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    I have noticed that some members of this community continually denigrate our forum, and while they benefit from our community, they undermine our ethics and integrity whenever they can. In fact, I have had some members request to delete their topics, because of this negativity. These new members are now questioning our integrity and our ethics. I'm no longer going to tolerate this behavior. I would like to set the record straight. Firstly, since this pandemic our sponsorships have fallen by more than half, while our costs of running this community remain the same. We've made personal sacrifices to keep this community alive, and to keep promoting surgeons we feel our worthy of our recommendations. Now, not everyone will agree with our recommendations and that's fine, we are proponents of free-speech, and even though some may disagree with our recommendations, we allow everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions, good or bad. I would also like to set the record straight personally, I work a full-time job, and the work I do here is a fraction of my income. Since this pandemic, I'm working at a fraction of the fraction, to keep this community alive and thriving. I do not live in a mansion, I don't own a yacht, i'm a regular guy, who benefited from this community, and truly want to give back to the community that gave me so much. I take these gibes personal. In short, those of you who truly feel that we don't have any ethical integrity, I'm opening the door for you to leave our community. I will no longer tolerate denigration of this community that I work hard to preserve and upkeep on my free time. How Physicians Are Chosen
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    Dear Community, It has come to my attention that one of our recommended surgeon's representatives took it upon himself to contact a forum member's employer. We take these things very seriously, as this undermines how we run this community. We want the community to know that we do not condone this behavior, and we are firmly against any sort of intimidation, whether it be through contacting employers, or family members. We have researched the allegations closely, and we have been provided with undeniable proof. As a result, we have decided to suspend this representatives participation on our forum. We have reached out to the physician, and he was unaware of this reps actions, and he does not condone his actions/behavior either. We are still deciding on whether this suspension will be permanent, but in all likelihood it will. Moving forward, I ask every forum member to contact me in the event that something like this occurs again. I would like to remind the community and the public that we are patient advocates first and foremost. Please understand that we are here to help patients, our mantra is "created by patients for patients" many organizations claim that they are advocates, but turned a blind eye, that is not us. Please know we will be having these issues addressed promptly.
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    These individuals continually talk down on the forum and the fact that we take sponsorships to keep this forum alive. They are constantly talking down on the community, but I’m not gonna stand for it any longer. Enough is enough, if they don’t like our community, I will show them the door.
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    Here is the first edition to the "best hair transplants of the week" Special thanks to @makehairgreatagain @BOW32 and @Danny1671 for allowing me to share their amazing results with the world. This is just the beginning guys, let's build this community up, as we all know how important it is for anyone researching hair transplants.
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    I wouldn’t trust someone in finance to tell me anything about medical health issues or a bald person telling me how to regrow hair, or a fat person telling me how to diet .. these are people that have last lost those battles.. There’s no point trying to change people minds about things .. people are how they are .
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    Cosmo: We are going to value different things. But you have a tendency to call "fake news" any information that doesn't agree with your preconceptions of the world. Despite your previously stating how much you hated big orange, like him you particularly take offense to things when they cause financial harm. This is not unreasonable, but you take it too far. -Theories that China created the virus and is sending spies around the world are xenophobic and bigoted in their intent. While everyone is angry at China right now, to deny facts that you don't agree with, and create conspiracy theories for the ones you hope are true is truly disrespectful. -You initially doubted claims that the virus would ever raise beyond 60k, then when it did, you started questioning the methods of documentation in autopsy reports. The chain of reasoning that leads to a probable cause of death by the pathologist has not changed. Nothing is ever 100%. This just you doing another 'fake news' bit. I don't deny that the economic devastation this has caused is profound. And that the deaths from that may end up being incredible. But if we didn't quarantine, these effects would hae been much worse. The media is certainly exaggerating things to hurt Trump, but this does not mean something very serious is not occurring. I'm going to end with the first comment you made in this thread: It sounds like now you should be more concerned.
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    I don't understand why people would want to leave the forum based on one or two threads that they don't like or due to one or two people posting who they don't agree with. The simple solution is to stop reading and posting on that thread and/or stop responding to the person you don't agree with if you get offended by anything they say to you. If you think that there is no possibility of anyone having any opinions that differ from yours than the problem is you and not them. If you get offended by a topic, but keep posting on the same topic then again the problem is you not someone else. Stop getting offended by everything. This goes for everyone. I'm not singling anyone out. If everyone would stop getting offended by someone elses opinion and stop calling each other names for no reason then there wouldn't be a problem. It always amazes me when the ones who get the most upset about how they are being treated are usually the ones doing the most name calling.
