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    Your destiny looks to be a class 6 if you do nothing about it. I am guessing you have family history of hair loss and he/they have very advanced patterns. That being said, I would be one to add laser and PRP to the mix. This combination of modalities can help reverse the miniaturization of the native hair you seem to be experiencing. Continue Rogaine and give this 6-12 months. Second thing I suggest you do is start looking at people and the way they lose hair. Particularly those similar to a class 6. Eventually, whatever you decide, you do want to look pattern appropriate. Lastly, you do need hair for Toppik to work best. The fibers need something to adhere to. For now, give medical therapy a chance and wait. But decide soon. Hair that's lost is hair that's not returning. Oh, why not SMP? It will help lessen the contrast, you'll look fuller and may not need to use Toppik at all. Do some research.
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    You still have a lot of hair. Your hair will never look as good as it does with Toppik, with hair transplants alone. Are you okay with this? If not, my advice would be to not go for a hair transplant.
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    Hello everyone, just an update. I've been to another doctor, we examined my hair scalp with a trichoscope. There are quite a few hairs close to "full miniaturization" on my bald area and, according to the doctor, those can be saved with the proper treatment (Propecia, rogaine and some vitamins). Also, he evaluated my donor area as 5.5/10 (very different from what the other doctor (who acted as salesman) told me). Therefore, I got back on meds and will wait a year before considering a hair transplant again. I'm so thankful for this forum because it provided me so much information that I was able to "judge" what doctors were telling me. If it wasn't for this forum, I could've gotten a premature hair transplant. Research, research and research. Kind regards, Arthur Passos.
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    Should you name the clinic, because either way, if it is a success people should know, and if it is a failure people should know. Try to post without agenda, simply share your experience and allow the community to make the judgement. This way you're not necessarily naming and shaming, you're simply sharing your genuine experience.
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    "Hair loss has destroyed countless lives, families" Never saw a family destroyed just because someone was losing his hair. Holy shit, try to be a serious. Cancer destroy lives and family, not hair loss.
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    No offend, but this is the greatest bull-shit preudoscientific statement ever heard. I do not care if you take 100mg fina/daily and not trying to convince you that your decisions are bad. @Abi28 tried to explain why you are wrong but he just lost his time. I just care that many young people come here to get informed and your post can be harmful for many guys. DHT is involved in neuro-hormeones transmission, tightness of skin, water retention, brain function etc All the hormones in your body are directly or indirectly connected each other. 5 AR is not an on/off switch for DHT only because, when DHT declines, other hormones get involved (get bored to go into details of long and short hormonal feedback, but thrust me). By the other way, to prove how meaningless is your statement, it is enough to say that all the "bad" things related to DHT are not sign of old age in any sense. Have you ever thought that ance, hair lose hair etc. start when you are in your late teen?
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    Hi Adam, Your results are amazing thus far! It is great to view your progress. I also had my hair transplant completed by Dr. De Freitas last year in May. It was the best decision I have made! I will be posting pictures and updates in the coming weeks. And likewise to everyone here, please feel free to ask any questions. Congrats again on the stellar results and ones that await!
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    Guys an extremely high percent of doctors and clinics use their best possible patient photos to present to online hair loss communities, their respective web-sites, really anywhere they can to preview and promote their work and results...I mean, who would not do that right? But also keep in mind some of the beneficial side of things for patients in need of dire repair who need some concrete examples of other repair cases similar to theirs...and the more examples they can retrieve, the better...let's not forget about them!😄
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    Costco online pharmacy. $19 for a 3 month supply. And you can get the 1mg Finasteride to avoid having to quarter.
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    Your donor is impossible to judge based on wet hair. You need to show us your hair when it is dry. Also, at 22 I would strongly suggest against a hair transplant. Instead, you should focus on trying to maintain the hair you have. While your are very thin, you still have a lot of hair left. You can save a lot of that hair.