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    Hi all. I am a 36 year old man from the UK. I want to share with you my hair transplant progress. I had 4938 grafts at HLC in Ankara, Turkey on 5th, 6th and 7th February 2020. I chose HLC after consulting with various clinics over a 6 month period. HLC fit my criteria: doctor performs the procedure themselves, manual extraction, stick & place technique. I also liked their results, some of which are just insanely good, and found them to be good to deal with. All of my consultations were done over email. I also got talking on Facebook to a Mexican guy who had been to HLC and had nothing but good things to say, and his results were incredible. Being able to talk to a genuine patient sealed the deal for me. I first became aware of my hair loss at around 19 years of age. Even at that point, I had some thinning on the crown. Since then I have also receded at the front and thinned on top, as you can see from the pictures below. I have been taking finasteride 1mg per day for around 10 years now (I can't remember exactly how long) and I think it has helped me retain a reasonable head of hair. I felt at 36 years of age, after first considering a transplant about 8 years ago, now was a good time and a sensible time to do something. The experience with HLC was excellent. You stay in an apartment with 4 bedrooms, just over the road from the clinic. I was a bit apprehensive about this communal living arrangement at first, but I really enjoyed the experience and made a couple of friends while I was there. The staff at HLC are superb. All meals are provided. Pre-op photos (for the consultation) Surgery plan 1 day after surgery Graft report Graft placement I had 2800 grafts in the frontal third at a density of 50 per sq cm in the hairline; grafts at 20 per sq cm were placed in between native hairs further back I also had 2000 on the crown at a density of 30 per sq cm (of those on the crown, 711 were beard grafts) My donor has many singles and doubles, not so many multiples unfortunately. Not much I can do about that. I was aware of this, as when I cut my back & sides very short a lot of scalp was visible. I was briefly concerned I might have DUPA but the surgeon assured me this was not the case. In view of this, the doctor proposed to take 500 or so from the beard (although this ended up being 700) and I happily agreed to this.
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    No problem. Next step is staple removal, shedding and finally growth with some maturing after that. Long road ahead lol.
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    I scrubbed none stop lol nice and easy and slowly until nothing was left. Once I started I couldn’t stop.
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    I’d be careful until 14 days but I’m sure you’re fine
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    Thanks @Portugal25 I understand. There is nothing better than a live consultation to feel confident (or not) with a doctor. The cases of Bruno Ferreira I have seen on the Spanish forum look good too event if there are not many of them for now. Another reason to thank @Rolandas for sharing his experience with us. @Rolandas It looks like it's coming along very well. Congrats!
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    @Kingthin. I researched a lot before my own HT and realised their are better surgeons elsewhere than Turkey. I was willing to travel anywhere to get the best result . I had my HT with Dr.Pradeep Sethi and Dr.Arika Bansal @Eugenix Hair Science India. They are recommended on this forum, and have shown great results. Surgery led by Dr.Arika is about €1.80 a graft , Or for you about £1.50 a graft . Eugenix use their own DHT technique where grafts are extracted and implanted simultaneously, and when not , out of body time for them is kept to a minimun increasing survival rate. You get picked up from the airport. They have a really nice facility where you can stay for a few nights. Getting flights to India from the UK is as easy as Turkey. Paddy
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    To be honest, if HLC is the clinic that your are leaning towards after your research and fits in with your budget, I really wouldn't let a short flight from Istanbul to Ankara and a 5 night stay put you off. At your budget of 2.70-3 euro, kinda of limited as to who you can go to. Most of the well renowned Belgian clinics will be outside your budget. You could possibly consider Bruno Ferreira in Portugal who I believe charges at 2.5 Euro per graft but apart from that, think Turkey is where your main options are going to be at your budget. In Istanbul, you may want to look at ASMED seeing as you have advanced balding going on or maybe Dr Demirsoy but to be honest, if you are liking what you are seeing from HLC, I'd bite the bullet and go with them and not let a short flight and 5 night stay put you off. Kind of stuck with a HT once it's done so an additional flight and extended stay shouldn't really swing your decision imo.
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    the hairline design drawn and post-op showing graft placement looked a little awkward to me at first, but final result shows Dr. nailed it, wow!
