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    Who snitched on him ? Bman is literally coming on this forum for advice n help .. if some members have arguments n stuff .. just stop talking to each other but what’s up with the tattletelling .. I’m interested in this update n prefer for him n other members to continue posting their progression results , whether good or bad ... ( but it’s true the bad ones are the most fun threads to foLlow .. n it’s also sometimes the patients last resort to venting and expressing their results . Nothing wrong with that .. I don’t even look at doctor posted pics anymore .. it’s almost meaningless .. the most meaningful threads are posted by patients .,
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    Impressively collected response from Dr Mwamba after getting attacked from out of nowhere. @JayLDD Come on man. We want the doctors to come here and contribute. It's what makes this forum stand out from the others. I very often find myself agreeing with your points of view and your honesty is refreshing. Sometimes though, you could find a smoother way of telling it how it is.
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    You are wrong in your judgement .I know Dr Erdogan and I admire his work . But when there is a post , we need to stay objective and reveal what went wrong and what went right .It helps each one of us to improve our quality work . The results you are presenting are mine and you are right to point what went wrong : - The first case was a repair case with pluggy grafts .The goal or purpose was to show that you can not at the same time remove grafts and rebuild a new hair line but we made a big improvement .I can post the entire case with many pictures for you to appreciate the work . - The second patient is at 6 months and I totally agree is not awesome .We need to be fair enough to present realistics results .I can choose to present only my best work and that's not right for the patients . There is no jealousy , not competition .Be real with yourself. And you didn't mention I said good result and good coverage in one session ( and we know how it is hard to achieve it in FUE ) .But you just focused on the negative comments I made .It is not fair .Balance your input .Thank you
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    Looks impressive thanks for sharing. I think I'm gonna give PRP a shot and document it on YouTube and the forum. Fingers crossed 🤞
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    I disagree. Hairline design is one difference but surgeons change their designs based on age, loss, and so on. I think artistry is way up there as a difference, stick and place with custom sized incisions, separating 1s and fine 1s,l ow turn over and long term staff, and other protocol. I do not think it is a coincidence that the top 5 and 10 lists are so consistent.
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    Thought I’d add under my own thread a couple of photos I just took to show as an example to those members wondering how late can new fine hairs sprout and grow...for me even in months 8 & 9, as I have had several do so in my hairline and probably elsewhere but too difficult too see and will be reaching my 10-month soon so hopefully they continue maturing and thickening.
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    LOL! Right to the important stuff! Love it! I actually pumped the brakes a little bit on dating. Not gonna lie, the last 2 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster with me oscillating between being encouraged by seeing budding hairs and worrying that it's not filling in and i'll have a shitty result. Not the best headspace to be wife hunting, IMO. Also, figured that the hat route is OK for a first and maybe second date but after that it starts to get a bit suspect. Hard facade to keep up for multiple weeks/months. I do have a date tomorrow though so we'll see how that goes. I did start training for a Spartan Race though so that's helped keep my mind off the plugs. Dude, that's so good to hear considering you got the GOAT FUE Diep result! Just checked your thread and looks like I have about 6 more weeks until it really pops. Just in time for summer! Exciting times!
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    It all depends. How do you intend to wear your hair down the road? If long, perhaps FUT. If very short, to the point that you can clearly see the scalp, FUE. That is somewhat simplistic but not a bad way to think about things. The way I see it, why do transplants if you want to continue wearing your hair short? Just had transplants, show it! The main advantage of FUE is NOT the lack of scarring. There is scarring with FUE, it is just different. Every time you violate the skin, it will scar. Instead of having a linear scar, now you will have empty spots all over. Little ones, mind you, but still empty spaces. Depending on how much it is done per procedure, this can end up looking honeycomb-ish. How many times have I seen patients with depleted donor areas that look as if a rooster pick all over it. But, if done correctly, there can be many advantages to this technique. It is, for sure, easier on the patient. There is no cut, no elasticity issues. Within days you are pretty much back to normal. If you need a bit of work and keep your hair military style, OK. But if you need tons of grafts, perhaps considering both procedures would be the most effective way to tackle the issue. This way you are taking advantage of the entire donor area. Are you concerned that people will know you had a transplant? Just tell them! If you do, you can return to work immediately. If you wish for no one to know, it is easier to get away with it with an FUE. Many factors involved but the doctor can guide you and make some suggestions to make it happen. Typically, to do an FUE, the donor area needs to be shaved. Not sure about the yield issue. But the grafts do seem to be more robust with an FUT. Conserving donor? Don't think so. You can keep cutting, typically on the same scar to avoid multiple scars in the donor area. There comes a point, however, that you run out of elasticity. It is then time to move to FUE if you decide to have more grafts in the future. Lastly, cost. FUE is typically more expensive. On the average, FUT should be around the $4 range. FUE is more towards the $7 range. Oh, regardless of what you decide, please review TONS of photos before making a decision. It is always about results. 10 years from now, when you are enjoying a fuller set of hair, you will pay little mind to the type of technique you had. Rather, you'll be enjoying the hair particularly if the work was done correctly. If it's crap, you'll live with that for the rest of your life. Do your homework.
