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    For those new to researching getting a hair transplant it might come as a surprise, but it is an industry ultimately founded on reputation and not regulation Any type of universal regulation is impossible to enforce (let alone suggest) because different countries have different laws regarding medical procedures, and clinics themselves even in the same country operate under different conditions … that is even if those clinics even decide to abide by their countries’ laws in the first place. Memberships to certain bodies in the hair transplant community are seemingly more honorific than anything, with no guarantee that even an award winning doctor will behave ethically or in your best interests once you’re under the knife. Your choice to get a hair transplant then relies mostly on an understanding of a clinic’s reputation and what is negotiated or agreed upon before surgery, which is problematic in itself because the choices you make with your body and your wallet ultimately come down to how well you decipher an industry built on marketing, patient privacy, and overcoming a general negative stigma attached to male vanity. Any concrete knowledge of the hair transplant industry is seemingly passed along from patient to patient anonymously on forums like these, but as to concrete understanding of their general veracity there are no guarantees of anything. Consequently, if you’ve suffered the misfortune of enduring a bad result, your only real option is to merely register a negative review online so as to warn others. While conversely theres is no real way for patients to formally honour or praise those doctors who go above and beyond and demonstrate genuine concern and interest in the welfare of their patients, given most patients likely prefer their privacy and simply go on with their lives happy with their good result. So my proposal is this - this forum can carve out a niche in the industry by offering prospective patients a “safe space” where basic patient rights are guaranteed and certain doctors who behave ethically and publicly recognised; “A COALITION OF THE ETHICAL” if you will. Doctors would agree to behave (or rather continue behaving) ethically towards their patients and will be recognised and recommended here, while patients who have just started researching the industry would know this is the forum to be on to find quality and ethical doctors. While a doctor can never guarantee a good result (nor should they ever), basic things are obvious; refusal to operate on a bad candidate for surgery managing expectations no bait and switch tactics no charging for extra grafts taken during surgery protecting a patients privacy and not releasing their image online no false advertising/ fake lighting This list is by no means exhaustive, merely demonstrative, but if there was a way to make this industry easier to navigate and match patients with the best possible doctors resulting in the best possible outomes, well that means its good news for everyone involved. So I write this in the hopes it will at least prompt a discussion, or cause others to provide similar suggestions of how we can ALL make this industry safer. Thoughts?
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    Its typically not, and the clinic listed usually has below average results (i even saw a patient in person when i consulted at the sydney office). Having said that agree with you that it's a really solid result with a smart conservative hairline. It's common to not achieve perfect density on a first pass and tbh given the length of your hair i barely noticed any issues. Regarding the 700 grafts was it another FUT operation or FUE? I believe that clinic uses ARTAS for FUE is why I ask.
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    H&W are top 3 surgeons in the world. idc what anyone says. no one puts out more patient reviews and amazing results and large cases like H&W
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    Every country has good and bad surgeons so I'm not sure why people write these blanket statements. Turkey definitely has some good surgeons. People who complain about bad surgeons from Turkey are generally the ones who haven't done any research or the ones that went bargain shopping. The only surgeon I would no longer consider from your list is Erdogan... when the Doctor was more involved in the procedure the results were good but I think everyone can agree they've seen a dramatic drop in quality during the last couple of years.
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    Don't disagree with you on that point. Keser definitely is one of the top surgeons in Turkey... but even the best surgeons aren't perfect. Truthfully even the other guy that had doubles in his frontal hairline still had a great result. He had pretty much 100% growth and still looked much better than he did before. If I had a result like that I would be happy but I get where some people are coming from with having multi-grafts in the frontal hairline.
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    From the limited amount of cases I’ve seen they do some great work. All procedure is performed by various doctors. Manual punch. Limited to less than 2k grafts per day. They perform repair work with bht. Good donor management skills. They also take part in training seminars where the teach and perform. their hairlines don’t look as aggressive as other Turkish clinics but they would def be on my top 3 for Turkey. And yes they are up there in price when compared to other Turkish clinics.
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    I’ve always heard that Australia wasn’t somewhere you would want to go to get a hair transplant. This is a really nice result, though. That hairline perfectly frames your face. Thank you for sharing.
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    Hi Akash, It is quite rare for hairs attached to implanted grafts to have not fallen out after 4 months but it is not unheard of. I myself had very little shedding and my result turned out fine. But looking carefully at your pics again I see little evidence of the stubbly implanted hairs still being present so personally I would put your worries to one side. If the grafts did pop out and were not secure in the slits then this may have resulted in cobblestoning which again I cannot see any evidence in your pics. If you are certain then there is little you can do now anyway, just be patient and see how things pan out over the coming months, and then you can re address the issue if it still exists.
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    I agree with the first part of your comment but not the last part. There are not enough patient posted results by patients of Dr Pekiner to make such a claim as “arguably the best doctor in Turkey”, I understand you are a patient of his and your progress is looking very good and from the little that is know about him and his work he seems to be an ethical hands-on surgeon...but common, let’s not over-exaggerate or over-praise.
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    Yes, this is totally normal, due to your scalp contracting and probably some graft hair scabs shed already but the graft is under the skin so nothing to worry about.
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    Yeah I agree with u Melvin .. fuk that doctor . If I were to be bald kind Bruce Willis .. my hairloss would of shown signs of a norwood 4-5 around age 30 .. im at 40 n I was a norwood 2-3 .. with diffused thinning overall.. but not too diffused .. anyways .. I’m fortunate I only had to exerperience baldness for 1 year before I got a transplant .. so I’m more fortunate than most of y’all .. especially the younger lads that had to go through this early in life .. well here is my 11th month mark .. to celebrate I went and bought the redken pomade that Melvin uses .. n styled my hair . Looks pretty good .. I spend 2 minutes to do my hair ..
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    Hi Akash, I would recommend you read up on the different growth phases of a hair transplant, you could start with a few detailed patient reviews from this site. As for your "4 month result", there is no such thing as a 4 month result, you can only really start talking in terms of results after 7-12 months. At the 4 month stage your scalp looks exactly how it should with small baby hairs sprouting that will mature over the coming months. I'm always surprised when I come across patients panicking at 4 months, did your doctor or a rep not brief you on what you should expect over the coming months, if not then they should have. The many baby hairs you refer to that are suddenly appearing on your scalp are good signs of early growth. Even if you lost a few that popped out during surgery your pictures do look promising, take heart from that and try to be more positive. I can't see any reason for you feeling bad and down and lastly in my opinion if you let yourself get all stressed and deflated after only 4 months then this could affect your mental/physical well being thus detracting from your final result. As for your friends and colleagues, don't even get me started!!! I hope that clarifies a few things for you and puts your mind at ease.
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    Most of the people who come to our forum post their results from day-one, so it is much easier to tell that they are a real patient. However, when someone comes on the forum and posts their results from month 12 and do not wish to post any of the other months, most will automatically assume this is just the clinic pretending to be one of their patients. Now, i'm not saying that is what's going on here. If you are the patient, you must be thrilled with your results. But I think you do a great disservice to the community and the clinic, not posting more pictures of your hair at different growth stages.
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    Dude. Just listen to me on this: Don't cheap out on your doc. Either save or figure out a way to cover procedure with one of the best docs re: on this forum. You're going to need about $15K to do this right.