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    Just had a date with a total babe (like wifey material) but she sat on my bad side, so hoping that doesn't sink me for a second date. Feeling like Costanza
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    Looks great! Thanks for keeping us posted.
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    you are such a nice lad, i enjoy reading your replies for real
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    Do minoxidil only before sleep, its probably going to be enough. When you wake up you wash your hair and get rid of "dandruff" that causes minox. You have nothing to lose if you do it once before sleep instead of twice a day. Half life of drug is 23 hrs so why bother doing it twice and having issues with scalp? That will eliminate your issues with greasy hair
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    9 day update: I have been really tired the last week, so did not feel like updating. I now know how terrible the itch is 🙂 My scaps was ready to be pulled off today without any problems. So far i am really happy the results. I think my donor area looks quite good besides the redness. now i will enjoy the new hair, before it falls out 😅
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    It can be but you can see also that this guy has much more hair then me after 5000 grafts and well distributed, so he has probably a donor with a very good capacity. Instead on me you can see that i dont have so much hair as him after 4000 grafts, and not so well distributed, there are spot with more hair and other with less. I think not only it was impossibile to extract 4000 but also the extraccion had to be done very carefully to don’t accentuate this lack of homogeinity!
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    Hey guys so heres how its looking at 22 weeks I'm very happy now. I'm now able to pull of the comb over which gives the illusion of decent density in most lighting situations and photos. That's worth it for me I feel like I've got my confidence back.
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    Nice, looks like it’s working very well to camouflage the crown!
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    Wow! Hair looks great man! Congrats! 👌🏻👍🏻
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    I call that 3 month time frame the “Awkward Teenage” time period. You will see those new hairs really filling in during the next 6 weeks. Be patient, you have plenty to look forward to.