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    The beard area heals extremely well. Plus if you keep the donor area to a section under your chin it will be in a location that won't easily be seen by anyone. I've had over 2300 beard grafts removed and I still shave regularly.
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    This. Would love to hear a statement behind using this many grafts for the hairline for a patient at such a young age.
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    Yeah maybe someone else can give their opinion. I think different hair type might benefit from different sizes.
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    This patient had 1521 triple hair grafts and 449 four or five hair grafts. That's a total of 1970 triples or higher out of 3225 grafts. The total hairs transplanted are 8601. That's one part of what allows this patient to get great results from 3225 grafts. I would have gotten only about half that amount of hairs from the same number of grafts. Then there's the fact that he has very high sides with little to no crown loss. Third he still has some hair in the area that was covered which helps the overall result.
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    @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia Here are my pictures that I also shared previously in this thread. Dr Rahal thinks my native hair have all gone now and all that is left is transplanted hair and he thinks they are thinning. I’m just in a bad place right now due to the condition of the hair and it’s a huge mental burden. I am told beard and body is the best option for me to get a full coverage.
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    Here’s the problem going FUE first. The surgeon will choose the most robust grafts, getting strip afterward wouldn’t be as beneficial. Many of the 2,3, and 4 hair grafts will he gone. You’ll have a strip of leftovers essentially. Best to go FUT first, and then go FUE.
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    Dr. Arocha, I am curious about PRP and how it is best utilized. I’m not exactly sure how to best phrase the question so I’ll try a couple of different ways and see if any make sense. Is PRP a time sensitive therapy in that it works best for patient’s in early stages of balding? Can PRP “wake up” follicles that have been inactive for long periods of time? Personally, I feel like my hair has stabilized with Propecia over the past two years and wonder when an optimal time to consider a PRP treatment might be. Could it be that the longer I wait, the chances I will see a noticeable improvement will diminish? Thanks, Ian
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    Hope all is well down in Houston with everything going on. I've got a couple of things I've been wondering about. 1. As mentioned I have had positive success with non-surgical processes like PRP. There's been a lot of talk about exosomes lately, so I was wondering if you had considered offering this treatment or had any early thoughts on its efficacy compared to PRP+Acell as an adjunct to surgery or a standalone treatment. 2. I know your surgeries typically use unshaved recipient sites. Was this the way you originally learned hair restoration or did you transition to this approach later on? 3. There are several pros and cons for FUT and FUE beyond graft survival rate, such as the higher total graft count using FUT or the non-linear scar for FUE. I know with FUT there are some situations where a doctor can perform a perfect scar closure and the patient follows post-op instructions perfectly only to have their scar stretch due to the uncontrollable factor of the patient's physiology. Are there ever any clues prior to surgery (like a surgical scar from something other than hair restoration) that you may be dealing with these unfavorable characteristics?
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    There's BHT and beard extraction too - that can give you hairline coverage. Get a proper opinion this time around. If you have chest hair, they can extract about 1000-1500 along with maybe another 500 from the beard. This can fix the hairline and you can SMP the donor. All's not lost, you can still fix this.