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    @Gasthoerer you are right in saying that Demirsoy is a much better option that the Turkish Hairmills (Cinik and Zyia) that @LosingMyBarnet1983 was initially considering but he’s not on the same league or as Dr. BF or HLC.
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    I really think your results will still be very good but are just taking time. I was parsing through the transformation books at Eugenix while I was there and most people that were so summered there fell under the 5 to 8 or 9 month transformations. There were a few that were slower and a few that were faster. We average people are just going to be around that timeframe. You just got to wait a little longer I think.
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    3 months now Feeling little hairs coming in the front
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    $6 is on the lower end, I know Dr. Gabel, who was trained by Konior, and like Konior he does everything himself, including graft placement. Last time I met with him in 2016 he was around $6 per graft. Definitely consult with him, he’s highly skilled, ethical, and in your price range. He just recently opened up as well. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/physician/Oregon/Steven-Gabel/633
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    Its indeed a great result but I cannot compare it with mine. I am not on any medication and I believe it takes full 12 months to know if the surgery was a success. I am hopeful that it will be👍 Also my suggestion to anyone out there is to keep all the possibilities in mind. Dont get carried away by videos of amazing transformation in 4-5 months as this one. The best results become the face of marketing and one may start expecting moon and stars watching such videos. I am a prime example of what kind of expectations to set and atleast you will not get disheartened. It takes time and longer than 12 months in some cases. It would be a great idea for clinics to create a video with someone who is a slow grower. I do not believe that only 5% fall in this category and specially if someone is not taking medication. However, One thing I can confirm is that Eugenix is always there when I need them and this is very very important. Dr Sethi is always there whenever I have panicked or had any questions about my growth. Thanks for following my progress and Stay safe !! 6 month update will be posted on 22-23 June
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    @Egy basically HLC and Dr.BF are not afraid of challenges and that is why I recommend them both.
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    Ha-ha, yeah, the last haircut was a mess :-) Sure, you can post more pics, just blur my face, just in case, please
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    Sounds great. 😀 And with your massive beard you will be able to rock that look even if you gradually lose some of what you have up top over the next decades. That look is great for aging and will always make you appear manly, sober and not in denial.
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    damn. the more results i see from this clinic the more im impressed. 5 months in and it would already be considered a worthy result. the donor area in particular looks amazing. thanks for sharing!
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    Dr. Cinik in my opinion based on the results I have seen.
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    Today is technically 5 months, so I’m going to post a quick update. Will do a full featured report with different lighting, wet hair, etc. at month 6. Hairline has started to fill in and thicken up. I am seeing new shoots each week. Density behind the hairline is getting better too. I would say the result is starting to hit its stride. In certain lighting conditions, like bathrooms and down lights, it’s fairly thin looking, but it’s getting better all the time. I feel it’s looking less and less like I’ve had a transplant. Donor is mind blowing. Truly impeccable work. Dr Arika said she went 1700 grafts before she had a transacted follicle. The final result speaks to that. I can barely tell any density loss in the back. Current Routine: Finasteride 1mg x 1 Dutasteride .5mg 1/ week Biotin 10,000 daily Multivitamin daily Minoxidil - crown only - 2x per day. Pictures taken with no styling products or concealers, but I did take the dryer to the front to give it a standup look. Happy growing, gents!
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    No, unfortunately, there isn't a hair loss cure on the horizon. I think there may be a cure in 20 years and the best bet is replication of one's own hair follicles that don't have DHT receptors and transplanting them into thinning areas.
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    Looks like June 21 will probably be extended to late July: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-canada-exclusi-idUSKBN23G301
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    Hello, Hope you are well. It was a pleasure having you with us for the surgery. I wanted to stress on the importance of Finasteride in a case like yours. You are a young individual with chances of losing more pre-existing hair in the future to baldness. If you do not take the medication then the transplanted hair will be the ones remaining and the ones surrounding those areas will eventually miniaturize and disappear. This will make your growth look odd until you are ready to go for another procedure. Again, you will have to probably have multiple hair transplantation procedures in that case. The periphery along the crown and the area behind your hairline zone will probably start receding first. You can try to use Finasteride pills at 1 mg for sometime and observe the effects of the same in your case. If you do experience side effects with them then you can leave them. However, it is not necessary that everyone should experience side effects. It is very rare. You also have the option of using Finasteride gel that can be use topically on the scalp. It can also prove to be helpful if use regularly and in our experience it does work on people with Androgenetic Alopecia. The gel is available in Italy and will be shipped to your address by the company itself after we send them a prescription in your name. However, there is no scientific literarature regarding the topical form of Finasteride. Taking the pill is obviously better but using the gel is better than using nothing. Please do share your updated pictures here and lets all evaluate the current progress.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry about your experience Sean - sounds like a rough go. My hair loss has almost completely slowed or stopped (I'm 27, been on Fin for 4 years) and the donor is in good shape. Although I'll let the Doctor decide that when I go to a clinic. Here's some more pics. In a perfect world my second transplant would be my last, and I'd get the following goals done; - Increase density in frontal third (1st surgery area) - Lower hairline slightly (0.5cm or less) - Put whatever is left in the crown It'll be a decent size job, I estimate about 3000 grafts. I'm looking at H&W, Rahal and Cinik to name a few. Still got a few months to wait but I like planning and getting peoples' opinions on this forum. As far as transecting previous work Dr. Rahal's rep said this is something they do on a normal basis and no problem at all. If anyone else has input on the hairline let me know!