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    I’ve had this suspicion because I’ve seen quite a few people drop off the face of the earth on this site when their results get to 7 or 8 months and look like there are yield issues. Maybe just a coincidence and they’re just out living their lives?, guess we won’t get confirmation if it’s true anyway. Those kind of threads can be annoying though and if it actually is down to that kinda tactic will skew the results and not allow prospective patients to make a decision based on informed consent.
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    Yep. It was a learning experience...heh. I'm mixing it with the castor and emu oils.
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    Unbelievable!!! What a result, congrats.
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    @Damifino That's awesome, makes me happy even if you're the only one! I would suggest to get on the derma roller as I think that has a big effect on my hairline specifically. I am 10 months in and still seeing progress.
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    @shookwon33 I'm happy with the recipient at this point and would be content if it didn't grow any more. I think the donor still looks pretty shitty on the right side. Not really sure how much this will improve as i'm already 6 months post op.
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    This is what you get when you go with a world class surgeon. No marketing, no technicians, no bullshit. I wish I could go back and use him for my previous surgery too. This forum needs to rethink who it recommends here.
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    First two were not with Bloxham. But thank you for your kind words, means alot!
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    My thread isn't exactly setting the world on fire but i figure i'll continue updating anyway. I'm approaching 3 months and i've started to see some notable growth. The latest pic in my album was taken this evening. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B135Uzl7VCpbDf
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    You only go to Armani to buy clothes, not to get more hair
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    Armani is a 21st century butcher. If Armani was just lowering hairlines and densepacking (lol...) on young guys I'd appoint him to sainthood of the follicle. I might even go to him. Yet, Armani's legacy is *not* doing this..... What he *is* doing, however, is magnified by these comical surgical prognoses of his: Armani takes power-tools to your donor while destroying untold amounts of priceless donor while you pay a premium for this and the heinous yield on your grafts. The words "densepack" and "Armani" are a twisted oxymoron, and "densepack" is the (hollow) codeword that he to this day makes him his bread n' butter by seducing young kids who want it all and think they will be getting it. Make no mistake about it, however, you would get more lush locks gluing strands from Troll dolls to your head than by getting an Armani "densepack". Armani does what he does because he lacks the skills, talent, and professionalism to do otherwise. This alone would be bad enough to make him a 21st century butcher. His cherry on top is to leave you with the remnants of a poor, low hairline; low enough and noticeable enough that along with your now decimated donor, you're stuck in a futile pursuit of trying to play catch-up if you can even afford to do so. And over the backdrop of what invariably will be your extraordinarily depressed, angry and confused state, will be a nice harem of Armani shills and legal scum being thrown at you.
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    Brandnew, Absolutely, it would be absurd to suggest he manages to cover up all bad patients using legal threats. The fact that so many victims manages to post their results openly is testiment to this. Chanyouzhe is the latest one: http://hair-restoration-info.c...66060861/m/181103493 Pats205(Eric), You should somehow respond to chanyouzhe emails. The poor guy's got a horrendous result and you guys are totally ignoring him. Your job title is patients care, its the least you can do.
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    low class move by pats205 who represents Armani(terribly, i might add)???...... yes is it at all suprising??.... not at all is it the WORST or most destructive thing pats has done to a hairloss sufferer???....... not by a long shot... stingray--- good to see you still around any idea what the future holds for you, in terms of potential future hts.. sorry if youve said so and i missed it... ive been away
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    Wow, how did I not see this thread before? I cannot believe that Eric would throw out the details of Jonrctim's medical condition like that. Absolutely classless. And, to make matters worse, you spelled "chemotherapy" in caps six times! We get it, you're trying to deflect any and all blame for a poor result by telling us that Jonrctim had special circumstances. Did you really feel that caps lock was the best way to convey that message?
