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    I don’t understand why we have to pretend there’s hope for this poor guy following 7 months. Yes, there may be additional growth and thickening. Will it be satisfactory? Absolutely not. Let’s please stop with the sunshine pumping and be real with people so they can address the issue sooner than later.
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    Pelodinero, How you present yourself on this forum and interact with physicians and other members is cause for concern. No two patients are the same, there are several variables to hair restoration, hair shaft diameter is one of the most if not the most important aspect to the overall cosmetic outcome of a procedure and it's obvious this patient has extremely fine hair. With that said, I agree this result is not jaw dropping, but you already posted one negative comment about the result, fair enough you didn't think it was a good result. However, you continue to be demeaning and have an overall toxic attitude. You have had a hair transplant yourself, but you have never posted a picture of your results, I am sure you wouldn't like it if someone continuously put down your result not once, not twice, but three times. I have already warned you previously and it seems you can't help yourself. Every result is attached to a person and you never know if that patient visits our forum. Every single person here is a hair loss sufferer and knows how difficult it is to deal with someone putting you down, this will be my second warning, a third time and I will be forced to suspend your posting privileges indefinitely. It's clear the patient could improve further, but it is also clear that his appearance has improved and he now has a frame to his face. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion on the result, good or bad, but guys let's be respectful. Warm regards- Melvin
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    Oh yeah...I was 64. Had my 2nd at 66. I had a Heart Attack at 65. Off year, ya know. There is no excuse needed for wanting to look better at any age. I feel stronger, sing better, and have great plans for my 70's. Guys who say they want to look good now and won't care when they hit 50 need to hit 50. Then we'll talk!
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    Hello fellow follicularly challenged forum members, Im creating this thread, because managing our expectations is as important as selecting a good surgeon. This forum was created by patients and for patients. After 3 surgeries, I find myself wanting more, but at what point do we have diminishing returns? We want just one more strip or one more FUE that can severely compromise our donor and scalp, in most cases for a small touch up or added density. We mustn’t lose sight of where we came and how far we’ve come. Unfortunately, surgery has its limitations and until hair cloning is an option, we have to accept that our donor hair is finite. We will never get back the hair we once had as teenagers, but we can get back the “illusion”. I for one am grateful for the results I’ve been able to achieve. Do I have a perfect head of hair? Absolutely not, but is it a huge improvement from what I had? Absolutely.
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    It is ironic yet true that when provocative topics are raised - we tend to get answers. Do you really think Dr. Erdogan would have EVER bothered to come here on the board and give his explanation of tech training at his facility if there wasn't a real reason to do so? Frankly, he should have a section about that on his website - since he's such the promoter, eh? Yet we only get a personal long explanation when enough doubt or noise was created. Let me tell you something; my entire extended family is in the healthcare industry (doctors/pharmacists/physician assistants/nurses) and I can tell you with absolute certainty they are just like anyone else. Certainly nothing more but often much less than the rest of the masses. Yea, they are usually very intelligent and take tests well - that's not everything. Bedside manner is relevant too - and truly wanting to heal. Plastic surgeons usually don't go into their field 'cause it's a 'calling' - it's detailed and demanding but very lucrative. Now, to the point. There are so many doctor's that are challenged on this website and we never get a clear answer. Oh, it will mess up my refund, I don't want to out my doctor, blah blah blah. Most of them have a rep on this board or I can guarantee you someone on their staff looking for mention's of their name on this forum. What do we normally get? An echo chamber and then mods begging for more info so they can open a dialogue with the doctor. I'd like to hear more about that. Website gets paid big bucks from doctor's and then I see alot of half-assed excuses about resolution. I often wonder what the story is behind the scenes (outside of the website mission statement). Case in point. I bet at least the vast majority of doctor's aren't showing the required work on this website they are supposed to be accountable for. Oh, but the moderator didn't keep up on that for the last 6 months - 'cause hey, I'm getting paid and I have to moderate all these posts and keep replies on topic. Doctor's should be required to interact on at least a limited basis here in order to stay recommended. In fact I saw a couple very nice/detailed and informative replies from Dr. Bhatti today - thank you doctor for your insight to a regular poster(s). I realize doctor's are busy but surely they can step up and reply to at least the most interesting questions on this forum. Many do, more need to do so. It's called good standard of care. Perhaps I'm most disappointed in newbies who don't use the search function and spend REAL time studying and reading months and months (years and years) of QUALITY and in-depth threads before they come on here and ask the same uninformed questions. It would be better to charge an initial small registration fee to post in order keep out utterly clueless that don't bother to really approach major surgery investigation with the respect it deserves. But what do I know? The majority in here are into hair porn and can't emotionally handle going bald as nature intended; it's flaccid and weak & I have no bloody use for it. Yet, here I am posting like an idiot!! ; )
