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    What are u on about mate ? that’s a good result stop trolling !!
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    Mate as the OP has said can you try and stay positive for now, because I think he looks good and this could turn out well yet. You aren't helping anyone with this negativity.
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    Of course! My pleasure :). Emotions are going to be high because this is such an exciting journey to go through. Rest assure, you are only at the beginning of this journey. Ride the waves and the ups and downs, and be excited for how this is going to alter your appearance and confidence!
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    ahahaha.... I wonder has he had a procedure 🤔??
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    Found your doppelgänger Paul Hollywood
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    @Zoomster Mate as a fellow Norwood 6 myself, I’m inspired. You’ve completely transformed.
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    Hello, I began losing my hair almost 10 years ago. Needless to say, it was a horrifying experience throughout. One doesn't really fully grasp the trauma of getting a change in appearance before it actually happens. The initial years were difficult for me. I was about 22 years old. And for someone that young, a balding look spells disaster. I became shy, apprehensive of socializing and conscious about myself. Eventually, I did start accepting baldness as a part and parcel of life. As a guy, you really aren't expected to focus on your appearance much. I wasn't going to be anything different. By providence, I joined Eugenix Hair Sciences as a Tele -medical consultant. Fairly recently, about 6 months and working here now. The doctors did suggest me transplantation. However, I never took it as seriously. Now, after a while, I finally began to think that maybe I could give it a try. Like who wouldn't want to try something when you can clearly see other people getting it done with positive results! I have been seeing the results of Eugenix in front of my own eyes on a daily basis and I started feeling that I should also get the procedure done. I don't think I'm particularly afraid of the pain or anything like that. After all I'm a tough guy (😜). But surprisingly, the surgery wasn't painful. I was 100% sure and expecting this procedure to be painful. That being said, lying down doing nothing was the tough part. In the design and planning of my procedure Dr Arika , Dr Pradeepand Dr Alok were involved. The frontal slits were made by Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika. Rest of the slits were completed by Dr Alok. The extraction of the grafts were done by Dr Alok. Few times Dr Arika and Dr Pradeep also supervised. I got 3024 grafts done for a good coverage of my frontal zone with adequate density. I also got my temples completely reconstructed. I am planning to share my progress throughout now. (I have interacted with many patients who have come from this forum to Eugenix for their procedure. Now it is my turn to share my story with others! I am taking pics of my scalp daily to keep a track of the procedure to document it for one year.) I have completed my head wash and now have started taking Finasteride as well for the minituarising hair. I am very excited to see the progress in my hair growth. And even more privileged that I get to share it with you all. It feel very supportive that there are people out there who genuinely care and would partake in my journey. I am going to keep you guys updated.
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    I always felt pretty bad for Wayne, I'm sure most of us know the anguish of losing our hair but he has been through all this whilst in the public eye. Suppose all that money might help make up for it a little bit. 😄 At least he's proof of how amazing good concealer can be. 🤗 Do we know if he actually took Fin/Dut and stuck with it?
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    Yes, I am back - I will be visiting and giving out my humble opinions and hopefully guiding the more 'mature' crowd here when needed...LOL!
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    Man, what a difference! You definitely look younger. 🙏 You must feel so much better in yourself. 🙌
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    You will always maximize your grafts with a first round FUT - bear in mind that you will need a plan to deal with the scar it leaves, and that is a personal decision based on your hair style . A FUE afterwards to keep up is certainly a good plan but a FUE after FUE after FUE to play catch up shouldn't be part of your plan. i have had two (2) FUT and my scar has never been noticeable but I keep my hair longer anyway.
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    I started finasteride 1.25 mg (split the 5 mg into quarters - it was much cheaper) right after I got the HT. I’ve been on it for over a year now, luckily with no side effects. I used to use Rogaine foam as well, but my scalp had a reaction, so I stopped it. Plus I didn’t like the sticky residue it left behind.
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    Looks like good work man. Look forward to seeing your results.
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    You look at least 10 years younger, just did a side by side 😳 eager to see your progress.
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    Thanks! I actually wound up cancelling this appointment while I research more on this forum! I got a virtual consult with Konoir, going to get one more just so that I have options, but I'm definitely leaning that way.
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    I think it looks like a maturing hairline tbh, best thing would be to have a dermatologist take a look for you but I think you have nothing to worry about. Forget about it for now and go enjoy your youth, you don't wanna be worrying about hair at your age.
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it! Very excited to see where the next few months take me :)
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    Hairline is looking phenomenal at this stage. congrats man. Excited to see how this progresses through the rest of the year.
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    Hey man - just catching back up on your thread. Wanted to say you're looking great. This is the growth I was hoping for at this stage haha! You're crown results at 5 months and your hairline in the above pics are looking really improved. Excited to see where you're at in come the end of the year!
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    I missed the side effects part, if he has side he should definitely stop.
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    Yes that's correct that different hair characteristics will make a difference to hair density with the 50/50 rule in mind. Also the hair style of that individual can make a huge difference in appearance in full density also. Combed to the side is better than straight up in most cases especially if hair characteristics are not favourable. Take for example a guy with fine straight hair, and another guy with wavy coarse hair...big difference. It's all about preventing the reflection of light off the scalp. Another example of black hair and light scalp versus blonde hair light scalp. No 2 heads are the same. Paddy
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    Yet you are still adamant that Couto is such a good choice, despite not seeing any patient testimonials?
