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    At a recent FUE Europe conference, many top physicians seemed to agree that 25 was generally the cut off age. Having said that, there was a particular well respected physician that told a very compelling story of an 18 year old that was extremely depressed, and visited his clinic with hairline/temple recession. After inviting the young mans parents to his clinic and discussing not only the finer points of surgery, they discussed his state of mind, his future in education and job prospects. After forging a deeper relationship, it was decided to go ahead with surgery. Whilst specific details escape me, some 10 years later and after many follow ups and promises of further education and application, the then young man has made a successful career and life for himself mainly to due to his self confidence gained from his hair restoration procedure, therefore it was certainly deemed the correct decision. Whilst in no way do I suggest or support that this is the norm, this particular physician obviously went above and beyond, but it is an example that every patient is a human being, not just another patient, or another scheduled surgery. Every patient has their unique back story and whilst with many commonalities, their own battles in life due to hair loss. I believe that this subject is also very much dependent on the stand out ethical physicians that lead this field. With their experience and personal approach and relationship with each patient, it makes sense that each decision is unique due to its circumstances. Whilst a physician may accept a 23 year old patient, the same physician may also deem that a 32 year old individual isn’t a good candidate. This is also why tech led surgeries in “specific countries”, without much if any of their Doctors presence or input, without any long term consideration for donor management or the patient in general and with their one hair line design fits all approach ruin the industry. Accepting patients that they should never accept, despite being poor candidates or being too young without any real understanding of the procedure and it’s risks. It’s a deep and important discussion, with no one size fits all approach.
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    You got mad because Japanese people were visiting Pearl Harbor? And you’re going to be mad when people from Saudi Arabia visit ny? What kind of overgeneralized bs is that? The people that are visiting have nothing to do with what happened in these tragedies. You think they made the shots? Wow. Get a grip dude. You actually went to a security guard to warn him that you’re enraged Japanese people are at Pearl Harbor? Lolllll you realize the biggest minority in Hawaii is Japanese. what if I visited the Alamo and became enraged at all Mexicans living in Texas or visiting? Does that even make sense?
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    um seriously, why is a recommended doctor on this forum posting private email exchanges and photos on a public forum. this is entirely unprofessional and disturbing behaviour.
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    What is the point of having a consultation and then booking the hair transplant for 3 or 4 years in the future? By the time your surgery date comes the original consultation would be useless. Any plan that was made, amount of grafts you need, etc may all change by then. Heck, even the price can change over 3 to 4 years time. What good is that? I went from NW 3 to NW 6 in less time there is between his consultation and surgery dates. If you were at the point of being ready to do something about your hair loss.... nope, sorry... you have to wait 4 years. That doesn't make any sense. I don't know why anyone would go there. Being told I'd have to wait a year just for a consultation would make me say no and move on right there. What happens after you FINALLY have the hair transplant and have a question or maybe you don't get the amount of density you were hoping for or whatever it may be? Do you have to wait another year to even talk to him? Do you have to wait another 4 years for a 2nd surgery? Why would anyone do that? I'm not saying the guy doesn't do good work, but I just don't understand why anyone would go through it for that long if you can go somewhere else to get it done.
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    Nutricost Biotin (Vitamin B7) 10,000mcg, 240 Capsules - Gluten Free, Non-GMO https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AMJCHB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xOYEDbZSQ0MGC Nature's Bounty Folic Acid 800 mcg Tablets Maximum Strength 250 ea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HRVSP2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_fPYEDbF60AKKT The folic acid is a dry, pressed-pill. Very tiny. It's easy to take and doesn't taste like anything, but it does begin to dissolve if you don't swallow immediately. I am currently taking 2 per day. I think you may be out of luck, and you'll have to go in person for a prescription for fin. Isn't it essentially free for you guys? I found another stash I had from India. So I got 30*4 plus another 30*4 and maybe 90. So I got about 2/3 of a year of fin on me right now. I just got to plan another visit to Mexico for a top-up in 6 months. You could play the dumb Canadian card.... Show up with Bhatti's care notes and say that's what your doc (Bhatti) said should work. Tell them it's for your HT you got in India. It could work, or it could just help you make an appointment. Just be surprised (not angry, just "oh, what, really? oh man, I thought this was enough.") Confusion and apology may be enough for something as innocent as fin. But once you have a prescription, I saw plenty of Canadian pharmacies online. I still think it'll be less if you just pick it up from a local pharmacy. I don't think it's $2 a 5mg pill in person (like if is online).
