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    This restoration was performed over one and a half years, not two and a half years. There was a one year interval after its completion which is when the final photos were obtained for presentation here. There is no reason any ethical surgeon would force a fast-track restoration. First, the patient had been operated on by several physicians with nothing positive to show in terms of graft survival. An experienced surgeon would first question whether the patient had some intrinsic healing predisposition that compromised graft survival. Committing to a one-shot restoration would have proved disastrous should his limited supply have been fully depleted with a resultant low yield as had been experience in his prior procedures. Second, he had a highly compromised donor site with extensive scarring and lower quality residual follicular-units. Attempting the one-shot approach would have risked an over-harvest of the scalp’s donor area with the potential for unacceptable visual thinning and detectable scars. Finally, a staged approach allows the surgeon to strategically build zones of coverage and density gradients based on the perspective of seeing what a prior procedure was able to accomplish. Understand that we are using a relatively small number of hairs to hide a vast expanse of scalp. It is the strategic integration of hair using density gradients, graft insertion angles and prioritization of placement zones that makes a little look like a lot. Thanks for all comments.
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    Please understand Im not trying to be disrespectful, but if thats even close to a rough example of what the consultant drew you should NOT be having a HT with this clinic. And why wasn't the consultation itself with the doctor? The shape of the hairline, as @Curious25 rightly pointed out, is actually feminine. The red line I drew below is where a male hairline should be. If you really had to get a HT (and id strongly argue you dont as concealers and other medical therapies would be of more benefit at this stage) id still argue it ultimately isnt worth it as the surgery itself might cause permanent shockloss to your surrounding native hairs. Did the consultant at this clinic discuss your family history of balding, know about your sides from fin, and did they draw a long term plan if/when your balding continues? Did they give you an estimated donor capacity? Please let us know how things go ...
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    I have given my three signs below, but I would love to hear the communities thoughts, did I miss any? What do you guys think are the telltale signs of a bad candidate? Three Signs You Are A BAD Hair Transplant Candidate
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    Cut my grafts into pieces, this is my last resort Transplantation. While reading. Don't give a damn if they cut my scalp bleeding This is my last resort Cut my grafts into pieces, I've reached my last resort Hasson & Wong or Hasson & be right? If I transplanted my horseshoe tonight Chances are that I might Donor mutilation outta sight And I'm transplanting through the niiigggghhhhht Cause I'm losing my hair, losing my mind Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine I never realized I let my hair get too thin Till it was too late And I was bald from within who remembers papa roach 😂
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    I agree in the sense that finasteride is the main player in retaining hair, but I do not agree in the sense that the side effects are psychogenic. Everyone's genes are different. Everyone reacts to medication differently. Hence why some people experience regrowth on finasteride, some people maintain, and some people continue to lose ground. The same can be said about side effects.
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    All of you guys are wrong, that’s his hair from the hair transplants. He wears hair loss concealer, so these pictures were taken without the hair loss concealers. You guys have to remember, he was a Norwood 5 by 25, he’s now going on 35. He’s had two surgeries with a maximum of 3,500 grafts. That’s how 3,500 grafts will look on a Norwood 6, which he would’ve been by now. He would have no hair left on his head without hair transplants. He can always have another hair transplant with a better doctor. I’m sure he will when he retires.
