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    There has been a growing trend recently, of purposely over harvesting scalp donor, to maximise the scalp recipient area to its fullest aesthetic potential, and then later utilising BHT grafts to replenish the donor area. I must admit, I love the idea of this practice for a number of reasons; -Scalp donor is always the optimum donor source for the recipient area, both for survival and aesthetic purposes -Higher HGI in scalp donor -Longer anagen phase in scalp donor -Due to the positioning of the donor region on the head - greater illusions of density can be achieved, due to hair growth direction and the angles of light reflection, therefore reducing the need for such quality grafts to make an aesthetic difference - as opposed to the standard balding areas on the top of the head, where everything is alot more obvious and on display My questions to the community, and hopefully to any surgeons who may be reading are: How feasible really is this practice? Are there no implications implanting BHT into a donor area covered in scar tissue from prior FUT/FUE procedures? On average, how many extra scalp grafts would this be likely to create for a patient to be able to utilise? How long would one have to wait in between procedures of harvesting grafts from the donor - to the replenishing the donor with BHT? Is this technique just in its infancy, or has the concept and trials been happening for a long time now ? Thankyou,
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    I do think the marketing of it all is probably a key point. There is a lot of it out there and I think it would be easy for an uninformed patient to fall prey to these promises. How many people do you see these days saying they've "done their research" when what they really mean is they've done a few Google searches for "best hair transplant clinics" and clicked on the first few results.
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    great result so far. you must feel much better and such a relief to get a good result
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    You would do well to choose these guys ! (Eugenix) definitely worth consulting with them.
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    This is proving to be awesome result already ! Insane to think you have more to come. loving the comb throughs. Your presentation on your videos is always fantastic too. The way you have your hair styled is exactly how I do mine for the best effect.
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    Use aloe vera, it is 100x better.
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    It’s something that interests me, but I haven’t seen it done. Some clinics call this donor-recharging. I think most clinics wouldn’t purposefully deplete the donor, as it may reflect badly on them. Now, with the patients consent, perhaps, but if the patient ends up upset, it’s still on them, since they know better.
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    @Welwyn You have received some great and positive comments from the community. I would echo their sentiments. Good early signs of growth at 4 months. Im looking forward to see your evolution over the next several months. Some fun months ahead. Thanks for the photos. I have added side by side images for easier comparison.
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    I m 8 months post, hair transplant with Dr Cooley from Charlotte Nc and would like to share my experience, I had a previous surgery with another Dr in NC about 5 yrs ago and I can honestly not give you an opinion because he was no where to be found, 2 nurses performed the surgery, the Dr was in the other room working with the other person. Two observations about my interactions with with Dr. Cooley, # 1 you can tell he truly cares about people and is a genuinely nice person, # 2 , I m. at 8 months post and satisfied 100%, and still have 4 months of growth to go. The staff was top notch, he was top notch and my results were outstanding. Of course this is just my opinion but I would like to share several before and after pictures so people can form their own opinion. The first 3 are before and the last 2 are 8 months post
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    That’s true. I notice some people researching yelp, which for restaurants is okay, but hair transplants, that’s crazy. I really wish more people knew about this site, it would really help, hell, you can see good results in any budget, but the key is through research.
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    Hello Thanks for the message. Unfortunately the consultation has not been done yet. I am sending the number in DM. Regards
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    Thanks buddy I will do a full report all of my surgeries with pictures and well documents reviews of all the doctors I have been too It will take a long time but I think it can help people to see what can be achieved Thanks again
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    I don't ban people, it's very rare, but he's definitely someone I'm willing to say
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    Just few things to add: 1-HT in elite clinics are worth a lot, in many countries -like my own- it will cost same price of buying a flat for a middle class family. Saving up for such procedure isn't an option. 2-This is human nature, people go for surgeries in cheaper places for more critical surgeries that good have a life threatening risk if not done properly, at least in HT that risk is less. 3-Marketing and results has been super effective, Turkey has elite marketing strategies: a-FUE now is probably considered the only good method for most people thanks to it, even H&W who are the world leading clinic in FUT and HT seem to have conceded and is going for FUE way. Turkey has played huge part of that. b-They have different marketing strategies for each region, in middle east Turkey is considered the golden standard for HT, and the surgeon performing on Arab patients aren't even known in English speaking language, never seen Asmed/Rasul/Cinik names in Arabic forum. c- They are so dominant here that even in medical field they think no one in the world is as good as them, I went to the top dermatologist clinic earlier this year for hair related consultation and we discussed that I might need HT, I told my Dr I am aware and thinking about doing it in either Switzerland or Canada (Hattingen or H&W) and her response? Do it in Cairo or travel to Turkey, those were reliable clinics are known. Swiss/Canada? hmmm, be aware of scammer Only couple of HT surgeon who attends international conference knows the truth. 4-For FUE patients, Turkey has produced some elite results. That is the truth of it, people see some amazing results there posted by patients and would prefer to take such lower financial risk playing the lottery with their hair. I have seen many patient documented well known cases there, this encourage people. Most of those doing HT are either desperate or very hopeful. They are easy targets for good marketing when there is documented good results. 5-I am not saying that this is the right approach, I don't have Turkey in my list at all. As I said if I ever do it then I have narrowed my options to Dr,Wong and Hattingen. But to act surprised is weird. In every trade, even medical, there is a market for the poor that always lack quality.
