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    1. Ever heard of glasshouse and stones? No there isn't. In this very forum there is maybe one case, which comes close (aftermath' case). Show me 5 cases in this forum were natural density is achieved. Not 5 cases which look like natural density (cause this is the illusion), but real natural density between 70-110 FUE/cm2. 2. & 3. Fun fact, obviously you need the reading glasses, as I gave more than "every case is different": HGI, hair diameter, … do I really need to list it again cause your start barking before you finish to read the end of the paragraph?
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    That's totally normal, it's only an estimate unless one doctor estimated 2000 grafts and another 4000 then you should be asking questions otherwise 1500-2000 is completely fine
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    From what I understand, the frequency and the needle size are inversely proportional. The bigger the needle, the less frequently you can have the treatment and viceversa. How big is your needle? (I think it sounds like a strange question...at least in Italian it sounds like a strange question!)
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    Yes you do have more of a Ludwig pattern as does your Grandmother. Young and therefore medication is probably the best advice. The donor doesn't look the strongest but that said wet and long hair also sticking together can give a false impression so have it assessed dry and have real empirical data on density and not just subjective opinion, but real actual data from accurate readings. Don't rush into surgery but look into medication is the honest opinion because at your age things could develop a lot if not on medication so best not to commit to surgery yet and see firstly how you tolerate meds and secondly how effective they are before you pull the trigger on surgery.
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    Restorsition.....Awesome word... Should be used from now on when things don't go the right way.
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    Hey Paddy, Thanks for all the helpful tips and a great detail write up of the procedure. Thanks for helping me choose Eugenix for my HT. Happy growing!
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    Hey Sim, I'm also from Canada aswell and will be going to Eugenix in Feb 2020. Dr Sethi will be doing my procedure. All the best
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    I just started using 1.5mm so far I’ve done it three times for about 10 minutes.
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    🤣 I agree....I use 1mm every other day and 2-2.5mm length every 7-9 days.
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    Agree with @Abi28 1500-2000 grafts isnt actually all that big a variable when coming to an estimate, especially if you are sending online photos. This basic estimate might even change compared from the photos you sent to say if you were actually to see the doc in person; being that things like hair quality (finer hair requires more grafts to achieve an illusion of fullness, coarser hair requires less) the health of your donor, and what your actually goals are all need to be taken into consideration. A basic rule of thumb is that for every 1cm you will need about 1000 grafts, so im guessing you are either a NW2.5 or a NW3.
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    Paddy recommended Aloe Vera and it really helps me with the itching and soothing my HT area.
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    This is a classic Result of HDC Hair Clinic, for frontal coverage with 3000 grafts. Also, it is a classic case that the extraction is distributed evenly of the donor with minimal scaring with Natural looking hairline with correct height and design. Sometimes patients wonder why to pay more than low cost clinics. Well, they pay for the experience of the doctors in designing correctly where to place the grafts, for a natural look now and the future. They also pay for the correct direction and pattern of the placed grafts. They pay for not destroying their donor. They also pay for having a doctor doing their surgery and not only technicians. They pay for their safety if something goes wrong. If a low-cost clinic can present as good result, how can the patient know that the technicians that will do their surgery, are those who achieved the good result? At the end of the day to get what you pay. With HDC Hair Clinic you can be sure that you can get the best that the industry can offer. See the result below. Before Immediately after 8 Months after
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    True & Dorin in NY do not shave the recipient area. There are several others as well.
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    If the clinic does a small and a midlevel case in one day instead of a big one; it is no issue. Example: My first surgery was over just after lunch time. I do not expect the clinic to shut down for the remainder inder of the day. But 2 big surgeries in parallel is not sth. I would like.