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    IMHO it is always best to start finasteride 9-12 months prior to surgery...I never like the idea of starting the initial use during the regrowth period as we all know it can potentially induce a shed and who wants that when you are waiting for the grafts to start growing?!
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    @Struggle Glad to hear you're not rushing into anything, definitely wise to know what your options are. I know there are a lot of system wearers out there but I've yet to meet a truly happy one. Good luck with Fin! 😄
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    The cracks around the recipient area are completely normal! If you look at my photo from day 4, it looks very similar. Also, you’re only going to see a small proportion of the the hair/grafts right now because the scab is thick. Once you’re able to start massaging them out, then you’ll start to see the whole hair follicle. As for the smoking, please make sure you do not smoke anymore, especially in the early phase. This is a very crucial time right now for the grafts to take and smoking and excessive alcohol consumption has been known to decrease blood flow and therefore, increase healing time. Take a breath, remain calm, and be patient with yourself. This process takes time and the more compliant you are to your post-op care, the better the result will be. We are always here to help
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    You have a good head of hair with some thinning so definitely consider getting on Fin. @nishchd gave you good advice with the lower dosage start. I get a generic prescription of proscar (finasteride 5 MG) and I cut it into fourths (1.25 MG). This amounts to about $15 for a three month supply. You might be able to cut it into smaller pieces but it'd get tricky to do that without the pill crumbling.
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    Very interested to follow this, Dr McGrath seems to be one of the leading advocates for this, so the more information you can provide, the better! Keep us updated about what you decide to do with your finasteride treatment - from what I have read and watched, the pioneering surgeons behind exosomes seem to allude to the treatment being an option to be used instead of medical therapy, which should bode well, should you dc because of the sides. Wish you well
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    It's a bit harder to tell when looking at the front, but based on the photos the crown is looking noticeably better. Seems to be more hair towards the front in the hairline area as well, with the rear part of the frontal zone lagging a bit more. Granted, pictures can be deceiving, but I agree that part of this could be slow growth or lack of hair maturation. Just hang tight for now and see what the doctor has to say.
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    Jumping the gun there. Slow growers can happen. No need add undue stress on the guy. If it was 12 months post then I might agree with you.
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    Wow, looking very good! Hope my own results are as good.
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    Yes - thats pretty much it. And i wouldnt say youre progress is slow at all. A friend of mine here got a HT and at 6 months was REALLY disappointed (even though his hairdresser assured him there were little "baby hairs" coming in). By 9 months he had a great result. It just takes a few hair cycles for the transplanted hair to become stronger and thicken up. Please continue to keep us updated
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    I’ve received some requests for an update, so even though I’m a bit past the 18month mark we can just call this the year-and-a-half update. Like most of you, I haven’t left the house in months due to Covid, which has given me the chance to see what the hair looks like grown out. As you can see it’s gotten pretty long, but I’m still very happy with it. The photos below were taken today outside. No product, no fillers, etc One thing about the hair being longer though is that it accentuates any thinness. So at this length I can see much more scalp than when it’s shorter. Still though, no complaints and couldn’t be happier. I live up by the Great Lakes and it’s great to be out by the water with the wind blowing and to not be stressing about a combover. My hair looks straight here, but that’s only if I use a blow dryer after showering. If I let my hair air dry it gets super kinky and curly. Which is weird, bc I never had curly hair. But like I said, if I don’t blow dry it straight it looks like Kenny G. No joke. I’d heard some guys say their hair came back curly but that relaxed over time. I don’t think I can say the same. The transplanted hair is definitely more curly than I imagined and it seems like it’s here to stay. Plus, the length of the hair probably exacerbates the situation. Oh well, small price to pay. I’ll definitely deal with this over the alternative. I appreciate all the DMs I’ve received from guys saying that this thread helped them pull the trigger. I’m glad if it helped. This forum helped educate me and helped me make the decision I did, so the least we can do is pay it forward.
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    What a change thanks for sharing your journey mate
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    Hello everyone, I am posting my 9th month update today. Please do have a look.
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    Hi gents meant to update sooner but with lockdown etc not had chance. Hopefully everyone is keeping safe and hairs are growing well. I am currently 5 and a half months in after my touch up and am very happy. I have noticed my front has thickened up nicely and still have months to go, I go out no products or gels and it looks natural and never had anyone question if I've had a ht. I am waiting for the oral minoxidil kicking in apparently around 6months as I have noticed my crown thinning since I stopped oral minoxidil. Anyway pics below different views one lockdown no haircut and then one where my wife's trimmed it and think shes done a good job anyway keep good and stay safe
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    Saw your photos. Hope you and your father get some sound repair. A physician should stand by his or her work. Those agreements are things that are being reviewed heavily by certain agencies as they do not really protect the patient. Federal medical laws always supersede any agreement. The surgery is not easy as is and you pay a lot, money, time, family, etc is impacted. You really want it to go well or at least to a point that no one stares at your scalp. I really hope you get a positive outcome and can move forward. Best wishes.