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    He used to be, now he has over a dozen techs performing the most intricate parts of the surgery while he sits and looks at 9 small screens as if this counts as supervision. You will get a lot if disinformation and shilling for Erdogan so here are some hard facts: 1. There is no finesse to Erdogans hairlines, mine is littered with doubles and triples in the first two rows and you will see this in all of his work. 2. What are you paying for? Erdogan is barely involved in the surgery and there is a very real chance you will get an inexperienced tech team, this is just unavoidable considering how much he's scaled up his operation. 3. Erdogan quotes more grafts than any other surgeon you will consult with, try it yourself to find out. Either they are compensating for lower yields due to unskilled low paid techs, or they are simply trying to maximize how much money you spend there with no regard to your donor and future needs. 4. There are several questionable results and progress reports recently, all surgeons have them, but not of this magnitude, we can only assume there will be even more now that he is even further removed from the process and they have ramped up the number of surgeries per day. Simple fact is, when I open a progress report from Erdogan these days I don't know what to expect, there is no consistency there. In the end it is completely up to you to do the research, I certainly wish I had when I went with this guy.
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    You are an advanced Norwood 6 or 7. I would estimate 5000-6000 grafts. 2500 will not do much at all. Do not worry about Erdogan's techs doing most of the work. It is better that way. They do it day in, day out non stop. And if it were me, I would rather they did the extractions and implanting. As long as he does the incisions and overall hairline design. In the end there is only one thing that actually matters - the results. Try not to get bogged down in too much of the little details. See which clinic cranks out the most consistent patient posted results and go with that. As for lotions and potions, each to their own, but frankly IMO the shampoos and minoxidil are a waste of time and money. They will do very little in your case as you have lost so much. Finasteride is still singularly the most important, effective, and cost effective thing to take. But considering your case, 5000 - 6000 will cover your whole area and you wouldn't need to take any of it. Just my opinion and good luck!
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    And a new headshot to give you an idea of how hair styling can change your look entirely!! Attached the old one for comparison too!!
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    The transplanted hair usually takes one year for complete show up. After the procedure, one should wait atlesat for a year for the second hair transplant to be done in between the newly grown hair. As you have mentioned, the newly grown hair of 7 months are cosmetically acceptable to you, but you being one perfectionist, need more density. It is fair enough. Since it is only 7 months post surgery, there is a chance that 20-30% hair might still be on their way. The math’s of hair says, 50% of the native density of pre-bald hair is enough to provide the illusion of density of 100% hair. So during hair transplantation 50% density is attempted for many reasons: not to induce vascular compromise due to too much dense packing of the grafts, not to induce necrosis of the skin due to multiple close wounds, and ultimately to have a proper growth. But once the hair are grown, if you want to augment the density then you can do so after completion of 12 months of the first transplant. Age have nothing to do with second sitting timing. Please let us know if you have any more queries to be answered scientifically.
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    Hello, I have had 2815 grafts done with Eugenix Hair Sciences. I have uploaded some pictures for your viewing. For me, the results have been extremely satisfying.
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    i'm looking at rahal myself, in addition to others, but idk there's something holding me back. i just don't see enough patient reviews and detailed talk about his procedures, like you do with others. also, there's been a rep chasing me down for a consultation since visiting the site, (where as another doctor i've consulted with, straight up said we don't need your money lol). i know he's considered world renowned and recommended on here, but i just don't know, i've read mixed reviews.
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    Hairlines may be able to be refined. It depends on the ethics of the doctor. It depends in the level of scar tissue a surgeon causes with creation of high density recipient sites and so forth. If there is ridging and cobblestoning it makes things scary and some docs recommend complete resection. Lots of variables here. It is best to find a doctor that excels in the true art of lateral slit technique and places grafts safely with safer tools. A lot of what you see online is misleading and misinformation. There are folks that are not upfront and can decieve. You really have to be careful and do your research also outside of forums by trying to find real patients you can meet up with.