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    Look, you need to chill out! You are judging your result at 5 months like your transplant has failed. You are not being respectful to ASMED and giving your transplant and body the time it needs to recover and flourish. You have a long journey ahead of you and you are making it a very stressful and unpleasant time for yourself. I'm not interested in bitching about ASMED because my transplant has not finished growing in yet. I'm going to continue doing what I have been doing, enjoying my life and not stress about it. Life is too short and there is too much fun to be had out there. I suggest you do the same
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    Honestly, after reading your posts I don’t think you’re a suitable candidate. Hair restoration is limited and will not replace hair for hair. The donor is finite and most individuals need to style their hair in a way that maximizes their results, obviously buzzing your head will diminish the results because the hairline will be far more exposed and the contrast further highlighted. I doubt you will be happy with hair restoration, based off your replies, it seems you expect full density in all situations with all hair styles, that’s not a realistic approach. Furthermore, hair loss is progressive so even a dense result like the one you want wont be as dense forever as you continue to lose hair. In my opinion, you should either consider smp and keep your hair shaved or a hair system, the only true way to have complete and total juvenile density is through a hair system. Important thread for anyone reading out there, regardless of the surgeon skill or experience if your expectations are not based in reality you’ll never be happy. Warm regards- Melvin
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    Guys, In order to keep this environment fair, we must remain respectful, please keep the insults off this board. While we are free to voice our opinions about a certain result. Always remember that result is attached to a person, how would any of you feel if your results were being insulted? Yes, the doctor is posting on a public forum and is opening himself to scrutiny, but you never know id the patient frequents this forum. A simple “inadequate density” or “unsatisfactory result” response would suffice. Pelodinero, I have received a complaint from another member about you being negative and insulting, so this will be my warning to you. If I receive any further complaints I will be forced to suspend your posting privileges. We’re all adults here, lets treat eachother with respect. If you don’t like the results that’s fine, if you don’t believe in Artas that’s also fine, but lets stay objective and non-insulting. Warm regards- Melvin
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    Rahal just recently quoted me $6 a FUE graft for the first 2500 and $4.25 a graft for any grafts over the 2500 and that includes all future grafts and yes this definitely is in Canadian dollars as they stressed the point that the USD to CAN exchange right now will save me some serious dollars
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    I think, based on the loss of density, your pattern will spread. You seem to have decent amount of donor hair with a certain texture that may help create natural hairlines if done properly. In it’s current state, you may be looking at a number of around at least 3000 grafts for front to back, but it can be quite risky at the moment as you have some native hairs that are weaker in the thinning areas. Even if you get a procedure, you will risk shockloss that may or may not return in these zones. That means that your current native hairs can also die in the process and you may not look like you had any progress a year later or possibly worse. are you on any meds? Rogaine and finasteride? If not, they may help regain some hairs and thicken existing hairs to help you avoid possible further recession. Due to the higher risk involved, it may be worthwhile to wait and see if you shed more hair, the less native hair in the zone where thinning is evident, the better it may be for a higher yielding procedure. It is really a tough decision to make. Aside from graft counts, you want to see if any doctor can do a density test in your donor. The number of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s 4’s etc hair grafts will play a big part in the outcome of density achieved. By looking at your side view pics and top scalp pics, the pattern looks somewhat diffuse. Based on the caliber and strength of your donor hair, you may or may not be a candidate for FUE, but rather FUT or vice versa. Best of luck with everything and I really hope your ultimate goals are addressed. I’d get a few free consults from docs to see what each doc says. Wish you the best.
