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    Hi Paddy Re the question asked " why did you not get the crown done too ?"...I thought your answer showed an awful lot of humility and empathy perhaps to a person starting out on his HT journey and research... I think your strategy is spot on and comes from a place of years of astute research The crown is a bit of an " elephant in the room " for high Norwoods with limited donor ....in fact I think their is an industry term for it ..." The black hole " of graft requirement....as the crown is viewed head on ...it has an insatiable demand for grafts that you're typical high Norwood simply can't bring to the party To paraphrase the great Jotronic in his H & W days said " We find that clients tend to forget about a second procedure to restore crown in that they are more than satisfied with their front 2/3 rds restoration" ..or something along those lines I suspect you and I will be in the same boat I fly to India 19 Dec 🙏 All the best P
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    Minoxidil beard journey look it up. Give it a shot it helped me personally
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    Hello @nordicwarrior thanks for your question. I am a norwood 6. I only had a small amount of hair left on the front and mid scalp, and my crown is bald. When I was researching I came accross so much much material and one of the things I noticed time and time again was your doner area is limited. When one is a high norwood like myself , my doner is certainly limited. The second thing I came accross time and time again was one should concentrate on the front and mid scalp and top first. You want to frame your face, then move back . This is what you see obviously when we look in the mirror, look at pictures of ourselves, meet and interact with people. So I wanted to improve and recreate my hairline and then add to whats behind that and work the way backwords. The next thing I came accross in my research is ...NOTHING IS 100% GUARANTEED. Yes all the above makes perfect sense, and Im saying what you know anyway, so why didnt I continue and do the crown as well ....right ? The first thing I said was that my doner ( and everybodys ) is limited. I want to ensure those precious limited grafts are put in the most important area first, which is the front and mid scalp and top. I want to ensure Im happy with that result first. However I wont know what the result of this is going to be untill at least 6 months to the 12 month mark. Im very positive and hopeful I will be happy. But nothing is 100% guaranteed. So lets just say in 12 months time Im NOT satisfied with the final result ? I now have some of my limited doner still left to add to it . If I had to do my crown as well I would regret putting hair on the back of my head when I would much much prefer to have it on the front. Because I didnt do my crown now, I have a back up plan to improve my number 1 priority, because I didnt use those precious grafts in a non priority area in the first place , which is the crown. Lets say Im really happy with my result in 6 months or 12 moths time which Im hopeful of , then I can look at doing my crown. At the same time I can see my doner and assess that situation also in 6 months time as this is another important aspect , of the HT journey. There is always the temptation to go all out and make the most of doing as much as you can with your HT when you areange your date, especially when one has to travel a long distance, however I felt my approach is the best strategy for my own personal individual situation in the long run. I hope the above is helpful @nordicwarrior ? ................Paddy............
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    The index patient was 30 years old. His details are: Total grafts: 2520 Scalp: 2520 Grade - 3V Donor site: Scalp Donor quality: Good Hair caliber: Good Below are his results after 11 months.
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    You shouldn't really be having scabs at 3 weeks if you wash well, so you've been probably overly cautious as is often the case for first time surgery patients and the fact you have seemingly kept a lot of the transplanted hair still can indicate that. Scabs come off with hair and you would not have lost the graft that is under the skin okay. Obviously your own clinic need to guide you but patients I book start to massage at day 8 the recipient when wet and washing and massaging in circular motion to break down the scabs that will feel like salt under the fingertips as it dissolves, and this breaks down the scabs that are usually gone by day 10 and they can apply moisturiser to the scalp if dry also. Wash well to speed up healing and apply a good moisturiser. Take care and heal well.
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    76 year old male.1786 Grafts FUT procedure placed in the frontal region. This result is only 6 months post-op after surgical procedure.Patient is extremely happy with results and is hoping for a little more improvement over the next 6 months.
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    Those are some good looking results. However it’s super sus that you joined just to post this.
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    Nice, i've been following you on Instagram, thanks for posting on here.
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    Hey CosmoKramer - Appreciate the note. I agree. I wish there was more here from HLC for people to see. A while back I thought there was more on here but I can't seem to find any of the reviews. It's a big reason why I decided to document and share my journey. Hope it helps!