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    13 month update! I am just past the 13 month mark and everything is going great! There hair still seems to be getting thicker, I had a slight trim 2 weeks ago and I now I wish I had kept it growing. Live and learn lol! Other than that I am still over the moon!!
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    Hi, The following approximate post hair transplant growth chart has been banded around this and other hair forums for a good number of years. 3 months - 10% 4 months - 25% 5 months - 40% 6 months - 60% 7 months - 70% 8 months - 75% 9 months - 80% 10 months - 90% 11 months - 95% 12 months - 98% 18 months - 100% ( Fully grown out and matured back to natural state) Some patients will grow out faster than others ( weeks/months??) as individual physiology does come into play, but generally the figures are fairly accurate. In some cases its difficult to assess as the new hairs are barely visible at the earlier stages. I would hang in there just yet and stay positive.
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    That’s great, there has been a lot of negative things being spewed about ASMED latley. However, they have continued to show a legitimate desire to do their best and stand by their work. I have no doubt that you will end up thrilled. Keep us updated.
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    Dude! Chill. Id go with what a member of an insect named musical group once wrote...Let It Be! You’re asking for disaster if you want to get the grafts removed after such a short period of time. Let it heal, grow, if not happy with results after a year then repair options are viable.
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    You need at the minimum a week and even after a week, people will notice. Unless, you’re totally honest with co-workers don’t even try it. Two weeks I found to be enough time.
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    Sounds like he's just trying to steer you in the right direction. I had gotten in touch with Rahal's clinic and spoke to his rep when I was researching doctors for my first procedure, but as I dug a little deeper I had started to see enough negative results/experiences that I ultimately eliminated him from my list. Again, good luck in your search.
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    @John Doe, sorry if I missed it. But I didn't read if you're on any medications? Always a good idea to slow hair loss. Your goal is to keep what you have, for as long as possible, and restore with at hair transplant what you've lost. You narrowed it down to some good doctors. I can vouch that Dr. Wong produces some of the best crowns in the business. I would also add Dr. Shapiro to the list. Some of the best hairlines in the business… though a little more conservative in his approach (nothing wrong with that). Once you've narrowed down your list to the elites… the doctors who specialize in hair transplants… only perform your transplants… You'll notice that each specializes in one thing: Rahal, he's known for more youthful hairlines... His patients are usually in their 30s. Same with Shapiro, awesome at hairlines but his patients are a little older… Wong for crowns… You get the idea. So go with a doctor who specializes in what you want. Keep in mind that only a handful of doctors in North America are able to perform FUE consistently. But the ones who do… Produce some of the best results in the industry. You also want to look at factors like punch size, transection… Full and partial… Technique, etc. Now on the cost… I keep hearing that Turkey is less expensive… Guys need to know that's not true. Sure some clinics offer $1/graft… But you want to avoid them like the plague. They are cheap for a reason. At hair transplant is a one-shot deal. Don't risk it. Yes, there are a select few clinics in Turkey producing great results… But they're not cheap. Factoring cost of travel, exchange-rate… and the real risk of needing a touch up… and they are actually more expensive. You also need to factor in the cost of the second procedure. A lot of clinics offer discounts to past patients. I hope this helps man… Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. Take your time, meet lots of patients, ask lots of questions… Here to help. PS. If you're curious I had FUE with Rahal. Photos are attached.