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    I got my ht in Akara in January , 10 th and 11 th 2020. I was in Ankara because I was going to get my Ht with Kaan Pekiner. I planned 2500/3000 grafts in 2 days (6-7 Jan). As many of you know, after 189 extractions, Pekiner aborted the op, saying I had miniaturized grafts. So, I decided to visit HLC the 7. I explained what happened and I asked to extract some grafts to check if they were healthy. I really liked dr Ozgur: he was smart, funny and confident.He paid a lot of attention to my case. He visited me with all the other doctors in the clinic. They extracted 7 grafts, they said my grafts were ok so I decided. to give them try. (For the record, I sent the dame days my tricopsocy images to bruno Ferreira and he also said my grafts were healthy. I will never be able to show how much I appreciated his diagnosis and I will go into deeper details in the next future). The very hard part was the hairline design because I pekiner shaved my head and because he said that my grafts were weak and he supposed that they weren't going to grow so I was scared to be very aggressive. So I went for a conservative hairline. The op: day 1: Dr. Ozgur made the extractions the first day (about 900 grafts) and dr Ali made. the insertions. I suppose that dr Ozgur wanted to be sure that my grafts were ok. day 2: Dr Ali made both extractions and insertions. In my humble opinion, that used a lot of grafts for a such small area. They calculalted 41 cm2, 50 UF/cm2, 2050 UF. Anyway, if you see the pics, I had my native hairs for about 20 cm2 so something doesn't add up. Post Op customer care: it is their weakest point. They do not contact the patients to ask if everything is ok and they barely answer to the email. I suppose this is because they know their job ...but for me it wasn't easy. Before. op I was using: finasteride 1mg/die topical minoxidil 6ml/die locoidon 1 ml/3 times per week dermoroller 1/week nizoral After the HT, I started to. use oral minoxidil. As you can see, it improved a lot my hair density and thickness. It is incredible. At 4,5, I'm happy with the result. Hope it will improve in the next future. Pics taken at day 0 day 10 day 45 day 60 day 75 day 90 day 120 day 135
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    5 months let me say...I’m so happy. a lot of people are saying that my hairs look great and i look younger...and they ask me what i did. what can i say? hlc hair transplant + my personal treatment are making wonders! Ps I’m planning a second hair transplant because i want to lower my hairline, especially in the temples. I’m really upset with the doctors that told mw I wasn’t a good candidate and scared me to have a more aggressive hairline design!!!! Because his diagnosis, I’ll need another boring hair transplant!
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    Month 8 Progress Update
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    One would first have to consider the possibility of compromised graft growth arising from an intrinsic scalp scarring disorder such as lichen planopilaris where the skin essentially attacks the follicles with an end-result of low yield. Also, his history of multiple procedures most definitely had to be taken into consideration in that the many scars resulting from plugs, FUE grafting and the scalp reduction would have compromised his baseline scalp circulation. An aggressive graft plan could have been associated with a higher risk for low yield in the face of diminished baseline scalp circulation. The risks associated with a fast-track approach are unacceptable, especially when graft supply was considered tenuous at best, when a more deliberate and strategic approach would in theory increase the odds of a high graft yield, maximized coverage based on desired hairstyle, and a non-depleted donor area.
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    I personally experienced sides after using for more than 2 years also, prior to that noticed nothing at all. I used to recommend basically anyone get on the drug, a few negative experiences with Tinder girls and a period of continuing issues even in the few months after getting off is enough for me to say that the vast majority of people shouldn’t take it. I see less risk in a cheap transplant with a decent clinic like Cinik’s in Turkey than finasteride, and my sides weren’t even that bad compared to what others had. Id basically recommend everyone budget and account for a long term approach to multiple transplants, potentially FUT being ideal if the patient has a larger than average balding area.
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    The scarring also depends on the size of the punch used to perform the FUE procedure as well as the the patients skin type and color.
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    Dear Community, After much deliberation, we have decided to suspend Dr. Bhatti’s membership. We value the input of the community, and we hear everyone’s concerns loud and clear. We want to remind the community that we appreciate the feedback and input, we have come to the conclusion that it would be in everyone’s best interest to sever ties. We would like to put this ordeal past us and move forward. If any of you have any additional questions feel free to share them. Moving forward we would like to keep a positive environment, there’s enough division and negativity in this world. We’re all here to restore hair, let’s be civil and move onwards. Best wishes,
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    For me, the year was 2007, it was in the spring the #1 song was MIMS- This is why I’m hot. I was a young 21 year old going through my first real breakup/heart break. The thought of going bald literally consumed me, it was a never ending torment. Looking at older guys in their 30’s and 40’s who had good hair left me feeling hopeless. Truthfully, much of my 20’s was spent either worrying about my hair loss, or compensating for my hair loss. If any of you guys are around the same age I was, my message is stay calm. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I’d love to hear some other stories, please share the year, where you were, and the #1 song you remember of that era.