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    I saw an email come in with a post asking why Dr. Yaman Has not provided an exclamation yet publicly but I can’t seem to find the post. That said, I do want you all to know that I have spoken with the surgeon about this case and he did provide me with a detailed explanation. I could copy and paste it here however, he said he was going to provide the explanation himself over the next couple of days so I figured it would be better coming directly from him then simply having me copy and paste what he sent. So please standby as the surgeon will be responding with an explanation. Best wishes, Bill
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    It doesn't actually look too bad from this angle, considering that the growth looks fairly even I think it could still improve hugely. I know you're a week behind 6 months but here's my 5 month, doesn't look much better: 9 months - final result:
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    Barbaric? What are you talking about? Have you ever seen a C-section before? Or maybe Open heart surgery? Brain surgery to cut out tumors? If you think an elective FUT strip procedure is barbaric, then I wonder what you think of the others I mentioned. What about LASIK where they cut a flap in your eyeball, lift it, and then zap away at your eyeball using a laser. Get real man, FUT is nowhere near barbaric. Is it gruesome, sure, but it works with minimal risk of any king of injury or complication, and there are plenty of more gruesome medical procedure. Calling this form of modern medicane that transforms the lives of many men for the better is extremely disrespectful to the surgeons out there who make it happen.
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    Why are you all so aggresive in this thread even though we are 99 % aligned? Everyone agrees on the following: - Konior is great - FUT has better yield in average than FUE - We do not have great data to quantifiy the difference between FUT/FUE, especially not much published - Beehner Studies are poor My comment is not stupid, it is simple math. Some guys mentioned they check the results of different clinics to create a failure-% and use this % as a guideline. I just said: Be carefull with %-values if there is a small sample size. Not more, not less. How long someone is working in the field actually has nth. to do with it. It just depends on the # of results posted online. Konior himself said in this very forum that everyclinic including himself has below par results.
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    This is a very interesting question and I congratulate for your keen sense of observation. That boundary zone can be treated in accordance with two philosophies : the first is the "prudent", the most orthodox, taught everywhere and which consists in leaving one or two centimetres not exploited between the donor and recipient areas. There are two main reasons to act in this way : to not use hair potentially unstable and, furthermore, to not create scars in a zone potentially balding. This modus operandi presents however a big inconvenient, mostly when performing a second (or further) FUE : in fact, it creates a no man's land between the donor and recipient areas having an original density - which is often ungraceful, especially when the patient wears his hair very short - that resembles a halo all around the skull, often called fringe. The second philosophy, which I tend to apply when the patient wears his hair very short and/or it is about a second (or further) surgery, consists in ending the extraction in a progressive way, approaching the recipient area as much as possible. Obviously, it is difficult to be certain about the boundaries between the donor and recipient areas. However, at worst, we will have transferred a limited amount of unstable grafts. In this specific case, we were practically obliged because of the patient's safe donor limitations (more than 5000 FUE grafts already extracted). I never had the need to treat a scarring issue in that area but, if it happened, it would be simple to solve by transplanting some hairs taken from the lower area. Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. Medrol was prescribed to this patient.
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    Thanks Newhair and Literalno. I will give it a shot for you Literalno haha Temple points blend in completely naturally in all situations. I get comments about how well I am looking but no one has had the courage to mention the hair specifically yet lol. For me, and I'm sure many others, self image is why we pursue hair surgery - the new frame to my face has completely changed the way I look, I actually look ten years younger and in turn feel it. The new confidence has enhanced my professional life in terms of networking and motivation. Personally, the list is long but ultimately it's that inner contentment which allows me to enjoy life to the maximum and fulfil my potential. Although I have done well in life so far, hairloss has held me back and I have missed many opportunities as a result. Now the chains are off after around 13 years of battling and I can begin again feeling limitless, and man am I gonna smash it!