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    That whirl pattern is really starting to solidify. Very nice
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    Wow man that's an amazing transformation, now whats your secret on no grey hairs haha
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    That’s usually how it starts- very fine hair. Give it time
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    Haha! Well, I lent him one of mine, so he was able to finish the surgery. 😉
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    Oh man, I must have missed this topic...unbelievable result!!! What you achieved with microneedling is better than some hair transplant!!! I will definetely follow this topic and do the same when time comes. Thanks
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    2 grams of msm twice per day total 4g 1.8g of chondroitin 5mg of biotin twice a day total 10mg For hair maintenance - only topicals Clascoterone 50mg a a day in a vehicle of half neogenic and half 95%pure ethanol - Polmos rectfied spirit Neogenic is one of the product which has stemoxydine, this helps increase the growth cycles Minox foam once a day I don't use fin or dut since 2010 but of course would recommend it, it saved my hair for the first 6 years
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    "My quest for new follices" might be one of my favourite thread titles. Bringing your barber friend might also be one of the smartest things I've ever heard of. Given your age I'd also be curious to see what hairline design you guys came up with. Gabel's awesome. Enjoy the journey sir
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    Wow huge change from pre op. Can you explain how you style your hair and what products you use?
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    Here’s another set of photos where I’ve tried to expose the hairline more through styling, recommended by my co-ordinator.
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    hey man thats a lot of baby hairs coming in youre actually exactly where im at right now to be honest so we gotta trust the process!
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    For you? LaserCap? ill do ANYTHING! Here are the pics you requested. 1 is 20 min after the procedure, the next is 1 day after the procedure, the last is 10 days after the procedure.
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    Looking good 🙌 very good indeed!!
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    Looks great buddy! Yeah, I think the short new hairs shedding are making way for a new stronger thicker one ready to sprout as I’ve had some shed too.
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    That is very true...most individuals who have experienced a poor result will not go public and share what happened...that's why it's so important to provide support to the ones who do...these communities need to be a safe place to communicate. It's also a fact that far more individuals simply surf the online communities for information but do not actively participate. So we can be grateful for the ones who do share their story and encourage one another in our journeys.
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    11 months 4 days ago. Still thickening and growing albeit not as much unfortunately. I am at a point where a little Toppik goes a long way. So much so I was complimented on my hair recently. What I have noticed recently which I noticed a few months back is, I see smaller hairs falling out more frequently and at the time it worried me but I now believe these are small hairs falling to make way for thicker strands. I wish things were progressing as quickly as they did the first few months but they are still slowly progressing so I am not going to stop any time soon! 1) Left Temple, notice the small hairs starting to sprout. 2) Right Temple. hairs starting to thicken and grow. Not as much of a problem area because of how i comb my hair. Figures this would be the stronger side lol 3) Front. This is harsh light, it actually doesn't look this bad in normal lighting. But, you can clearly see the new hairs all along the front continuing to grow and thicken. There was no hair here if you look at my previous posts in this thread. 4) The crown. I comb it in a way here to really show the weak points. When I look at my last post i see some improvement so Ill keep my fingers crossed this gets better even though its been a slow process. 5) just how my hair falls naturally. Ive never liked my hair to be honest, but losing it was way worse than anything i hated about it before .
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    Very nice results, happy for you man! 👍🏻
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    This result is a triple A plus! It’s so natural. No one is going to look at you and think something is off. You’re certainly not a bald guy anymore! Congratulations!
