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    Best wishes to everyone around the world on our traditional national day of celebration here in Ireland , and in so many other countries that celebrate it But this year is different. There is no celebration. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those people and familes around the world who have suffered and are continuing to suffer through the Covid-19 Virus. As in most countries around the world , here In Ireland everybody is trying to do the sensible thing and to stay safe, as Covid-19 has arrived in Ireland also. On a personel note, it's hard to believe just as I write this. I live in a very rural part of Ireland where there would not be any traffic. A string of cars just done the drive in their cars with their families tucked inside safe , and the car horns blowing away. Ah Brilliant. In times l
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    I don't necessarily agree with this. 1. Every NW 6 and NW 7 person had a full head of hair at some point in their life. If a NW 7 is not a candidate for a hair transplant and you don't know who will be a NW 7 before hand then how can you plan for that when the patient is at a NW 3 and getting a hair transplant. I sometimes see Drs write that they always take future balding into consideration and plan for the worst. This is obviously not true because the worst would be that the patient is not a good candidate. Any Dr who actually planned for the worst with all patients would never do a single hair transplant. Then there are some NW 5s who have thinning in the donor area, but they didn't have that when they were NW 4 or NW 3. What if you did a transplant on them when they were NW 3 even if it was very conservative? They would still be losing transplanted hair and as their area increases to NW 5 or greater then they will absolutely end up with a bald rim between the native side and back hair and the transplanted hair and it would be very hard to do much about it because the donor area is losing hair as well, so you can't transplant any more of that. 2. I took finisteride for 11 years. I think it may have increased my hair very slightly for the few few years, kept it the same for the next couple of years and then I lost hair the last 3 or 4 years. After 11 years of using it I ended up with less hair than than when I started.
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    For anyone who recently had a hair transplant done, this is probably the best time ever to be going through the ugly duckling stage as most people don't have to go to work for the next few weeks and even if you do it probably won't be busy and you won't have to see hardly anyone.
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    In times like this its important to stay as positive as possible. All the best everyone. Paddy. Apologies I'm not sure how the post got seperate.
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    Not at all, maybe due to my great density on my donor area, I had not visible scars or signs of the surgery from month 2. You can check photos posted in the thread. My brother did have spaces and big gaps without hair during the first 5 months. He was really scared, but finally everything were fine and he looks perfectly now.
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    Hello, Thank you. I've got 425 singles implanted on my hairline this time.
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    I have never heard of that particular doctor, although that does not mean he is bad. If possible, consult with a few other doctors and try to save up a bit more if you can. Seems like a large area to cover so you can't have any grafts go to waste, which might happen with an unsatisfactory surgery from either doctor. Dr Yaman at 1 euro per graft and Dr Demirsoy at 1.25 euro per graft are a good budget option as well, might be a good idea to consult with them
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    Happy St. Patty's day, we all could use a little Irish luck, blessings to you Paddy, and stay safe.
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    Hairline looks awesome in those last few pics. I wouldn't sweat the thin spots, most people would never notice them. Congrats!
