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    I hated rahals marketing/outreach team. There was this one guy specifically, aaron bugayong, who literally was the most annoying person I’ve dealt with during my search for a hair transplant, and I reached out to many doctors. the style Aaron used was so sleazy and outright despicable. He would call me during work hours continuously even when I told him im busy and if I didn’t answer he would dial again. Then he would follow up with these used-car salesman like emails if I didn’t answer with titles like “WE WONT GIVE UP ON YOU, YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR HAIR BACK!” I immediately X’d rahal off my list bc of that Aaron guy. To me, the whole team has to vibe on the same level.
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    Hey guys, I had my surgery on the 7th January at Armamed by Dr. Demirsoy. The whole process was very easy and they took care of everything for me. Top quality service, let's hope the results are the same I drove to the nearest airport that had a direct return flight to Istanbul so I wouldn't need to worry about changing planes on the way back and getting public transport home. I drove there on the morning of the 6th and worked in the airport for a few hours up until my flight. I ended up landing in Istanbul around 7pm Turkish time I believe after the most turbulent flight I had ever been on! They were dealing with storms at the time, and the following day the airport was closed because a plane was blown off the runway so I got a little lucky there. Once I arrived, I met the transfer company and got talking to a couple of other people there for hair transplants but with different clinics. It seems that multiple clinics all use this transfer company. It was cool to meet people there for the same thing. One guy was getting the same return flight as me so I saw him that day too, but we didn't get a chance to speak. I was taken to the hotel and unfortunately the WiFi was down because of the storm, and I didn't have any data over there so I was worried in case something went wrong with the pickup in the morning. I went to sleep straight away because I had nothing to do without the internet, and all of the TV channels were in Turkish. DAY 0 I woke up at 7am, had a shower and went down for breakfast. Then I was picked up at 8am by Muzaffer on the dot. He is a very friendly and nice guy who can answer any questions you might have about the procedure. We arrived at the clinic after a quick 20 minute journey. The clinic is over 40 floors high so you get some nice views! I went through a couple of questionnaires with Muzaffer and signed a disclaimer and then finally Dr. Demirsoy came into the room. He doesn't speak English so all communication went through Muzaffer but it was a very smooth process. Dr. Demirsoy examined my hair and asked where I would like my hairline. I explained that I always had a high hairline and I don't really want it much lower than I currently have it, just the temples filling in and overall strengthening in the front. He drew the hairline and they gave me a hand held mirror, then asked what I thought. It was exactly how I wanted it, not too much lower. I did not want to use too many grafts because I think I will need a second surgery later in life, even though I am taking finasteride. After the consultation we went through to the photography studio and they took some photos, before shaving my head and taking the same photos again. After these were taken, I was taken to another room to change into a gown and some slippers. I was also given a Xanax to calm any nerves and make me a little sleepy. I went to another room and removed my shirt, then put on a gown and some slippers. I was then taken to the surgery room and told to lay on my side. I was a little cold at first which I think they realised because they brought over a blanket straight away which was nice. I had the option of using my phone throughout the procedure but I just tried to sleep through the whole thing. The time flew by very quickly. They started the anaesthetic, which was almost painless on this side of the head. Then the Dr came over and started the harvesting. As promised, it was completely painless. You could hear the micromotor but it just reminded me of getting a haircut with clippers. I was then flipped onto my right side and the process was repeated. After the extracting phase, they put an antiseptic cream and then a bandage onto the back of my head. They then numbed the front of my head. This was a little more painful than the back of the head. Now that my head was busy numbing, I had a 20 minute break and they gave me a choice of food. I chose chicken breast with roasted vegetables. It was very nice! After the break, the Dr. started the incisions. This did not take too long. When he was finished, he held up a mirror and I was impressed with where my new hairline was going to be! It has been a very long time since I saw myself with a hairline like that. I had a 5 minute break so I quickly went to the toilet, and then it was time to place the grafts. This part of the procedure is