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    9 Month Update: Hey Fellas. So tomorrow is the 9 month mark since the two day FUE procedure back in December. As you can see below, difference is night and day. In response to some requests above I’ve taken several pictures in harsh lighting with wet hair straight out of the shower to really give you an unaided view. First pic is pre-op. Photos numbered 1-8 were taken this morning under very harsh bathroom lights, with both wet and dry hair. Photos numbered 9-11 were taken in more realistic natural lighting. The only thing I’ve really noticed is that hair in my hands when shampooing is shedding at a pretty consistent rate. I think most of it is from the non-transplanted areas, but I have to wonder if I was responding better to the pill form of finestride than I am the topical. I’ve been on the topical form of finestride now for about two months, which corresponds with when the level of shedding increased. I may return to the pill after I’m done with this round of the topical. The transplanted hair consistency remains a bit curly, frizzy, and kinked, but as it gets longer it’s starting to lie better. I shampoo and condition it daily with a biotin-vitamin blend, which I think is still helping. I’m looking forward to the hair getting longer because it will require less product than I’m currently using to keep it styled. I can’t imagine the styling gunk helps the hair health, but without it right now the hair just gets to frizzy. I find it doesn’t get naturally oily like it used to if I don’t shampoo for several days. The hair just seems drier. Although as the hair gets longer it will naturally appear more thin, so there’s the trade off I guess. All in all though, I’m still super pleased with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers.
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    12 month update my fellow hairloss sufferers someone told me 12 months ago that there will be a lot of puss and downs and they were right. It was a daunting journey. i receive nothing but positive comments from colleagues about my hair, and people who don’t know I’ve had a hair transplant think I’m a teenager when I’m actually in my early thirties . I have posted photos below under direct bathroom light with hair lifted upwards , in the same lighting with hair combed sideways , some more outside, and then a couple in the car. I have finished it off with a photo of where I started. The clinic has had a load of positive reviews on here, and there were a few negative reviews too which increased after I had my surgery which made it quite nerve racking especially around the 6-7 month mark. My 6 month photos will also be at the bottom of this post . I think my hair improved a fair bit since 6 months , and I now have styled my hair longer on top to make it look thicker . i have my self esteem, confidence and hair back. THANK YOU ASMED TEAM AND DR ERDOGAN