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    *Fabio has entered the chat Absolutely amazing, one of Hassons finest work 👏🏼
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    I believe Rahal has an office in LA (i remember seeing it on their website). As far as HLC goes I'd probably rate them #1 choice in Turkey at this stage ... a clinic full of physicians, all utilising stick and place technique, with their most recent patients exhibiting early growth. But Im only judging this from an outsiders perspective. Try talking to @duchaine and @83mjs or at least check out their threads if you can
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    The following post operative photos have been provided by the patient and are at just over 3 months post procedure. The patient is currently very pleased with the early growth that has been achieved and has offered to continue to provide further photographs over the next months to follow the evolution of his restoration. PRE SURGERY IMMEDIATELY POST SURGERY 3+ MONTHS POST SURGERY
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    BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 37 Technique: FUE Medication: No Donor densities: 70 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 2000 * FU breakdown:- 1s 438 2s 817 3s 700 4s 45 TOTAL: 2000 That means 2000 FU = 4352 Hairs. Average = 2,17 hairs/FU. The goal of this lady was to recreate a new hair line: she did not suffer from baldness a such but her forehead was quite wide, so her goal was to lower the hair line. Pictures show the process till 8th month, so we expect more evolution. All the pictures, except the ones from the surgery, have been provided by the patient. Pre-Post surgery 2 Months 5 Months 6 Months 1 Week 8 Months Comparison 0-8 Months
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    I agree 100 % feeling helpless is a terrible feeling. That is why I'm passionate about this site, because I feel that together through our collective knowledge, we empower each other.
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    Lol so you didn’t shave your head? I thought the same, I shaved my head and thought I’m gonna look like a “bad boy,” but boy was I wrong haha. Expectations Reality 😂😂😂
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    @karatekid Fair enough. I would say the same in your shoes. I disagree, but I do so with all respect and civility. As someone who’s been watching the industry for about a decade, I would urge you to consider a few things. I’ve learned that’s it important to consider where you’re getting your data, how much a surgeon promotes him/herself, the ethics of the surgeon with respect to long-term outcomes, the demographics of the surgeon’s clientele and the details behind each restoration you see. It looks like Konior has an older, more affluent clientele, which means more space to cover with the same donor, less aggressive hair lines, and most importantly clients who typically don’t engage much online posting pictures and such. Moreover, Konior does virtually zero self-promotion (clearly flipped the middle finger to Yelp, for example). There’s a reason he always has a line out the door despite putting minimal effort into his website and spending nothing on marketing. Finally, the most telling datum IMO is the surgeon’s track record with patients who have multiple HTs. You’ll notice a lot of bouncing around between different surgeons. The ones who are more likely to appear later in the history after patients do better research, and the ones patients keep going back to over many years are the best surgeons. To illustrate with an example, Rahal has tons more amazing patient results on the Internet, but Konior is objectively the better surgeon when you consider the above factors. In fact, I think Rahal even sued HSN to get bad results taken down. Konior doesn’t go around cleaning the Internet of bad photos and puking his best work everywhere. The problem of bad reviews does not even arise for Konior. If you don’t see how good he is, I strongly believe you’re missing something. That’s not to say there aren’t great alternatives in Europe, of course.
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    Nice early growth showing here. You can see the hairline coming in strong already.