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    2 months later donor havent had my haircut for a while now, but there is some shock loss for sure. I notice new hairs are growing on top of the scar so the donor situation should be decent by month 6. the front is slowly growing, I can feel hairs coming through.
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    Day 91 wow 😯 time flies under quarantine
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    Yaz89 had roughly 4k grafts in the frontal third and maybe 1k in the midscalp and crown. He had a significantly narrower balding area and had an emerging NW 5 pattern but was roughly a NW3-4 with a reasonable midscalp and good crown. His temples were still very strong. You have a wider balding area, and an emerging NW6 pattern in an unconvential balding pattern that doesn't fit into either scales. Your crown is almost completely bare and your remaining native hair at the front was cosmetically insignificant. Maybe 1k healthy grafts worth. Your balding area is MASSIVELY bigger than Yaz's was. Your balding area is also significantly bigger than that of the average hair transplant patient. I can assure you Farsan, that 95% of people with your balding area are not getting full ideal coverage in a single procedure. Your hairline is clearly lacking in density and you didn't achieve full coverage, but you're dealing with a massive balding area and a graft number that is comparatively small to what is required to fill it. To expect a one and done, is quite frankly totally absurd. From looking here, its obvious that the hairline density isn't very high and behind it is a bit thin. Ultimately however, you have a fairly aggressive and aesthetic looking hairline and good coverage behind it. Even in your initial post you talked about a potential second procedure. You also made multiple (three?) accounts from what I can tell for no other reason than to make it appear like more people from the clinic are having problems than actually are. No one with your result from another clinic would be complaining in the way you are especially if they're offered a free touchup to a result that already matched the amount of grafts you had for the area. Again, comparing your result to that of Yaz is utterly ridiculous and shows you don't care about objectivity or realistic expectations. I'd want more density in the front if I were you also, but you clearly didn't have a huge amount of grafts in the front considering how large your balding area was. There are multiple Hasson cases with 3500 grafts in an area 1/4 of your balding area. That is the reality. "And yeh those pics look awsome why? Because i had so much native hair i can even now grow it out so much that it can covet the bad work." And to this comment: No, you clearly didn't have "so much native hair". You did however have a gigantic balding area that isn't a one and done with 5k grafts. I can't remember the name of the doctor, but there was a post on this forum a few days ago with a surgeon doing FUE graft numbers over 10k grafts, many of those patients had less area to cover than you did.
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    Mucho cuidado con esta Doctora es lo peor no soy el único afectado Turquía
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    @Panamera13 I truly hope nobody leaves this forum because I believe HRN to be all about free speach thus we can all disagree and still behave in a civilized manner towards each other and respect everyone`s opinions while making our points. Hairloss doesn`t target creed or religion so we are all on the same boat here and we should never forget that it was hairloss that brought us to this forum. Having said that I do hope people stop resorting to insults to state their points because that is just bad form. @bismarck I really like your posts regarding all subjects so I hope you willl keep me company at HRN. @CosmoKramer even though we are on opposite sides of the world and see the world differently, I really value your opinions and insights on HT`s and hairloss so hope you can tone down the politics and tone up the great HT reviews and advices.
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    More than anything I would like a rule that people don't quote huge postings. People do that and then everyone has to scroll through lengthy posts that they have already seen.