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    That’s great, he went to Dr. Reddy who does great work. He obviously did his research. The more honest we are the less stigma there is, it’s hard trust me I know. Took me a long time to feel comfortable showing my face.
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    Good hair progress But when r u gonna trim ur pinky nail? What is it used for?
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    Technically UVA rays, while more common and typically less concerning compared to UVB, do penetrate to the deeper layers of skin where the follicles typically rest. They are usually more associated with "photo aging" than they are "sun burn" type damage, but it is an interesting observation/question due to the depth at which they penetrate. Most commercial sunscreens also focus on "blocking" UVB and not really UVA too. I think it is theoretical and somewhat unproven to suggest that UVA would be as harmful as UVB, but those concerned or looking to really "play it safe" in the post-op may want to just wear a hat and completely block the majority of UV rays.
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    Kiwi, In general, the hair should grow back "stronger" after an initial minoxidil shed. Do keep in mind that the initial shedding period can last up to 3-4 months, and you really should wait at least 6 (with 12 preferred by most) to tell whether or not you are responding well to the medication. However, you should not really permanently "lose" any hair from minoxidil use.
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    Said this quite a few times on this site, but I couldn't disagree more. The hairline is not ultra-aggressive (and even if it were significantly lower I don't think it would look 'weird'). I see guys on the street at his age with hair like this reasonably frequently. When I see them I don't think: 'lol must be a HT'; I think: 'lucky bastard, good for you!'. Does having a great head of hair into your 50s put you in the minority? Probably. Does it set alarm bells ringing about possible cosmetic surgery? Definitely not. This work is so refined that I (and I suspect almost no one else) would give it a second glance (other than for admiration purposes, ofc 😁).
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    You have posted on literally every hair loss related forum in existence. Even if this turned into a bad result ( which is unlikely as it is progressing as normal for 4 months ) I would never agree to make it right with you after trashing him all over the internet before even allowing any time for growth. His only mistake was agreeing to perform surgery on someone who clearly isn't equipped to endure the process of a hair transplant. Take some time to actually bother researching some posts here and you'll see your growth is on schedule. Time to grow up a little.
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    Just a quick note for those who are considering HT. Being bald in my 20s was very depressing to say the least. It got to the point where I had to really think of any activity really well before I participated and think of concerning my bald areas with hair fibers and hats. This included things like outdoor activities (beach, BBQs, camping etc.) , Daytime events, and that included an exposed head or water. Because of this I missed out on many fun times with friends and family. Though being bald is not a bad thing at all however at my age it was detrimental. However I did not let it stop me from enjoying life. Concealing became part of my everyday routine some days I did an excellent job but some days like those hot summer days were just a mess lol. After my hair transplant and 8+months in I can say this has been one of the best investments in my life. Leaving home without a hat is not a fear anymore and water exposure is not a nightmare anymore. My coworkers, friends and family many of which do not know of the procedure complement my new hair and I can finally wear my curls again. This post is just one POV from one person myself. On my HT journey and I hope to make others in similar situations to mine make a smart decision. For the most part in my age group many HT patients are more concerned on the monetary side of things though it is a big part of the procedure quality plays a bigger role. I recommend patients to review doctors fully through forums, YouTube videos, reviews and consultations. And go with the one who you feel more comfortable with. Don't solely base your decision on one aspect or one result. In my case I'm extremely happy I went with my surgeon and went through with the procedure in general. It has certainly made me a happier person.
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    Just over two months update - could really do with getting the sides cut but hey ho things seem to be progressing as expected👍🏼
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    I went there in October. They do a maximum of 6 patients a day. Now dr Erdogan does his max of 6 in the new clinic and his new doctors do another 2 patients. Dr Erdogan himself sent a memo out to everyone here on the forum explaining all this a couple of months back. Below is the link to the thread. If you go to Melvins post on Jan 8 he pasted an email he received from Dr Erdogan. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50882-3600-grafts-dr-koray-erdogan-13th-march-2018/?page=24
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    Thanks! I think it's key for success. There are many, seemingly one-time cases where positivity had extraordinary health benefits. At the worst, positivity won't harm anything. At the least, I lift my mood.
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    Hi Looks like you’re entering the new growth phase, good luck & happy growing! By the way, reading your posts and I gotta say you have the right state of mind and attitude for this process and that’s great! 👍🏻
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    9.5 months different lighting/background and same as above post.
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    Very nice, the temple triangles look fantastic and natural, I’m jealous! 😉 Just another couple or a few months and density should be much improved! 🤞🏻
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    Total number of grafts planted are 4500 in total. (And I am not yelling bro! Why I would yell!)
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    Hang in there man, do not let this take you down, the way I see it you have a partner and you have a good beard so you don't need to be out there searching for females or anything, worst case scenario is you grow the beard out, get some scalp micropigmentation and shave your head to look like you have that short haired strong beard look. Get the micropigmentation to help disguise the HT scar and rock out bro. Don't let the vanity shit destroy your life... be strong.
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    @Ashishmehta we appreciate your nice promotional post, next time please do it in your own tread 😉
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    I don't think English has to do anything with this nonsensical response. There are several individuals here (including myself) whom first language is not English.