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    I don’t post too much but lurk a lot and based on what I have been reading around here, get ready for certain individuals to tell you that your hairline is not bad, looks good, that you have unrealistic expectations and all because it was done by Erdogan.
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    Not sure anyone can say with any great conviction they have stopped balding (unless a person has lost all the hair on top), even more so if they are not on medication and in their 20s or 30s. MPB is progressive and can creep up on you at any age even when you feel it has stopped. With regards to finasteride, it's pretty simple .......by taking it you are playing the percentage game and giving yourself a better chance of keeping hold of remaining hair while adding through a HT and thus increasing the chances of holding onto a result. HT's can and are done without finasteride but the emphasis on mapping out a plan with your surgeon for the future is much greater imo and you may find yourself looking at another procedure sooner than you thought if/when you continue to lose your native hair. You would need enough donor supply to cover future loss and it needs to be used wisely with one eye on the future. For that reason, they'd more than likely be a need to be pretty conservative in your expectations without finasteride i.e wouldn't be expecting to lower a hairline too much if you still have a fair amount of native hair or throwing too many grafts at the crown/vertex area. In a way, guys who have more extensive loss probably have a better chance of getting away with a HT without finasteride. Usually a clear pattern has developed and a surgeon can probably better predict where the loss maybe heading in the future and a conservative approach is usually taken. When the donor supply/characteristics have permitted and in the hands of good surgeons, I've seen some good results with these kind of patients but they have generally been conservative and on patients in their late 30s onwards. Think guys who still have a lot of native hair and decide to go for a HT without finasteride (especially younger guys) are playing a guessing game and this is where it gets tricky imo. Think any good surgeon will look to mitigate the uncertainty factor as much as possible and finasteride is an important 'tool' that aid's that.
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    Man... I really wish the mods and jean would just leave this thread alone and stop butting in every 5 minutes. Let the people have the freedom to have an honest discussion whether it be good or BAD about asmed and erdogan practices, without threats of suspensions. It’s getting really frustrating to see how much Melvin in monitoring this thread, it feels like users can’t express their opinion without him diving in. The only person who is derailing it is you. And If users have questions which kind of branch off, but are still kind of related to the procedure, why can’t we discuss them in this thread? Instead of telling people ‘if you have a question please create a topic’, what’s the big deal if a question gets discussed in here?
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    Hi Det! things are going really well... I’m starting to see growth ! 94 days post op. I feel it when I run my hand over the transplanted area and it’s so nice to sense hair there again. I only addressed the front and mid so I am obviously not bothered that the crown looks pretty much the same way as pre-op. i am able to put concealer on now since I let my hair grow out a little bit, so I’m basically back to normal. if I feel good after less than 3 months I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in 6! :))
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    Congratulations to Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal. You guys very much deserve this recommendation. I am glad finally after documenting so many exceptional cases on this forum as well on your website (eugenix.in) you have earned this well deserved recommendation. My sincere thanks to @Bill - Managing Publisher, and a very, very, very special thanks to my brother @Melvin-Moderator, for helping achieve this by professional review and thorough vetting procedure of your exceptional work. @Melvin-Moderator was the first to recognize the high quality work being done by both of you, specially exceptional cases of body hair transplant - BHT (beard, Chest, armpit etc) cases by @Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansaland helped raise awareness on this forum. So for his enthusiasm and professionalism I am very grateful. I feel that from my side I have informed the world out there of my HT surgeons and their exceptional work and now having played my own part in helping them get this recommendation after thorough vetting indeed makes me exceptionally happy. In my view both Drs. Bansal and Sethi are not only exceptional surgeons but also very spiritual minded doctors who go out of their way to help their patients'. This will bode exceptionally well for the clinic and the doctors in the long run, may you continue your exceptional success as always and reach new heights. Good luck and congratulations again......................