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    It looks very good, and good job for doing a test first. Eager to see your results flourish. Thank you for creating this thread, there’s definitely not enough women who post here. You will help so many other women suffering with hair loss 🙏🏼
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    Hi Badresults, First of all, let me take the opportunity to apologize to you. A sincere, heartfelt and, unequivocal apology. No one deserves to go through what you had to go through. I wish I could take it all back. Coercion, intimidation, threats, and blackmail are not acceptable in any industry and not at all acceptable in the medical industry. The trust between a patient and his/her doctor is sacred and should always be respected. I hope that you will believe me when I say that I was not at all aware of all the mess that was created by an individual who used to be (not anymore) associated with our Clinic. When I came to know about all this, my 10 year long business relationship with Dr. Bhatti gave the confidence that he would never be involved in something like this. I still asked Dr. Bhatti for his response and his exact words were, "this has caused me a lot of personal anguish and put my hard earned reputation at risk". This individual was associated with our Clinic and his actions made us all look bad....even though we had absolutely nothing to do with it. He made some really bad decisions in his own capacity. That said, a wrong was committed. What is wrong is wrong. Justifying a wrong makes it even worse. For the past 20 years, we (Darling Buds India/Dr. Bhatti) have prided ourselves on the fact that we always take care of our Patients with honesty, integrity and professionalism. You won't find a lot of "unhappy Dr. Bhatti Patients" out there. Not saying that every HT procedure is a stellar success but we try hard to reach out to our Patients and make sure that we never give up on them. We back them up with whatever it takes to help them reach their HT goals. We do not want to treat you any differently. You have already suffered a lot and we would love to do our very best to take care of you. Discussing this issue on a public forum is fine (not asking you to stop posting here) but it doesn't solve the main problem. I would love to work with you and see what we can do to help you. I am requesting an opportunity to talk to you via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or any other platform that you might prefer. I have no intention to coerce you to do anything that you don't want to do. I just want to connect as a friend and well-wisher with the goal of making things right (as much as humanly possible) I am asking you to either DM me your phone number and your choice of communication or I can send you my phone number for you to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Best regards, California
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    This movie here is about my 2 HTs including my near death experience, please give Like and a comment below if you want *Melvin made this movie
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    What is up with you representatives and the term “do you want the clinic shut down?” No I do not. I do not have any biased views. I know dr Bhatti has had many successful cases. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of them. that is not my concern. Why is this so hard for you to understand? The issue is the threats of blackmail. No rep, clinic, moderator should stop unbiased reviews on a forum. A patient will post their experience for others to read and they will decide upon reading a compilation of results and experiences from many members. also, whether you like it or not, the world doesn’t work that way. Reps that represent a dr or clinic actually do represent them. It doesn’t matter what you nor I think, as readers on here hold the same view point as I do, based on the replies you’ve been getting talking about the blackmail. I’m just trying to make you aware of the gravity of the situation. I call a spade a spade. I’m unbiased and I will gladly comment positive things when I see it, at the same time I’ll call negative things when I see it. anyways I said what I had to say.
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    Reading @California’s comments and trying my best not to laugh. Can any reader on here EVER think that if a representative that legit REPRESENTS a clinic/Dr does an illegal/unethical thing, that the said Representative should get blamed and the clinic/dr’s office doesn’t? Especially considering he’s still employed by this said clinic/dr? lol.. how old do you have to be to be this naive? As I said earlier, low level employees and high level executives have been fired for writing much less on their personal Facebook/social media pages because they REPRESENT the company even if it has NOTHING to do with the business. this is not only directly related to the business, so it only makes it much worse. I find it baffling, and you can tell the lack of professionalism based on this type of thinking. anyways, other readers on here can judge for themselves. I’m not calling for the doctor to be removed so let’s pause on that.. I’m calling for better protection from unbiased reviewers. suspending a username doesn’t protect as you don’t need a username to view posts on here. I’m happy to see @Melvin-Moderatoris making an effort and taking both sides into consideration as he should.
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    HI Guys. Here is my 6 Month Update. Can't actually believe it's been 6 months since I went to Turkey.Any questions or thoughts, drop them below.Thanks and stay blessed.
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    Congratulations on your transformation. Impressive.
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    Let me guess: Dr. Diep 😉 It looks all normal, do not be worried.
