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    I agree 100 % feeling helpless is a terrible feeling. That is why I'm passionate about this site, because I feel that together through our collective knowledge, we empower each other.
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    For me, the year was 2007, it was in the spring the #1 song was MIMS- This is why I’m hot. I was a young 21 year old going through my first real breakup/heart break. The thought of going bald literally consumed me, it was a never ending torment. Looking at older guys in their 30’s and 40’s who had good hair left me feeling hopeless. Truthfully, much of my 20’s was spent either worrying about my hair loss, or compensating for my hair loss. If any of you guys are around the same age I was, my message is stay calm. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I’d love to hear some other stories, please share the year, where you were, and the #1 song you remember of that era.
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    I did hair transplant with Dr Demirsoy 3 years ago.. And I can tell you it does not worth... he is very expensive for a result not spectacular at all that you can easly have with others much cheaper.. i have 2 friends who did hair transplants for half my price. I will soon post videos on YouTube tube with invoices and pictures
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    Apologies for the long delay. Ran into some stuff in life getting in the way. Had to come off the minoxidil which led to some native hair shedding for quite a period of time. here are a few quick pics I took on my phone today. Still cutting short this is basically #1 on top and 0a on the sides , under bright light ...
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    Don't worry sir. I am sure that you will have a good density in the coming months. Look forward to your full growth and best wishes from my side.
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    Also just would like to say amazing result. hopefully one day I can get the same result in regards to tranplant repair.
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    Hi op. was the extraction done once only? because I emailed Feriduni in the past and he said it might require 2-3 sessions to fully remove the grafts. Please let me know.
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    Hey man, any update on this?
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    Lol so you didn’t shave your head? I thought the same, I shaved my head and thought I’m gonna look like a “bad boy,” but boy was I wrong haha. Expectations Reality 😂😂😂