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    I know what you mean! Trust me, at one point I was about to send deposit to one of the Turkish doctors in August, but then decided to hold off. I'm glad I did! Don't worry and trust your decision though! After all, you did some research and not went blindly like a lot of people! Happy growing!
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    Obviously, anyone can be guilty of offering poor services but Turkey is a joke in regards to the amount of such clown clinics. Like me, I am glad that you have found HDC. It's a shame that a lot of people take hair transplant for granted and take advice of the first agent as the truth. I don't blame them though, since most of the people are older and more conservative. However, for the love of god, we need to at least spread the word about this website in the hair transplant community
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    Standard generally is pretty poor and average at best in the UK and Ireland imo. Only two I'd personally consider are Dr Ball or Dr Reddy. Outside those two, I'd look abroad.
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    9 Months Haven’t seen any new sprouts in a while but the transplanted hair has definitely thickened and matured. At this point it looks pretty natural even under harsh, direct lighting. Scar is extremely thin and difficult to find. Probably just going to try and maintain what I have for as many years as possible, though I’ll likely ask Dr. K to add a little more to the front if I decide to address the crown in 5-10 years.
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    I think 50 grafts per cm2 is an accurate number for individuals with average hair characteristics. If however the hair has a thinner degree of caliber, the surgeon will probably discuss going a little more higher....if the hair is more coarse, he may suggest going lower. Other considerations such as wave characteristics, color contrast, etc. all have a bearing on the visual end result.
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    You should really discuss this with your surgeon.
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    They definitely look like crusts to me...crusts are the dried dead tissue from the tips of the grafts and the graft hair typically comes off with the crusts.
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    Unfortunately yes. Popping could potentially compromise growth of some grafts. The more you touch extracted grafts, the more "trauma" they COULD get. I trust dr. Bruno done everything he could in given situation. Once popping became more often he started doing some pre-made incisions as with hairline to see if that would help. Then he decided to spreading implantations apart, so they have more time to stay and "glue in". And especially that felt the next day after he completely changed approach. Also, excessive bleeding wouldn't harm grafts, but it makes more difficult for surgeon to see where to implant next graft.
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    @karatekid Rafael de Freitas has more than 1 year wait list and costs a lot more than 2.5€/graft. He does have amazing results that are almost at same level as Juan Couto. I’m sure we will be seeing results from Bruno Ferreira at the same level and for now his wait list is just a few months and he offers a better price.
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    Me personally, I'd choose Ferreira, this is purely from talking with him. I do feel his good ethics aside from being quality, also he works with one of the very best in Dr. Lorenzo.
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    Saw palmetto as a DHT blocker, ketoconazole (Nizoral) 2% shampoo 1-2x a week, and microneedling all should help be alternatives since you cant use fin or minoxidil.
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    Just the donor density looks below the standard "80 fu/cm2". Shaving head to see if you can live with the look, but yes it might make the thinning areas more evident. A crappy scar is very doctor dependent. Idd stick with the konior, gabels, h&w, cooleys, bisanga, feriduni and shapiros of this world. The only way to see if your loss has stopped is waiting, though some doctors may be prepared to take miniaturisation readings and track them over time. You before hairline looks reasonable in terms of shape/position. Density is the big question. Something that looks close to original density may be possible and look quite good with styling (side part and brushed over for a layering effect). Questions? I'm your shoes I'd like an assessment of likely lifetime balding area and number of grafts that could be achieved long term. That might mean good density over 2/3rds of the top and a thin crown.
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    Pretty much every case he has is on Spanish guys. Spanish guys have the best donor supply, and the best hair characteristics for density and coverage. Not saying he isn’t a fantastic surgeon, just that the type of patients he works on routinely make his work look far better than if he’s operating on your average white or Asian guy
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    I understand laser combs and Lasercap may help, also microneedling. Best wishes for your HT. Paddy
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    That's great Melvin, you will enjoy meeting Dr.Pradeep as he is great company, and a really nice person. He loves speaking about his work. Yes you will have a lot in common. Enjoy. ....Paddy...
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    Hello @skolvikings Dr. Pradeep Sethi of @Eugenix Hair Science will be in L.A. between 7th and 9th of March for consultations as per his recently announced schedule for the States. .....Paddy...
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    Yea I know that. Still - open borders and all. In-country pricing should be in local currency regardless of citizenship. Penalizes against US methinks. Imagine you are selling services that are non-essential (discretionary) in any country & you charge different people different rates based on where they were born and what currency you decide is best. Ahahaha! I stand by my post. It's a fact. End of. Do I care - somewhat. What can I do about it? Nothing. I wired my USD $$ to my last surgeon at the rates he quoted me USD vs his local currency. Just a moneygrab for the same services rendered. I'm in finance so to me it is not a balanced transaction. Just my opinion.
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    I would recommend only doing conservative work in the hairline area. Maybe 1300-1500 FU's. This could be done with either FUT or FUE. I do not think you have enough hair loss in the crown region at this time that could be improved with a hair transplant. Continue with preventative measures as long as no side effects occur.