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    @Nugget you must do more research here at HRN because there are many threads informing that Asmed is a turkish hairmill with technicians doing surgery on 8 patients per day so your results will depend on the tech you get when you check-in at the hairmill. A technician at a hairmill could have been washing dishes at a restaurant 2 months before doing your surgery. Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplants and there’s only 1 option in Turkey where you are almost certain to get a good result - HLC Ankara (2.7€/graft). They do manual FUE which is limited to 1500 grafts per day with a technique called stick&place which means they extract the grafts and then make 1 hole/slit and immediately implant the graft so that the hole has no time to start closing or accumulate blood (this technique provides a quicker recovery time). If you are on a budget then you won’t find any other doctor with the skills Dr. Arika (Eugenix) has charging 1.8€/graft w/tax. They do a technique called DHT which reduces the time the grafts stay out of body because they make all the holes/slits first and then proceed to extracting the grafts and immediately implanting them so they don’t stay out of the body for more than 30m. If you want a closer option then Dr.Laorwong in Bangkok is highly recommended and charges 2.6€/graft. Dr. Laorwong does the most recent technique DHI which is similar to stick&place. First he extracts the grafts then he uses implators pens that are loaded with the grafts, these pens make the slit/hole and implant the grafts at the same time. This reduces the handling of the graft and the doctor can make smaller holes that provide quicker recovery times. Demirsoy is cheap and only does 1 patient per day but he uses a older technique in which first they extract all the gratfs then make all slits/hole at once and after the technicians are in charge of implanting all the grafts. Demirsoy can do up to 4000 grafts per day with this technique the reason why he can charge just 1.25€/graft. This is the same technique used at ASMED but here the doctor has zero to little involvement so like @Abi28 said you are better choosing Demirsoy that only delegates implanting to techs and charges half the price of ASMED. Dr. Konior is considered the best in the world and does manual FUE with stick&place. Dr. Juan Couto is considered the Doctor with the most amazing results and does DHI (like all Spanish doctors). Technique is not as important as the Doctor because a bad doctor using a great technique will still get you a bad result. I advise you to chose a great doctor with a great technique and with real patients posting their amazing results. This is not like buying a car that you can change after a few years, this is a permanent medical surgery and you have a limited donor area so every graft is precious and should be used the best way by a highly skilled Doctor.
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    Wow, this behaviour of the rep was not only inappropriate, it is borderline criminal. Being expelled from this forum is the right thing to do by @Melvin-Moderator However, the explanation and answers of Dr. Bhatti are not convincing to me and give me the feeling that the seriousness if this situation is not seen by him. If the rep was provoked or not, is no excuse at all. If a clinic would contact my employer, I would immediately hire a lawyer and sue the entire clinic. An employer should be fired immediately for this behaviour. Only one thing I want to ad regarding the result as this discussion raises in many threads: For most of the bad results (from the better clinics) there is no explanation. Of course, there can be an underlying physical issue or the grafts could have been mishandled but in most cases the body just does not connect the grafts. Grafts are little organs and sometimes the body does not accept them. HT is risky, that is way I always recommend to be cautious and not to go "all-in". I know it is hard to except, but it is the brutal truth: No one can answer the questions below.
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    Hello Jay, Thanks for your appreciation you are most welcome. I'm very happy to help as I was in your situation not so long ago and I fully understand the fears and anxiety one goes through. Here are some latest quick pictures I have taken here in the car a few days ago. I have not reached 6 months yet after the HT . I'm very happy.
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    I’m so sorry to hear this same story. Can you create your own thread. Please share the details of your surgery. Pm me if you need any help.
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    Month 7 Progress Update
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    So, just like how we vote as a community to let physicians be a part of this site, can we also vote during times like these to remove a physician? How does that work?
