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    From an ethical point of view, you are right. From a medical prospective, he clearly made a wrong diagnosis. I do not know you, but when I look for a doctor, I look for someone who is going to give a good and correct diagnosis in first place.
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    User0311 if you are having second thoughts and do not have confidence in your surgeon now my opinion is to cancel the surgery. The money loss can be changed. Regret and poor results cannot. Remember you can have a hair transplant 'tomorrow' once you have done all of your research and due diligence. I had two hair transplants that in hindsight were the biggest mistakes that I have had to carry with me all of my life. I'd rather you learned by MY mistakes (which will cost you nothing) than by making the same mistakes and having to live with them yourself. You not only need to have a surgeon (and this is surgery don't forget) that you have confidence in, but also someone who has a consistent body of work that meets your expectations. Finally you also want someone who is fantastic in follow up care AFTER your hair transplant. This is probably even more important. If you are having doubts before the surgery it will be a night mare once the procedure is over. If you are seeing only poor results in the last year and are asking to see good results over the past year that is a HUGE RED FLAG. Forget about the deposit for what could be something you may regret for the rest of your life. Just keep researching and you will find someone that you will be looking forward to be doing work on your scalp. All the best!
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    wow. i even zoomed in and admittedly still wouldnt be able to pick it out surgical ninja ...
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    According to plan. Stay healthy and optimistic.
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    It is imperative to have an in-person consultation with a hair restoration expert for a number of reasons. The first being for your protection and that of the doctor. Imagine, a patient arrives with a self immune system, moves forward with a procedure and eventually nothing grows. Who is at fault? During the first meeting a lot happens. First you get to meet and measure the MD. Do you like him? Does he seem to know what he's talking about? Does he seem concerned about you and asks you what your goals are? Can he meet those goals? Are your goals reasonable? What about your scalp? Does the doctor get in there and really look at the donor? Do you have a rash of some kind? Does he determine the caliber of your hair? Does he draw in a hairline and discuss final placement with you? How about the staff? Even the place is important. Is it clean and plush? Do you have a private room? Will they provide lunch? Research is important. Doing a few consultations is part of that research. And you might learn a thing or two no one else touched on.
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    This is amazing for 5 months out. It’s going to end up even better. I can see why you are so happy with it. Always good when other people notice too!
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    It keeps getting better 👏🏼
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    Sensational result so far. I’ve seen a number of great results from Dr. Konior lately, and it has got me considering him over Hasson. OP is there any chance you could share a picture of your scar? Interested to know how obvious it is, and how well it has healed. Wishing you good growth!
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    This is completely non- sense. to. say that medications do not work for you, you should know how fast was your hair loss progression without taking fin and minoxidil. By the other way, If meds do not work for you, why are you concerned to stop taking ? that said, you should go into deeper details: how old are you? how bald are you? What about your family? how long have you stayed on meds?
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    Bro could you get Dr Pradeep & Dr Arika's opinion on Topical Dutasteride? I've seen a lot of talk going around this at the moment. Couple of surgeons I visited also advised topical solutions over pills.
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    Hey man In my opinion, the hair on your sides does look slightly thin but that could be due to normal hair shed cycle. I would say get a good biotin suppliment, maybe start with Minox foam and give it 6 months before you go the Finasteride route. The rest of your hair on top looks great though.
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    If you have a bad HT, losing your deposit will seem like a petty concern in retrospect. I’m aware that Rahal has done outstanding work, but I ruled him out for my first HT (strip) bc some of his patients do have unacceptable results. It’s less risk with FUE, but you should never go under the knife with a surgeon you don’t trust. Can you share some of these bad results you mentioned? If ALL the results you can find are unacceptable, it could be an issue with your expectations.
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    I only know it happened to me because I took finisteride for 11 years from around 1998 to 2009 and lost a lot of body hair. I stopped taking it around 2009 and my body hair increased greatly over the next few years and is still increasing.