done laying on your back. Again, I just closed my eyes for the whole thing and tried to sleep. Unfortunately I had some paid during this part. The Dr. said that my skin was hardened in the front and it meant that the anaesthetic could not spread properly, and you can't use too much anaesthetic so he couldn't just keep injecting more. I was given an oral painkiller. At certain parts of the head I could feel everything that was happening and it wasn't pleasant, but knowing that if I didn't let them do it the grafts would be wasted helped me to get through it Dr. Demirsoy said it's not normal to feel anything through this and I was an exception because of the hardened skin so don't let that put you off! Dr. Demirsoy does the extractions and the incisions, and then the nurses place the grafts. After the grafts had all been placed, they washed my head and then took a few more photos The Dr. looked over everything once more, then I went and sat with Muzaffer who went over all of the aftercare instructions. I was also given a slice of cake because it was one of the nurses birthday I was taken back to the hotel. I think I arrived back at about 6pm although I'm not 100% sure. I had a few snacks from the minibar and then just lay in bed with the neck pillow and dozed off a few times. The WiFi was back on at this point so I was watching movies or doing a few bits of work between sleeps. I managed to sleep about 6 hours in total before the next morning
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    Why are you talking like you were there yourself and witnessed it all? You’re sitting in Italy while the patient was in the chair in Turkey being operated on. He’s just sharing his experience. He didn’t even mention the clinic name yet you come in barging in to defend your clinic. He has no reason to lie imo.
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    You've two elite surgeons there........but I'd hop on plane to Hasson...........nobody dense packs like Dr.Hasson does the closest out there to one and done........if you've got descent donor and are not trying to be too aggressive with hairline i think a big case FUT(5,000+) that Dr.Hasson is famous for would really cover hairline, midscalp and slightly into crown Likewise if leaning towards FUT he gets, along with Konior, the thinnest scars in the business...blade 3 territory.....while H&W now has become 5 star FUE clinic too if you go down that road now or later. Rahal is great too - but consistency, track record and recent patient reported "home runs" on this forum point towards Hasson still operating at an Elite+ level ahead of Rahal.....havent seen a bunch slam dunks from Rahal recently as used to be the case
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    @JJJ00 a post with before and after pictures is usually regarded as advertising or a clinic post. In this forum we like to be part of our fellow members journey to a full head of hair and updated monthly pictures as something everyone looks forward to seeing and praising. Hope you can reconsider posting your thread and updating every month. Wish you all the best and great results!
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    You should start seeing some growth by 3 months, but if you don't at 3 months don't worry it can take 6 months
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    Try some pure emu oil on the scar, helps with healing skin/scar tissue.
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    I can't see any excessive redness or other indication of scalp trauma, which is the major thing I look out for at this stage. Looks good so far and I think you should start seeing things pick up in the next couple of months.
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    In my honest opinion, you are probably better off going strip first, which would eliminate Turkey. I would consider Dr. Rahal, Hasson and Wong, Dr. Gabel, Dr. Cooley, Dr. Glenn Charles, Dr. Bloxham, True and Dorin and Dr. Carlos Wesley. You're better off maximizing grafts with FUT and then finishing off with FUE.
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    Worried, Big breath in ... and big breath out! Relax. You're okay. The only time you'd truly see a follicle from a dislodged graft is after it popped out and was followed by a small amount of bleeding. This would also generally be within the first 3 days. At 12 days post-op, those grafts are locked down. There really isn't much you could do to hurt the follicles themselves at this point. What you see there is normal crusting and scabbing coming off with the grafts. The small white dots near the end of the hair shaft are normal as well. You'll likely see a lot of shedding in the near future. Most of the grafts will probably look similarly to this. But you're too far out and there was nothing indicating that you actually lost any grafts -- AKA no bleeding. Always try to double check these things with your clinic as well. They may have specific post-operative instructions for situations like this, and you always want to follow these as closely as possible. I really hope this helped! Happy growing.