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    Man I feel you on so many levels, at least I’ll say this bro. At 23 you’re still a very young man. You’ve got, hell most of your 20’s ahead of you. Let me tell you this, even me at 34 I feel 100x better than I did at 24. I can recall when I was at a barber and he asked my age, I was 26 he said “damn and you’re already balding” it was a gut punch. My youth slipping right before my very eyes. It got to the point where I shaved my head at 28. I was at an all time low. 4 years later, with surgeries and a little concealer, I gained it all back. We’re all gonna make it.
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    It seems that older patients that die from the virus are men in a 3 to 1 ratio in Italy. But more importantly, with every dollar of lost salary for an average man, a woman only loses 79 cents! ..sorry I had to. Let's stop debating the virus like our opinion matters and just do our best to be rational and listen to the powers that be. Just wait till oil and water run out! Also, for those of you that have procedures scheduled in the next few weeks: Have clinics been cancelling? Which ones? Would be good to know different responses for people looking at scheduling new procedures.
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    Sorry to hear that, Dr. Muresanu is a good guy, he's also very ethical. I'm glad you spoke up, because so many cheerleaders on this forum, they say he's the best, but I doubt they've even had surgery.
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    You caught it young, that makes all the difference in the world.
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    15 Months (+8 days) Here are my 15 month and 8 day photos. Apologies for the delay, but, to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to post again; I've been feeling pretty good about my results lately and didn't really want to jeopardize that by subjecting myself to possible negativity. That being said, I prefer to finish what I start and didn't want to leave people hanging. Also, I thought it was really important to show proof that slow and steady improvement, even past the 12 month mark, is plausible (this is how it has worked for me). I feel like I've seen some continued thickening, even now, at this late stage. While the result still isn't perfect (especially by the standards set in this forum), I feel like the clock has been dialed back about eight to ten years and I'm satisfied with that. I will most likely only make one more update at the 18 month mark to sum up any closing thoughts on my experience and results.
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    To add clarity. Dr. Lupanzula scores and removes grafts from the donor area.
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    Thanks Melvin. 100% agreed. I can't believe that I am able to rock sides and back buzzed with #1 clippers only 7 weeks after my FUE. I'm Lithuanian, but living in London. Clinic is closed as @BD99 said. I think it was a right decision to make when there wasn't a lot of cases in Portugal as it looks like its rising rapidly as well.
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    With travel restrictions now being placed not only in Europe but worldwide, and the subsequent disruptions, we are committed to continuing our relationship with patients and those seeking assistance. So, as you are unable to come to us, we want to ensure you that we will be able to come to you, and accessibility to our online services will be expanding in order to fulfil our commitment to you. At present we are fulfilling this with the use of technology, firstly via emails and WhatsApp, our first line communication with the patient or those seeking advice or surgery will have no change in that way. However, we are now giving additional support, so that during this period, and in a changing world, we will seek to be constant. Nothing will change with our commitment to excellent customer service, advice, teaching information, assessment and re-assurance. So, with our online presence of social media and the related platforms, we will be giving apt, timely, accurate and helpful information to you. We will be launching a live question and answer time whereby you can have one to one contact with Dr.Bisanga and have your questions and concerns answered, as well as launching newsletters, educational videos and posts, patient results and testimonies, but furthermore a chance to have a virtual video consultation to assess your case personally and suitability for surgery. This will be free of charge and without obligation yet very informative and convenient for you to participate in. So, stay safe, watch this space and keep in contact with us and let us know how we can serve you through this period and beyond.
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    Wow, that is one hell of a transformation and in just 4 months. I will look forward to your full update.
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    First noticed it when I was 17, in the 11th grade (3rd year of high school). A girl in one of my classes, and not a particularly attractive girl at that, told me that I had a bald spot on top of my head. I had (and still have) fairly thick, wavy/curly hair otherwise, but sure enough, I went home and held a hand-held mirror up to the wall mirror in my bathroom so that I could see the crown, and there it was. A semi-circular strip of scalp, taking on that classic horseshoe shape, around the back edge of the crown. That was over 25 years ago. I started on Propecia 3 years later, right after it became readily available in the US as a hair loss treatment. It’s been able to stem the tide of further loss for the most part, and no side effects, so I’m fortunate in that regard. But that thin spot is still there on top, and it’s vexed me all these years. Tried Minox off and on over the years, it sometimes helps a little, but the effects eventually fade. Not sure if I should try PRP, or if maybe I’m too far down the road for that and just go for HT (realizing that the crown is a “black hole” of grafts).
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    Lets not bring the wage gap into this. That’s a very long and complex argument. Once we start talking politics it will not end well lol
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    How many people die every year from car accidents? The world got caught with their pants down. What you're saying makes sense, allow the healthy and young population to go to work and restrict at risk population to be at home. The big problem is testing, specifically in the US. If there were testing booths where you could get tested and get the results quickly things would be manageable, and even a young person who gets the virus could stop it from spreading. I just walked to the local liquor store, and I saw a local pub boarded up. They still had a banner up for St. Patrick's Day. Small business owners are feeling the squeeze. The one thing I hope the world learns from this is stop all travel from the infected area. We wouldn't be in the situation had we acted promptly and contain the illness from spreading. But no, everyone got to travel in and out of China willy nilly, and now the entire world is infected.
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    It is surely less critical but: - Singles and multies have to placed to different regions - Grafts should not be mishandled - And almost forgotten: Almost all grafts have a bend/curve, therefore the direction of the graft in the slit still effects the growth of the hair and have to be placed in the proper way (so that the bending goes towards the head and not the other way around for example). Personally, I think experienced techs should handle this task well, but … only the best clinics have the best techs. A tech can come and go and surgeon can't (in most cases).
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    Week 7 For those of you who is following my journey... Hello gents! I hope everyone is coping well with the big "C" thing, and/or especially with economic crisis? I'm here to change the subject from all this boring thing everyone talks about to my Week 7 update on my hair transplant with Dr. Bruno Ferreira.
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    The maturation process not only involves the regrowth of the grafts but also the maturation and full development of the degree of hair shaft diameter, commonly called hair caliber.
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    Yeah that's not true at all. All the men of my mother's family have full heads of hair even at 70, but everyone at my dad's side is bald and so am I.
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    Sorry to answer but thought I'd drop my two cents; IAHRS is NOT the association that separates top quality surgeons nor offers patients any type of guarantees - it's just one type of membership. For example Doganay is part of the IARHS and he's god awful, then again Hasson and Wong, Bisanga and Cooley are all part of it and they all would be considered elite. This is where the "research" side of things matters. IMO patient results (such as this one and others found on this site) are your best guide to navigating the industry.
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    Month 5 Progress Update
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    1 year in guys and am very happy with my results!!