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    I'm approaching 7months post op FUE. Just wanting second opinions on whether or not it is safe and/or advisable to start nioxin shampoo and conditioner? I know it won't re grow hair(I'm on fin anyway), however I have heard that it is good for scalp health, and also aids in the illusion of inscreased hair thickness. let me know, thanks
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    If I get a ~1500 FUE procedure booked (I'm only a NW2 with a thinning hairline, just looking to bring in temples a bit and maybe dense the hairline) how long does it take to recover? I don't mean how long it takes the new hair to grow, I mean how long does it take for signs of surgery to go away and your hair looking like pre surgery levels as my hair looks "ok" as is. I am going to hide away and work remotely from an off season resort this fall after my procedure, just don't know if I should book one month or two before returning to civilization. I have roomies and live a very public life, so no way I can go back to my town right after this surgery. Plus I am kind of looking forward to a little vacation.
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    I told her on the third date. She even told me that she wears make-up and eye lash extensions, so it’s no different. The thing is to own it, if you own it, they won’t care. Trust me.
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    Thanks @Abhinay Singh. Really appreciate the continued support from the clinic.
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    We're "splitting hairs" here guys 😊 Always a small element of trade off with Mega session HTs.. Thanks for the interest Z
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    So far everything looks really clean and well done. If your final results turn out well, I might seriously start considering Eugenix for my repair.
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    My pleasure! And fair enough! Thank you for your support - this is such a great forum for support and encouragement!
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    That can be easily fixed by SMP in the donor area. I plan to do the same after my HT.
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    This thread is an absolute mess. I hope both these guys found a way out.
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    Who needs a bowl of wheaties when you got min and fin on the menu lol
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    I was just keeping the chair warm for you Melvin.. I've a feeling you'll be over there yourself soon 😉
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    @Melvin-Moderator... I'll let you know in a few months time 😂
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    I'm in between NW6/7....in my opinion my donor looks great to be honest.. You can see plenty of pics above.. Im fortunate in that I give very little thought to the donor areas as.. a) 99.99% of the general public don't go around eyeballing dudes back and sides donors B) Ive bought into the 1mm buzz back and sides which conversely gives an lllusion of density to the donor. The whole point of FUE v FUT is the ability to able to wear one's hair very short back n sides should you wish to do so... which pretty much eliminates the worry of "patchy" donor once there's no visible scarring... Which is mostly the case nowadays.. I think I cán speak for almost all NW 6/7s when I say that we don't care all that much about "pristine" donors once we've had our hair given back to us across our scalp with a nice frame to face.. That's my tuppence worth.. Z
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    Just 5mg in one tablet, with my fina in the morning Breakfast of champions!
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    One month update. Between week 3-4, pretty much all of the transplanted hair shed, as expected. Still sucks! You can clearly see my existing "hairline" now. My hair is wet as I just showered, but you get the idea. The donor area took about 3 weeks to stop burning and itching, but now it's 100% normal and undetectable, even at a short length (I trimmed the sides). There is still some redness on the recipient area, but it's not bad and fading fast. My plan is to use hair fibers on occasion, hats when I need to, and just let it grow for the next few months without doing much of anything except trimming the sides occasionally. I will post again in 2/3 months once things start happening. Happy to answer any other questions. Stay safe everyone!
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    @Looking for HT... Hey man.. Hope you're well 😊.. Just thinking.. You were the last man on the planet to witness me in person as a bona fide bald NW 6/7...with grown out donor at back and sides 😢😢.. Not a pretty picture for sure.... Some dudes can rock that look perfectly well and go on and live perfectly happy lives.. But I'd had enough of the shaving my head every day and constantly comparing my hair situation to others ... I decided to go to war versus my hairloss... and youre on the same team man.... Your result is the one I'm waiting on more than any other to be honest with you... Its gonna be just beautiful... 👌 Its a very strong hunch I have.. Chat soon and thanks again mate Z
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    Perhaps it would better serve the community if you would act as a patient advocate more frequently instead of repeatedly finding excuses as to why procedures fail. Hopefully you do not take the feedback to heart but instead try to think and behave in a manner that is more balanced, fair and educated. Under no circumstances is this result acceptable and that shouldn’t even be implied by someone who should be looking out for patients and providing them with guidance and genuine/honest feedback. I enjoy providing feedback and guidance to those whom I can support. I fail to see the logic in you asking me to leave just because I provide you with direct feedback. At the end of the day, you should be supporting and encouraging members who help others and provide an honest and unbiased perspective to the community. This community is not about you; it is about helping others make well-informed and educated decision. You should encourage support for members and hair loss sufferers who need guidance. Fret not, I will continue to contribute.
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    Could anyone suggest if the donor area can be repaired? My trimmed donor looks horrible with large fue scars. HT repair now looks bleak as donor completely damaged.