd of September myself and my friend flew out to Athens for my front temples and hairline reconstruction surgery with Dr.Bisanga. My surgery scheduled on the 3rd of September at 7:45. As promised by the clinic, a driver was waiting for my arrival in the airport (even though we were 1 hour 30 minutes delayed / late). He then took us straight to our hotel and we checked in. On the morning of the Surgery at 6:15 I went down to the hotel restaurant where we had breakfast. Avoiding caffeine and drinks high in Vitamin C. I had quite a large breakfast knowing there was a long day ahead. Although the hotel was great, my sleep the night before had suffered. I only managed around 5 hours. My hotel was only a short 15 minutes walk from the clinic. Arriving at B & C I was greeted very happily from my Athens point of contact Maria. She took me through everything and I signed the necessary paperwork. From that point I went and met Dr.Bisanga's Technician. She took my before photos and handed me my surgery wear. Once Dr.B arrived, we went off to another room to disscuss the surgery. We also discussed the hairline and any other questions I had. He again was very welcoming, professional and put me at ease straight away. Although it did seemed to be quite rushed as he was a little late on the morning. During the operation Dr.Bisanga was joined by two fellow surgeons from Israel. They didn't contribute towards the surgery, but were just observing, asking him and myself questions along the way. His knowledge is unquestionable in regards to FUE and it was a pleasure to listen in and contribute to their conversation. Both Dr.Bisanga and the other surgeons were complementing myself on the unlimited donor area / hair quality I seem to possess. For this reason Dr.B evenly punched one side and the rear of my head. He explained the reasons behind this and I was more than happy to agree. As disscussed with my UK patient advisor Ian, Dr.B completed all graft punches and incisions. Again the other Drs seemed to be in awe of his techniques and quality of work. All things you would love to hear from the mouths other professional surgeons. Once Dr.B had finished off, his team of technicians from his Belgium clinic began the extractions of all the grafts. This for me was the worst part of the operation. Not because of the extractions, but the body position I had to endure for quite some time. I was face down on the chair, on what can be described a very hard travel pillow with my neck bent up over. I was later told the clinic are in the process of moving to their new premises and this wasn't the usual chair used. I did have to stop for a few seconds every now and then to stretch my jaw and neck. A this point we stopped for lunch and I was provided with a meal while the technicians sorted my grafts. After a quick lunch break at around 3.30pm we were back in the surgery room. The final stretch! Placing the grafts in the incision sites. This was the most comfortable part of the procedure for myself. As I was sat conventionally on my back relaxing, while the technicians completed the placements. The two surgeons from Israel popped in from time to time to watch their techniques. Again they were both impressed. Overall the procedure was great. The lead upto the big day was well organised and communication with my UK patient advisor Ian second to none. Not only Dr.Bisanga, but his team and staff are all clearly professionals. From the start, I some how had a gut feeling Dr.Bisanga was was the physician for me. After researching on various hairloss forum's, reading reviews, looking at examples / styles of work, I decided he was the surgeon for my desired hairline. Fingers crossed I've made the correct decision! Specifics from my procedure : Punch size - 0.9 Total Graft Count - 2622 1s - 400 2s - 976 3s - 1046 4s - 200 Currently 9 days post operation. The donor area is near on unnoticeable and hairline free of all scabs although slightly red.
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    When hair is shaved down no matter the color it usually takes on a grayish tone. This is from the keratin surrounding the follicle. This is what Smp techs are usually trying to replicate. If you're asking if you're a good candidate for SMP, I'd say yes with the caveat that you maintain the shaved look (meaning buzzing down with a zero guard or foil shaver every 2 days or so.
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    I would clip it down to #2 and put dermmatch all over. Will look like full set of hair.