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    It is imperative to have an in-person consultation with a hair restoration expert for a number of reasons. The first being for your protection and that of the doctor. Imagine, a patient arrives with a self immune system, moves forward with a procedure and eventually nothing grows. Who is at fault? During the first meeting a lot happens. First you get to meet and measure the MD. Do you like him? Does he seem to know what he's talking about? Does he seem concerned about you and asks you what your goals are? Can he meet those goals? Are your goals reasonable? What about your scalp? Does the doctor get in there and really look at the donor? Do you have a rash of some kind? Does he determine the caliber of your hair? Does he draw in a hairline and discuss final placement with you? How about the staff? Even the place is important. Is it clean and plush? Do you have a private room? Will they provide lunch? Research is important. Doing a few consultations is part of that research. And you might learn a thing or two no one else touched on.
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    From an ethical point of view, you are right. From a medical prospective, he clearly made a wrong diagnosis. I do not know you, but when I look for a doctor, I look for someone who is going to give a good and correct diagnosis in first place.
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    User0311 if you are having second thoughts and do not have confidence in your surgeon now my opinion is to cancel the surgery. The money loss can be changed. Regret and poor results cannot. Remember you can have a hair transplant 'tomorrow' once you have done all of your research and due diligence. I had two hair transplants that in hindsight were the biggest mistakes that I have had to carry with me all of my life. I'd rather you learned by MY mistakes (which will cost you nothing) than by making the same mistakes and having to live with them yourself. You not only need to have a surgeon (and this is surgery don't forget) that you have confidence in, but also someone who has a consistent body of work that meets your expectations. Finally you also want someone who is fantastic in follow up care AFTER your hair transplant. This is probably even more important. If you are having doubts before the surgery it will be a night mare once the procedure is over. If you are seeing only poor results in the last year and are asking to see good results over the past year that is a HUGE RED FLAG. Forget about the deposit for what could be something you may regret for the rest of your life. Just keep researching and you will find someone that you will be looking forward to be doing work on your scalp. All the best!
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    Hi guys, Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my procedure so thought this would be the perfect time to provide an update on my final result. The pictures attached were taken yesterday. I have included a close up of the hairline to show where my previous hairline was removed as quite a few have asked regarding this. I am incredibly happy with the result and am thrilled that I decided to go for it and with my choice of clinic to undertake the procedure. The density is beyond what I would have expected given I do not have the thickest hair naturally. I have continued to keep my hair short; I still have a sizeable area that is bald at my crown and although I believe the transplanted area looks of greater density as it grows a bit and I much prefer it longer from a ‘front on’ angle, at the moment given the crown area I find that the best look aesthetically for me is to keep it shorter. I was honest out of the gate that I had the procedure and have received a load of compliments about how natural it looks. Quite a few of my friends that are balding have stated I am their ‘test case’ and they have now started to look into procedures further having been impressed with the result. As I have stated previously, the clinic have been superb throughout, right up to recently. I was due to fly out to Belgium from the UK to have my 1 year check-up a couple of weeks ago. This is all covered in the cost of the initial procedure and given the thorough detail Dr Feriduni went into on my initial consultation prior to getting the procedure I was keen to get feedback from him on the result and also get an understanding of things going forward should I get a procedure on the crown area to get a full head of hair. Due to the virus I was unable to travel. Despite Belgium seeming to be in a great place with their response and re-opening… the UK not so much! My flight was cancelled a by the airline and quarantine restrictions have been imposed by the Government upon return to the UK, making travel at that time really difficult. The clinic were incredibly understanding and it was agreed I could re-schedule when things area bit clearer. Going forward, life allowing I am really keen to get a further procedure at some point and given my experiences to date it will almost certainly be with the Feriduni Clinic. Quite a few have asked questions and I have had a lot of direct messages… if you have any questions then do not hesitate and I will endeavour to answer, I remember how daunting it can be at the beginning of researching! Stay safe everyone!
