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    Because with the exception of dr reddy and maybe dr ball (I haven’t seen many results so can’t comment) the others are overpriced and under skilled
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    Dear all, In this video Dr Bhatti comprehensively explains safe protocols in body hair transplants. Dr Bhatti has been practising body hair transplant in his clinic for over a decade so naturally he has great knowledge in this subject area which he would love to share with the community. Once again I hope this video provides a great insight for some of you which will benefit any future choice you make. Enjoy.
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    Interesting to watch. I posted a body hair video a week ago and it has been interesting to see others follow suit on the same topic and good to see similar takes on it. I enjoyed watching this and really was in-line with what we said. All the best to you and the doctor.
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    A surgery of 2200 to that area is not a lot of grafts to be honest. A good surgeon will be able to go in and re-visit the same area and place in and among this work and not transect anything, so that is not a concern. Don't rush anything and be patient to see how it comes in fully and keep in touch with the clinic who performed it as they should be able to comment and guide you thorough this till the final result. Wish you all the best for the coming months.
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    At 6 months, this looks amazingly good. And you still have a ways to go before the final result. Pretty spectacular. I 'm a month and half out on my crown procedure with Dr. Konior so your result makes me smile. Good on ya! Enjoy the growing.
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    Above table? Tactic? You seem to be under the impression that I am working for a clinic or have some ulterior motive. If you had gone with one of your horrendous choices of clinic and then posted pictures on here of a shit or mediocre result, would you feel happy if somebody use you as an example on a public forum of how not to do a transplant? I don't think you, or almost anybody else would. I certainly wouldn't and this is why I sent it to you as a private message. It is then common courtesy to keep the conversation as such or reply and say you don't want to have a private message. You could of course use the fact he has been happy to have it on the website of the surgeon and so cannot complain if he is used as an example, but he probably did that thinking he had got a good result. Your attitude overall is pretty shitty too. You came on here clearly having done no research at all on clinics and the ones you did cite are awful. I and other forum members have tried to give you solid advice about not where to go but where to get consultations so you can start making informed decisions about where to get your transplant done, if you go for one in the end and you have reverted to insinuations and name calling. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    already a big improvement. this is gonna look great
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    To me it sounds like you’re not shampooing enough nor r u using a shampoo that is cleansing enough. Using a baby shampoo twice a week will likely not get rid of all the oils and dead skin your scalp accumulates
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    Creeping up on 4 months, just a little update!
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    Google Farjo dense packing and watch as google gives you zero results... because he literally can not dense pack to save his life. He takes guys from bald to balding then then calls it a “natural” result and charges through the roof for it. Made the mistake of seeing him for my first procedure then had it corrected a year later by an actual skilled surgeon. Honestly do not rush in, that’s what I did, thankfully it was only 2k grafts, and maybe 50% grew in. How this clinic has a good reputation amazes me! Power of the media and “celebrity” clients I guess. I mean he’s not a butcher but for the prices he charges you’d hope he’d have a lot more surgical skill than his results showcase. But don’t take my word for it, literally check out ANY Fargo result including the ones posted by the clinic themselves on this forum then compare it to actual world class clinics.
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    You should trust NO ONE. It is your head and your live. Look into real patient posted results in forums and follow the discussions. Avoid Facebook, Instagram and clinics who advertise with celebs. After a few weeks you know the good clinics. Some have already been mentioned in this thread. Do not rush into surgery. It is a live altering procedure not a hair cut. All the best.
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    It’s absolutely night and day difference after a hair transplant!! i always did pretty well on the dating scene from 17 to 23 always ended up with a nice girl on a night out and dated different girls most weeks for years even though I was clearly losing my hair, which I hated especially when people pointed it out which was pretty much on a daily basis!! i had good chat and was ok looking but my downfall for confidence and appearance was the lack of a hairline and facial framing!! Then I met my now wife, but when going out with my friends even when in a relationship or married you still get a feel for things in terms of girls looking at you, coming over to talk or when in a group conversation making it obvious they are attracted to you. And that definitely changed all my friends had full heads of hair and I felt the odd one out and embarrassed which no one would ever have know as I come across as extremely confident but inside I would be so self conscious and paranoid it often ruined my getting ready for nights out and sometimes the night itself!! i started to lose my hair really young at like 17 and always had a high hairline which had receded quite badly but I had long hair in curtains as was the fashion in the early 90s and was known for this haircut!! by 20 I had a reverse widows peak so the middle bit went further back and made trying to style your hair really difficult!! I had a Ht at 38 after trying the shaved head for a few years and then growing my hair back but getting to a stage where it looked pretty bad and I can categorically say that 6 months later even when I kept my hair shaved down I noticed more and more attention start and when on nights out girls would now come over and I got tons more compliments from random girls on nights out! I obviously have never acted on any of these as I’m happily married with 2 children and I’m now nearly 45 years old and even now at my age I still get plenty of attention when out with guys much younger than me and with full heads of hair as I am no longer the odd one out!! Weirdly even from much younger than me girls who you would think would be more interested in the younger single guys I’m with?? but for all the younger guys or single guys the difference really has been night and day! Yeah confidence helps but if you see a difference before you even speak to people then that has to be down to the change in your appearance. And I’m happy to admit it’s still a nice feeling that other people other than your partner finds you attractive!!
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    Hope you're doing well after your 2nd Hair Transplant Nelson . I know you will get an even more natural hairline result.
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    Wow Spidey - I remembered following your story before having my own HT (mine was with Erdogen in Istanbul). I't great to see you've had such great long term results. Congrats!
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    Hey @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia, I have to say, I echo the feelings of others on feeling like your hair was incredible already. I don’t think you needed to do anything more to your hairline but completely understand the feelings of self-incompletion. Congrats on your transplant. I have a question for you. A little under a year ago you said on my transplant thread that you weren’t completely satisfied with density around the scalp. You posted a couple of pictures for reference. I thought your density was stellar but my question is; did you ever get that sorted out? And if you haven’t is it something you think you’ll address in the future or do you feel like you could live with it?
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    8 months status Hey guys, Sorry for the delay, I have skip a month because I was really busy at work with everything that is going on right now and that i didn't notice a big difference between 6 and 7 month. Below are some picture up close, as you can see I have still some thin spot. This got me worried quite a bit, but after speaking with the Doc, there is not much I can do at this point except waiting it out and see if it fill up. I really hope it does !!! Here are some picture not as close : The good news is at the scare got a lot better and at this length of hair my scar is almost not noticeable. And last but not lease, my hair style. People are freaking out how younger I look I'm very happy with the style and really hope the thin spot feel in. It would be an awesome transformation !!!! And most important, be safe in theses hard time with this COVID-19 virus. Cheers !!!!