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    Hi all, I have just returned to England after a good old sesh with Dr Bisanga and his team at BHR Brussels. The doctor estimated around 4000 grafts to make a significant cosmetic improvement and he wasn’t far off with a total of 4300. Graft breakdown: 1 FU - 679 grafts 2 FU - 1312 grafts 3 FU - 1600 grafts 4 FU - 709 grafts I’d like to document my progress in order to give something back to this community after years of stalking it! Without you guys and your shared experiences I’d be very lost!..... I had discussed with Dr Bisanga in both of my pre- surgery consultations that I wanted to design the hair transplant on the assumption that I would not be able to tolerate Propecia and therefore plan for further hair loss. It was therefore essential for me to understand what my donor hair could offer me in all aspects such as follicular units per square centimetre, hair caliber, hair to graft ratios and above all, how many grafts I had to use in my lifetime. After thorough examinations I learned that I had good, above average density with good groupings and had approximately 8000 grafts available for fue. This was good to hear but my future pattern of hair loss is heading to a Norwood 5/6........so a conservative hairline was decided. Although less conservative than I thought, I’d like to know your thoughts? Anyway below are pre-op pictures I took a couple of months ago and some of the second day of surgery. I’ll try and update on a monthly basis unless I get into a scary situation in which case I’ll be screaming for your assistance! Thanks all
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    Thanks for the update. Looks like its filling in nicely.
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    Thanks, Steeeve, for the kind words. Dr. Arocha was very fortunate to have been able to train with an ISHRS-approved fellowship in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Arocha's focus has been 100% to the surgical and non-surgical treatment of hair loss. Our PRP program has been developed and fine-tuned over the past decade.
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    Its not due to science or research. It is a white powder that can attach to your current hair and give the appearance of more fullness. It is powdery and dry and due to it being white you would need to "close" it with some kind of hair spray. Dry shampoo spray can also be well worth considering.
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    Don't want the potential side effects of Finesteride and too lazy to apply minoxidil. The PRP was a once a month (painful) thing. I really hope it has some effect cause it hurt quite a bit.
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    Hi I was asked, repeatedly, to take finasteride, but chose not to. I started with minoxidil, but it was too cumbersome so I stopped. The vitamins came in a box called 'Hair Fact', with different vitamins to be taken on different days of the week. I did take these for around 4 months. But to clarify they do ask that you take finasteride and minoxidil.
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    Eugenix prescribes finasteride mostly, and vitamins that they prescribe are hairfact. Dr arika told me that she highle recommends me to use finasteride for my crown area. Vitamins are more for faster growth and can be taken for 3 months. After that if you are on a health diet these can be stopped.
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    Hey no finesteride for me, before or after. No minoxidil either. Just took the vitamins that were recommended for around 4 months. Stopped those now as well, though I may restart them.
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    Paddy- thank you so much for a such detailed response. I have been following you and think you are amazing for the way you take so much care about others posts and journeys. I started loosing my hair when I was 22 and I am turning 30 this year and not a day goes by that it doesn't bother me. My father is a norwood 6/7 so I know thats in my future so its amazing seeing some the results from this clinic. I was at first set on H&W or Rahal but I am getting more confident in this clinic slowly when I hear first hand experiences from folks such as you. Thank you again for such a caring and detailed post while not even being associated financially from the clinic. I hope your hair continues to get better!
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    @ag120 Were you on finesteride or medication before your transplant to halt the hair loss or did you get on it after the hair transplant.
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    Hey, i had forgotten about this post so didn’t update. I have gotten great results. Around 5 months now but I hit this mark around the 4 month mark.
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    Based off 1 link you shared from an Italian forum. For every 1 you don't like though, there are more than 10 that are good. He has been around that much and shared that many cases that of course you will find some you don't like. He is world class though. Hattingen telling you to shave your head is just being ethical so you don't have irreversible surgery unless you are 100% sure - I don't see how you are counting this as being a bad thing. Just tell Sever that you are fixed on the fact you want the transplant and you really don't want to shave your head. Also world class.
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    Hi Akash, I would recommend you read up on the different growth phases of a hair transplant, you could start with a few detailed patient reviews from this site. As for your "4 month result", there is no such thing as a 4 month result, you can only really start talking in terms of results after 7-12 months. At the 4 month stage your scalp looks exactly how it should with small baby hairs sprouting that will mature over the coming months. I'm always surprised when I come across patients panicking at 4 months, did your doctor or a rep not brief you on what you should expect over the coming months, if not then they should have. The many baby hairs you refer to that are suddenly appearing on your scalp are good signs of early growth. Even if you lost a few that popped out during surgery your pictures do look promising, take heart from that and try to be more positive. I can't see any reason for you feeling bad and down and lastly in my opinion if you let yourself get all stressed and deflated after only 4 months then this could affect your mental/physical well being thus detracting from your final result. As for your friends and colleagues, don't even get me started!!! I hope that clarifies a few things for you and puts your mind at ease.