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    I personally believe you should take the doctors advice regarding the removal time. Leaving things longer is not always a good thing as you could increase the risk of pain, obvious scarring and infections. It is of course needed in some case when healing is slower than usual based on medical conditions (diabetes, cancers etc), however, reduced laxity does not necessarily mean that it needs to stay longer. In fact in some cases, staying longer unnecessarily could be related to widened scarring too. Was the wound closed in two layers or just the staples?
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    Saw your photos. Hope you and your father get some sound repair. A physician should stand by his or her work. Those agreements are things that are being reviewed heavily by certain agencies as they do not really protect the patient. Federal medical laws always supersede any agreement. The surgery is not easy as is and you pay a lot, money, time, family, etc is impacted. You really want it to go well or at least to a point that no one stares at your scalp. I really hope you get a positive outcome and can move forward. Best wishes.
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    outstanding result. you must be thrilled with your new look.
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    Quite an amazing journey that you've had thus far, @logansays -- from virtually no hair outside of the donor area prior to the 1st HT, to now being well on route to an entire head of hair. Quite phenomenal. Even I'll be having a crown restoration done with Eugenix next year, and your post op photos have continued to add to my confidence on them. Like Lenny, even I think crowns are the toughest to restore, but every crown restoration job I've seen so far from Eugenix has been excellent. I'm thinking positively that your HT will be yet another success. I definitely will keep a lookout for this thread. Happy growing!
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    This is not a before/after. This is simply a patient we performed a two day, 5000 FUE graft case last week. The reason I am presenting this is that this patient previously went to a local plastic surgeon who had just obtained an ARTAS machine, and is marketing heavily here in the Charleston, SC area. During his consultation with the ARTAS clinic, he indicated he wanted coverage both in the crown and frontal area, and was told by the consultant (not the plastic surgeon), that complete coverage could be obtained with 1500 grafts. Looking online afterwards, he realized this was an absurd quote, and ended up coming to us. The point is for prospective patients to do their research before (and after) a consultation because there is some inaccurate information being given out, and just because someone has a machine does not make them qualified to perform the procedure.
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    The best time to get a transplant imo is the week after New Years. That way the new hair is coming in by the time hat season is over. For me, the ugly duckling stage was much easier than I had anticipated. But it really depends on how much they shave off. I grew my hair out beforehand and only had the very front shaved, so I was able to sweep it over the transplanted area pretty much immediately. If you’re just shaving a little bit, you’ll probably be fine after 2 weeks. The one thing that persisted longer than I’d hoped was the redness, so I did feel a little exposed whenever it was windy for the first few months. If you go with a full shave, I would either wear a hat or buzz it so everything looks even. It will look pretty normal for a few weeks, though the redness will likely stand out after the initial shed.
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    I've been doing foam in the mornings and a foam/liquid combo in the evenings. I actually find the liquid isn't much of an issue for my styling preferences as long as you massage it in like you're supposed to, but you've seen that I generally wear my hair up or back.
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    He was pre-med at UCLA and did his residency at UC Davis I believe. Where you graduate or go to school has no bearing on your surgical skill. Guys, These inflammatory remarks are ridiculous. I’ve been in contact with Dr. Diep, he will be commenting and reaching out to this patient. There are countless examples of his work myself included. Unfortunately, like I said not every result will be a success and I’ve been around long enough to say every surgeon has had lackluster results. How a surgeon handles these cases is the sign of a great surgeon and I believe Dr. Diep is an excellent surgeon.
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    Ear to ear. The scar follows the shape of the fade...it’s about an inch above the fade so it’s higher on the sides then dips in the back a little
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    I couldn't recommend Dr Nader enough. Obviously his work speaks for itself. I know some guys said they would have gotten more density or another graft session but I'm so satisfied that I am not even thinking of it. Of course, I'm 43 years old now so I might feel differently if I was 30, but I'm completely satisfied. So glad I didn't listen to my wife.
