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    I don't understand why people would want to leave the forum based on one or two threads that they don't like or due to one or two people posting who they don't agree with. The simple solution is to stop reading and posting on that thread and/or stop responding to the person you don't agree with if you get offended by anything they say to you. If you think that there is no possibility of anyone having any opinions that differ from yours than the problem is you and not them. If you get offended by a topic, but keep posting on the same topic then again the problem is you not someone else. Stop getting offended by everything. This goes for everyone. I'm not singling anyone out. If everyone would stop getting offended by someone elses opinion and stop calling each other names for no reason then there wouldn't be a problem. It always amazes me when the ones who get the most upset about how they are being treated are usually the ones doing the most name calling.
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    Mucho cuidado con esta Doctora es lo peor no soy el único afectado Turquía
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    Here is the first edition to the "best hair transplants of the week" Special thanks to @makehairgreatagain @BOW32 and @Danny1671 for allowing me to share their amazing results with the world. This is just the beginning guys, let's build this community up, as we all know how important it is for anyone researching hair transplants.
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    Redness varies a great deal. Some people don't have any redness after a week or two and others will still have lingering redness for 6 months. Usually lighter skin with lighter hair gets the most and longest lasting redness. If you have an olive colored skin and dark hair you may not have much redness, but it varies. As for shaving the donor, with FUT they will only shave a strip of hair where they will be taking the strip out, so once they sew or staple you up you can usually hide it if you let your hair grow long enough. It's easier to cover with your hair once you get the sutures or staples out after about 12 days because it's just so much easier combing it then.
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    Guys, While I agree that there should be no name calling, we're not children here. I would say the majority of us are either in our 30's or 40's. I'm not going to police everyone or micromanage this site. I have now placed this topic in the off-topics section, since many believe it has nothing to do with hair restoration, even thought it does, and it did in fact impact the industry in a significant way. It's important that we don't ever get married to one idea or views. As information is released we will know more, in the end we're all just speculating. The powers that be don't even have the answers, no one does. I'm just saying that as an individual (me), personally I would rather get back to normalcy and have the opportunity to resume normal life. I drive on the freeways knowing there's a chance I may not make it home, but I exercise caution and maintain my distance from other cars, I don't drive reckless, and that's how I live my life. I don't like the idea of any government telling you where you can and can't go, or what time. That is a slippery slope. Now, you are free to agree or disagree with me, I will not ban you or censor you, see that's the beauty of freedom. I would also like to add that please take all of my responses as my own opinion, they do not reflect the opinion of the forum or the hair transplant network. Please see my forum signature:
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    Hi everyone, I have a question for long-term finasteride users (1 year + on the drug). When did you start seeing results and how would you characterize your results (hair stayed the same? hair regrowth? if you experienced hair regrowth, in which areas?)? I'm curious as I've experienced rather rapid hair loss over the last 3 years, with most of my hair loss happening in long shedding periods. I was wondering if I can expect to see my hair return to the stage it was say a year ago, after a year of continuous finasteride + minoxidil usage? Thank you!
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    @Panamera13 I truly hope nobody leaves this forum because I believe HRN to be all about free speach thus we can all disagree and still behave in a civilized manner towards each other and respect everyone`s opinions while making our points. Hairloss doesn`t target creed or religion so we are all on the same boat here and we should never forget that it was hairloss that brought us to this forum. Having said that I do hope people stop resorting to insults to state their points because that is just bad form. @bismarck I really like your posts regarding all subjects so I hope you willl keep me company at HRN. @CosmoKramer even though we are on opposite sides of the world and see the world differently, I really value your opinions and insights on HT`s and hairloss so hope you can tone down the politics and tone up the great HT reviews and advices.
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    More than anything I would like a rule that people don't quote huge postings. People do that and then everyone has to scroll through lengthy posts that they have already seen.
