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    90 days...since I'm working from home during quarantine, I got my hair cut short on the sides and back. I wanted to see the scar and how short I could get away with...only to realize not a 2.
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    As a representative of HDC clinic in Cyprus, I give consult, explain on our assurance, make appointment video calls with our MD Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina (they do the surgery, punch and opening channels, we divide hair graft groups with microscopes), also I escort paitents online\phone before and after procedure, feel free to contact me
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    Thank you Bjorn Borg 🎾! By the way, he (you?) still has a great head of hair at 64 years old.
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    The patient should not be worrying about dying the hair if the plan is for a buzz-cut FUE harvest. Dying long hair that will be clipped is pointless as the hair will continue to grow after it is dyed. If the procedure is a few days after the dye, all that will be left for the surgeon to see will be a white stubble. Also, even professional dyes have a hard time getting to the base of the hair shaft. The surgical team should dye the white stubble after buzzing and before harvesting. This easily colors the stubble to show hair direction and angle, thereby making extraction as easy as with dark hair. The attached file shows snow-white hair which was dyed immediately prior to the harvest. The hair shafts are quite easy to see.