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    I do not think micro-needling would penetrate the skin deep enough to cause harm to the follicles. We often perform PRP or Exosome treatments post operatively and use micro needling during that procedure and have no problems. You are over two months post-op . Should be good to go.
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    Yes, this is the assumed “norm” to get some results and I originally started with 1.5mm 1x a week, although I see better results with 3-4x a week, for myself personally my skin heals well and I don’t push the pen needles too hard and even though I have it set to 2mm due to my HT hairs in the way I know that the derma pen is not actually going the full depth of 2mm....but yes, that’s a good protocol to start with that you listed...nothing is set in stone as it’s taken a lot of people experimenting with different routines.
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    Hey y’all sorry For late replies , but I finally sent in my latest pics to the clinic n review . I update you guys also soon .. they my clinic, n I put my trust and money in them , , so I have to respect them enough to communicate with them first . 🧐. But thanks y’all, I learned a lot from everyone n appreciate y’all .. u guys my secret friends .. my balding brothers .. hahah
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    Hair restoration has come a long way....From scalp reductions, to plugs, to minigrafts, to follicular unit transplants to follicular unit extractions, (a glorified punch). Thinking about FUT, how easy for the doctor, (still doing surgery but having a 9:00 to 5:00 job and not having to be called in an emergency). Removes a strip, gives it to the team to dissect. He then makes recipient sites and the team does the placing. In the meantime he is reading, sleeping....I've seen it. FUE comes. No one likes change. But if you decide this is the best for your patients, OK. You'll spend a long time harvesting. New pains - back, hands, posture....etc. Why do you think harvesting is typically done by others? After harvesting the process is the same. In my view, the reason to do a hair transplant procedure is to have more hair, not less. Let it grow! If so, FUT. Why? Cost is probably in the minds of many...but the true reason should be to maximize the donor, particularly when dealing with advanced cases. With regards to retrograde, it could be a haircut issue. Change to another hair dresser.
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    I appreciate all the comments. Although I will add a few of them might be a bit more hyperbolic than constructive. I understand that some people will want to shave their head but, trust me, I will not get 'bored' and want to shave my hair. I do agree that the risk of a stretched scar is not pleasant but I have seem some very good scars that are nearly imperceptible at a # 3 (i know this isn't always the case and some people have bad ones). I want to and will go to the "top" doctors and am not trying to skip out on price - I will be having the HT in North America. For context, no one is my family is bald although my mom's side does have a hairline similar to mine. Everyone has plenty of hair on back and sides and no one is bald up top either. This at least gives me an indication of where I am going, although I know it can be unpredictable. Also, I have thinning hair but have never noticed hair falling out so this has been very gradual. I never had a great hairline to begin with, always much higher on the sides ("crowspeak" i think they call it?) For those recommending certain surgeries, what about certain doctors? and how many grafts? And to add again, I'd rather this form be constructive vs hostile. I'm just looking to hear experienced opinions and I hope others similar to me will be able to do the same from the comments in this form. Regarding retrograde, I don't believe this is true and have been seen by a number of doctors and this has never been mentioned. Not to discredit the comment but let's drop this one for now.
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    There is no reason not to believe that it works. I believe that it could be more effective than the oral. The only downside could be that its harder to use. I ll let everyone know whats happening when its relevant. So far i m 2 weeks on it and i could possible be losing less hair. Atleast i ve noticed less hair shed daily. Could be just the fact that i wash my hair daily now, time will tell
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    Thanks bro, I have no problem with links, as long as they're educational. I will be posting up a video soon. I'm gonna detail my journey on YouTube. Do you mind if I share some of your pics as a source of my inspiration?
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    Why don't more people get SMP on their FUE scars? I find it hard to understand why some don't cover up that over-harvested look...
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    Nice results and yes, the crown can take much more time...I saw better maturing even up until now as I’m am almost 21 months post my HT procedure with ASMED and am also doing a Minox and microneedling routine that’s also improved my crown.
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    I agree with the opinions of the fellas above. IMHO These are the steps you and everyone should take: 1: Yes, shave your head really short or to a buzz cut and see how you like it...you may surprise yourself and like the look a lot. There is a great YouTube channel called Bald cafe and the guy seems to be helping lots of suffering guys deal with this. 2: If after a buzz cut you don’t like it or hate the look, then get on the big 4 (Low dose Finasteride, Minox, Microneedling And Nizoral and stay consistent with it for at least 6-9 months...growing your hair back takes time be patient. 3: If your hair loss has stabilized, look for a reputable Hair transplant doctor and do an in person consultation so they may asses your hair if it’s viable for you to do and HT procedure. 4: Don’t rush a procedure...do steps 1 & 2 first. Good luck!