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    Congratulations, Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal 👏🏼👏🏼
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    To be fair Payam and this is what I don't think you seem to understand, I could find you 5 or more poor growth cases in the last 3 years or so from Feriduni, Cooley, Rahal, and Hasson/Wong among just some top surgeons (likely the majority of the others also) and I'm not saying that as to insult them, I'm saying it because you seem to be under the assumption that hair-transplant surgery is somehow a guarantee and that a bad result somehow indicates that you're the victim of some type of malpractice whenever it occurs. I've seen necrosis cases from two of these surgeons too. You say you didn't do your research initially which is why you went to ASMED, I would recommend you do some research on other surgeons to learn the reality that not everyone gets a good result no matter where they go. On top of that ASMED have more posted results online than any other clinic, literally hundreds (of documented positive results including about 50 from the last 18 months) and do 4 patients a day. Some of the clinics above and many others that are only doing 1-2 surgeries per day with literally a fifth or less of the patient posted results of ASMED online and yet still have more bad results, the difference is they were lucky enough however that they didn't get people littering delusional complaints over the forum, including some for over two years from those that literally didn't even have a bad result (that also were offered a free touchup). I know that certain members are offended by statistics and facts, but if a clinic is doing 4 surgeries a day and have 4 times the amount of poor results as a clinic doing one surgery a day, statistically their success rate is the same. The reality is that ASMED have 5 times the posted results of some of these other clinics and are doing 2-4x the amount of patients, and still have less poor results than 90% of other clinics, I know because I've looked. I also know that certain irrational individuals will throw out the bulldog and biased insults to me again (not you specifically) but the reality is that I am PMed multiple times weekly sometimes by people asking for advice on surgeons and the majority of the time I'm not even suggesting ASMED as a first recommendation, I'm not saying this because of bias I'm saying it because a small group of wannabe activists are trying to damage the reputation of a clinic when they themselves clearly don't know what the hell they're talking about, refuse to acknowledge or research facts, and don't apply standards universally. You specifically PMed me about my thoughts 3 months ago if the result didn't turn out well and I said if possible regarding finances you should go to another surgeon, specifically one that does a slow and more meticulous approach like Konior or Keser, if that doesn't show a lack of bias nothing does. Also on some of the cases you mentioned, Acegiks did indeed have gaps after his first procedure, but after two procedures this is where he ended up and for less money than a 3000 graft procedure with Konior: Also you bring up ht0416 whose transplant looks like this, and the vast majority on the thread he posted results on thought it was a good result: and when wet Personally I think the shape of the hairline isn't perfectly natural or irregular enough and is too rounded, but ASMED bring up the desired hairline design multiple times, once pre-shave and a day before the procedure so you have plenty of time to change your mind and question with your coordinator. The density is absolutely not an issue, this is not a failed transplant in any sense. I honestly want you to get a successful repair and meet the goals you had before you began surgery, but considering what you're still saying you are yet to do proper research on hair transplants. I think anyone would appreciate at this point that your result was not a success, no bones about it, but you also weren't poorly treated or a victim of any sort. Yes ASMED have bad results and more than one, but so does every other top clinic that you choose to ignore for the purpose of an agenda. You were unlucky (maybe the flu like symptoms you had after the procedure caused some issues, who knows) , move on and plan a repair with a surgeon that suits your needs in an absolute sense but this time do your research without the tunnel vision you started off with and seem to retain. Also as Baldwin mentioned, you do have obvious steady improvement and in terms of coverage you're in a significantly better position than preop, there has been substantive growth and even if it takes a repair to get achieve natural density, it will require many less grafts down the track to get a result you're happy with. Your point about donor capacity not being able to achieve coverage in this area after the first procedure is absolutely silly, I can guarantee you are in a position to get a successful repair via FUE at the 1500-1800 graft range while still maintaining the donor for future procedures.
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    Just to show you what I mean by month to month growth, let's do a little review of your bad (left) side. Here you are at 2 months: Three months: Four months (pretty similar to 3, with slight improvement): 5 months (noticeable change): 7 months (the width of the exposed scalp appears to have shrunk significantly): Then a screenshot from your recent video at 8 months (more improvement): I think it's important to mention that hair will always look its worst when parted this way. I will note, however, that the amount of exposed scalp does seem to be shrinking. Also, when we look at a couple of other screenshots (see below) with the hair brushed back instead of parted, it doesn't look too bad, even now. As a final point, for those who don't want to look it up, here are screenshots from the Feller and Bloxham video I referenced above. The first image is 8 months. The second is 18.