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    The angulation of recipient grafts and cleanliness of the work is top notch. Thanks for updating as im especially interested in seeing this. There’s a lot of folks bashing Turkey for pricing vs quality and i get there may be some clinics in question. BUT to have a doctor focus on you, work with you solely, cater to you, manually extract, do limited extractions to help maximize yield, and not break the bank, is very envious. Truly can’t wait to see this result and how is Dr Kaan Pekiner’s patient follow up care? Are they following up with you? Are they about complete patient satisfaction- do they do touch up later (that’s IF patient needs it)? Do you have more grafts remaining for future? did he manually extract beard grafts as well? good luck and best wishes, hope this turns out great for you
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    So with 3 procedures from Konior under your belt, you're in the official Konior Hall of Fame, right? 🏆And fingers crossed it's the last one for a long time (...or ever?) for you.
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    Congrats Matt. Good luck Tao. Three Konior oldtimers over here.
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    if you don't care about price, you should look worldwide. In turkey there are some amazing docs (laser, hlc, Pekiner). Anyway, you have other great docs alla around the world.
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    I will be following your thread. Thanks Paddy
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    Doc, some of your colleagues say that we should avoid training for 1 month because we need the blood goes to the scalp and not to muscles..but it doesn't make any sense to me. anyway, hair scalp should not involved in venous/artetious blood flow. Microcirculation works into a complexity different pathway so, brining blood to muscle should not reduce blood supply to hair follicles. What is your opinion?
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    The difference between the top surgeons is usually their artistry and philosophy of hair transplants and hairline design. One may like to do more aggressive, low hairlines and another may usually do higher hairlines. One may like to create new temple points and another may prefer to leave the temple points alone unless they are very receded. One may prefer to go for more density and another may prefer to give you a bit lower density in order to conserve more for the future, etc, etc. Let's assume you have done a lot of research and picked out 3 to 5 top surgeons who all have great reviews and lots of good before and after photos and video, but you can't pin it down to the one you should go with. What I will tell you is to get an idea of what type of hairline you want and try to pick the one who usually performs transplants to the closest that you are thinking you want for yourself. Be honest with yourself. It's great to look at Brad Pitt and say "I want that type of hair", but after many years of seeing guys go through hair transplants I think most men are really looking to get back to what they once had (or at least somewhat close to it) even if they think some other guys hair looks awesome, they won't necessarily like it on themselves if they get their hair transplant that way because when they look in the mirror they don't look like the younger version of themselves that they remember. This is not always the case, but I believe it usually is. So, if you had a straight hairline when you were younger (or even still have, but higher and thinner), you will probably want to consider a Dr who does straighter hairlines. If you always had a widows peak then you will probably not be so happy with that straight hairline and perhaps you should go with a Dr who does a more M shaped hairline. If you never had thick, forward protruding temple points then you should probably not get that done. I think you get the idea. I've seen enough guys who had a hair transplant which looks good to most observers, but the patient is very unhappy with it and this is usually the reason. Sure it looks great, but they don't recognize themselves anymore and that can be a real issue even if the hair transplant was successful in all other ways.
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    I just wanted to take time to say thank you to everyone who comes on this forum to share their genuine experience for the collective wisdom and good of our community. The industry is changing rapidly, and a lot of guys out there are getting most of their "research" through social media ad-campaigns instead of learning from other patients. We have big plans this year, and we hope to continuously grow and cultivate this community, as we build trust through transparency. We remain one of the last places online to really host the good, the bad, and the ugly. It saddens me to say this, but it is a sad reality and state. This community was built over 20 years ago, to give patients a voice, and to cut past all of the infomercial hype that existed back then, but history seems to repeat itself. The good news is that we remain diligent and our work is rewarded with you guys, learning and paying it back. So thank you to our members, visitors and everyone in between. Remember guys we grow through word of mouth, so if you enjoy our community and find it helpful and insightful, be sure to spread the word far and wide. Thank you all, Here's to more hair in 2020🍻
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    It is with overwhelming gratitude that I welcome you to our Eugenix family. I hope our friendship only grows further here onward. We wish to uphold the trust that you have lent to us and we shall strive to only let this trust grow in the coming years. It would be my pleasure if you would like to share your feedback, doubts or any troubles with us. I can see only a bright future for the both of us. Yours sincerely