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    Agreed! I've seen some really impressive work come out of the clinic (Hopefully I'll be another one to add to the list). ha! Yes, in the post op care package they say they really don't want you to use clippers on the recipient area for the first 3 months. They say it's OK for manual scissors but your hair doesn't really grow fast enough for manual scissors to be worth it within 3 months anyway. I have seen people cut their recipient hairs within this time frame, but I think the hairs are still vulnerable from being pulled out by the clipper. I even had a minor mishap at the 1 month mark with hairs being pulled by my watch. At that moment I decided I am definitely waiting the 3 months.
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    Update next week on my 4 month mark stay tuned
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    @fespafer Fantastic, I would put a signature to reach even half of your result👍
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    Looks good mate Do you have any photos pre op?
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    My name is Yigal Friedman, a student of civil engineering, from Israel. 31 years old, but who cares? With successful hair transplant, thanks to the dedicated work of Dr. CINIK and his team this yearr. An amazingly precise work that gave me back the confidence, the smile, and the courage to look in the mirror and love what I see. A warm and loving service, I felt like a VIP in a VIP program, a hotel at the highest level, a staff that asks for your welfare and just a charm that never stops. I want to recommend that everyone stop being afraid, and in this stormy sea of thousands of expensive, inexpensive clinics - there is only one that is really one level above everyone else, both at cost and in outcome. Good luck to everyone!
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    My Opinion and personal account (ask a doctor, ideally): Continue! I take oral minoxidil. I had massive shedding for perhaps the first 4 months. May have even been up to 5 months. I'd rub my hair firmly (no scratching) and maybe 50 hairs would fall out after 15 seconds of rubbing Used to do it over A4 sheets of paper at work. Would see loads of hairs, which went notably thinner towards the root. It was a bit scary, looking back. Nowadays, perhaps 5 hairs fall out when doing this. I was also shedding thick healthy hair. The hair was thinner towards the root, so I assume there was hair underneath taking the nutrients and it was ready to pop through (my basic science of the hair cycle. Shedded hair - club hair, and the new hair pops through a few months later. It;s more complicated than this, but yeah) Was scary. But my hair was gonna go anyway. I had no option, really. 9 months later. the difference is massive. Thick, dark, root-like hair. Density has increased about 20-30% I'd say, thanks to thicker hair growing in. This could overall postpone my next transplant on the back region by years, perhaps. Power through, you haven't been on it long enough. And if you don't, it's gonna fall out anyway, so what's to lose?
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    Anyway the issue is not the draw but the result in density and doubles. Asmed gave me 90% warranty in regrowth.
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    Hey man Nice write-up and videos, it’s rare to see patient posted procedure & progress from this clinic as ive only see their occasional before n after videos on YT, but work on you looks good and clean though. 👍🏻 Good luck with your progress, looking forward to your updates.
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    I think hlc does some wonderful work. did they say there are any rules such as avoiding trimming your recipient with electric clippers?
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    Matt, i wanted only a little touch to right temple, i know it wasn’t so necessary. I only tought that going to a good doctor o could get my results. I wuold never imagine this bed result. I think that is possible a mistake and i know that a doctor can’t do all surgery, but i think that with more control from doctor some mistakes can be avoided. Now should plan another surgery because my situation is worst than pre surgery. I prefere a receding hairline than an hairline with this density.
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    LonelyGraft in the state of Illinois clinics are not required by law to have the doctor remove the graft, place the grafts or even make the surgical sites, but I original thought there had to be a doctor in the clinic when the surgery was being performed. I recently learned there are is a clinic in Illinois that does not even have a doctor/surgeon in the facility when a surgery is being done, not sure how they get away with it. In regards to Dr. Panine he is one of the few doctors that removes the grafts, make the surgical sites and places the grafts. On very large cases he will have only his main assistant help him place the grafts.
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    I’ve seen this video, interesting stuff and it’s funny I was reseating castor oil recently myself and how it is beneficial to increase the “Good” hair Prostaglandin PGE2 and I will be starting and testing using organic castor oil mixed with peppermint oil to use in combination with my microneedling routine as I’ve stopped using all Minoxidil for a little over a month now. I will be applying it directly after my microneedling sessions.