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    Sure! Thanks for the kind words re my results, I’m sure you’ll pleased with yours in 12-18 months time. Ahh..yeah, I had a good shed of my native hairs the first couple of weeks of beginning my microneedling routine, I see it as a good thing as it’s a sign of newer better hairs ready to grow/sprout. I think you did the right thing in stopping the microneedling a month or so before your HT procedure, always good to let the scalp heal and err on the side of caution.
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    Thanks alot mate. I really were impressed by your result. I wish to end up with a result close to yours. Regarding the microneedling, i start using it it 3 months before the surgery, but unfortunately i shed alot, i am not sure whether it was a minaturized hair shedding that would be followed by a new hair replacement, but i couldn't take more risk and stopped it after 1.5 month of weekly use.
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    Lol u gotta be kidding me right? Joined just to post this? I bet you’re going to disappear now forever
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    Yeah, it can be quite hard not to obsess about it during the growing period, but be assured that your grafts will come out, and I think you can expect pretty much all of them to have survived. It's very rare that grafts just die and never grow, especially with FUT. To answer your question, I was a bit of a slow grower, so I didn't really see great results until about 8 months, but a lot of people see them at 6 months. It varies from person to person. After 10 months I experienced more growth and better texture quality. I had a lot of scalp to cover, so it was somewhat of a challenge to cover it all with just 3200 grafts, but it worked out very well. It all looks very natural, and there's no trace of a transplant to a regular person, or anyone really, in my opinion.
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    Progress looks really good for less than 6months time! And even better from your last photos from just a couple of weeks ago.
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    Sorry to disagree with everyone but I don't see any major cosmetic change here and I still think the operation was unnecessary It looks like the hairline was brought down less than 1cm, which would suggest an area of around 16cm2 was dense packed with 1800 grafts. If i am correct that not only seems unethical but quite frankly absurd Do you have any immediate post-op work pics? That would probably answer all the questions forum members have concerning this patient's operation.
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    Fantastic results. Thanks for updating. I can only hope to have hair like that at 50
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    @HLPToronto Great words. I rate you very highly for that, brother. At the end of the day, whichever surgeon or clinic any HT patient chooses, they're still in pretty much the same boat as all other HT patients on this forum, in that we're all trying to improve our appearance, and we all require a bit of luck (because even with the best doctors, sometimes individual scalps just don't take well to HTs). Therefore it only makes sense for all of us to treat one another with respect, admiration, and best wishing for having taken the plunge which so many don't have the guts or motivation to do. This community, at its best, is like a massive extended family. It's great to see your contributions to the forum, and I certainly look forward to following suit and giving back to the community once my HT is done Dr Bhatti's celebrity clients in India (especially the Punjabi movie and music industry) are very impressive -- these celebrities have the money to get their HTs done anywhere on the planet, and with any doctor they want, yet they choose Darling Buds/Five Rivers... and that itself is a testament to the trust and respect that Dr Bhatti commands. Furthermore, I've only seen positive words for the likes of Shera for his assistance to patients throughout their journey. Hence why I am always on the lookout to see new threads from his patients. I have to say though, when I saw your one month photo I was taken aback a little with the extent of what looked like shock loss to native hairs... but after scrolling down and seeing the 3 month photos, the smile came back even quicker than it had left. It just shows what's possible when a master of the art has done their work well, and when the patient has followed instructions to the letter and maintained a positive and powerful mindset. When it gets to the 12-18 month mark, and the hairs mature and the density builds up, I think your results could be one of those that others consider to be miraculous. It's going to be awesome! As Melvin likes to day... Happy growing!
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    Amazing. Congrats man. One transplant, even with bad recession, and a complete home run.
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    Just a few days shy of the 5 month mark photos taken with no product in hair. Feels so good to start getting my confidence back and and feel like my old self again. Been going out a lot more and have ditched the caps! best money i’ve ever spent!