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    At after 6 decades of his life, Mr. S M was motivated to finally give in to hair transplantation for the receding hairline and the almost empty mid scalp he was experiencing. With a marvelous set of salt and pepper hair that he has on his scalp, we gave him 3021 grafts with Dr. Pradeep Sethi designing his signature hairline. Dr. Pryadarshini Das performed the extraction for him with regards to the Comprehensive and Exclusive package. The results exhibited below are after 8 months of the hair transplantation procedure. He has a beautiful new hairline and a good density. With his new hair, life seems to be only beginning at 60 for him.
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    Wow man that's an amazing transformation, now whats your secret on no grey hairs haha
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    I am so glad you're thrilled. At the end of the day that's the only thing that matters....but..... Did you have PRP? Typically hair starts coming in at 3-4 months and not all hair comes in at the same time. There can be a lapse of as much as 2 weeks post op. The hair is vellus-like. Very fine. It does take a full year to mature and really see the result. So, unless you did PRP which is known to speed things up, I'm not sure what results you are talking about. Are you doing any medications to help you with retention? Why was the doctor awesome? Did he do something special? What did the team do? I'm sorry but you are doing more of a disservice than anything by posting ....I can equate this to Karaoke and Rap. I call it KRAP.
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    That’s usually how it starts- very fine hair. Give it time
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    Looks nice and clean. Keep that scalp out of the sun! I mentioned it a while back for myself, but I found hats like this one on the Geek (Wish) app for like $3-5. It took like 3-5 weeks to deliver, but it was nice. I only wish (no pun intended haha) that I had gotten it sooner. It helped greatly with dealing with the redness and the ugly phase. My fair skin kept the redness for 4 months or so. I got my hat in all gray and it looks great. @HLPToronto originally recommended the hat style, and I loved it. Fall is here, so you'll look in season by the time it arrives. Or I guess you could drop $10 or so for next day shipping with Amazon or something. Just a thought. Happy to hear you took the plunge! I'll be following along!
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    Looks very good dazed congrats 🙌🏼
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    Sorry California, it just seems like the two prominent Indian clinics here are constantly posting or being recommended in the same thread in many posts as of late. Also, threads from like 3+ years ago are being bumped by the doctor when the patient hasn’t even logged into the site for years. Just looks like weird behavior. Anyway, back on topic to the OPs questions.
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    The world is a crazy place....millions and millions of people. But it seems to me that everyone has someone they can rely on. Kids and young adults have their parents, guys have their wives and so on....It is these "supporting actors" to call them that, that will typically do the research. The internet is a huge part of this. Everything is so accessible now. Who doesn't have a computer? We do live in an advanced world and it's very exciting for me to be living in such times. But before I get derailed......Research. Seldom do I go out and don't hear someone say..."I read on the internet about...." Be a restaurant, a medical practice, hair......Yelp and so many other sites are part of it as well. And now the marketing companies behind it all can actually keep tabs on you...what you search for, where you shop....and then they inundate you with "marketing" images of all your desires. It is difficult not to research given the push everyone seems to give around you. I do think we need to be doing a better job of educating. The overall message that transplants are permanent, (if it's good work it's permanent, if it's bad work it's also permanent), is not getting to people. Doing the research is huge when you consider you'll have to live with whatever result you get. It better be good.
