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    I had 4600 grafts in 2015, I can provide you photos if you wish via PM. Even if I wasn't, I don't see the relevance. This forum was the sole reason I went there, the results being posted at the time were all good. In terms of my result, I was not satisfied with my hairline which shows scarring in the light, of areas which failed to grow (the hairline does not look good). The area behind was ok, but they used a massive amount in the crown which I've since heard was totally unneeded. My theory is they do this knowing some areas wont grow but can take credit for a good result either way (because something is likely to grow with that amount of grafts ). Nearly all top surgeons use about half the grafts for the same, if not much better results. I've since had another transplant in May inwhich the doctor stated how my donor area had been very aggressively harvested, leaving lower quality grafts for him to work with. This will negatively effect my results I'm sure. It is due to my own struggle with this that I feel for the people who went there and got a bad result. There are loads. To deny it is ridiculous at this point. I'm sick of getting attacked for pointing out which is blatantly obvious to see. I respect your work here alot but I believe your conversation with him regarding this was inadequate. He should be fully explaining what's going on here, offering refunds and not trying to sweet talk you with a visit to his clinic. He states he does not give refunds due to this being an admission that another surgeon could do better. This is interesting due to the fact that he is barely involved. The fact is, I believe I could have avoided years of stress and anxiety had I just gone to a top surgeons who was actually properly involved in the procedure. It is therefore that I say he shouldn't be recommended here at all. You say you recommend surgeons not clinics, but this makes zero sense. Koray Erdogan is barely involved in the procedure so you are therefore recommending people go to see a surgeon who is barely there! It is young techs who do nearly everything. They couldn't possibly have much experience due to their age. I was attacked on another thread by a guy who you seemingly allow you call people names. He stated how H&W operate the same way. From what I have read, the techs there, especially the lead techs have huge experience and they are always present, they do not run 9 surgeries a day and the surgeons are often present. The comparison is ludicrous. He doesn't even supervise your surgery at all. Furthermore, they never contacted me even once to see how it was going. Completely uninterested. Of course, this is my opinion and appreciate being able to say it freely, which is how any fair discussion forum should operate. Yes all surgeons have bad results but I'm sorry, not to this extent. What I have learnt is it is extremely important to get it right the first time, which is why I don't think a clinic who are constantly offering free touch ups to fix their disastrous work should be recommended here. Your donor cannot be refunded or replaced. I think its extremely bizarre that people think I'm needlessly slagging off a clinic. The evidence is overwhelming.
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    Wow, wow, wow @CosmoKramer!! I've just seen this after you commented on my post. This is amazing!! Your results from this are outstanding. I am now 2 months post HT, so will probably wait a good few months, but will give this ago using the pen. Thanks for sharing - this is awesome! πŸ™‚
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    Cheers CosmoKramer! The picture from behind is when I am stood directly under a light, so I think it looks better in normal light. Once I get a bit of length at the back, I think it will be fine. Really happy with the sides too. Now it's just a waiting game.....been through this three times already, but I don't think it gets any easier 😞
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    its hurt so bad! lol it has not even a little gotten easier to tolerate and Ive been doing it for just over a year lol
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    Just to show some contracts to my previous pictures. This is this morning right out of the shower and after using a hair dryer. **i did not place it, this is just how it falls
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    You are 5 months post op from a second surgery with someone else? Who did you go to for your surgery in May and how is it coming along at 5 months so far? How many grafts did you use for this one?
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    There are no perfect clinics, so you're not going to find one. There are certainly some very good ones, but if after contacting 30 clinics you are still not ready to go through with it, then maybe you should take a step back and stop thinking about a hair transplant for a while and spend a few months to see how you feel about yourself. It's OK to decide not to have a hair transplant. Some men shave their heads and are fine with that. Some men think there are other things they would rather do with their money. Take a little while and just look at your life and where you want to go and how you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now. Not just the hair part of it, but everything overall. Where do you want to be in life and how can you get there. If after a while of thinking about that you realize you really want your hair back (or decide hair isn't a big deal to you), then you'll be in a much better position to make a decision that's right for you and you probably won't be so paranoid about it. Another thing you can do to make your list of clinics smaller and feel better about a decision to go with a certain clinic is to take some time to decide what style and type of hair transplant suits you best. Most Drs seem to have a certain style of doing hair transplants. What I mean is one Dr will usually do straight hairlines, another will usually do rounded hairlines, and others will usually do widows peak type of hair lines. Then there's some who are much more conservative and do high hairlines, ones who usually do aggressive, low hairlines, some do much more temple point work than others, etc. Find out what you would want your hair to look like and then look at photos from those 30 clinics and weed out the ones who don't generally do the look you want to see yourself with. Look at some older photos of yourself with hair. Most people generally want to get back to their previous look. If that's what you want then find a clinic who seems to create that type of look. Some of the clinics you rule out may be excellent at hair transplants and have a ton of great results, but if you're not going to feel like the look is "you" when it's done, then you will have been better off choosing someone else. Don't be afraid to rule out great clinics due to that.