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    Incredible results! Since you mentioned being concerned about some current thinning, one thing to be aware of that I'm not sure has been mentioned is to be mindful of seasonal shedding - particularly within the first 18 months or so as all the new grafts start finding their own groove/cycle so to speak. Hairs go through a growth cycle, and there are times when your hair may appear slightly thinner than others and it is easy to jump to conclusions and think it means you're losing your hair. With time, you'll be in relationship with what this cycle is like for you and be able to understand that it's generally temporary when it happens.
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    Ignore the negativity mate. Your hair looks great. Enjoy the new look. There are people like me who have followed your progress from start and there are some other guys who have posted their amazing results they have got it after their surgery at Eugenix. This gave me confidence in choosing Eugenix for my own HT Surgerry. I am thankful to you and other guys for posting their results.
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    Hi Matt, Fair question. Please note that I do not know who told the previous poster that the "transection rate would be greater with the old punch". I copy/pasted the text from our website and you won't find that comment anywhere.....just because that is not what we believe. For the record, we do use sterilized punch for the Standard package BUT, a punch gets used for a few procedures only. If the life of a punch is a 100 (for example) as per the manufacturers specs, we use it only till 20. That is how safe we play. A higher transection rate has never been and will never be acceptable in our Clinic. As you probably know, Dr. Bhatti is booked solid for 2-3 months at least. Ends up turning down a lot of patients that don't want to wait. It would have made more business sense for him to hire some HT Surgeons in his huge Clinic (with has 4 operation theatres) to be able to accommodate more patients (translating into more $$$) ....BUT.....his belief is that he can guarantee the quality that he offers only if he performs all the procedures himself. How can he take a risk of a higher transection rate for any of his patients...... We do not "sell" our Patients on any of the two packages that we offer. We provide them full disclosures and make sure that they are fully educated before they make their decision. A small price difference per graft might not mean a whole lot to someone in the West ......but it might mean a lot to a hair loss Patient from South East Asia. A Patient coming to us form North America or Europe would probably need the "add ons" that we offer (in the Premium Package) but it would not be fair for us to make our local/Indian Patients pay for the stuff that they don't want to or need to, avail. Best regards, California
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    Hi Matt, I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to point out that the "Standard" vs "Premium" packages that Dr. Bhatti offers do not differ as far as the quality of care, service and expertise are concerned. The difference lies in the "add-ons" such as the lab testing, local transportation and extra charges for the no-shave technique. Using a brand new punch verses a used (sterilized) punch would not effect the HT results and I personally believe, would not affect the transection rates. The hand holding the punch is the same.....that of Dr. Bhatti. Since we don't believe in "one size fits all" we do want to give our Patients the option to pick and choose which package works better for them (since there is a price difference of INR 10, (which comes to $0.16 per graft). For example, a domestic (based in India) Patient might have his/her own transportation, might not need the no-shave technique etc. So, he/she might opt for the "Standard" package and save some money. Again, I want to assure you and everyone else......We provide the same "PREMIUM" service to all our Patients......and the naming convention of the "packages" does not affect the service that we provide or the HT results that we produce. I have copy/pasted the details for the two packages from our website for everyone to see. Premium package: INR 99 for scalp grafts and INR 179 for body grafts. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling , 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making) New imported Harris punch used No lab charges/ Post care kit charges Free pick and drop while in Chandigarh No extra fee for “no shave” technique (ideal for those needing lesser than 2000 scalp grafts) Standard package: INR 89 for scalp grafts and INR 169 for body grafts. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making) Used Harris punch (however it is sterilized as other instruments also are) Post- procedure care kit cost and standard lab test charges – INR 5600 Car pick up and drop in Chandigarh @ INR 27 per Km “No shave” technique : INR 20,000 shall be charged extra Best regards, California
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    For myself, the memories are still so vivid, raw and emotional when I look back. I was there that unimaginably horrific morning, a block away, just arrived at my job by Wall Street. I was very young then too but it still feels like it was yesterday. Each year this day fills me with anger, sadness, hope and appreciation ... especially to all those the sacrificed themselves for others ... and still do.