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    So you think below average is acceptable? With 3600 grafts his head should be covered with hair at this stage. Hair line is weak and density is poor. See the video. What do you consider a normal distribution? Find me one case who had this poor growth at 8 months and ended up having drastic improvement in following fee months. When you say slow grower. How much slower the growth has to be. Unless the grafts underwent hibernation I don't think it's the case of slow growth. But I really hope I am wrong for payams sake. There's a major room for improvement and only time will tell how it will end up. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
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    @jj51702 At 2-months post-op they are old miniaturized hairs. I always say this... imagine after your hair transplant has grow in...and you're having fun again, living it up :)...I walked up and plucked 5 hairs from your head. Would you freak out, yes. Would you notice the missing hairs, no. Not at all. They have zero impact on the final result. A couple of hairs are not going to make any diff. ...however, maybe keep those miniaturized hairs. They can help with the naturalness.
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    I dunno if Rahal is still the hairline king but I do know his patient coordinator named Aaron Bugayong with the Filipino accent was hands down the most annoying person I have ever dealt with at a ht doctors office. He would call me in the middle of the afternoon during work hours and if I didn’t answer he would dial again and again. He would leave the same voicemail message for me and even called me by the wrong name once. This was all before I had even scheduled an appointment for a consultation. Then he would follow up with a cut and paste email telling me “WE WONT GIVE UP ON YOU WE WANT TO HELP YOU GET YOUR HAIR BACK.” Horrible aggressive marketing strategy
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    Funny that Naidimi gets scrutinized making 1500 grafts look like 2000 while theres complete silence when turkish clinics consistently make 4000 grafts look like 2000 or less. OP did Naidimi have her results somewhere online as well? Was Konoir present at all during the process?
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    The age old question of how many grafts, most of the times it relates to the hairline, but sometimes it relates to the crown. Unfortunately, the crown takes a great deal of grafts. It is referred to as a "black hole" for this very reason. I encourage you guys to read this article and share it with anyone that might be interested in restoring their crown. How Many Grafts Are Necessary For a Crown Hair Transplant
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    loool im not posting my work here haha. and i had trouble with my last HT so I stopped working in that industry and decided to drink rum and get fat instead
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    @BlackPanther I will also like to add black panther as one of their patients. I have been impressed with their results for years, so this is a yes from me, but I’d love to hear what the community thinks.
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    Hi Bill does the clinic have any cases they could show of patients with less favourable hair characteristics? i.e more contrast skin to hair colour and finer hair as most if not all of the examples shown are of guys with thick hair caliber and good skin to hair contrast ,this is in no way takes away form the results presented as they are very good transformations ,just be nice to see their work on different hair -skin types
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    Picture taken on 11-12-18 exactly 9 months post op. I'm thinking of going to two months now between updates, up to 1 1/2 years. I'm sure my hair has some to go, just that any observable changes are slowing. When it's wet, on top shows a little more thinness than I'd like. Fortunately when it dries, you can't tell at all. The crown is a little thin, but that doesn't seem to bother me. I don't know if it's the adjusting of some meds I was on, the DHT blocking shampoo I'm using, but I'm noticing almost no hairs falling out. Nothing in the comb, just a few in the shower every couple weeks or so. I guess if I've made it this far in my life, chances are there won't be too much more hair loss, if any. I hope. I enjoy seeing everyone's updates. Quite a few though, seem to stop posting altogether way before their year and a half.
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    Your results are definitely not terrible but extremely mediocre especially for 3000 grafts. I was due to have 3000 grafts with asmed focusing on my hairline, I pulled out 2 days before I was due to fly off to Turkey i am sooo glad users on this site spoke up about these poor hairline results, I really do believe I dodged a bullet. I hope everything works out for you my friend.