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    Hello, I began losing my hair almost 10 years ago. Needless to say, it was a horrifying experience throughout. One doesn't really fully grasp the trauma of getting a change in appearance before it actually happens. The initial years were difficult for me. I was about 22 years old. And for someone that young, a balding look spells disaster. I became shy, apprehensive of socializing and conscious about myself. Eventually, I did start accepting baldness as a part and parcel of life. As a guy, you really aren't expected to focus on your appearance much. I wasn't going to be anything different. By providence, I joined Eugenix Hair Sciences as a Tele -medical consultant. Fairly recently, about 6 months and working here now. The doctors did suggest me transplantation. However, I never took it as seriously. Now, after a while, I finally began to think that maybe I could give it a try. Like who wouldn't want to try something when you can clearly see other people getting it done with positive results! I have been seeing the results of Eugenix in front of my own eyes on a daily basis and I started feeling that I should also get the procedure done. I don't think I'm particularly afraid of the pain or anything like that. After all I'm a tough guy (😜). But surprisingly, the surgery wasn't painful. I was 100% sure and expecting this procedure to be painful. That being said, lying down doing nothing was the tough part. In the design and planning of my procedure Dr Arika , Dr Pradeep, Dr Abhinav and Dr Alok were involved. The frontal slits were made by Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika. Rest of the slits were completed by Dr Alok. The extraction of the grafts were done by Dr Alok and Dr Abhinav. Few times Dr Arika and Dr Pradeep also supervised. I got 3024 grafts done for a good coverage of my frontal zone with adequate density. I also got my temples completely reconstructed. I am planning to share my progress throughout now. (I have interacted with many patients who have come from this forum to Eugenix for their procedure. Now it is my turn to share my story with others! I am taking pics of my scalp daily to keep a track of the procedure to document it for one year.) I have completed my head wash and now have started taking Finasteride as well for the minituarising hair. I am very excited to see the progress in my hair growth. And even more privileged that I get to share it with you all. It feel very supportive that there are people out there who genuinely care and would partake in my journey. I am going to keep you guys updated.
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    Is this the same doctor here who disclose the patient information unethically?
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    If I were given the choice in that region I'd probably elect to go to one of the Thailand doctors instead
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    Great patient presentation and work, Doctor. The growth for 5 month on your patient looks very very good, hope to see further results and cases!
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    Being a higher end Norwood id only strongly consider FUT as your starting point and prioritise H&W, with Rahal, Bisanga and Path rounding out my shortlist. You have high sides but your crown area seems to be expanding. As for being a candidate I'd get my donor assessed first (preferably in person) by one fo the top clinics you are considering. Given your age Id be concerned youd end up a NW7 and I'd want to approach things very conservatively. Hope someone else more versed in these matters can add something of value. good luck!
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    Hey man, work looks good albeit a bit bloody but nothing to be too concerned about as it heals and crusts over. Hairline does look pretty conservative but then again your hair loss at your age was heading rapidly and you can alway lower in the future if you choose to, coverage looks good too from the amount of grafts used. Good luck healing and your progress!
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    Hi, the patient had 2 PRPs in last 6 months and 35-40 grafts per sq cm has been implanted.
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    At a recent FUE Europe conference, many top physicians seemed to agree that 25 was generally the cut off age. Having said that, there was a particular well respected physician that told a very compelling story of an 18 year old that was extremely depressed, and visited his clinic with hairline/temple recession. After inviting the young mans parents to his clinic and discussing not only the finer points of surgery, they discussed his state of mind, his future in education and job prospects. After forging a deeper relationship, it was decided to go ahead with surgery. Whilst specific details escape me, some 10 years later and after many follow ups and promises of further education and application, the then young man has made a successful career and life for himself mainly to due to his self confidence gained from his hair restoration procedure, therefore it was certainly deemed the correct decision. Whilst in no way do I suggest or support that this is the norm, this particular physician obviously went above and beyond, but it is an example that every patient is a human being, not just another patient, or another scheduled surgery. Every patient has their unique back story and whilst with many commonalities, their own battles in life due to hair loss. I believe that this subject is also very much dependent on the stand out ethical physicians that lead this field. With their experience and personal approach and relationship with each patient, it makes sense that each decision is unique due to its circumstances. Whilst a physician may accept a 23 year old patient, the same physician may also deem that a 32 year old individual isn’t a good candidate. This is also why tech led surgeries in “specific countries”, without much if any of their Doctors presence or input, without any long term consideration for donor management or the patient in general and with their one hair line design fits all approach ruin the industry. Accepting patients that they should never accept, despite being poor candidates or being too young without any real understanding of the procedure and it’s risks. It’s a deep and important discussion, with no one size fits all approach.