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    @HairsHopingis only about 7 days out from his procedure. Give him the time to heal. Putting negative comments out there doesn't help him nor will it inspire him or others to post. What's done is done so be supportive of the patient. Everyone who has had a procedure typically has a roller coaster of emotions.. did I go to the right doctor..did I get enough grafts.. did I sleep the right way.. am I taking enough precautions.. the list is endless. Most patients won't find support from knowledgeable ppl in their real lives so they come here for support. So as members on this board, give him the support he needs now and the support he will need over the months to come.
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    Hey hairshoping .. thanks for sharing ur ht journey. I’m sure u n ur doctor discussed a game plan for u.. the graft count is low for a high Norwood .. but hey u already said there’s potential for a future transplant next year, to add density n address and maybe address the crown also .. - n also what gas was saying wasn’t too negative or anything , he had good intentions .. it just made the op feel uncomfortable, he just had surgery , last thing he wants is to second guess his doctor .. keep us updated on ur progress.. thanks
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    Pelodinero, I have received complaints from other members (not the doctor), you come off as very demeaning and frankly, if others are complaining it’s my duty to moderate. If you want to continue posting, please be respectful. Asking a viable question is different than making a blanket statement like “shame on doctors who pedal this” how does a statement like this benefit anyone? Not only are you being demeaning you’re not asking any valid questions. Take a look at lukeyb6187 comments, he asked valid questions and remained respectful. We should conduct ourselves as adults and ask important questions that will garner responses, being abrasive and demeaning does not garner responses.
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    Great hair. The first bald pic is Travolta's face photoshopped on James Gandolfini's body. Travolta isn't quite that bald or overweight.
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    I agree in to be fair to Dr Yaman the poster needs to conform date time etc ,but if this is a genuine case, I find it incredible that Melvin implies that possibly realistic expectations could be a reason for Hussein's dissatisfaction ,I had 4200 FUE grafts and my balding NW 5 is just about covered, .Please Melvin do not insult our intelligence
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    I agree, how can we form an opinion if there are no photos. Additionally, 6 months is way too soon to form an opinion. If you look at hairvanitys thread, he wasn’t happy at 6 months either.
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    This guy has made 254 posts on this website and in most cases each one is a non-sequiter that amounts to nothing more than a blatant ad for a clinic in Pakistan. Posters frequently drop the F bomb, tell other posters they're a$$holes, use the 'C' word and more that I find offensive and rude. I feel I've been a participating member here long enough, always open and transparent, and felt like I knew you all guys sufficiently to make a friendly 'c'mon mods'. I would never be rude. Okay, nuff said.. But to set the record straight I did not say 'come on, mods'; now that would be rude. I said 'c'mon mods' - and that was directed towards the 60's British Invasion music followers called MODS who are even now planning a protest on illegal Pakistani Hair Clinics.
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    Here’s a photo of my donor area about two years after my first surgery. I’ve posted this picture many times but it still seems relavant here. About 1,750 grafts were taken from this area with a .08mm punch. All the grafts were removed by Dr. Vories and placed by him. The scaring is so small it is just not discernible especially with a little hair growth. This is why I chose FUE vs. FUT.
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    I completely agree; I felt much better opting for an FUT procedure. Not to mention it shaved about 5 grand off the price for me. FUE tends to be about 50% more expensive so for a school teacher like that makes a big difference. I felt confident that any possible scar issues could be resolved with a small transplant or SMP procedure, however, my scar seems like it is going to be pencil thin as advertised. I know people on here like to say that money shouldn't matter but that's absolute horseshit; it does. I didn't opt for a cheaper transplant in Turkey because I was afraid if I had an issue it would be difficult to address but I've seen both great and horrible results from people who make this expedition. My techs planted my graphs as well. I think this is normal. The Doctor should extract the grafts and create the recipient sites. The techs dissect and plant the grafts. Techs help expedite the process and I believe a patient should want the grafts implanted as quickly and effectively as possible. This works best with a team. We had our transplant around the same time so I hope we both roll doubles. Good luck!