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    Although still early so don't think about it just yet. If they offer you a free touch up that's as good as admitting they messed up. This is a standard thing they do and they think its not a problem well it is a problem they should get it right first time around they have no idea what financial, emotional investment we put into this before during after surgery. How can they honestly make up for the first time when they possible wasted grafts or made an unnatural hair line (not referring to you). Is the doctor all of a sudden going to pay more attention and bring his best team to you? Why not do that the first time? Take every patient seriously! You are a doctor so act like one. Yes alot of people will say there are no guarantees which is true but the growing trend of very dence-less hairlines and not great growth is showing that there is a bit more going on here. The doctor needs to step up here and start reducing his surgeries and have a more hands on personal approach to each patient. Money has got the better of him like a lot of clinics. When you see how awesome the new clinic looks and everything he has in it, surely he should be embarrassed when he sees some of the results that come out of it, its laughable. Not to say he doesn't get good results - because he does it's just that the sub par results are becoming more of a regular feature and you just dont know you are getting from one patient to the next.
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    Suave, It would be great if you could provide pictures.
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    I believe it’s similar to this:
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    Vancouver area patient in his early 40’s had an overall decent head of hair but the weakness in the hairline and frontal zone was bothering him. He had good donor hair with texture on the fine side. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted 4035 grafts via FUE to rebuilt a lower hairline as part of a high-density frontal zone restoration. 328 were single hair grafts, 3239 were doubles and 468 were 3-4 hair grafts. With the option to elect either extraction method, the decision to employ FUE was made easier considering a tighter than normal scalp. These photos were taken at the clinic 9.5 months post-op.
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    Since we have been recommended on this forum, we are noticing that a lot of patients are either asking about our pricing structure, our cost and some even feel we are slightly expensive than other clinics in India. We also got to know from our ex-patients that they are receiving messages in their inboxes where prospective hair transplant patients are showing some concern about our cost. We thought to clarify the doubts once and for all by posting this post. We believe in providing quality services and great results to all our patients and we don’t believe lowering the price will be the option we will consider. Having said that we do provide a customised quotation for 3000+ grafts and for patients who are on a tight budget we have Eugenix trained doctors who practice under Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal’s supervision. At Eugenix, we take heed to provide our clients with assistance, which goes beyond hair transplant surgeries. Our services also include providing individuals with comfort and a home-like environment at our lodging facility along with smooth commute options for patients visiting us from overseas/ outstations. Equipped with 4-star services, comfortable living facilities ensure your complete comfort under the direct supervision of the operating surgeon. We provide commute options to pick patients up directly from the airport. From the moment you land to the time you take off, your care is in our hands, with our end to end service. Lodging facility is available on the second floor, on the same premises where the doctors are staying and the clinic is situated. You will be wondering that airport transfer, staying and food for two nights are complimentary.
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    #1. I had my first transplant in 2011 so only 8 years, but I am totally pleased. #2. I had FUT for my first transplant and I wear my hair long so that was never a problem. #3. FUT because of the horrible haircut needed for FUE #4. I think my hairloss has pretty much stopped and I never used any potions. #5. No Medication 2nd Transplant 09/10/2018 and doing great. Now I am going for the Moses look including the beard. LOL
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    This is a pretty good result and I agree with Bill that we must all have a healthy discussion, we're here to help each other out anyway. I've been in touch with Dr.Bansal for a while and she does reply back whenever she can to address my queries. Hope to meet her soon, and hope to see you there as well, @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia!
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    Hi Nelson. I do follow you even before my transplant with Eugenix. I seen your results on YouTube And when you finish your 8 months I made my mind to go with Eugenix only..... And that's what I done with Dr. Sethi at Bombay branch. And I am happy with my results. Thx
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    Gabreille, You are certainly welcome to share your genuine experience as a patient but if you do work for the clinic which it seems that you do, you are required to disclose this in your forum signature. You can edit your form signature by going under your account settings or profile information. If you need specific instructions, I will ask our forum co-moderator to post those for you. But just to be sure, you are posting your own results right? You’re not posting someone else’s? As long as you are genuine posting your own pictures, then you are certainly welcome to do that as a patient. But you do need to disclose your affiliation with the clinic in your signature. Thanks, Bill
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    Guys, Let’s remain civil, everyone is free to share their results on our forum. Thank you for sharing Gabrielle.