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    I agree. It’s sad how easily people get offended and also project upon others their own assumptions, then they hypocritically cry foul when checked. I’ve said from the get go on here I’m blunt and honest with my comments/opinions when someone ask for any, and it’s always been in the vein of sharing/being helpful/being positive not suger-coating things and and I try to keep it unbiased as possible ...after all what’s the point of living in a bubble where everyone agrees with you and all the answers are the same...that’s dull and boring and doesn’t help anyone, nor do we learn anything new. I’m guilty of the name-calling but only after it’s been initiated first, does it make it okay, probably not. My engagement on this thread came from worry that this whole situation would harm so many people panicked with fear, my concern for the consequences of, in my opinion, the overblown actions of some leaders that has lead to tens of thousands of preventable deaths, preventable panacea, preventable loss of 34 million & counting jobs, the destruction of small mom & pop business, the toll on desperate elderly, the lasting mental health consequences, the desecration of civil rights and liberties...and it just shocks me how some individuals just kept wanting wallow and cower in fear and panic and death and just accepting it and at times defending it. I have found many positives in all this carnage...the focus on who the Helpers are and what they really do for us and how they need to be recognized and not just in an “emergency”, the other thing, I’m happy to see people in the real world helping people, being charitable, showing concern for their neighbors and acting on it....it shows that no, government can’t save us and keep us safe...we do that collectively.
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    I'm all for honest debates, but disappointed that ad hominem attacks are allowed to stand and not moderated. The verbal abuse and name calling is so beneath this forum.
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    Theres a reason people say you should never talk Politics, Religion, and Money at the dinner table. Will the Coronavirus Affect The Hair Transplant Industry?
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    Stay back Bismarck , ur wisdom is appreciated .. but yeah I know what u mean .. that dude annoys me too , turned me off from the forum also .. even the profile pic , looks like the dude is a dik. Ugly bald dude finally got some hair and act like he’s a know it all .
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    I think this will be my last post on this forum -- have scrambled my password and e-mail to make sure I'm not tempted to come back. Really can't deal with this place anymore and will be going the way of Spex and Mickey. Good luck everyone.
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    Almost 9 months post my hairline fixed with dr pekiner I had to get a haircut by myself the other day with 4 guard hair clippers cuz of lockdown but I’m happy with how my hair look natural and no one suspected anything although I did a very rush job and I need to do sides a bit shorter and better haha
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    No change from last photos still early but thought I'd post my 8 week update for anyone whose interested straight after haircut number 2
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    There must be a software program that allows a man to add hair incrementally in the same way a transplant would. Something showing the monthly growth stages so they know what to expect.
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    I agree, it highlights the importance of speaking with other patients. Through our collective wisdom we learn.
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    WOW what a story, and great results! This is probably the best story on this forum. We are all with you Glam Hair.
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    You know I would never be sure why results are not what they should be but reaching out to your employer is unforgivable. I hope you get sorted. Also, I would suggest to consult other reputable doctors. I wont take any names but do your research and reach out to them. You can use beard grafts too if needed. Leaving the bad experience behind and moving forward will be good for you, considering what you have gone through.
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    I wouldn’t trust someone in finance to tell me anything about medical health issues or a bald person telling me how to regrow hair, or a fat person telling me how to diet .. these are people that have last lost those battles.. There’s no point trying to change people minds about things .. people are how they are .
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    @Melvin-Moderator Awesome job on putting this together! Honored to be apart of this video and hope this will be a great resource for many people considering surgery.
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    We have reached out to Dr. Bhatti, and we are awaiting his reply, we ask that you allow him to respond some of your comments publicly.