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    Hey Km90, I think that your progress is very good so far ( For 5 months ), and that you will experience future filling in your Vertex Area which is known to have always a late growth, and is consuming large amounts of grafts due to limited blood circulation arriving over there compared to Frontline: it surely needs a second intervention if you seek perfection, as per most of cases that I followed: but personally, it will not bother me if the rest of the head is correctly filled. More importantly, your donor had recovered very Well: on your Photos no one would expect that you had a HT. Congrats and hope that your journey will be more and more successful. Looking forward to your next months Progress . Take care Comrade !!
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    This is improving even more, such a good job !
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    Looks awesome. You have to be pleased! how’s the scar?
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    5 months let me say...I’m so happy. a lot of people are saying that my hairs look great and i look younger...and they ask me what i did. what can i say? hlc hair transplant + my personal treatment are making wonders! Ps I’m planning a second hair transplant because i want to lower my hairline, especially in the temples. I’m really upset with the doctors that told mw I wasn’t a good candidate and scared me to have a more aggressive hairline design!!!! Because his diagnosis, I’ll need another boring hair transplant!
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    Month 8 Progress Update
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    He is stable on finasteride for the past year.
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    Progress is looking good thus far at this stage, which is really the beginning of the new growth.
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    Hi guys, Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my procedure so thought this would be the perfect time to provide an update on my final result. The pictures attached were taken yesterday. I have included a close up of the hairline to show where my previous hairline was removed as quite a few have asked regarding this. I am incredibly happy with the result and am thrilled that I decided to go for it and with my choice of clinic to undertake the procedure. The density is beyond what I would have expected given I do not have the thickest hair naturally. I have continued to keep my hair short; I still have a sizeable area that is bald at my crown and although I believe the transplanted area looks of greater density as it grows a bit and I much prefer it longer from a ‘front on’ angle, at the moment given the crown area I find that the best look aesthetically for me is to keep it shorter. I was honest out of the gate that I had the procedure and have received a load of compliments about how natural it looks. Quite a few of my friends that are balding have stated I am their ‘test case’ and they have now started to look into procedures further having been impressed with the result. As I have stated previously, the clinic have been superb throughout, right up to recently. I was due to fly out to Belgium from the UK to have my 1 year check-up a couple of weeks ago. This is all covered in the cost of the initial procedure and given the thorough detail Dr Feriduni went into on my initial consultation prior to getting the procedure I was keen to get feedback from him on the result and also get an understanding of things going forward should I get a procedure on the crown area to get a full head of hair. Due to the virus I was unable to travel. Despite Belgium seeming to be in a great place with their response and re-opening… the UK not so much! My flight was cancelled a by the airline and quarantine restrictions have been imposed by the Government upon return to the UK, making travel at that time really difficult. The clinic were incredibly understanding and it was agreed I could re-schedule when things area bit clearer. Going forward, life allowing I am really keen to get a further procedure at some point and given my experiences to date it will almost certainly be with the Feriduni Clinic. Quite a few have asked questions and I have had a lot of direct messages… if you have any questions then do not hesitate and I will endeavour to answer, I remember how daunting it can be at the beginning of researching! Stay safe everyone!
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    Dr. Lorenzo used to be considered the best, until Dr. Cuoto, he’s fantastic, but I’ve heard, not sure if it’s true, that he’s not as involved in surgery anymore. Again, this could be just hearsay, so I don’t know for sure.
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    @guestY thank you for the reminder! I just hit the 5 month mark and I finally got my first haircut. Things seem to be getting better but still a lot of ground that needs covering. I know the 120cm2 recipient area needed 6000 grafts to achieve the density I wanted of 50fu/cm2 and the 3895 grafts I had implanted with almost half comprised of single beard grafts will probably not even achieve 30fu/cm2 density so I’m not sure if the end result will provide a sufficient level of density (but I’m hoping it will). Looking forward to everyone’s comments. Thanks