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    hi I had a small session at Armani in 2002, this was before they move to the location on Bay Street. Frankly I can't say I was satisified. Two things were questionable ??“ 1) while he was taking out grafts he let another "doctor" take over. I ask him why and he says he's a very experienced surgeon. That's not comforting at all ??“ I have absolutely no idea who he was and I was not told beforehand - I believe I was "practice time" for this doc. 2) towards the end, I had grafts left in the fridge but Armani said I was done. While he was out of the room the assistant said there was more in the fridge they'll try to get as much done as possible before Armani comes back. Take number 2 with a pinch of salt as I could not verify if it was true, I could only infer. I had 800 grafts done but it doesn't look like 800 on my head. The hairline was nice, I just didn't appreciate the handling. I just learned about this site as I'm doing research for my next set of transplant. I found this site and have heard some really bad vibes about Armani. So I've decided to share my bit.
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    When Armani did strictly strip surgery and did patients himself he was respectable, probably on par with Hasson & Wong or Dr. Alexander, when he switched over to the highly overrated FUE he turned into a money pit, he falsely uses results achieved via strip surgery as examples of FUE. He is overpriced and is known to over do dense packing, likely an effort to charge more and to compensate for a less than desirable result from FUE. FUE can really tear up a donor area if done incorrectly and it never achieves the density of strip in one procedure. Armani is a rich man's Bosley, sexy sales pitch, groomed pitchmen whom he did STRIP on, trumped up prices from an average doctor that depletes your donor area. He preys off young men with minor hair loss. Notice none of his photos of clients show long term results, only youthful ones, meaning he mainly fills in maturing hairlines in norwood 2 and 3.
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    Armani sues all his patients that threaten to go public with horrible results . From what Ive heard hes currently suing several guys that have requested their money back. I know that this site has steered alot of guys away from him and it needs to continue. STAY AWAY FROM ANTONIO ARMANI!!!!!!!! You have a good chance of your life being destroyed . Not only is he a horrible fue surgeon but hes very sneaky and downright evil. I say evil because what doctor sues his own patients after he ruins their life He also still does strip secretly on patients with failed fue.
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    I'm a victim. Dont believe what you see on his web-site is what you'll get, trust me!!! I had a procedure in Oct 07 and i'm positive i didn't get as many grafts as agreed, plus the result was nothing short of terrible. I was meant to have my procedure on a day that turned out to be a Candadian Bank Holiday and i turned up at the clinic and it was closed. I had travelled all the way from the UK!!! I was 'fitted' in the next day and the whole experience was horrible. There is no personal touch to what he does and i honestly believe its money first. I contacted the surgery to let them know i wasn't happy with the results and i got NOWHERE. I had my procedure on the same day as another guy from the UK who i have kept in-touch with. He too did not acheive a good result. Coincidence, i think not!! I had a second HT in March 09 with Dr Feller and the difference was night and day. Dr Feller is genuinely interested in you as a patient and what your going through regarding losing your hair. I fully believe he is results driven and of course he'll tell you himself the money is good but its not what he's all about. I'm 3 months and nine days post-op and you can't see the scar with my hair at grade 4 and i'm experiencing early growth. By the way, when i went to Dr Armani for my first HT i was told he was no longer offering the FUT and it was all FUE, which granted is his choice but for the customer makes the whole thing much more expensive .... All about the money. Everything i have written is FACT.
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    Armani is an incompetent surgery who runs a scumbag chain of hair clinics; his results suck, he charges a ton of money, and his ethics are borderline if not out-and-out criminal. Back in ancient times he was a pretty talented surgeon, but that is in the rear-view mirror, a part of ancient history, and pretty inconsequential. IMO, of course. Rayne, you still considering a HT? Who are you narrowing your search down to?
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    Lately, I have been seeing many recent cases from Koray Erdogan's clinic that have low density and unsatisfactory hairline but I have remained positive until the end. Now after one year, the density in my hairline is much lower than what I expected and than what they had guaranteed, at least 90% growth of 48 grafts transplanted per square centimetre, which is at the very least 44 grafts per square centimetre. I only had the front done, what you can see in the photos, because I have a lot of hair elsewhere. Also, my hair calibre is the same everywhere, 61 microns, which is slightly above average (55). I will contact the doctor about my results.