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    Good luck man! Stick to it for at least 6months...I’ve recently seen some info from some studies that show topical fin to be better at fighting scalp dht than oral fin.
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    This would never happen if you go to a skilled doctor but an FUT scar can stretch even when done by a skilled doc.
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    Although FUT does yield more grafts in the first place, at the beginning, it's definitely not that much grafts that it justifies the huge barbaric scar it leaves on the back of your head. It also forces you to wear longer hair on the back for the rest of your life. God forbid ever wanting to just quit hair and shaving your head, no way you can do that. So I agree, whilst it does have a better yield a bit for a first procedure, FUT does not justify the complications it leaves behind. FUE all the way IMHO.
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    I hear it is not as abrasive as a regular tattoo and deposits ink in the upper dermal layer only. You should be fine if the technician has good experience!
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    Proper SMP should not penetrate deep enough to harm the hair follicles. Make sure you only use an experienced SMP technician.
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    I’ve attached some different angles for 12 months too with one side shot prior to surgery.
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    Yeah, it definitely doesn’t look awesome when buzzed down that short. How did it feel when you kept it longer? Btw, awesome to hear about how it is improving your confidence. The recipient area looks great for 5.5 months and will only get better
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    12 Month Result Here is my 12 month result. I’ve attached a couple of comparison photos. The first being more or less 12 months difference in the same bathroom, under the same lighting with no product in my hair. Having a hair transplant has made a huge difference to my life, from walking down the high street and never having to worry about the wind ruining my hair and exposing my badly receded hairline, to having a hell of a lot more confidence in all aspects of life. Honestly the best money I’ve ever spent and actually nice to have options for various hairstyles. For my first transplant I don’t think I could have wished for any more to be fair and actually exceeded my expectations. Thank you everyone for you advice and feedback whether positive or negative, and without this forum there would have be no way I would have travelled outside the UK. I need to thank Suzana from Asmed who has always been in contact over this past year.
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    Originally started with 1.5 mm once a week based on the studies since I, like you, found lower gauges to be worthless. Good results. I do 6 reps horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. One rep is back and forth. Wash my hair with caffeinated and menthol-infused products afterwards to clean the scalp and then apply my minox. No sides for me. Eventually I went up to 2 mm once a week just because I felt like I wanted to make sure I was getting appropriate depth in areas where my hair was thicker. I'm now back to 1.5 because with my new Dr Pen the 2mm depth tends to have issues "sticking" on my forehead just below my hairline where there's no terminal hair visible. I have since started to do 1.5 mm twice a week with 1-2 days of rest in between. Sometimes I get lazy and just do once a week but I always leave at least a day between sessions. The wounds aren't deep but if you don't give your skin time to heal you're not going to be getting the benefit of the rolling which is a side result of the healing process M-W-F could potentially be viable in my experience but I'd honestly start with M and F or something. I'm also doing PRP as you know, and I believe the microneedling specifically works to activate those growth factors for as long as they're present. In fact, many doctors who administer PRP will microneedle the scalp along with it because, again, PRP is generally used to heal injuries and such. Microneedling promotes your body's natural healing response, so it should also be promoting work from that external supplementation as well.
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    The major studies I've seen all reference 1.5 mm once a week. However, I've seen anecdotal accounts of people using this gauge or slightly higher more along the lines of 2-3 times a week. I've done twice a week at 1.5 with no I'll effects to my progress but I'm honestly too lazy to maintain that right now. I suppose this would be most analogous to going to the gym, and the idea that it's actually the time recovering from the gym where you're truly growing that muscle mass. Microneedling is essentially stimulating an inflammatory healing response which seems to also promote hair growth. However, we also know that inflammation of the scalp can be one of the big causes of hair loss, so it's important not to overdo it. My slightly unpopular opinion on this is it tends to vary between individuals depending on your response to the wounding. How's your skin looking between sessions with this frequency? Perpetual redness? Any lingering feelings of irritation? That's more what I'd be looking at rather than blanket statements, especially considering the whole process is purely based on minimal scientific data and anecdotal accounts.
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    Everything I’ve read recommends 3-4x per week, the smaller gauges do nothing for me, I have a low gauge but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything. Maybe @CosmoKramer can chime in.
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    Great tip man definitely gonna buy that.
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    Here's a great video on finasteride dosage. 1mg 3x/week is ideal according to these guys.
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    This is so true and I never realised this was a thing !