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    Stop acting like a child. If he doesn't want to tell you that's his business. What If I just kept asking you post pictures of your hair? Ok but post pictures of your hair. Do you see how that could be annoying and childish. We all post here on free-will, no one is here to bend to your will. Behave, or you'll be gone. My only warning. You can easily submit an online consultation with Dr. Gabel yourself and find out the cost. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/physician/Oregon/Steven-Gabel/633
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    @ShadowMoon I'm amazed by your results on fin! Wow! Gabel's work looks clean, and even though it's a pain to have your head shaved it'll definitely pay off in the end. Also, wise decision to go FUT. Stay the course and keep us posted!
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    Yeah, don't hold your breath for hair cloning. I heard about that in 2006.... 🤣
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    This goes to show why doing your research about HTs is important. Shock loss? No problem. It will work itself out. Love the knowledgeable approach. Early days. The best is yet to come. Will be following your progress closely!
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    Please consider each Dr on their results and try and not focus on cost. Yes there are other excellent Drs all with different pricing and some seem expensive, some are worth the extra others will deliver the same results. Konoir is one of the best for sure, posting some fantastic results!
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    To be honest I would use any of the regular, basic hair fibers that are on the market such as topic or febron. Note, that these hair fibers are pretty expensive but you can buy fibers on sites such as ebay that sell fibers that are relatively cheap. I highly believe that those fibers are generic branded hair fibers BUT in my opinion the definitely do the trick. I was just advising that if you had a reason to go out for like a date or something applying those fibers would conceal the thinning hairline. Anyways keep us posted brother!
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    @Curious25 not any meds, I’m not predicted any future loss for a while I hope. According to my hair characteristics and family history but only time will tell! The only thing I have been taking is 1000ug biotin daily from month 3 yeah I really hope you’re right man! Definitely have some weak spots but I’m 50% growth roughly so trying not to worry about it too much for now!
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    Excellent points Melvin. I would also include the surgeon's expertise and their overall attitude to their approach. Some can be very bullheaded and stubborn with what they want to do but they also must be receptive to the patient's wants/needs and be able to educate. Some also are good at specific methods like doing just FUT, FUE, hairline, crown etc. Goes back to your first point on results but I often feel like a lot of people just assume all surgeons have the same capabilities of wherever the hair is being placed.
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    I will be following this with interest! Mainly because your hair loss pattern pre-surgery is so similar to my own that I feel like I'm looking in the mirror, haha. You should be getting your final results around the same time your due to take the NCLEX! Good luck on both fronts!
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    Your donor looks fine. The hair on the donor zone are less prone to dihydrotestosterone. The hair on the temporary zone are more prone to it. Hence, taking Finasteride can definitely help in all cases. Provided you are willing to take the medication.
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    Thanks bud. Yes, longer hair gives an illusion of density but still in day light, I have to wear hat or sprinkle fibres. There is no explanation on why some areas have slow growth than others. It can be common as per other threads. Only time will tell as Dr Sethi suggested to wait another 2 months. BTW you have a good growth for 2 months. Keeping my fingers crossed for you
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    Hey buddy. For 2 months , its looking well. I think you will have fast growth Yes, dont stress and time will fly
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    Please don’t be disheartened by a surgeons assessment of your donor from a few photos you have sent online - pictures can be so misleading, even more so with short buzzed fine hair in the sunlight. An in person consultation is what you require - this is the most accurate way one can assess the true state of affairs! To me you look like a promising candidate, with a high sided nw6 pattern - plenty of great nw6 transformations on here for you to get an idea of what is able to be done these days, combined with some bht grafts, I think under a good surgeons hands, you will be a very happy patient when the time comes. Keep using the resources on this forum as much as possible, there’s so much great information available, and will really help guide you in the right direction!
