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    You know I respect both of you as some of the highly knowledgeable guys in here, but here you are not rational. Melvin, if you agree that the first pic is his real hairline), the second has to be shaven back as the hairline is not "closed" but clearly higher than his hairline 20 years later. And this (the shaving, especially at the widows peak) is also visible on this poor resolution pic. There was a recent one where it is even more visible. Jay, this is called selection. Only a few people become Hollywood stars and only very few remain A-actors in higher age. Mostly the ones who keep their good looks at high age. Clooney IMO had his peak late. Some things are clear and proven by the better pics in here: - He has great hair - He shaves his hair for certain roles - Of course, he uses clever styling and concealers for certain photo session (there is no actor who doesn't) - There is one pic (the second in Melvins last post), which is more difficult to explain (the others are crystal clear). But what you make out of it is not logical at all. It is most likely an overaggressive shave of the front + concealers or bad photo shopping. This is my last post on this as everything is said and if you look at the better pics there is really no discussion. If you really think you can get this hair and looks by a wig or a transplant you will set-up all newbies for unhappiness.
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    That looks like his real hairline, there is temple recession and miniaturization. But it's obvious he is doing something, for photo shoots like this picture below. His temples are closed and the hairline shows no miniaturization. How did he grow his hairline back 20 years later.
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    I would say this is his real hairline.
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    No doubt about it, Cooney had temporal recession...now take a closer look at the last pic of him that Melvin shared, there is no way that his hairline is a system. My belief is that he had some work done and very good work at that!
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    Thank you. I think the biggest impact has been the renewed feeling of youthfulness. In terms of vitality, my face now matches my body and I feel full of life and healthy. The added spring in my step carries on into my every day life. I have feeling of congruency. When I look in the mirror I see myself reflected back. The novelty of having hair has not worn off. When I’m looking in the bathroom mirror I’m happy. I am grateful every day for bizarre little things like pulling hair over my eyes when it gets in the way: that’s something I never did as a kid because I never let it get long. In that sense it feels like being gifted a second chance to relive two decades. Finally, I think there is a sense of normality. My hair isn’t a thing I dislike…it’s now a part of me that feels like it belongs.
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    Well, you presented a theory based on superficial and self-made ideas and conclusions. And the paper you presented has as the major conclusion "Many factors influence graft survival, and it is often difficult to determine specifically their relative importance. " Basically, this entire paper says: We don't know anything but holding solution might be one important factor. Summary: Your theory is the prototype of "bro-science", which this forum is flooded with. And by the way, I neither said you are stupid nor do I think you are. I think your are vain (like we all are), young and impatient, and all this effects you decision making. And therefore you try to make the world like you want it to be. Again, please explain the poor results of strip surgery from H&W, Feriduni, Cooley, Bisanga, …
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    Wow what an amazing result... such a huge session as well. Hi Doug... question... do H&W do beard transplantation? So from scalp to beard I'm meaning?