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    Check with the Doctor as prices might have been updated.
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    Thank you mate, appreciate your feedback. I‘m going to give it a go and if I notice any shedding I’ll stop instantly.
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    I legit gained 5-10 lbs of water weight since starting creatine a month or two ago, but I'm vegan so I don't get any through diet. It's actually shown to improve cognitive function in vegetarians. I don't think there's enough evidence to prove that it causes hair loss. I wouldn't worry about it especially if you're taking a DHT inhibitor.
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    Won’t take you long to get back where you was Melvin. You always look bulky in the videos, arms especially! Thanks I’ll post an update soon but not much has changed really since the last few updates 😊
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    Great question. In fact, I have been leaning towards FUE all these years and was decided to go with FUT only 4 months ago. I concluded that an FUT is a better choice for higher Norwood case like me where the supply is limited. Yield from a strip is generally higher to achieve decent coverage. In addition, FUT as a first surgery leaves major donor area (minus the strip that's removed) untouched leaving you with option to do another FUT or FUE down the road. Of course this is my view and I know many members here have done multiple FUEs and achieved great results. While I know Dr. Lindsey performs both FUT and FUE, I do not know how many he does of each.
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    My mistake, I have the quarantine on my mind lol.
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    5 months is still early and my honest feeling is that it will look good by 12 months. It’s growing in well already, the hairs are wirey because they’re not matured yet, once they mature the difference will be substantial.
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    Nice to see a Eugenix case with this hair type. The donor looks amazing and honestly if the recipient didn't change at all from this point I'd still say this was a big success for you. What guard length are you taking it down to on the sides and back?
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    Many thanks @Portugal25 look forward to seeing the results @PT#31 I've read a fair bit about DR BF and how he's progressed his work with Lorenzo more recently over in Spain. Be interesting to see how he takes off in the industry with all that experience and more results now being posted. Thanks @paddyirishman that makes a lot of sense. Mr Ball was worried he wouldn't be able to create a natural hairline with the coarse hair I have, which put me off a little and worried me that maybe it couldn't be achieved. I'll ask the question for sure. I'm yet to get prices from Dr Reddy but i'd imagine its in that ballpark. I guess thats why i've been quoted less grafts. 1200-1400 from Dr Reddy and 1800-2000 from Dr BF which seems quite a jump? I'll def take my time, i'm OCD about detail, which in this instance is probably a good thing! Cheers
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    @Melvin-Moderator can you shed any light into why Dr. Diep places grafts in straight lines? I've looked at many other threads on the forum, and haven't found any other doctors that take this approach. It seems so easy to fix.
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    Looks fantastic! You must be over the moon
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    I posted my own pictures earlier in the thread showing this linear pattern that he implants the follicles in. He clearly does it for efficiency. I'm honestly not a fan at all of this technique because it makes the transplanted area look sparser than if he had staggered the grafts. If you have grafts implanted in rows, then you will have rows of spaces that you can see right through. Imagine looking at a corn field. You can look down the rows of spaces. Now imagine if the grafts were staggered. The spaces in between each graft would be minimized and you get a denser looking result. If you look at how a clinic like H&W implants their grafts, it is staggered so you cannot see into the spaces. You may use the same number of grafts but you get more coverage of the scalp precisely because the grafts are in a staggered pattern. I get he does this for the sake of speed, but it sacrifices some degree of naturalness for efficiency. One of my main complaints about my own transplant with Diep is that it looks sparse because there is too much space between the grafts.
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    I don’t want to be an alarmist, but that right side really does look awkward. This is a very good indication that his pattern of implanting grafts in straight rows might not look great when grown out as well. You're still extremely early in the process and it may be exacerbated by pulling on the hair but it doesn't look right at the moment. Actually resembles the old mini grafts a bit because all you see is straight rows of hair which doesn't happen in nature. Very questionable as to why he would do this. Efficiency or convience would be my guess because he is obviously capable of producing strong results. This patterned implantation and suspect extraction technique make Dr Diep seem like he's taking shortcuts. I'm not saying that this will turn out badly after a year because more than likely it will look fine but his technique seems questionable.
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    Yes, negative thoughts creep in, you start to think "what if this is it" but believe me at 5 months the fun has just begun ; )
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    I'm not sure whether you're the same person, but I've recently been talking to one guy about this products. To me it looks like a way to make money. Their main "formula" relies on some fatty acids that has "potential" to block DHT on scalp, which wasn't really proven much. If you feel like experimenting - go for it and let us know how it goes! I would personally stick with proven methods and don't regret a year later with less hair on your head.
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    Some say if hair miniaturised below 50% it won't be able to regrow, but I'm not sure if that's been proven. In any way Finasteride could help to stop/slow down progression of MPB and Minoxidil could help to regrow existing miniaturised hair. However such "artificial" boost can be kept as long as the medication is taken.
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    I think sometimes we are missing an important point when thinking about grafts/cm2 - hair characteristics. If you have thick and curly hair, you will need less grafts/cm2 to achieve dense looking result and vice versa for thin and straight hair. Thus focusing solely on such parameter wouldn't make sense. Experienced surgeon would determine exact amount of grafts one would need per cm2 to achieve decent result after analyzing individual's hair characteristics.
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    Unreal man, only 6 months!! congrats & your donor looks untouched
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    Thank you guys I will continue to post the progress and results of the second surgery
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    Hello everyone I know a lot of you have been asking for an update so here's my 13 month results! I haven't cut the top of my hair since the procedure and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. Just the fact that I can put my hair up in a man bun feels amazing. Looking back at where I started baseline to now its crazy to see how much a lower hairline changes your appearance. I went from being able to fit 5 fingers onto my forehead to now 3 and a half. If I have any advice to anyone out there struggling with self confidence because of their hair I do highly recommend getting a HT, end of story.
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    Maybe try shampooing every day until the scalp is free from debris and then purchase a high quality shampoo to use every other day.
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    Crusts are the dead tissue from the tips of the grafts...the tips dry out post-op and most docs will inform their patients to remove them approximately 7-10 days post-op. Theses instructions should be included in your post-op instructions.
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    Just over a month post-op. A lot of the transplanted hairs seem to have fallen out by now. And now I wait...