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    FUT is still the gold standard both for your donor management and graft yield. Who have you consulted with or considering for your procedure? At your age and level of hair loss, you're not going to be a one-and-done kind of patient, so be realistic, practical with an eye toward the future! and my other advice is don't panic and make an impulse decision based on fear. Choose a reputable surgeon and you'll be in good hands.
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    Great answer from @Dr. Glenn Charles. 👍🏻 Also, I have not seen any derma roller or stamps or pens that are more than 2.5mm so you likely won’t find 5mm but that’s not the proper depth, 1-1.5mm is more the typical depth used.
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    an hair follicle is 3-5mm long. So, 1,5mm should not damage the follicles.
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    A lot of doctors push for FUT because it is a lot easier for them that's why doctors charge more for FUE than FUT, reading transection rate etc it's bullshit, doctors who push for FUT come up with stuff like that. Go for FUE with a skilled doctor and don't risk having to deal with a scar behind your head, the scar can stretch etc, lots of guys on the forum went for scar repairs, imo FUE is the way to go and it's not even a question unless you are completely bald maybe but no.
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    I may not be the first person to note this but it really doesn’t look like you’ve shed very much. Seems as though most of those hairs just kept on growing! It looks really good for being so early in the process!! I’m really excited for you, man! I can’t wait to see how this comes together.
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    Hi Petro, Your hair is looking fantastic, congratulations on a fine result. As for the crown, I remember pointing that out a while back but you should be fine covering it with your surrounding hair for the foreseeable future. There's no harm in keeping Minoxidil in your armory to combat any future loss. As for the baby shampoo, I've tried many shampoos over the years and find that the few times a week I apply oil (coconut or baby oil) to my scalp then the baby shampoo is best to wash it out with and leaves it looking and feeling the best. Also you could try Nizoral shampoo a couple of times a week. Thank you again for sharing your journey, if you need any future help or advice feel free to contact myself or a member of the team. I wish you all the best for the future.
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    *Watch 2:40 onwards on the 2nd video to see his hairline without toppik.* Yeah this British reviewer says it all had a surgery with asmed and received a patchy seethrough hairline, received a top up of 1602 grafts which in itself is some people’s whole transplant procedure but for this guy it was a ‘top up’. Hoped the top up would fix the hairline but it didn’t, so for you guys wondering if you should take up the top up offer I’d think otherwise . Btw I’ve been watching this guys videos for a while and it seems he has deleted some videos showing his progress. *HE WEARS TOPPIK ON HIS HAIRLINE FOR THE VIDEOS* Choosing a right surgeon is like walking a minefield especially when you are confused by the increase of negative reviews. I myself am still deciding on who to go with and I understand every surgeon will have some bad results but when it’s getting more and more common as it is with Asmed then it’s only natural to cause concern to people looking to invest 4x-7x more than the standard surgeon in Europe. Overall I’m not saying Asmed don’t do good results (they have some of the best ones I’ve seen) but I’ve been seeing a drop in quality and an increase in transection on different forums lately.
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    Ufff, so sad to see this. ASMED does not have a solution or turn back. Years ago Koray was a great doctor, now he has become a great businessman. It is a pity that a doctor as good as he was has abandoned the patients and only worries about billing and making money And it is no longer just this forum where disasters are appearing but in any hair transplant forum especially in Italy and Spain: BelliCapelli in Italy or RecoverElPelo in Spain It is a pity that patients have to suffer this and that they destroy our hopes and in many cases our donor area. Good luck when looking for a doctor to make a repair.
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    The roots of your grafts will become embedded into your scalp and will be fully anchored after about 4 days after a HT. If your hair sheds the roots will stay embedded and go dormant for 2 or 3 months and start to grow again. If your pores open it wont have any negetive impact, when we shower our pores are open. You cant do any dameage at all. .........Paddy.....
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    Hey man really sorry about your situation. I'm sure it looks fine to every day people as they aren't looking at your head as closely as you. That said, the good news is you can have it repaired. I suggest seeing someone that is highly regarded on this forum. It will cost you more money, but you'll get the results you want. fwiw.