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    1) Prostate glands are not hair follicles. If they were then we would get hairier as we grew older (or our prostates would fall out of our rectums if you want to go the other direction). There is a lot more smooth muscle and glandular tissue, that's why the alpha blocker mentioned above works for difficulty urinating. In addition, an enlargening prostate is not all healthy tissue. It under goes necrosis, cystic degenerative change and can frequently evolve into cancer. It really looks like hell internally. The part of your scalp that looks like this is the subcutaneous fascia -- if you don't believe this, just feel the evidence. Try probing the skin where you've lost hair and the skin where you still have hair. Do they feel different? A similar process of poorly restricted cell turnover, scar tissue and death has occurred in both, just the prostate is in a less restricted space. 2) Yes, it is not entirely about DHT, it is about something called the dermal papilla, where the stem cell resides. The follicles at the front and dome of your scalp seem to be androgen sensitive, while those in back less so. This sensitivity is impacted by a combination of genetics and environment, but the contribution of environment becomes greater with time. Akin to putting high octane fuel into an old jalopy. Having a healthy dermal papillae is why you can transplant follicles into this fibrosed scalp tissue where you've lost hair and it usually doesn't die. Though it certainly can have difficulty growing, particularly depending on the surgical technique and how much of the bulb was removed without damage. This is a very big discussion and I'm not going to get into it and hijack the thread. The only point I had was that I appreciate TS's original comment about not being able to anticipate future hair loss. Statistically, the majority of men are high Norwoods when they are old, so it stands to reason that the transplanted hairs will be retained to a greater degree while the native hairs fall out around them. For many, by the time you reach old age you will be left with only the transplanted hairs in your reconstructed scalp. So sure, think short term, spots to fill in, etc. But also keep in mind your long term game. Don't fuck your later years up to have a slightly better youth. Life gets a lot harder as you get older. The cost of this trend towards follicle burning with low yield aggressive surgeries will become more apparent in the decades to come. I am sure transplant surgeons and early patients are already well aware of it. A low frontal hairline with a bald top looks bizarre as most men recede to some degree before they lose the hair at the dome of their scalp. That's why guys like Lorenzo start so high; they know where things usually end up. Lorenzo style clinics are sacrificing a slightly more aesthetic short term to save those guys in the long term. The low hairline obsession is getting patients into the door of aggressive clinics, but these guys are really putting themselves at risk of a "Julius Caesar crown" of transplanted hair as things progress with time. Especially if you blow your wad by doing something silly like 4500 FUE to your frontal hairline when you're 22. How many times can you realistically go back into that scalp to fill the dome as it continues to shed? Yes, there are old guys with hair, but it is a small minority. The long term data on finasteride/dutasteride is not complete, but suggests that even with medication, things will get worse for most. This is due to the increasing fragility of hormone sensitive follicles with aging due to mutation accumulation. The cosmetic medical industry is a very bizarre cocktail. "Freedom of choice" and doctor shopping come up against "do no harm" for essentially every patient-surgeon encounter. And there is a constant background of body dysmorphic disorder that has become profound with the influence of social media, though certainly it has always been there. I mean, we live in a society where women are allowed to get breast implants so large they can't walk upright and Michael Jackson was allowed to get nose jobs till he had to pick his nose with a Q-tip. There's a surgeon for every patient if you have the money and a poor instinct for self-preservation. Hair restoration may be a science and an art, but we must keep in mind that it is also a business. And as with any business, there is a tendency to glorify the more extreme results -- availability heuristics are a real problem in this industry. You gotta play like Belichick not Bradshaw.
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    There's no law against lying to your hair transplant doctor. If you don't have hairloss but want to change your hairline, finding that your doctor of choice won't operate unless you take finasteride just tell him you're taking finasteride. In saying that, do you have photos of what your hair looks like after the transplant with Keser? I mean Jesus Christ, you're way over-complicating things. Don't argue the point, say you'll take it and beyond that its your responsibility to do what you want. The logic is that he wants to maximise the appearance of his results and get patients who don't own thinking caps out of his clinic to avoid any patients with illogical expectations. Your outlook sounds reasonable, your response to their clinic however was very silly.
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    I wouldn't risk my head at 95% of the clinics in Turkey, even the ones that are so-called good doctors, don't have the best ethics. There are other affordable options like Dr. Bisanga, Athens clinic, Dr. Muresanu Hattingen Clinic in Switzerland, Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi in India. These are surgeons who actually carry out the work and have the results to back it up.
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    Great write up of your surgical experience. I wish more patients would take the kind of time you have to try and help some other potential patients. I know most patients use the forums to read tons of reviews and view hundreds of before and after photos. Unfortunately, most of these patients will not give back any of the time (pay it forward) to post about their surgical experience like you have. Good luck. It looks like a very nice job was done.
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    You're still only 36 days old, don't be so negative
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    Hi all, Sorry I let this thread lapse. The truth is that my hair has become so good that all the negative feelings, worry and anxiety I had about it all but disappeared - and I just began to live life never thinking about it. Now the only worry I have is that some hair loss will take away what I have. I am very very happy with my result - many people who aren't aware of my procedure have commented on my appearance. I believe I got full results very very early on - so all my hair grew in one phase after month 3/4 and by months 5/6 I couldn't believe how good it looked. I will post updates soon with photos.
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    Hey guys, Theses are my 10th day post-op pictures, I have already started too shed some hair at this point : Theses are pictures of my scar, I think it will look great : Looking forward to hear back from you guys Cheers