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    If Dr Cinik is recommended, people are going to think the clinic as a whole is recommended. This will happen, we know it will happen, we shouldn't pretend it won't. Realistically, people are not going to read the fine print of what a recommendation entails and what the demarcation is. When @Bill - Managing Publisher first posted this thread, he posted incorrect info about Cinik and DHI (which has since been edited). Bill failed to fully understand the ins-and-outs of the clinic and the doctor's role based on his communication with them. So already we've had someone (not a naieve noob) struggle to fully grasp the doctors role in this clinic. The question is what is more important for this site - finances or posting clear recommendations for users that don't involve reading fine print ( we recommend this doctor, but not the clinic he runs, and only one of the 3 packages they offer, and don't make the same mistake we did about his role in DHI 😬).
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    I guess you want to get back to your pic of a few years ago. But you won’t. You can get part of the way back. You can certainly get the temples filled in and reinforce the hairline and it can look very good to excellent by today’s standards. And everyone on this board will call it a home run and it will be. However, the hair that goes in the temples will be much coarser than what was in there before. And it will be sparser than before. And the hairline will be slightly different and the angles of the hair may be slightly different as well. So it won’t look the same as before to you. All those things will be true even with a home run result from a top surgeon. People with a lot of loss accept all those things but it’s harder to accept when your starting position is so good. So it’s best to wait for a hair transplant until you really need it.
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    Price depends on the type of procedure, I think strip is pretty much affordable all over North America. Many of our doctors lower their prices per graft past 2,500 grafts. The best way to compare prices is to submit online consultations to the doctors that impress you the most. Submitting a consultation online is simple, just submit some photos and you will hear back from the clinics within 24-48 hours. This is also a great way to know for sure how many grafts you need, because you may think you need 2,500 but in reality require 3,500. Our Recommendations
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    Progress looks good, as does your hair quality and donor area!
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    Hi, Good on you for deciding to pull the trigger! When I was doing my research prior to my surgery, I liked Dr Rahal’s work, he’s a top doc, but I ultimately decided to go overseas. If you are in the US then in my opinion price & results wise, he looks like a good choice since he’s a top surgeon and exchange rate from the US to Canada is very favorable, I believe $4.50/graft but I’m not 100% sure, compared to the elite US docs that charge $6-10/graft, if it fits within your budget of course. Good luck!
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    @Bill - Managing Publisher - the opening post still incorrectly says Dr Cinik performs DHI. He doesn't. Could you please correct this? Could you also confirm that the Dr Cinik was involved in the surgery in all the threads you linked to as examples of his work?
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    When I used the phrase "fine print", it was in relation to recommendations from this site - that a recommendation for a doctor isn't a recommendation for that doctor's clinic. I don't have any issue with Cinik's site, although Bill seemed to have some difficulties understanding the package differences and how Cinik operates. Oddly, the opening post in this thread still devotes an entire paragraph to outlining the DHI method - which Cinik has no involvement with. If the recommendation is for the doctor and not the clinic, why is space given to detailing the clinic's 'tech only' procedure?