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    I'd say you don't have the best density. Maybe on the low side of average. There is retrograde thinning above the ears and nape area. FUT would probably be best in the long term and offer the most grafts, combined with some FUE later down the line. I'd give it until May to see if the meds have truly halted progression, and try shaving your head in the interim. You probably need about 1500-2000 grafts for a better hairline, but I'd leave the crown alone at this stage.
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    Yes, Diep placed some few hairs (stranglers) in front of the actual hairline, but the main hairline is built be planting one graft next to each other like soldiers. You can clearly see this here in the pic below. This is a great result nevertheless, but Diep is IMO not up-to date on this. There was a discussion about it before.
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    Thank you for sharing your story. I also say this with the highest respect. You are happy and rightly so, as you look much better than before and the density is great. Money well spend, indeed. But if you nit-pick: The hairline close-up shows IMO that Diep is not state-of the art in distributing the grafts (he is basically using no micro irregularities). There was another thread about it in the past. There are also other aspect with are "unusual" in Dieps approach from my point of view. Considering all the great surgeons out there, I have a hard time recommending him for that reason.
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    Nice set of photos. Not a bad set of hair either. Not coarse, not thin - let's call it medium caliber. (You do not have "fine" hair. Be thankful. It would take more grafts to achieve the same result). You also seem to have a bit of waviness. This will also help you as you'll have more lateral coverage - which you are currently enjoying). I particularly take notice of the way you style your hair. Smart to comb it to the side so you get some shingling and enjoy the illusion of density. The part-line, however, is always the weakest point. I'll venture to say, if you were to part it on the other side, it would be the same. Thus, if you were to cut your hair very short, it is likely an early 5A pattern would surface. Whatever you do, please continue the medication and consider adding another modality. Rogaine, Laser, PRP. The mechanism of action of each is totally different and you can enjoy synergy when used simultaneously. Your hairline has receded and it seems you are still losing in that area. Look at the shafts. Some seem thinner than others. My suggestion would be to reinforce the hairline and blend grafts to the area right behind it to avoid the "island effect." Continue meds. You seem to have nice donor. You can confirm this with an in person evaluation. How many grafts will depend on the doctor and the way he likes to approach the case. Some can achieve great density while others are still the process of figuring it out. Check out photos of cases similar to your own and take note of the number of grafts it took. What part of the Country are you in - or will be in? Are your travel plans flexible?
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    You should submit online consultations, they are free and sometimes you may be able to skype with the doctor for free as well. That said, if you're serious about choosing a particular surgeon, they will usually add the fee to your surgery, so it doesn't really matter in the end. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/hair-transplant-surgeons.asp?sr=HRN
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    I mean absolutely no offense by this . . . but there is no way in hell I am getting a medical procedure done in India. I am going with H&W because I think they are the best in North America for the type of work I need done. Of course, whether they are "the best" is debatable, like all discussions on this board, but I'm definitely looking for the best clinic to do the work, and not necessarily the cheapest.
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    Plan your vacations to India and get your hair transplant done at eugenix with latest fue method ..and believe me you will still save a lot
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    1.25 mg finasteride daily for exactly 6 years now. It's also worth noting that I started taking oral minoxidil 5mg daily at the exact same time. 1) Yes. My erections are 10% less hard than they used to be. It's had no impact on my sex life/performance so far other than I can't get "rock hard" anymore. I'm also aging, so that could be contributing too. It's not a big deal at all. Side effects probably started within the first year. 2) No. If anything, I think it has gotten a little worse over time. Again, I'm not sure if this is age-related/ 3) I briefly discontinued finasteride for 1-2 months a few years ago. Because the side effects were so minimal I couldn't really tell if they changed during that time 4) I take 1.25 mg daily. I'd like to take 1mg but I haven't figured out a way to cut my 5mg pills into fifths. Too much work. I have a pill cutter and just cut them into four. 5) I took pictures before and after, and there was a major difference at 3 months. My hair became thicker and I grew new hair, which I believe the oral minoxidil helped with.
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    been on finasteride for 1.5 years. no sides 1) have you experienced any sexual side effect? and if so what & when it started? - no 2) did it get better with continual use and if so when? - N/A 3) if you have experienced sexual side effects, did it go away after you stopped using it, and after how long? - no sexual sides 4) what is the safest/effective dosage that worked for you? - 1mg per day 5) When do you expect to see effects in terms of growth and thickening? - I saw drastic improvements within 4 months. I have a thread on my journey here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53087-finasteride-results-6-months/
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    Dear Lennney, Thank you so much for the detailed response and analysis. I came to this forum seeking practical advice from experienced people like you. You say you are not a psychologist, but what you are alluding to makes sense to me and I clearly understand the point you were making. I never excepted to read this sort of analysis on a HT forum. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing. -Josh
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    You're a surgeons dream, older with minimal hair loss and good donor characteristics. Truthfully, there are at least a dozen surgeons who would knock this out of the park. My suggestion is to go by real patient-posted results.