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    Update (possibly the last one) of my HT. I already think that, as said in Spanish, "all the fish is sold", yesterday I did the 11 months since my operation in Turkey and honestly, if 1 year ago when my complex and my doubts made me decide to go there, someone would've shown me a photo of my current appearance, I would not have believed that this result would've been possible. I think I had the fact of having a very dense donor on my side, with quite thick hairs and several follicles per graft, in addition to a post-operative taking care and following all the instructions I received from the clinic. The first months were really hard until the 7th when I started to notice some clear results. It is true that several guys from the forum gave me hope with their comments, but when everyone around you creates doubts, it is difficult to trust in a happy ending. In these last 4 months, there have been many anecdotes. People who have not seen me for a few months tell me that "I am younger", not knowing very well why, but there is "something they notice". Also, those who used to make fun of me at the beginning now phone me and write me asking for information about the process, but other than that, the best part is the personal perception that I now have of me. Please, don't misunderstand me, being bald is nothing serious compared to the health problems that ARE REALLY A PROBLEM which, unfortunately, many of us have suffered with family, friends and close people, but it is true that over the years I had been losing self confidence; A proof of this is that I could hardly find 5 or 6 photos of the last 4 years. Surely the result could have been better with more grafts, but the truth is that I am very happy with my final result (?). Thanks to all who have followed my case and have taken the time to comment this post. Photos:
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    Hate to bring up an old topic but definitely not going with Baubac now after more research patient reviews are almost non existent unless they are vetted through the clinic first... that’s sketchy practice im also sick of seeing the same results posted over and over by the clinic
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    Day 12 update Boyos, Overall I think I'm healing quite well. Still a bit more redness than I would like, especially in the donor, but lessening each day. Been applying the ointment 3x/day (to the donor only) per the post-op instructions, eating a high protein/high vegetable diet, and taking biotin each day so hoping these are helping. Went out today without a hat (not purposefully, just forgot it) and no one seemed to notice/care so I think it's at least passable at this point (i.e., maybe a second glance here and there but not much more than that). Hoping for big improvements by next Monday when I'm back at the office. Also, have a date Thursday and a really fucking hot date this weekend so big improvements by then would also be very welcome. Donor (soft lighting) Donor (harsh lighting) Recipient
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    Honestly, most natural hairlines are crooked in some way: Some more, some less. Mine is too, and the one from the "hair god" is as well:
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    Also, not to completely derail the "your donor is fucked" circle jerk,but I was watching the Wolf of Wall Street this weekend and noticed that Dicaprio's hairline is also asymmetrical despite being his natural hairline. Further, corroborates Melvin's earlier point (though in a less exaggerated picture).
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    I can definitely reach out to Dr. Diep, so he can respond. In the meantime, let's show BLM some encouragement. Obviously, being a repair patient already is hard enough. Guys, at this point we understand some of you don't agree with the harvesting, it's been said over and over again. That's fine, everyone should voice their opinion. However, at this point we should also be saying things like "hope everything turns out well" "happy growing". Aside from the donor harvesting, the work looks clean and refined and based on Dr. Diep's, consistent results, I see no reason why BLM should have to worry especially a few weeks post-op.
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    Guys, Instead of encouraging a member, you guys are causing him unnecessary stress. How can extracting 1,300 grafts be carelss donor management? Like seriously guys there’s clinics that extract 4,000-5,000 you’re claiming 1,300 is bad donor management. Look I understand extracting from one side is not the norm, but at this point you guys keep harping on it and making BLM worry when you guys should be wishing him the best. Dr. Diep, may not be everyone’s favorite surgeon and that’s fine. However, there’s no doubt in his skill I’m a walking testament and countless others on this board. My donor looked rough in the beginning too and now it looks way better. Let things heal and get to normal. Another patient that was repaired by Dr. Diep with life changing results. He wasn’t happy until 12 months, but by 12 months his hair was ridiculously good.
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    Yeah, not sure i'm thrilled about it either...
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    I’m sorry but just using half of your head as a donor blows my mind
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    There was a user on realself that complained about this also .. he was really angry Dr. Diep only harvested one side .. when his hair grew in , one side was always thicker, n the harvested side was thinner .. I think Dr. Diep explained to him he wanted to leave one area alone for future harvesting . So the unharvested side will have less scar tissue which will be better for future transplants .. I personally don’t like this strategy .. but was aware of it , that’s why when I had my surgery , i specifically told the tech n the doctor to spread out my extractions harmoniously throughout my scalp , so there will be no areas of patchiness .... .. It’s always best to know about the process and not just let the clinic do whatever they want .. got to let them know how u want things done .. n more than likely they will accommodate u .. but if u don’t know n don’t speak up .. its just another day at the office for them .
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    Same it's turning into a toxic environment with political debates