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    1. Amazingly supportive 2.Dramatically 3. 100% YES DESPITE THE LONG JOURNEY Run a search on me as my story is well documented here and in the mainstream media. Regards Spex
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    We were trying not to respond to your comments for few days, but now you really want that we should say something so that your negative comments should get traction ! (Now I myself, Dr Pradeep Sethi is replying. This can be a moral victory for you as you troubled us so much that we got forced to reply to you! Cheers!) In each of your posts you have highlighted that we are not transparent in “Costing”. Why don’t you try once with us. Just send a query to our clinic and see how “non transparent “ we are. You can post the screen shots here. You can try from many numbers and accounts (in which you are a master.) We do close to 2 procedures every day and we are surviving since 2013 (now we only do hair transplant, from 2010 to early 2013 we were also doing dermatology practice.) Our focus has been only upon quality work, one pointed focus, creating great facility, sharing the knowledge by writing articles and book, and remain active in academics. We have now three more highly qualified doctors, Dr Alok, Dr Abhinav and Dr Priyadarshini who are with us for 1-3 years. They are also producing great results and will approach HTN to be independently recommended here. We also train other doctors. We have university program of fellowship for one year in hair transplant and we do frequent workshops in our centre. (While I am writing it for you, young doctors have gathered in our office today for a national conference cum workshop in our office organised by ACSICON 2019.) We also have two demanding sons,11 and 8 years, who keep us busy with their studies and stuff! So, to summarise, we are extremely busy. We don’t have any representative yet, who would post and reply for us. The posts are being done by our clinic manager. (Soon, we will have a digital person, now he is watching your activities and is highly disturbed see all these well thought out “curated” comments by these “non patients”.) We also not trying to hire any new accounts in “few hours” to post for us. If you are a “true” patient then have a first hand experience with us. If you are hired (which I am pretty sure) to show us in negative light and tell the whole world that we aren’t not transparent in “prices” then let me tell you, we are getting most of our patients through references of old patients or other doctors who endorse our work. We had never tried marketting because our old patients keep us busy. The attachments are proofs that your accounts are born to write these negative, thoughtful and bashing comments. You can mail me at pradeep@eugenix.in or call me at +918826153333 if you are a patient! (I hope you will not repeat these silly, cheap and restless marketting methods. They won’t fetch you any traction.) @Bill - Managing Publisher@Melvin-Moderator I hope you see these accounts and the purpose of their short birth in this forum.
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    I always want to give a benefit of the doubt. I hesitate to name him a paid contributor, but his contribution to this forum is limited to support if his clinic. I think he, the forum, and the Eugenix clinic would benefit from a more broad approach to helping members find the right solution to their hair needs. Not everyone is looking for a HT here. There are some that ask about HTs. Everyone he speaks to, he pushes Eugenix. I think he can contribute more to the conversation. Eugenix results should speak for themselves. They shouldn't need a partial member fighting every critique on their behalf.
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    As mentioned above, it's completely normal to shed about 100 hairs a day, so it's very likely that this is what it is. As for why you never noticed it before, it's possible that when your hair was straight, the hairs that would shed would fall from your scalp easier as you moved throughout your day. Now with the curls, they may be "held in place" better and not fall completely until you wash your hair. This happens when guys use certain hair products as well. The product keeps the shedding hairs in place, and it's not until they wash it that they seem them in their hands. And the longer you go without washing in instances like this, the more hairs you'll have in your hands when you do get around to washing it, with them having accumulated over a couple of days. If this happens, don't panic.
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    @Mick50 You hit the nail on the head. This form [in my humble opinion] should recommend surgeons, not an umbrella group. There's a reason some franchise stores do better than others (regardless of industry), it's the people who work there. If you don't know the quality of the work there [in that particular clinic/doctor], you cant, in good conscience, recommend it. I think this forum needs more specificity on Eugenix. I believe that there are some odd behaviors coming from Eugenix. I understand completely wanting to defend your HT clinic, but it seems that every time I see @Ashishmehta chime in on something, it's promo for his clinic. Very little contribution apart from that. I too get bad "vibes". I think it's tacky AF to be so tied to your clinic. I recognize the skill of other surgeons as well as other member's unique positions that make them favor one doc over the others. When you become a zealot for your clinic, you loose all credibility in my eyes. This forum is to help others get information, and make an informed decision THEMSELVES. I'd love to see more Eugenix recipients post ALL Eugenix HTs, with docs mentioned up front. Information is good for all parties. OPINION*** The one part I think I'm taking crazy pills for: why the fuck would any business name themselves Eugenix? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics It's literally what humanity used to sterilize and kill "undesirable" people. Holy fuck. This is what Nazis used as basis for their bastardization of Nietzsche for Ubermensch, and the Holocaust of Jews, gypsies, gays, cripples and other "lesser people". I'm not a business owner, but that name seems like it should have gone through some workshop to tweak. Sorry, on mobile, was going to link you to the top of this section [but can't format now...]. You raised good points: @TaranAdarsh
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    Excellent so far bow32 for 28 days. Maybe you might be in luck and have little or no shedding.......hopefully. Thanks for keeping us posted. ...........all the best for now.......... .................Paddy............. .