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    I find myself agreeing very much with Bill on the issue. I realise that I'm well educated and someone who enjoys researching for big ticket purchases, but if someone can't read the package details saying the surgeon isn't involved then I really don't see how they could blame anyone but themselves when the recommendation is clearly for Cinik and no the clinic. I also don't see any evidence that Bill misunderstood anything other than that Cinik wasn't involved in the surgical aspects of the DHI method. I genuinely don't understand the point, this website would recommend Cinik, if someone decides to get a procedure at the clinic and chooses a package where Cinik doesn't involve himself in any of the surgery, then what is the problem and how could they blame this on the forums recommendation? In what world does one assume people don't even read the major details (its not fine print) relating to a procedure when going to Turkey and spending thousands on surgery? This just seems totally outrageous to me. The other fact is that if anyone has seen the significant amount of Cinik results across various forums (there is a huge number) they'd know that he is above average as an FUE surgeon than the majority of surgeons recommended here. He would absolutely not lower the standards of the website. In fact he'd undeniably be a fantastic option for people on a very tight budget that still feel they cannot deal with their hairloss situation and likely would help a significant number of these people who are trying to wade through the cheap options in Turkey. Better they're led to a genuine clinic that has a track record of good results. I also find it wrong that no one here is focusing on results (again there are a huge number particularly on the international forum) but rather the "muh techs brah" meme which is truly meaningless and says virtually nothing about consistency or quality of the results. It also annoys me that some people are suggesting there could be huge issues arising out of this, well I've seen plenty of major NA surgeons have periods where literally 50% of their results turned out terrible and they weren't getting 1/5th of the patient posted results of Cinik, absolutely no one cares. Its so agitating the way people just ignore the risks or potential failures in hair transplant surgery from NA clinics but for a cheap Turkish clinic they act like a single bad result is the end of the world, that or ignore statistics and focus on raw numbers of bad results they can find. I feel confident saying this because I've seen enough of his results to know that Cinik is doing better work than the average FUE procedure even from recommended American clinics on this site. I've also looked at the website, they're only using using the logos of various international boards and HT societies on the package in which Cinik is involved in and clearly aren't trying to hide or mislead on this so am sure they won't emphasise the HTN recommendation anywhere other than the package Cinik is involved in either. Ultimately I think a signifcant number of people will benefit from the recommendation. There are plenty of top-tier clinics for the wealthy or frivolous, work coming out of Ciniks clinic is above average even on this website and at the cheapest prices on the site gives a lot of people who couldn't have afforded a top-end clinic a safe option.
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    this is gonna be a great result. i’m super impressed with how your donor looks post op and even now
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    this forum should really start considering recommending clinics rather than doctors. Especially when it is obvious the doctor is not involved in easily half of the procedure and only "monitors" and "supervises". LOL. what does that even mean? "ahhhh yes Lisa good extractions". "guys dont go over 4000 grafts". "ahhh yes they're implanting now. I'll head back to my office". I realize that a lot of doctors use techs. That is not my argument. My argument is to recommend the company/clinic/staff at an establishment rather than the doctor. You really think if a doctor only makes incisions and "supervises" and then leaves a clinic and another doctor replaces him, his incisions are going to significantly alter the results and reputations?
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    You can check out my info & progress here:
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    Donor area day 4. This was my first attempt at washing the head myself (previously went to clinic each day for wash of donor area), and the first day that I was instructed to clean the recipient area. It was pretty awkward figuring out the best way to do this solo, but washing the donor area was fairly straightforward. For the recipient, I had to use a cup of cold/lukewarm water and just pour over the head, and then use a medical sponge to lather up some of the "graftcyte" shampoo provided by the office and squeeze it so the lather gets all over the grafts. I let the soap sit on the recipient sites for about a minute or two, then used a cup to rinse off. Not sure if I did it correctly but I didn't see any grafts come out in the water, although my recipient area still looks fairly the same, just a little less crusty. Leaving the hair on my crown long has made the cleaning of the recipient area a bit tricky.
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    I do not want to worry anyone don’t listen to me it looks like your hair is filling out nicely in these pictures still have a couple more months the hairline looks strong I was just a bit concerned about the patches at the back
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    That’s great, there has been a lot of negative things being spewed about ASMED latley. However, they have continued to show a legitimate desire to do their best and stand by their work. I have no doubt that you will end up thrilled. Keep us updated.
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    The crown doesn't look bad. Maybe just go for the 1000 in the front via FUE.
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    Hey guys, just a quick update on the situation. I have shared this thread with my contact at ASMED and have been offered a touch up on the frontal area free of charge, this May or April. The number of grafts are to be determined on inspection but I will definitely take this offer up. I'm really happy about this because I really didn't' think anything would come of it. This to me really shows that they not only take pride in their results but genuinely care about their customers. Hi Mick, I am currently at 13 months. I have been updating since 7.
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    You won't see decent results until about 11 months and you'll never notice new hairs popping up. I surely didn't so don't waste your time in the mirror counting specs. One day you just kinda look at yourself in the mirror and notice it's looking better. Despite my posts I'm not upset about the hair that's grown, please don't take my tone through this thread as an unappreciative and regretful guy. It's not the case at all! There's no doubt that I'm in a much better position than I was. This is all just a matter of what should be. Plus your results will be different. The regrwoth stage is the worst and a lot of doubt is going to kick in but don't add to it. Be patient and see. It's all good man! You've taken the right steps into fixing your problem so take a breather and loosen up!
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