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    Your right it does look a bit of shock loss. It’s great when some early growth happens, noticing new hairs where before there were none 🙂
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    You should be alright https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/hair-loss/insider/shedding It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. When the body sheds significantly more hairs every day, a person has excessive hair shedding. The medical term for this condition is telogen effluvium. Excessive hair shedding is common in people who have experienced one the following stressors: Lost 20 pounds or more Given birth Experiencing lots of stress (caring for a loved one who is sick, going through a divorce, losing a job) Had high fever Undergone an operation Recovering from an illness, especially if it included high fever Stopped taking birth-control pills Get back on the pill FuriousGeorge and report back again!
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    That is a phenomenal result, one of the best on the forum I would think. That is just amazing.😍😍 If you could just maintain this hair, you should be all set.
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    @Zoomster, those are really good results and you seem to have really thick hair. It looks quite good even in bright light. 😀
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    It’s the hairline that matters when getting a good Ht. this is what you and everyone else sees. And framing the face will make all the difference! Also that it is age appropriate. We all talk about the frontal third and that’s what most of the grafts are going towards. And then spread less and less as they go back to the crown.
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    Haha... No... I think the generally perceived opinion on Fin is that it might help retain hair alright.. But you can kiss goodbye to a strong libido and say hello to erectile problems.. I and another prospective Irish Eugenix patient I met for a coffee during the summer is having the same experience as me... No sexual sides and if anything it's added not taken away to the libido side of things.. Its not zero risk though.. for some the sides are very real but I'd almost certainly say its not while on the low dose regime like I mentioned earlier Z
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    You trying to be a lego man? Red line would be a worse look. Search on youtube for Celebrity Hair Transplant Disasters - The Kyle Christie Effect - Part 1 for someone that did something similar. Green would look ok but maybe stick to meds and get what you have stabilized
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    I know what you mean though. Using a camera shows our hair in the worst possible light. I can look at my own hair and think oh yeh that looks ok... take a pic and think jeez where did my hair go ! 😂
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    I can see improvements from your starting out point. At 5 months now I’m sure it’s just going to keep getting better. Maybe your just a slower grower. You certainly chose a excellent Dr so I can’t see any reason why you won’t end up with a really good result.
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    For those who are wondering, here is my hair after 13 surgeries.
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    Yes, it’s instinct to “shop prices” but it becomes detrimental when that is the first thing you look for, it should be who does the best work. I guarantee if you have a great result, you’ll never look back and think “why did I spend that money?” And if you get botched, you definitely won’t be saying, “but at least I got a bargain!”
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    I'll be trying Proscar and cutting it into 1 mg tablets starting next week. Have you had any noticeable side effects over the years? I'm approaching 30 and concerned about the side effects, especially when it comes to having children etc. I know the rule of thumb is 1 mg everyday but I would also like to ask whether I can start with 0.5 mg every other day (MWF). Do you think this is effective? Or should I go for 1 mg every other day? I really appreciate the feedback.
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    If you feel it's too expensive ask any HT doctor for a Proscar prescription and cut those into 4 or 5 pieces. This will be 4-5 times cheaper than propecia and still comes from the same manufacturer.
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    Can anyone answer his question? Is there any justification for buying Propecia vs generic fin? I note from someone’s thread which popped up the other day Dr Koray prefers ppl take proscar (in 1/4s) rather than fin 1mg
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    Most of my noticeable loss occurred between 2000 - 2010 (22 to 32yrs old), but as far as I can tell has stalled since 2012. I would have been about a NW5. There are no guarantees though. Why not try taking 0.5mg a couple of times a week? Say Monday and Friday. If that works add in a Wednesday...then up dose to 1mg MWF. That would be enough to hopefully slow things down. Currently I'm doing 1.25mg Proscar every 3 days without much side effect problem. I take it last thing at night and any minor sides have worn off by the time I wake up (slight brain fogginess).
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    Be careful with Propecia. I experienced a serious loss of emotion and sexual potency when taking it. Those side effects lasted for three weeks even after I stopped taking it. I've read that some people are experiencing the same symptoms even years after having stopped taking the drug.
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    I d rather have no scalp than take finasteride; as I saw reports of permanent erectile dysfunction after intake of finasteride, problems that popped randomly after months or years of finasteride workinggreat!! and effects that never stopped or resulted in suicide of the person; I d rather have a sexual function. Thanksss
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    1. PRP is just a therapy. It could boost the effects of other treatments like medicines etc. It cannot be taken as a treatment in itself. 2. Laser treatment and red light are just for cosmetic purposes most of the times with no scientific evidence or proof for support during hairfall or baldness. 3. If you are experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia then you should consider taking Finasteride to prevent any further progression of the same, i.e., after consulting a Dermatologist.