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    Losing your hair in your early twenties is a b*tch. Sorry, bro. Most likely, you won’t be able to afford decent work for a while. Whatever happens, don’t make it worse by doing something desperate. For now, this is your life. Just try to go through it with dignity and focus on things that really matter. I cruised with Toppik for a while and ended up buzzing it really short. It looks worse in the beginning because your scalp is a different skin tone at first. After getting some UV exposure, it blends a lot better.
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    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing side effects? Have you tried altering your dose? How about topical liposomal finasteride? In terms of your options, thats a tough one. My recommendation would be to visit some reputable/honest surgeon near you and get their opinions and maybe to create a plan. I believe hattingen hair with dr. muresanu is in your country. I've heard very good things about them. Obviously just consult with them and do not commit to surgery just yet. Good luck
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    Hello everyone, Guess who is feeling fabulous with all this new hair!!! I am over the moon while sharing these with you. It has been nothing short of just sheer joy for me. I am so happy and I wish my happiness spills over to others as well. I am regularly on my medications and I am eating healthier. Lots of physical activity helps me stay fresh.
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    Guys, I'm very excited to announce that we are renovating and revamping our website. I filmed a little video that may be helpful to some of you, it gives a little of our background, how we got started, and how to navigate our site and look at real patient reviews. I'm proud to be a part of a patient-based community, that has been around for over twenty years. I'm also happy that we survived this pandemic, it really affected us a great deal, but we weathered the storm, and made personal sacrifices, to ensure we all have a place to interact with each other and get real unbiased information without hype.
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    Today is technically 5 months, so I’m going to post a quick update. Will do a full featured report with different lighting, wet hair, etc. at month 6. Hairline has started to fill in and thicken up. I am seeing new shoots each week. Density behind the hairline is getting better too. I would say the result is starting to hit its stride. In certain lighting conditions, like bathrooms and down lights, it’s fairly thin looking, but it’s getting better all the time. I feel it’s looking less and less like I’ve had a transplant. Donor is mind blowing. Truly impeccable work. Dr Arika said she went 1700 grafts before she had a transacted follicle. The final result speaks to that. I can barely tell any density loss in the back. Current Routine: Finasteride 1mg x 1 Dutasteride .5mg 1/ week Biotin 10,000 daily Multivitamin daily Minoxidil - crown only - 2x per day. Pictures taken with no styling products or concealers, but I did take the dryer to the front to give it a standup look. Happy growing, gents!
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    Fin sides are quite real, but I’m happy for you that you have the luxury of doubting it.
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    The information posted on that video, my god, it’s gonna mess up a lot of guys.
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    Having used it personally, I'll never touch it again. Had horrible libido side effects, I'm glad I'm off of it; things are back to normal ( Search for PFS on forums and it will scare you). There was a poll done by Melvin or Bill sometime back on Fin usage and many users reported side effects. I'd trust the replies on this forum then some pharma propaganda. People who don't have side effects - they're lucky. BTW: Donald trump also takes fin (his medical report was public and someone posted it here.)
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    Does he subscribe to the school of thought that starting with FUT for your first procedure, then “stripping out”, then changing to FUE as needed significantly optimizes one’s lifetime supply of grafts? If so, by what % (on average) does this approach increase lifetime supply vs someone who starts with and only uses FUE?
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    Dr Lindsey, doesnt this go against the graft anchoring study done by Dr Rassman and Bernstein? Their study found that by day 8 or so, grafts were never dislodged even when pulling a scab or hair. Given that most doctors nowadays use smaller incisions than what was cited in the study, this should be even less of an issue? Just want your opinion on this.
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    January 8th 2020- June 8th 2020 Exactly 5 months since my 2600 Graft procedure with Dr Bloxham and so far I couldn’t be happier, anxious to see it in a couple more months.
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    Great points, The larger the punch, the more visible the scars. Also, dark hair and light skin shows more scarring, as opposed to light hair and light skin or dark hair and dark skin.
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    In my experience, scars are visible at a zero guard in around 95% of patients, that percentage drops to 50% with a #1 guard and 25% with a #2 guard.