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    Spoke to dr hasson about 3 weeks ago and he told me that it’s a pretty even split now, 50% FUE 50% FUT. also have a look at this thread, frontal grafts were extracted and this was a repair with FUE
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    will be following! interested in what changed from thinking 1500 would be enough to 2300. Was his initial hairline way more conservative? I feel like even 2300 is low for that amount of area, but like you said, he has a way of working his magic. happy growing!
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    Thankyou. From day 10 I think it was undetectable for 99% of the population, with only maybe HT surgeons and patients being able to notice something . . in my case I seem to have been fortunate not to have any lingering redness etc. and the donor area combined with the growth of my hair was also undetectable from perhaps day 6. That being said, I'm planning for the shed and potential shock loss in the coming weeks to leave me looking considerably different to where I was before the procedure, in that case it will likely be noticeable for my friends, family and colleagues etc. Paddy, when I booked my procedure the clinic in Athens wasn't open, however it seems like a good option to have surgery with the doctor under a different pricing structure. I was mainly aware of two technicians who implanted the grafts for me in the afternoon, they have both been working with the Dr for over 10 years I believe, and one of them before that was working in a different clinic in Cyprus if I remember correctly . . they did all the graft placing. In terms of the equipment used etc. I left all that down to the doctors discretion, the way I see it is that we as patients can read up on 1000's of different arguments on Google surrounding whats best for this and whats best for that etc , however at the end of the day, these guys are the experts in their field, so if you are happy and confident with the choice of Dr you have made, you should equally be happy and confident in the decisions they make regarding your case - once that is, you are both on the same page after the initial consultation discussing what you are unhappy with, what your goals are, and they have done their analysis' in determining what is possible, ethical and the best course of action. All the best
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    I like you legend and supported you as well. But to support such an obvious scam is just … wrong. I do not want that unexperienced and desperate hair loss sufferers waste time (!) and money and such nonsense. If this device would be any good, the company could show a nice report in here or elsewhere. Or do you think there is no one with hairloss in the company? This is scam and the money back guarantee is the oldest trick in the world. Biotin is scam as well if you think it will stop your loss or regrow hair. There is FIN, MINOX and DUT. Maybe some minor effects with KET: End of story. Everything else will make you lose more time = lose more hair. And by the way: At least I was able to pay the clinic so they did not cancel on me 😉
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    hi all I recently read a few posts on here about density- specifically one by Melvin about whether or not it's possible to achieve "true density". I am just curious as to what an appropriate level of expectation should be when it comes to density. Personally I would never expect to come out of ANY hair restoration surgery with a completely thick scalp. But here's the thing: at 36, I wouldn't expect most of my peers to have a completely thick scalp either! even my best friend, who has the best head of hair out of anyone I know, is thinning a little on top. so EVEN IF a magic wand enabled me to have insane density like I had when i was 15, I would probably take a hard pass. because it just wouldn't look age appropriate. it's like... if you buy a vintage car, embrace that it's vintage. make it the best looking vintage car you can, rather than trying to turn it into a Tesla. any of this make sense?
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    Anyone who has spent a fair bit of time here will know the surgeon. This is the type of 'work' he is renowned for. It probably wont be a disaster but at the same time I'd put some money aside in a year's time as it may end up lacking a bit of density here or there and need some refinement. Just set it aside for now. I don't believe it to be cobblestoning. It's just dead skin that will eventually fall off.
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    Not many changes from the sixth month to this.. I hoped more density by this month.. When I touch with my fingers I can feel some new sprouts coming through.. do you think the density will improve considerably in the next 5 months?? 7 months https://imgur.com/a/3nKHnQQ
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    Realtytr, I am a little confused by your statement about why users post so quickly after the operation. From every post I've read on here most patients post with in a few hours/days of the operation. As it helps to recount the experience when it's fresh in your memory. I posted because I was so excited! This is a huge step for me and wanted to document my experience as it happens. Several years ago I started a thread and a blog post of my minoxidil experiment on the temples. You can also see that I created my account back in May 2010 and posted regularly...over 7 1/2 years ago! I will happily send my credit card receipt to the mods, showing that I paid for my operation if that would appease you? Even though I don't see the need to justify my experience, I'm willing to extend an olive branch here for you. I don't see where all the hate and negativity is coming from as you posted on another users thread about Dr. Cinik as well. Did you have a bad experience? If so please help shed some light so the forum can understand where this hostility is coming from? I can only speak from my experience that Dr. Cinik performed the operation and consultation on me. As to other people's experience, unfortunately I am not able to recount theirs, as my mind and soul only occupies this one body. I created this thread to document my experience (good or bad). I'm happy to keep responding to you regarding my results and have a civil conversation about my experience/regrowth, but if you continue to keep posing hate towards the thread and taking away the direction of the thread with your negativity and not discuss the results then I shall no longer respond to you. By all means, if my results don't come through to your expectations please chime in and I will do the same. That's the point of this forum, to get honest feedback about results and help others. I wish you all the best Sir with what ever is going on in your life and hope to continue talking about my results in the future with you.