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    Hello, I'm a 24 year old asian male and I started losing hair at a very early age. By the time I was 24, I already lost most of my hair and it was taking a big toll on my well being and confidence. I did 2500 grafts with Dr. Rahal and I couldn't be happier. Doing this hair transplant was life changing and this will be something I will never regret. It's been about 6 months since my hair transplant with Dr. Rahal and I have been very satisfied with my results so far. I was very hesitant to do this surgery at first but I wanted to thank my girlfriend for helping me take the leap of faith and doing hours of research to find the right doctor to get everything right. I couldn't have done it without her. The procedure with Dr. Rahal went very smoothly. The accommodations were great for recovering patients and the staff was professional and thorough. Unfortunately, my donor area is not very dense so getting the 2500 grafts was a struggle. There was not a lot of pain during the procedure but it was definitely a long day. The recovery process was rough and tedious the two weeks but it was definitely manageable. I would definitely recommend having someone help out during the recovery process because it would've been 10 times harder if I had to do it alone. After I was given the okay by the clinic, I started taking finasteride and using minoxidil. I haven't really experienced any side effects and I plan to continue the medication. When trying to decide whether or not to do the procedure, I found it very helpful to look at the results of people with similar hair loss so I'm going to try and return the favor and share some post and pre-op photos for any curious researchers out there. It's been 6 months so far and it seems like most of the grafts have grown out already but I'll continue to update each month until I hit that 1 year mark. Hopefully the results will be even better by then! Pre-op Few days post-op 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 4 Months 5 Months 6 Months 6 Months Let me know if anyone has any questions! I'll try to answer as best I can. Best, N
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    Hi Guys, So here I am after many years of research I have made my mind up to get my HT done from Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal at their Delhi Centre on 24th April. Apologies in advance I can’t keep this post short because I have been one of the silent readers on this forum for many years and now, I think it is time to share my experience with others. I know there are many people out there like me who are reluctant to travel to India from UK. I hope they get some inspiration and confidence from my post. It took me many years to make up my own mind to get my HT done in India there several factors like long travel time, cost and skills of doctors etc but now I feel there is one Centre out there in India which produces world class results within. I am saying this because I have spoken to lot of their patients in last one and half years and few of them have even posted their results here on this forum. I also know lot of celebrities got their HT done from Dr Pradeep some came out in open and shares their experience and some doesn’t want to for obvious reasons. I have known Dr Sethi and Dr Bansal for more than one and half year now. Spoken to them several times about my concerns and questions and they have my answered my question without getting frustrated. When I first started following them on their YouTube channel they were not even recommended here on this community at that time. I used to think if these guys are so good how come Bill and his team have missed it. I am glad Bill has found them and recommended here because this has given me some confidence that I was on right track and given us more options within India. Even after Eugenix got recommended I waited for their patients to post their results here before I finalized them because personally, I trust the results shared by patients more than posted by clinics. I have compared Eugenix results with other clinics within India and I don’t see any doctor producing FUE results which is equivalent to the results they are producing. Some can disagree with me, but this is my judgement. I have also seen results from doctor who are recommended here and produced some bad results, but I guess every doctor has produced bad results occasionally and it could be due to various reasons. Important notes to fellow HT candidates: Do your research contact the clinic speak to their patients and once you are confident then make up your mind because that is what I did. I have not found any negative results from Eugenix yet. Don’t be put off by negativity surrounded on forums. This is public forum where anybody can post anything about clinics. This happens lot in India because of competition. I did see one negative post from one forum member recently which has put doubts in my mind. I have just called Eugenix and clarified what has happened I am satisfied with their response. We should always hear stories from both sides. Guy who has posted these comments didn’t had surgery with Eugenix but decided to share someone else experience because he himself has chosen different surgeon. I don’t believe in justifying my reason why I have chosen Dr Pradeep Sethi I will post my results here and will do my results do the talking. I can also go on about other doctors and clinics and criticize them why I didn’t shortlist them for my own surgery but I don’t think it is ethical. If my results are not good, I am happy to take criticism and accept blame. I am not sure what was the motive behind him writing negative comments about other clinics. Anyways this post is not about him or others this post is about my own surgery. Little bit about myself Ethnicity: Indian Age: 35 Norwood Scale: 3 HT planned for frontal area Grafts recommended by Drs: 2500-3000 Surgery Date: 24th April 2019 I will try to post my update every month along with my pictures and will continue to share my experience about Eugenix and surgeons to keep this community up to date. Even though I feel I have made the right choice I am bit nervous that how my results will turn out because for doctors I am just another patient but for me it will be life changing experience. I will continue to post my update to help fellow candidates and I look forward to seeing your comments and feedback. Happy to answers questions about my experience after my surgery.Long way to go. Thank,
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    Thank you @Ashishmehta I have spoken to dr Pradeep regarding PRP and he said he will take care of that.
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    A few things here. I don’t know why people like to make patients worry so much so early for only 5months you are looking totally fine bud. everyone grows differently, stop obsessing, forget about it and check again at 10 months a couple things are playing against you here, first is that you are having a surgery where you already have hair, so it is harder to see the tiny blonde hairs sprouting second thing is this is a second surgery in the same area, so usually it grows a little slower. But even if that wasn’t the case you would still look fine. Just relax and sometimes it take 1.5 years to have the result. You are only at 5.5 months. Hairs only BEGIN to sprout at 4 months...
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    If you click on the images, it blows up and you can see it larger. Yeah, I have absolutely zero regrets. It's coming in nicely and I'm getting a couple of questions from closer friends asking what I did. Saying I look 10 years younger with it like this, etc... I honestly think because of the process and care Dr. Nadimi and her staff puts into the procedure, it has made such a great result. I've always been a really, really quick healer, so I think that helps too. But their process of taking care of the recipient site resulted in small scabbing and as I detailed earlier in this post, I followed the instructions pretty closely. I tried to get the scabs and crusting off as soon as I could. That obviously goes better when it's wet, so I'd lather up shampoo and lay the soap bubbles on it for like 20 minutes and then pour water over it out of my hand. I was doing that 1-2 times a week until I was allowed to massage my head. I see posts about people traveling to other countries to save a couple thousand dollars and the such. I could never imagine doing that. #1 if they screwed up, you'd have no recourse. #2 this is a big deal. If it's not done right, then you have to pay more to get it fixed, if possible. But paying 9k vs 5k is not a big enough difference to risk it. I would 100% recommend Dr. Nadimi. No questions. Her artistry is really good as everything is laying nicely, which I think is obviously what we're all after. Good luck all.
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    Also ... Please do not rush into getting a procedure. I understand the urgency to get it done; trust me, I do. However, it is far better in the "long term" to take your time now and make the best decision possible opposed to rushing into a procedure and being dissatisfied or spending more time and money (and irreplaceable donor follicles) to fix or augment things up the road. It is a common tale we see and something that you should do your best to avoid.
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    Spoke to dr hasson about 3 weeks ago and he told me that it’s a pretty even split now, 50% FUE 50% FUT. also have a look at this thread, frontal grafts were extracted and this was a repair with FUE
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    Sorry to hear you are not happy. I've never really been a fan of moving a hairline down so much but if someone want's it it done, I would only go to a top tier surgeon like a Konior or a H&W personally.