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    Fantastic results. Thanks for updating. I can only hope to have hair like that at 50
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    I agree...not too many 51 year olds have a head of hair like yours. Your result looks great and completely natural.
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    He specifically addresses his experience and concerns with fin in his update.
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    Yeah, this is a great result, especially for a 51-year-old. It's age appropriate, but you still have far better hair than most guys your age. Congrats!
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    Hi Matt, Fair question. Please note that I do not know who told the previous poster that the "transection rate would be greater with the old punch". I copy/pasted the text from our website and you won't find that comment anywhere.....just because that is not what we believe. For the record, we do use sterilized punch for the Standard package BUT, a punch gets used for a few procedures only. If the life of a punch is a 100 (for example) as per the manufacturers specs, we use it only till 20. That is how safe we play. A higher transection rate has never been and will never be acceptable in our Clinic. As you probably know, Dr. Bhatti is booked solid for 2-3 months at least. Ends up turning down a lot of patients that don't want to wait. It would have made more business sense for him to hire some HT Surgeons in his huge Clinic (with has 4 operation theatres) to be able to accommodate more patients (translating into more $$$) ....BUT.....his belief is that he can guarantee the quality that he offers only if he performs all the procedures himself. How can he take a risk of a higher transection rate for any of his patients...... We do not "sell" our Patients on any of the two packages that we offer. We provide them full disclosures and make sure that they are fully educated before they make their decision. A small price difference per graft might not mean a whole lot to someone in the West ......but it might mean a lot to a hair loss Patient from South East Asia. A Patient coming to us form North America or Europe would probably need the "add ons" that we offer (in the Premium Package) but it would not be fair for us to make our local/Indian Patients pay for the stuff that they don't want to or need to, avail. Best regards, California
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    Hi Matt, I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to point out that the "Standard" vs "Premium" packages that Dr. Bhatti offers do not differ as far as the quality of care, service and expertise are concerned. The difference lies in the "add-ons" such as the lab testing, local transportation and extra charges for the no-shave technique. Using a brand new punch verses a used (sterilized) punch would not effect the HT results and I personally believe, would not affect the transection rates. The hand holding the punch is the same.....that of Dr. Bhatti. Since we don't believe in "one size fits all" we do want to give our Patients the option to pick and choose which package works better for them (since there is a price difference of INR 10, (which comes to $0.16 per graft). For example, a domestic (based in India) Patient might have his/her own transportation, might not need the no-shave technique etc. So, he/she might opt for the "Standard" package and save some money. Again, I want to assure you and everyone else......We provide the same "PREMIUM" service to all our Patients......and the naming convention of the "packages" does not affect the service that we provide or the HT results that we produce. I have copy/pasted the details for the two packages from our website for everyone to see. Premium package: INR 99 for scalp grafts and INR 179 for body grafts. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling , 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making) New imported Harris punch used No lab charges/ Post care kit charges Free pick and drop while in Chandigarh No extra fee for “no shave” technique (ideal for those needing lesser than 2000 scalp grafts) Standard package: INR 89 for scalp grafts and INR 169 for body grafts. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making) Used Harris punch (however it is sterilized as other instruments also are) Post- procedure care kit cost and standard lab test charges – INR 5600 Car pick up and drop in Chandigarh @ INR 27 per Km “No shave” technique : INR 20,000 shall be charged extra Best regards, California
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    Totally correct, BUSA Wanted to add one more point. For beard grafts, Dr. Bhatti targets only the underside of the chin. He calls it the "shadowy area" of the chin. That area of the chin would be visible only if you were to tilt your head backwards. So, on top of the fact that there is either no scarring or very minimal scarring (if at all), the donor area is not readily visible. Thank you, California.
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    For myself, the memories are still so vivid, raw and emotional when I look back. I was there that unimaginably horrific morning, a block away, just arrived at my job by Wall Street. I was very young then too but it still feels like it was yesterday. Each year this day fills me with anger, sadness, hope and appreciation ... especially to all those the sacrificed themselves for others ... and still do.