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    I've reviewed about 50 patient submitted cases of de Freitas on recuperar and about 30 of Couto, will probably have gone through their entire roster shortly. Couto is definitely more consistent and impressive, though de Freitas is close behind. I don't think his 4-5 year wait list is because of his celebrity soccer players alone, though I'm sure that's helped. One of the threads with Javier Farinos (FARI78) is pretty funny, as most of the users doubt it's him until the doc posts a picture of them together. 4350 FUE procedure with 10/10 results. Couto is the best I've seen, does with FUE what Koni does with strip. Occasionally de Freitas will have a case where you're like 'Wow what went wrong there." For the most part elite level results though, and seems to have become more consistent over the last few years. Similar to Lorenzo, beyond most of the North American guys. I would probably put de Freitas slightly above even Feriduni, Bisanga and Erdogan. They both do beautiful hairline work as well, some of the best I've seen. Perhaps the slight difference has to do with tech variability, not sure. To a greater degree we are ranking their support staff in Europe -- I wished they published more information about specific techs, owing to their greater involvement in extraction and placement. Would be nice to have excellence at that level acknowledged as well. That's why it's so helpful when patients include information about the entire staff when they submit their own cases. Both C & F tend to use higher graft numbers and the donor wounds seem larger then those of Lorenzo or Koni, though I'm not sure of the exact caliber. de Freitas quoted me 2.8 k as compared to 2 K most other places I've asked. Not sure if they count the grafts on extraction or implantation.
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    I understand Gas' input on topic and I can appreciate the fact that it's not his intention to dishearten me or cause me to questions my or my doctor's decisions - particularly because comments of that nature serve no real purpose at this point. Regardless, like I mentioned in my original post, my NW is high with the potential to go higher. I'm on fin and minox to try to stabilize loss. Because of the high NW potential, I want to make the most of my donor supply and not go too dense too quickly and I'm willing to be patient and work with my doctor to get it right. I've seen her results, I trust her judgment with respect to density and I respect her judgment with respect to tailoring her decisions with respect to hairline conservativeness and design. Ultimately, I like the way it looks now and I'm excited to see how it grows in, but I know there's a long road ahead of me before I get an idea of the final result. Regardless, what I was hoping this threat DID NOT turn into was a commentary on how the rest of the forum compares american doctors to turkish doctors. My decisions have all been made, the procedure is done, and I'm hoping for the best. This thread was created to document my experience and answer questions about my experience. That being said, while some information is available to me - # grafts, etc., certain info is not - whether doubles were bisected to create singles. Like a few have mentioned - this is a first time HT for me, I'm nervous about everything from losing grafts to going to work and wondering if anyone is going to notice I had something done. I've done everything I can to comply with all of my doc's post-op recovery guidelines and I'm optimistic. As a result, I'm probably hypersensitive to criticism and negativity. Regardless, given my case, I'm fully aware that this isn't a one-and-done procedure for me. My efforts towards being happy with my appearance are going to be the very definition of a journey. I only ask that posters on this thread respect and understand that before commenting. Thanks.
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    If u got an offer for a free touch up .. then it’s hands down the right thing to do .. good on the clinic for hooking u up .. ur results look good btw.. congrats
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    I mean do not place the hairline too low like it was when you were a teenager.
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    Fantastic results for only 6 months!
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    Week 19 4.5 months i feel that my hair is getting thicker each day. Below are photos in natural light , in room light and with flash . i am worried that due to my very pale skin and relatively dark hair, if I have any kind of density issue it will be noticeable (especially to me) what do you you all think?
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    Are you still on finestaride?
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    5 months is to early for a HT to worry,try to relax and wait for full year and then you can judge. my hair change from 18 months to 24 months( it got better)
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    The hairline looks really good and as you can see the asymmetry is less visible with hair. In fact, it looks fairly symmetrical with short hair, with long hair it will look a lot better. The donor isn't too bad, it just looks kinda reddish, I think there might be some scabs still lingering too. In another 5 days you'll be good.
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    I am close to 11 months now. From 6-11 months I just felt the hair quality improved. I have a hairline now. Density is low'ish and is apparent on strong sun light. My wife and friends (who don't know why - attribute it to my weight loss, as I have hit the gym) say I look much younger. Overall I feel more comfortable now and am happy with the first transplant. I have never grown my hair long, as I always liked short hair. I am heading to the second transplant with Dr. Diep shortly to address some of the front and more of mid scalp.