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    My understanding is that a licensed Physician Assistants (PA), can perform extractions if they are operating under a physician's oversight, but not a Registered Nurse (RN). I believe this goes back to the Scope of Practice guidelines for dermatology, where a PA can perform a punch biopsy under a physician's supervision.
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    Aha, it is the secret FUE technique 😉 Please enlighten me, how with FUE a better coverage is possible than the best FUT (with best cases having > 90 % growth rates) can achieve? Do they achieve >100 % growth with this secret FUE method? But one thing is correct: Only results count. Results by real patients not clinic posted results, with optimized light, hair characteristics and pseudo wetting.
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    Der3k7, What ASMED is doing with their patients is ufff... sorry that your result has not been satisfactory. 5000 Grafts should have been way more than enough to provide you with a great result but I´m afraid ASMED is not what it used to be... And then you go online and see things like this with 5000 grafts or less: Amazing result from Dr Freitas: Or this other one from Dr Couto just to show one of the many that they have... These 2 doctors are showing to all of us that some clinics are not being honest with their patients... how is it possible that Freitas or Couto get better results than other Clinics using fewer grafts??? By the way, your nose work is TOP TOP!!! Looking amazing dude ; ) Best of luck choosing the doctor for your 3rd surgery, I´m sure you will end up choosing the best one for you.
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    That makes no sense. I've yet to see any US clinic produce anything near as good as couto. Are you saying this cuz you represent a US clinic?
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    Thank you for your comment, and yes I agree with you. We will never be sure about the actual number but to be honest the results is what really matters here .. the donor area is recovering just fine, in 2 days I will be posting photos of 2 weeks post-op.
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    The good news is you already have some solid consultations under your belt and they all seem to be relatively on the same page. That's reassuring. At this point, it's a matter of personal preference, weighing the pros, cons, and risks, and then trusting your gut and going for it. The only thing I would suggest in the lead-up to making a decision is doing whatever you can to be at peace with where your hair is now, so that should you choose to leave well enough alone at the moment and let things run their course, hoping for the best, that you'll be happy with the decision come wedding time. So much of dealing with hair loss (whether one pursues a hair transplant or not) is mindset, so focus there and I think you'll find yourself more confidently making a decision one way or another.
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    Dr Blake bloxham is a phenomenal Dr! You're going to get a great result especially with 3k grafts!! Do you mind putting a before the procedure pic too?
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    Donor looks untouched even after thousand of extractions which could be due to the small sized punches that asmed use (from 0.6mm - sapphire tools). Like others have said before there is a day and night difference from before to now as you literally shed years off, to be fair there is always room for improvement but so far it’s looking good!
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    Egy, you are right but miscovascularization is just a piece of the puzzle. Anyway, some treatments are directly related to vascularization and blood flow (minoxidil, PRP, Dermorolling) other indirectly affect vascolararization (5ar inhibitors, anti androgen, estrogenic and progestinic, PG agonist and antagonist). So, imho, it is a big mistake not doing anything after ht.
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    In September 2019 the California Medical Board issued a position statement that unlicensed medial assistants cannot perform FUE extractions. This most likely will be adopted by different medical boards in the US, and slowly this scourge of non-physicians performing surgery will be eradicated. Because FUE grafts are fragile compared to FUT grafts, we use hair implanters to place grafts in a "stick and place" method, which also requires the physician to perform the graft placement as well. My hope is that more physicians will go back to realizing their place is in the surgery suite.
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    looking good man. I'll be following. good luck on growing
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    If I absolutely had to choose one in the UK it’d be dr reddy, but tbh I wouldn’t go with a UK surgeon, they are miles behind in terms of results and their prices are typically sky high, I made the mistake of having my first surgery in the UK and in hindsight that wasn’t a great decision... hairline like a flip flop and the density of a bag of feathers... and the only major change was in my bank balance 😂
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    Not true. Most of his clients come from other parts of europe. French is the average white guy in europe. Spaniard is the 2nd average white guy in europe that he works on. My friend from London is on one of his vids. But he was on a long waiting list. I dont recommend the doc since you'll be waiting years for a consult with him.
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    I dont get the saying that 'spanish guys has the best donot', why does it matter what donor density they have, at the end of the day there is a number of grafts used for the procedure, and when we compare results from different doctors we do it by comparing similar cases where same amount of grafts cover same area size, dont we? so the question is why a non-spanish guy with same hairloss pattern would get different result with same number of gratfs? I do understand the hair characteristic importance. But honestly I dont see something special in the hair of those guys. Actually the guy from the first video that @OliverAtom posted has kinda similar hair to mine, a dark wavy hair. And the results look very good
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    Hello @Fluffhead. That was a fast 20 days. You are over the worst of things now with taking medication and headwash and minding your newly implanted grafts. Yes I had the tingling etc on my scalp also, it is a sign of your nerve endings coming back to life and will fade. It will take a while for your doner to grow out and some hair will go into sleeping mode for 2 or 3 months, so it will look much better then. Yes you are correct, now the shedding and that means looking forward to the hair growing back as soon as possible. You look great , your hairline really suits you. The redness will fade away more again over the next few weeks. I have some good tips on my own thread to help, for you around this stage of your journey . All the best Fluff Paddy
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    You should absolutely see Dr. Marc Dauer. He does as good or better work than anybody in Los Angeles. I don't think he charges anything for the consultation and will give you a very honest opinion and recommendation. Super nice guy too.
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    There are great results from almost any clinic online. Even from the poor ones. Couto is great but recently some real patient result were shared: They looked very human to me. No clinic has only great result and no Dr. is a Wizzard.
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    Congrats man. it looks very natural... people on this board are obsessed with density... they want unnatural wig-like density... you know, the type that Steven Seagal and John Travolta have... that looks ridiculous, and those types of results are unachievable, no surgeon, especially Erdogan, will guarantee you that type of density. again, you can never achieve the density you have when you were 14 years old lol...
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    Looks fantastic, congratulations man! In the last few pictures from the bottom of your last post, with the black hair, hair cut, and widow's peak you sort of resemble Mickey Milkovich from Shameless. I mean this in a good/charismatic way.