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    @Dr Tejinder Bhatti Finally after numerous post here and email sent to moderator finally you came out and replied, which look more like you are being forced to. Just like how when Shera replied last year which was the only reply came from your side and said that he is not going to talk anymore after that (I'm sure you have read his post) and then that's when the threatening email went out. We know when shit hit the fans and we have to come out from hiding. So let's address all your points one by one which you have mentioned here and let's see how clear have you made to this community here and to myself. 1. There is no doubt that Shera acted very impulsively in sending that mail. And I do not think he did the right thing. - So since you don't agree with him sending out the email and you know it is not the right thing, are you still going to work with him? Are you cutting all ties with him? What action have you took after what he did? If you think that the temporary suspension only on this blog is fine, then it's irrelevant. In a real world, out there if someone did this he would face a legal consequences. 2. After all such an e mail is only sent very impulsively and there must have been a provocation which made him act so. I am sure he felt bad about it later. Shera surely did not consult me before posting the mail. Now this is best part, what could have been the 'provocation' that lead to what Shera did? By me posting my results here? Or by me replying to each of his point here, which made him angry? Now, question to you and @Melvin-Moderator, How did Shera know about my real name? How did Shera know about my email address? How did Shera managed to find me on social media platform? How could he have all this detail when I have never spoken to him before this or known about his existence, so how? This could only be possible if he was given the details, and @Dr Tejinder Bhatti only you have this details because I was your patient. So you still claim you don't know? Do you really think everyone is so gullible? Or do you need a real lawyer to question you this? If you gave the details, wasn't you aware that why is he asking? And din't you know it is illegal to share patient details without their consent? 3. Not that I have not been in touch with the patient personally. We have several e-mail exchanges to-and-fro and I have supported him throughout the journey. Your several email exchange was last on June 2019. And before that, I would only send you questions on why is result so bad, and I'm sure you know what was your reply been. You yourself didn't;t know what went wrong, or all you could say you don't know and lets try for second time and hope for the best, if it's still doesn't work you would not attempt a 3rd time. Do you think with a reply and answer as if you would want to do an experiment on your patient it would convince them? And is that a support you called? 4. Cases do have outcomes like in his case and I have informed him that if ever he wishes, he could come over and I will do the repair. Yes everyone know that not all surgery will turn out good. You offered a repair on me, but you could not answer me a simple thing, what went wrong and why it did not work. You could only tell me you would hope for the best the next round and if it's still doesn't work you won't try 3rd round. This is what you told me, and with this do you think anyone in their right mind will agree to go back to the same doctor ever? 5. His is a redo case and one cannot always correctly assess the level of scarring when a patient is from abroad. (Also, in such cases 100% satisfaction never happens, it not being virgin skin.) I do now understand his case well and empathise with him fully. So you are saying that you could not access the level of scarring from previous surgery I believe when the patient is abroad. So question, why didn't you access me before the surgery when we met in your clinic? you only spent 10 minutes looking at me and asked me to do a blood check and come tomorrow morning for surgery. If you know there is no 100% satisfaction why did you accept the case? And on top of it, you only understand my case now well enough and not before accepting my case for surgery? So why didn't you inform before I land in India that the result won't be 100%. What you said if you take finestride you could expect up to 90% growth. So why did you accept a case which you did not fully understand? 6. We do not do backstage deals with unhappy patients and move on. Every thing is in the open. What do you mean by backstage deals? Give a refund, is that a backstage deal you meant? Also, wasn't you the one who told me that I should go get refund from my first doctor? Wasn't you the one who told me that doctors should refund for failed results? Wasn't you the one told me that going back to same doctor who had bad results from previous surgery is not a good thing? Also wasn't you the one who asked me to share my results on this blog and introduce me here? All this was during the consultation.. if you can remember.. So what is the backstage deals you are talking? Everyone knows already what is happening, it's only to what extend you want to be responsible with. 7.This said, I apologise to the community that this sordid saga had to happen; and that it was a genuine impulsive mistake on the part of Shera. Blackmailing is not an impulsive mistake. It was a planned action, he got all the details from yourself. So my question to you, without my consent why did you share my details to Shera? And why are you talking about your clinic reputation now? We are not here discussing how badly has it hit your clinic image. Lastly, I would get a legal advise now with the emails I have and perhaps consult the Indian consumer rights after the entire lockdown ends.
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    Damn here's another great one by couto only 1500 grafts. Such high yield. Video linked as well
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    100% they have done it before, the rep and the doctor work together, no rep would act alone and risk getting sued and fired, blackmailing is serious but obviously the rep is being used a scapegoat and he still works with the doctor so he got out as if nothing happened.
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    We are truly our own worst enemies when it comes to MPB and a mirror. Multiply that by 100 if you have just had a hair transplant. All I can say is WOW HisHairness. Still really early for growth and it's looking great. Imagine when aanother four months passes and another,... Looking forward to keeping us all posted!
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    Thank you for posting this excellent review, you sort of remind me of a legendary patient @Aftermath he also went to Dr. Hasson, I think you will be very satisfied in 12 months time. Please keep us updated on your progress.
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    It's a concern even when you do a second pass, shaving your head minimizes the risk somewhat, but there will always be some degree of shock loss when you transplanting between a lot of hair.
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    Wow amazing result. You must be so happy !