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    I really believe dr freitas is one of the best been hitting great results here and there constantly
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    Well I'm just gonna go with hasson and his suggestion of 1500-1800 late next year around November or December. I feel like even 1000 to reinforce my current hairline as long as the yield is good will have a good cosmetic improvement for me.
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    In the time I've been involved in this industry seldom, if ever, have I seen anyone benefit from "natural products," as you put it. Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP are the only modalities proven to have an effect on hair loss. The mechanism of action of each is totally different and are thus synergistic when used simultaneously. So using any one or a combination thereof should yield some results. Here is the problem...... People in general want to see results. When they see no visual change a year later, they think the medication did nothing. The medication is not intended to regrow hair. There is nothing out there that regrows hair other than a hair transplant. The medication is intended for you to keep what you have. So, if you look the same today as what you did a year ago, the medication did what it was supposed to do. Sometimes there can be enhancement of the hair. That is, miniaturized hair, (thinner shafts) can thicken up. A small percentage of patients do experience this. And if you do, stay on the medication because it's working great. With regards to what Thisisnotatest33 outlined above, Rogaine has a tendency to work for about 7 years and then the effect declines. You are still retaining but not as effectively. When this happens, patients have a tendency to just forgo the medication. They then experience very aggressive and rapid loss. So, stay on the medication regardless of what you see or don't see. 2nd point, I've seen patients just stabilize and only notice normal shedding which I'm guessing its what happened. You will randomly shed hair throughout your life. The follicle gets tired and goes into a dormant stage. The hair eventually returns. (So if you SEE hair, don't worry about it, it will return). Unfortunately we do not see hair loss until it's too late. It is difficult to see miniaturization. Do you realize patients start noticing hair loss when they've lost 50% of their original hair? Crazy. With regards to Propecia, I'll share my own experience. Did my research....How it started, what others were experiencing, etc. I think of the medication as a potential benefit in a couple of fronts. First there is more testosterone under the medication. So you should be wanting more, not less. And while this is only temporary until the body figures out what's happening, it helps my mental/reasoning approach. Proscar, the parent medication, is taken by millions to address prostate issues. So, if it's going to help in that department as well...why not. So I think there is a mental aspect to this but it's all about the approach. If I was to give you a piece of chocolate and tell you, "this is an amazing piece of chocolate. It was magical powers but can give you permanent ED," what do you think it's going to happen? I've been on the medication for more than 20 years. Never experienced anything negative. I've kept my hair and to this day I get complimented often. More and more, and not just in this forum, I read all the negativity involving Propecia. Mind you, I am aware that some people do experience a side effect, (loss of interest when it comes to sex). And it seems the news keeps getting worse. Only to find a few months later, "after further research we've now found...."
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    Very informative reply, thanks. I was planning on getting Saw palmetto since i heard its all natural and much safer. I have 2 questions. I can choose between 0.5mm to 1.5mm needles. Which should i start with? Also, Saw palmeetto was meant to used topically? Should i focus on getting the topical version?
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    The work looks great, @Shera please encourage him to post on our forum and share how this journey has changed his life. @Kevin20 Did you see the YouTube video? There is a comb through video which is pretty much the most accurate depiction of a result.
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    This is actually one of my UK patients who I met out in India just last week. Like many others, he is thrilled with his result and if anyone interested in hair surgery with Dr Bhatti would like to contact him and others direct to get their impartial views then that can be arranged. Well done Dr Bhatti and team, another superb home run!
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    His face says it all. Fantastic transformation great job Dr. Gabel.
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    Awesome work Doctor. Nice photos. Is he doing medical therapy? His crown seems enhanced, (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser).
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    Its so weird that none of the members commented on the age of the patient and what he has to expect after a decade. 3500 grafts for 23 yr old is alot and if he’s not on medication why bother getting a HT done cuz everything else is going to fall anyway. If a 23 yr old patient has lost so much hair at this age a HT is not gonna fix anything if he’s not on medication plus his donor is also weak for a 23 yr old. This is my opinion senior members can guide better
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    Hi Guys, It's all good as seen in the photos below taken today. One of the benefits of the summer is it is much easier to get well lit photos. I am still on 1/4 proscar twice a week and if anything I seem not to notice any side effects any more. I'm thinking to get 500 grafts in the crown and that will be me done...hopefully for ever, or at least not for another 15-20 years!
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    6 Months I'll probably not bother posting further updates until 12 months otherwise they will all be a bit samey. 100% satisfied with the outcome.
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    Nice. I'm thinking I may get another procedure done in the next 3-4 years. I have no complaints about Konior other than his list is long For people that don't know, I had a 3800 FUT procedure 3-4 years ago. Maybe it was 5? You lose track of time when you're not worrying about your hair lol