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    Great hair length! Even with not "full" coverage of your crown/top, the way you he style(s) the hair and the length are perfect! Your His hair looks completely natural. Fantastic improvement over yor prior condition. Very good work by Eugenix and good work styling.
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    ASMED should write something here instead to open a new topic showing a good case.
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    Dear Lennney, Thank you so much for the detailed response and analysis. I came to this forum seeking practical advice from experienced people like you. You say you are not a psychologist, but what you are alluding to makes sense to me and I clearly understand the point you were making. I never excepted to read this sort of analysis on a HT forum. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing. -Josh
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    You are a young guy and have a long way to go. And as I always say, if you've shown the propensity to lose, you will keep losing. But, if you've shown the propensity to keep, you'll keep keeping. At this time there is no signs of anything. Yes, you are maturing your hairline, but this is a natural process. Keep an eye on things, take photos every year and notice if there is progression. If so, consider medical therapy. You mention falling hair. That's shedding and it's normal. Most believe 100 hairs a day is normal. (The follicle gets tired of producing hair and it takes a vacation. After a dormant period of about 3-4 months, the hair returns. So, if you see hair on the floor, sink, pillow cover, etc, don't sweat it). You also mentioned thinning hairs. Hair miniaturizes, dissipates and eventually will disappear. That's hair loss. With regards to the very front of the hairline, realize there are what I call stragglers in that area. The very front will be very fine and the caliber will augment as you look farther back. All normal. Consider, if the hair was really thick, it would look more like a wig and unnatural. Don't freak or stress. While this is not the cause of loss, it can prompt hair to go away sooner.
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    Hi Guys, here it is my 98days update. No more itching and the redness is slowly fading away. I can definetely see some new hair so I stay positive and just wait 😉 Please give comments of any kind!
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    Not to sidetrack Biceps' thread, but it's ultimately a patient's choice to have surgery with whatever doc they choose, and some docs are more willing to take on tougher cases than others (so I am not sure we can judge Diep for that) However, what I think we as a community should take very SERIOUSLY is that a potential patient with a weak donor brought such concerns to Dr Diep, and not only did Dr Diep dismiss them outright but then further dismissed other clinics evaluations of them, and then seemingly failed to discuss the potential risks and outcomes of surgery with such a donor. This is simply unacceptable. If it's true I believe Dr Diep's behaviour not only to be unethical but negligent, and a further discussion should be taking place regarding Dr Diep's membership here.
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    I've nothing against but I'll be brutal. I get bored to hear Serkan giving high grafts HT in just a few hours. And I bored to see his patients considering smart because they paid 2500 euro (flight and hotel included) to get a procedure that we pay 20.000 euros elsewhere. one hour is 3600 sec. You had 3200 grafts in 4 hours, that means that Esch graft extraction and implantation took 4 sec. Does it sound possibile to you????? No, hell, no!!!! For example, Kaan Pekiner takes 2 days (16 hours) to transplant that numeber of grafts! nothing against people choosing Serkan but keep in mind: A) Serkan does nothing expect hairline design B) the operation is made from unknown technicians C) the number of graft they promise is completely irrationale So, if someone is poor, choose Serkan but keep in mind you are not having the same quality product you get from there more expensive doctors.
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    Pain is subjective, I felt little to no pain. That said, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.