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    Sorry Melvin, but how can you think that offering a smp is standing by the patient? I spent 17500 euros between two surgery, and with the second one they made a stupid and childish mistake, because the doctor think he is god and can extract as many grafts as he wants, they f** up my donor, and the solution is a smp??? Do you know how much money dr. Koray he is doing, do you know how rich this man is?and he can’t refund a person who had a problem not because he had a bad regrowth,but because the doctor went completely crazy and didn’t understand anything about what he was doing. Is simply a miserable attitude , a man without a minimum of heart and empathy. Apart the fact that in general every clinic should refund a patient that didn’t have a decent regrowth, for the simply reason that if a clinic has in general good results refunding a bad result wouldn’t be an economical problem and it would be ethically correct as the patient didn’t have what he paid for. In my case it should be a rule, you doctor mess up with my donor is your fault, next time pay more attention in your work and do it the right way. Smp?? Crazy and absurd really!
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    Even natural full heads of hair can look like they have thin areas in certain lighting or when the person is facing certain angles. We just don't really notice it because we're not paying so much attention and staring at someone's hair for long periods of time unless you're looking at hair transplants results.
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    @munich is the member that stated that ASMED is now a clinic that does tech run surgeries on 8 patients per day so I kindly ask @Melvin-Moderator to please confirm that @munich is lying and creating duplicate accounts. @dust78 stated ASMED told him to speak with their lawyers if wanted to go any further. Above @Melvin-Moderator stated there is no proof of this happening so I kindly ask you to please confirm if @dust78 is also lying. @miko stated that he has been stonewalled by ASMED for over a year despite @Melvin-Moderator coming to to ASMED defense saying he has approached them and all will be sorted, is @miko also lying? @Melvin-Moderator I told you in the other thread I was shocked when I read your comments defending this hairmill despite several members showing evidence of unethical behavior. If I’m wrong in believing these fellow members then please correct me. If these members are not lying should we just assume that HRN now values paying Doctors or clinics regardless of their unethical behavior over real patients/members? I say this because it would explain why instead of awarding a temporary ban to ASMED there was thread created by @Melvin-Moderator on May 1st promoting ASMED online consultations. I do hope HRN is still like when I signed up 12 years ago when this was a community for people suffering from hairloss and we all came here to read about HT experiences, look at real patients before&afters pictures and ask for honest and unbiased advice!
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    I've been meaning to film it, but in a way that explains everything well. I've been busy with the "best hair transplants of the week" which I feel would interest more people. Perhaps, I will write an article on why I chose FUE over FUT.
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    @Melvin-Moderator Awesome job on putting this together! Honored to be apart of this video and hope this will be a great resource for many people considering surgery.
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    Aww thank you so much Dr Erdogan and Suzana for changing my life forever. Will always be grateful for what you guys done for me. And thank you to this forum too, as without this forum I would have never have got this result. All the knowledge, recommendations and patient reviews really helped myself in probably avoiding getting an average HT at best somewhere within the UK where I live. Thank you all 😊
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    Wow, good for you, man. whats your age again? still not taking fin, correct? Just supplements?
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    13,5 Months Hey guys, hope everyone is well and staying safe! 3 pics at 13.5 months, wet, and back combed in front of natural daylight!
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    4 month and 10 days I could not wait and wanted to post this so great minds on this forum can give their honest opinion. I started the hair to let grow so greater density might be an illusion. Taken pictures from far and looks much better and close ups are in bright light 😃 Will appreciate the honest opinion or is it still too early. Thank you
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    Think we start comparing and thats the biggest mistake However, I made some good friends including Zoomster and Paddy and I am very excited for them My last pictures were taken on April 22nd so its only 8 days gone. In these past days, I have let my hair grow longer on the top and frontal. This has led to an illusion of little density. However, when my wife looks closely, she only sees very few new hair. But these very few are giving me hope. If you go back to my post about temples post op, I had mentioned about the difference between left and right and this is showing ip now more and more. Left temple has an empty patch. This is where I am right now but think ill post picture on 22nd May so you can see the difference if any. I am positive and hopeful and apologies if I sound negative but only trying to give a picture about current growth Cheers
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    Excellent post, you got 10/10 results, great illustration how lighting, hairstyles, etc can have an impact on the appearance of density.