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    Pgdmmb, It is the responsibility and duty of the moderators to keep this forum fair and balanced - which is the spirit of our terms of use. We have long-held surgeons accountable for their results by allowing patient to share they’re genuine opinions and experiences. Surgeons who are recommended, who know longer meet our high standards are discontinued in their recommendation status. However, each situation is investigated prior to removing a surgeon on a case by case basis. One poor result is not the same as a particular surgeon no longer producing outstanding results on a regular basis. However, this has happened and we have removed many surgeons as a result Similarly however, patients must also be held accountable for their posts. We are neutral until there is a reason not to be. In other words, when a patient begins unfairly maligning a surgeon, it is the duty of the moderators to step in. Unfairly maligning a surgeon or another member for that reason is not fair or balanced and is against our policies. So if you feel this is unfair of the moderators, then I’m sorry you feel that way but these are the rules and they are clearly listed. We certainly appreciate member feedback and opinions and will do our best to continue to be fair. We aren’t perfect and sometimes, it may appear that we are leaning one way or another but there is always a reason. We aren’t always correct in our assessment, we are not infallible and we recognize that. However, members will be held accountable for their posts just as surgeons will be held accountable for their results. Best wishes, Bill
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    When you’re suspended you receive warning points that do not expire. If it’s revoked then the warning points are reversed. So, there is no suspension. I have no idea what you’re talking about FUE and FUT, we encourage healthy discussions and debate. Now, obviously we don’t want the forum spammed with the same topic over and over again. However, I’m not saying there can’t be more than one thread about the same topic ever. You’re entitled to your opinion, moderation is necessary for the forum to run smoothly and maintain a balance. I receive countless private messages a day helping fellow hair loss sufferers. I was a regular poster for years before ever becoming moderator, so those who’ve been here a while know my nature of wanting to help. You can’t please everyone, best of luck to you and your endeavors. warm regards- Melvin
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    and we got a biter folks.... just relax bub! No need to get all worked up. We are all on the team here
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    Oh here comes another essay from jean now this IS what I call derailing a thread. The only person who name calls and acts like a child is you, when have i once disrespected or name called anyone? I’m sure you’ve already been reported by other users and warned about this too. Not to mention your belittling reply. Kettle black. i have not been using this forum long, I have not made many posts or even comments, I am only calling what I see and that is that anyone who wants to bring forward some poor results or has a bad opinion about the clinic, gets shouted down and patronised by yourself. i am not here to shit on asmed, I am neutral, in fact the time I have engaged with them during my enquiry, they have been fantastic with their customer service. But I can’t help but feel annoyed when I see your name and that stupid final fantasy avatar, with long winded replies, paragraph after paragraph (now you have me doing it) to other users who have a disagreement with you. You are acting like I am going from thread to thread shit talking them which is not the case. I am just saying what I see and that is you defending your doctor by any means necessary. As for your Barnet and the comment I made before, I do apologise I must have saw a before picture from your second procedure, my bad. Now us going back and forth arguing on payams thread, like I said, IS derailing this topic and is not helping anybody, but all I’m asking is that you pipe down a bit mate.
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    I’m getting a consult with h&w.. if I can go with them next month . It will still fit my schedule.. if I must , then I will take that plane trip to Canada .. if h&w don’t fit my schedule then I just wait for diep on oct 2019 .. or If I can get a cancellation spot with diep by february I rather do that .. I’m planning to get married sept. 2019.. so I need at least 7 months of growth .. in the meantime I can go back n use rogaine to boost those miniaturized hairs in the hairline .. a little bit of toppik also will go a long ways .. so it’s not a need for me to do surgery right now.. so I’m not too disappointed ..
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    Raker, Of course it’s all about money, do you actually think hair restoration is a charity? I could understand if we were having a discussion about feeding the homeless or the American Red Cross. But hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic elective procedure and at the end of the day, those who can pay for it, can undergo the procedure. Otherwise, doctors wouldn’t do it. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that doctors don’t care about their patients. Of course they do and they want the best for them. But, they do expect to be paid and if they can’t get paid, then they can’t proceed with the procedure. Now I will admit, I personally think the clinic should have done something to work something out especially since legend stated that the money was there. Perhaps he could’ve done something to prove the money was there by showing an account statement? Perhaps that may have satisfied the clinic? I really don’t know how much conversation and negotiation there was however, I do think that something should have been worked out rather than just seeing the procedure get canceled. But don’t make a mistake in thinking that hair transplant surgery is a charity. It is an elective cosmetic procedure that most people don’t get or have money for. The lucky few that do undergo the procedure and doctors get paid well for it. And they should. Bill
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    Brilliant question! I'd seek out a (respected) HT doc for a consult for an answer. I'm in a similar situation where I have a goal in mind (just to fix my hairline) and I keep asking doctors for advice to see whats possible with my limited donor supply. And yet without a physical examination it's all just guesswork. Those examples you linked above appear to be mega-sessions as well, so if you like Rahal's work I'd ask them about how much you can potentially achieve with the one surgery, and what are the risks and limitations of such an approach