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    Check out 1978matt: recent crown work with great results!
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    I understand finasteride helps with stabilizing the crown but i refuse to rely/commit to a daily tablet that could give me sexual side effects. I’ve read too many horror stories on the negative effects. I rather just let the hair go and rebuild it all via surgery. Plus your genetics always win in the end and what’s meant to be will always happen so i also feel it’s not wise to ignore the fact that the crown will eventually be bald so i rather take the hope for the best but prepare for the worst approach.. why do you say it’s the most difficult to treat via surgery?
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    Haircut makes a big difference! Having uneven length hair makes it look worse than it it. Looks good for under six months.
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    You need at least 7000 grafts to get a decent result. I highly advise to have a FUT mega session with Dr. Muresanu at Hattingen Clinic (3.45€/graft). They have done 8000 grafts in one surgery. If you are dead set on FUE you should book Dr. Sethi at Eugenix (2.9€/graft for the premium package with Dr. Sethi involved in the whole surgery).
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    A slight improvement of temple points was in the plan that he drew up for me, so he doesn't seem opposed to doing them (however, being from the US, had to cancel my surgery in both March and July.) There's one example on his Instagram specifically showcasing the temple point work, and it's beautiful for a very non-straightforward looking case. Also, Lorenzo is regarded as a go-to doctor for temple points, so that's a decent sign as well. Rolandas, given that he wants to devote two days to your second surgery bc of potential popping issues, I wouldn't be shocked if you had some extra time and could top it off with temple work if things go smoothly (not saying that you need it, but if you were to request it.) I think it's one of those things most see as a luxury/icing on the cake once you're in good shape front to back and you have good donor. Also, thanks for sharing your experience PT#31. Will be following the thread
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    It's a very subjective question on a number of criteria. Regarding shock loss, No. of grafts extracted/implanted, Size of recipient zone Size of donor extraction zone Volume of hair in or around recipient zone, Quality of native hair (miniaturising or not) Patient physiology Surgeon skill level Arguably type of HT (FUT v FUE) the list goes on. Regarding 'Back to baseline' - thats largely dependant on the patients natural speed of hair growth. There is evidence that certain vitamins, PRP, LLT and minoxidil can help speed up growth and 'bring in results earlier' - however there are a few threads on here that I have seen where patients haven't shed, or shed very little without the use of any of these, and then patients who have been using the aforementioned products, who have grown at a more average rate. Have a look around cases that are similar to yours to get a rough idea - however IMO shock loss is very rare amongst quality surgeons, although it can happen. I would advise to just go with the flow during the ugly duckling phase and just accept that it is part of the process - trying to make good of a bad situation with things like toppik etc will likely impede growth and results, which is kind of defeating the purpose of under going surgery in the first instance.
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    @ruca2 Post-op month 5, eh? Congratulations, man. That’s the corner, right? Thanks for the encouraging words. I’ve been worried about messing it up with too much moisture, not enough moisture, washing too aggressively, accidentally turning on my side at night in bed, scratching an itch too close to the recipient, and on and on. Everything is yield. Gotta make sure these seeds sprout. I thought I’d be able to just forget about it and be surprised at 4-6 months by the growth, like “oh, that transplant I got back in August!”. I thought getting the surgery would be this turning point that ensured a great outcome x months down the line, and that this knowledge would be a comfort. Funny how I went to the best doc I could find to have that peace of mind, yet here I am stressing about these little things. Yeah, man. It is an emotional journey for sure.
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    Let me add my 10 Cents here. I was 63 (last year) when I decided to have a hair transplant - now I'm 64. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a person lacking self-esteem, I have a university education both graduate and post-graduate and am successful in my profession but it certainly bugged me every now and again that I was (going) bald, so I decided quite early on to look after the parts of my body that I could influence myself - this included fitness in the form of regular running and some weight training as well as paying attention to what I eat and what I wear and guess what, it worked fine and I was fitter, my body looked much better with some muscle definition and I felt better but nobody really noticed it (or at least nobody ever said anything). I did this mainly for myself but let's be honest, I also secretly hoped that others would think - he doesn't look that bad even if he doesn't have much hair ;-)) Instead, the comments were generally, "hey there mate" looks like you're losing your hair" - as if this was some kind of stigma and I hadn't noticed it - and, on top of that, the usual jokes about "you only have a certain amount of male Hormones so why waste them growing hair" and the "glad it's not Happening to me" comments. Of Course, These were my "friends" telling me this and not strangers I think it would have been much better of nobody had said anything at all! Just last week, two young women at my place of work actually commented (independently of each other) on my appearance, specifically, my hair style saying that I looked 20(!) years younger (OK, 10 years would have been sufficient for me ;-)). They only mentioned the hair style and I'm sure they didn't think that I'd had a hair transplant. That was just nice. I can only put this down to having more hair and a nicely-framed face now. Although my wife said to me that she didn't care whether I was bald or not, she did eventually say that having a HT was a big(!) improvement to my appearance but she felt that my overall demeanor and self-respect had improved as well. So there you have it - it does make difference in all respects! Cheers to all fellow apes!