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    Yeah, he seems to have this one place right by the ocean as well. I’ve seen parts of it and looks pretty good.😁
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    @paddyirishman has pads all over the country..he might relocate one day 😊
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    Another awesome result from Eugenix. So impressed with every case I’m seeing right now. Such a natural look.
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    I don't know all the Chicago doctors but it is good to get multiple perspectives on your individual case. Try: 1)Chicago Hair Institue (Konior and Nadimi); 2)Dr Panine; and 3)Dr Keller. Keller used to be recommended on here but I guess decided not to renew his membership. Stay away from Katona and Yates.
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    I told her on the third date. She even told me that she wears make-up and eye lash extensions, so it’s no different. The thing is to own it, if you own it, they won’t care. Trust me.
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    Who needs a bowl of wheaties when you got min and fin on the menu lol
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    Just 5mg in one tablet, with my fina in the morning Breakfast of champions!
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    @Looking for HT... Hey man.. Hope you're well 😊.. Just thinking.. You were the last man on the planet to witness me in person as a bona fide bald NW 6/7...with grown out donor at back and sides 😢😢.. Not a pretty picture for sure.... Some dudes can rock that look perfectly well and go on and live perfectly happy lives.. But I'd had enough of the shaving my head every day and constantly comparing my hair situation to others ... I decided to go to war versus my hairloss... and youre on the same team man.... Your result is the one I'm waiting on more than any other to be honest with you... Its gonna be just beautiful... 👌 Its a very strong hunch I have.. Chat soon and thanks again mate Z
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    Hi Guys just a quick update ..density much improved since last update 10 days ago at 5 months ..just like the doctor assured me fingers crossed for continued thickening and growth over the next 6 months l’ll update again 24 June Any questions or comments fire away thanks Z
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    lebaneseguy, with the greatest of respect, please cancel your hair transplant surgery!!!!!!! I say this from personal experience and from those of so many others. I had two surgeries (and remember they are surgeries) starting at the age of only 18. What I thought would give me the answer to all of my problems only created a nightmare that continued for the rest of my life. I realise you are 21 and not 18 but it will not be until you are in your mid 20's until it can be established what pattern of baldness your hair will take on. In the world of hair transplants, 'PLANNING FOR THE LIFESPAN IS KEY.' At 21 it's far too early to have any idea of planning surgery to maximize your results over the long hall of life. Even with medications such as minoxidil and finasteride used religiously, you still don't know how long they will hold out for. I am not anti hair transplant surgery at all. But I beg you to learn from my mistakes and not from your own in years to come (and trust me they will come quickly). I don't know any of today's top ethical surgeons who would ethically perform surgery on you at your young age of 21 which also worries me. You therefore are even more likely not to get the 'long term' results that you wish for. As Joe Tillman always says you can always have a hair transplant 'tomorrow.' I in no way mean to belittle your efforts but I am 53 and have a lifetime of experience talking to and being involved with people who have regretted having a hair transplant/s because they were too young and/or did not 'plan' for the lifespan of hair loss and surgery. Many should never have been considered a candidate for hair transplant surgery and now still wish that they never had it performed. There are so many people who just wish they never had a hair transplant in the first place. I know these are not the words you are wanting to hear but it's for that reason I seriously urge you to cancel having a hair transplant for now. As my father who was a carpenter once said it's always best to measure twice and cut once. Not the other way around. Roughly up to 30% of work now being done is repair work by the top hair transplant surgeons today. Please don't become one of them. Feel free to pm me or look at my vlog on being 53 and considering having a hair transplant. Even at my age today it is still an issue but I have come to accept my scars and I'm still hopeful for surgery to correct my situation. And this situation started from the position you are exactly in now. Again I am definitely NOT saying don't have hair transplant. What I am saying though is that for a myriad of reasons that are beyond the scope of a one post reply I would hold off and look and plan for having a hair transplant for the rest of your life. Take care!