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    Thank you @paddyirishman for the kind words really means a lot!
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    @Portugal25 Congratulations very nice progress to date. You are very early on your journey especially as it takes longer for the crown area to show the illusion of density , you are doing really well, and you have a plenty of time yet. Continued good growth. Paddy
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    hello @Portugal25 it is not as you say and that is that the right part proceeds better than the left part, it is just that you combed it so that the right is more covered by the length of the hair. Since Pekiner did a good job, but keep in mind that he used the 1888 beard graft and as you know very well those grafts all come from one hair, so a lot of coverage they won't give it. You will definitely improve a lot and you will certainly be better than the pre, but it always depends on expectations, so using Toppik or thinking about another HT will only depend on what you want.