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    Radiogaga you have one thing at the moment that you haven't lost. That's a scalp without scars! Have you considered shaving your head first just to see how you travel with it? I have horrible scars not only at the back donor area but at the frontal hairline also. Be very specific with yourself in what you expect in terms of results. With scalp and beard hair (forget body hair) you can get more coverage than scalp alone, however you want to have an assessment on how how much coverage is possible? Will you only have enough to cover up to the vertex? Are you ok with leaving the crown area bald?, etc. You need a surgeon who specializes in grade 6/7 hair transplantation. Personally I wouldn't touch Turkey whatever your hair loss is. Have a look at Eugenix and members of this forum like Paddy and Zoomster who had work done around Christmas 2019. The most important thing is to have a game plan that both you and your hair transplant surgeon are on the same page with. It would be futile to agree to have one procedure and pending on how it turns out to have a second procedure. If after the first procedure you are unable to have a second procedure you will be left marooned! Would you be ok with that? Do lots of research into hair transplant surgeons who have done loads of Norwood 6/7 patients that have consistent results with a result you would be happy with. All the best!
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    Yes. You can try finasteride for 6 months and then have an evaluation done again. Minoxidil is supplementary so even if you avoid it it's okay for now. Finasteride will completely stop the progression of baldness until you take it.
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    That’s the true test right there. Outside in the sun! Awesome, and from where you came from simply amazing.
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    I'm guessing its with Farjo, as this site only recommends Reddy and Farjo from the UK, and Reddy always consults himself. Having said that, I'm still surprised at that as I over the years I gathered Farjo was conservative and wouldn't touch a case like you, let alone sign up to giving you a feminine NW0. Contact the decent European clinics, and you will be surprised, I'm pretty sure they'l be able to fit you in, in July - what with all the disruption and cancellations. Belgium - Feriduni, Bisanga, Lupanzula Spain - Lorenzo, De Freitas, Couto, Turkey - Keser (he's historically reknown for cases such as yours, however I haven't heard or seen much from his work on here recently) Book online zoom consultations, agree a date, fly out the day before, have an in person consultation just to make sure everything is ok, 1200-1800 grafts later, you'l be returning home with money left over, and a much better hairline to last you a lifetime.
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    I agree with all the comments above, the hairline does not look good, looks feminine, sorry man, just being honest. A more appropriate hairline would be an angular one that follows your current shape or a slightly v-shaped hairline. That said, I think your current hair looks very good, I would hold off on a procedure until you see more loss as your frontal hair is still in the process of miniaturization by the looks of it so if you get an HT in the hairline now you may end up having to play catch up later. Good luck.
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    It got better! The hairs thickened further and blended perfectly. I just headed back because it seemed like a good idea. I can understand him wanting to have a document of the progress (he's serious about his work) but I don't think there's a requirement for photos anywhere in the discussions or paperwork.
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    Please don’t consider anybody In the UK apart from Dr Reddy or Dr Farjo. I also live in the Uk and can safely say we are severely lacking in decent Drs here. Please see the above Drs or consider travelling (when we are able) There are some really good Drs outside the Uk. Please look at this forums recommended list.
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    Thank you guys and I mean all of you who helped me in this journey. I have to say Chris McTyre is the one who runs the show and butchers innocent people. The CBS LOCAL report shows how he still butchers people, steal their money, destroy their hope and still act like he did nothing. I hope no one go to his butcher shop again where ever he is and he need to be recognized and marked nation wide for his wrong doing. Chris McTyre shame on you.
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    For anyone who's done their research, no UK clinic ever really makes it on to the "wish list".........closest IMO is Dr.Ball at Maitland Clinic who seems to do good work.........but never seen him on anyones Top 5 in the world list....or the home run threads you see from Hasson, Konior, Couto, Wesley, Bisanga etc. Look at the list of British celebs/sports stars with crappy/weak HT's and you'll see what convenience gets you - they've unlimited resources yet they end up with average / below average results (Wayne Rooney etc.).....look at the spanish/italian footballers playing in England who got their HT done "at home" on the continent - David Silva, Antonio Conte etc......outstanding results no doubt done by Dr.Couto, Bisanga, Lupa etc. Your hairless is minimal..........I would argue that counterintuitively this places you in much higher risk category for a bad HT outcome than say a NW4-5, where any framing/coverage could be deemed an improvement over base case for them. For you - a poor density outcome, bad graft placement, hairline design at such a low point in the hairline and I can guarantee you your mates / girls will spot a mile away that you've had something "done". This is why I consider your choice to be a much more high risk one than someone with more severe loss looking to get back to a modest NW3 let's say. Easyjet/Ryanair will fly you to some of the best surgeons in the world for 50 quid in under 2.5hrs.......you'll also have nice European city break before/after.......you can come back in a year & thank everyone here for saving you time/money and stopping you from taking the lazy/convenient option.......for a lifetime appearance altering elective cosmetic surgery it doesn't make sense to be lazy...................whatever you get done is gonna be on your head for the next 50 years (think about that).
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    Hello, You can have a full scalp coverage with a high hairline and a conservative approach. You could give your donor grafts from the beard as well. It could be over two sittings. For the first sitting you could have your frontal half done and the rest in the second sitting.
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    A couple things, If you've shown the propensity to lose, this will continue. Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP are the modalities we typically discuss when dealing with this debilitating condition. Within a 4-6 weeks it is likely you'll experience retention. Enhancement, if you are going to have any, typically takes 1 year. The premise behind the meds, there is synergism when used simultaneously. Be mindful, people tend to be very visual creatures. If there is a visual difference, the meds work. If you see no change, the meds did nothing. This is incorrect. The medications are intended for you to keep what you have. So, if I year later you look the same or better, the meds did what they were supposed to do. Better? What does that mean. There can be enhancement of the hair as nothing out there regrows hair. There are two types of loss, the one you see and the one you don't. The follicle gets tired of producing hair and takes a vacation. The hair sheds and the follicle goes dormant for 3-4 months. That hair will then start going through the cycle again. This will happen at different intervals to all the hair in your head, throughout your life. We refer to this as shedding. Hair loss is different. Under a bright light look at the hair in your temporal areas. You'll notice the shafts of each strand. Some thick and some not so much so. Some are even so thin you can hardly see them. We refer to this as miniaturization. Eventually the follicle withers and disappears. The key is to get on meds before the follicle is lost. There is plenty of printed material with regards to Propecia. The recommended dose is 1 mg per day. Take it as suggested. This has to do with the time the med is in your system. Try to use more than one modality and stay on it. Getting on and off meds is just a waste of time and money. Take photos every 3-4 months to keep record of your achievements.
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    Please understand Im not trying to be disrespectful, but if thats even close to a rough example of what the consultant drew you should NOT be having a HT with this clinic. And why wasn't the consultation itself with the doctor? The shape of the hairline, as @Curious25 rightly pointed out, is actually feminine. The red line I drew below is where a male hairline should be. If you really had to get a HT (and id strongly argue you dont as concealers and other medical therapies would be of more benefit at this stage) id still argue it ultimately isnt worth it as the surgery itself might cause permanent shockloss to your surrounding native hairs. Did the consultant at this clinic discuss your family history of balding, know about your sides from fin, and did they draw a long term plan if/when your balding continues? Did they give you an estimated donor capacity? Please let us know how things go ...
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    It has devastated my donor area, don't trust the reviews you find on their sites, many of these pseudo doctors take photos of other surgeons and pass them off as their own.