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    There are a few doctors in Europe who produce great results with consistency such as Lorenzo,Freitas,couto,keser ,kaan pekiner,hlc and they all do most of work themselves
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    You and @CosmoKramer have some of the best non-surgical results on this site. Really is amazing. I remember when I first saw your head and thought dang this guy needs a lot of grafts. Now i'm like dang this guy doesn't need surgery lol.
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    This 29-year-old gentleman had a hair loss pattern similar to a class 4v on the Hamilton Norwood hair loss scale. His goal was to rebuild his hairline and add density to the frontal 1/3-1/2 of his scalp. The patient and I worked together to draft a plan that would match his expectations. Since his goal was well suited to his needs, this was fairly easy. When I created the surgical plan, I paid close attention to the hairline so that I could give him the natural look he was expecting. I needed to reconstruct a hairline that would be suitable for him as he was going into surgery but also suitable for him as he continued to age. A total of 3,553 grafts were used. I used a significant amount of single hair follicular units, which allowed me to create a very natural hairline. Since the goal is a natural look, even when you’re combing your hair, this action will allow him to do just that. These are his results 8 months after his surgery. His results will continue to improve for another 4-7 months. He is very happy with his results thus far.
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    That is why it is essential that you choose an ethical surgeon with a long term reputation for consistently impressive results and excellent patient care. Whilst I would normally encourage as many consults as possible, contacting 30 clinics sounds somewhat counter productive. That sounds as though it would add to the complication and confusion. Choose 5+ surgeons whom you are genuinely interested in, get their recommendation and honest and expert advise. The best Doctors are not interested in any kind of hard sell. They will tell you how it is and what they expect to realistically achieve. Wishing you the best of luck.
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    This post pretty much scares me off of having any work done. Might be best to just accept being bald.
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    I honestly started this with the intent that if it worked it would help others, and if it didn't no one would be the worse. So thank you for this.
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    Nice! Haha I just saw this on my YouTube list and also posted it on my thread...you’re timing tho 👍🏻
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    We've been invited to attend the 5th annual World FUE Institute work shop. There will be dozens of hair transplant surgeons, most of whom are already recommended by our forum. But there will also be other foreign non-english speaking forums in attendance as well.
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    Saw this on my YouTube recommended list...gotta say it’s pretty clever! Haha
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    Yeah Melvin I’m still around this my only hair forum I go to .. heheh I’m loyal .. but yeah u the man Melvin .. much better than bill .. u got better communication skills ..I know because I’m a communication major .. u see both sides .. it’s not an easy job to do . Representing the clinics and helping the patient at the same time . .. much respect ..
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    Legend you're back haha been waiting on your update too. I do agree, it is all about making the patient happy, so I would be surprised if Dr. Gabel, didn't offer to a free touch-upto add grafts to that side to make him happy.
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    He has a pretty big area where no hairs grew .. it might look okay now .. but when he recedes further .. that small area where no hair grew won’t be able to cover up the future recession .. so he’s going to require another hair transplant sooner than later .. quite honestly .. I think he has a good transplant .. his body n hair characteristics are good . N one side grew great . So u can’t blame the patient or his body for one side not growing as well . I think dr gabel owes him a few hundred grafts to make the patient happy .. it’s all about making the patient happy in the end .or having them feel it’s good enough n move on . Well it depends on the clinic I guess, n how they want their representation to be .
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    Shifty, this is phenomenal. Let it be known that i am no where to how natural you look at this point. My scalps been hammered and impacted for so called restoration then so called repair which im still trying to get repair for. I think meds if watched closely are the best options and clearly will save thousands of dollars and headaches later. Wish i could turn back time but at the same time you have provided a very valuable documentation online and i am surprised no company has reached out to you to share your story. I can see them trying to get you to write about your experience for top dollar. you did the smartest thing and saved yourself a lot of turmoil. I am extremely happy for the way things are turning out for you and my god talk about natural. And you have no bogus scar tissue or anything else unethical with the drama a HT can bring by some folks. You can live with a healthy scalp free from defects. It is very unfortunate that folks may try to coverup or hide truths to what goes on in certain aspects of the industry. If only some guys truly knew what goes on behind scenes and coverups and deceptions and etc. you are a real person without any motive to do what you do and you have shown this to help others. Thanks for coming back and updating with pics and the more you update the more helpful seeing this has become.
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    It's hard to say, when I look back at the pictures in the first page, it does look like the recession has crept up a bit, at the same time, your issues are in that overall area. I will say that I do believe Dr. Gabel, that all of the grafts have grown. I just think you need more grafts to be satisfied. Not a lot maybe another 700 grafts. Personally, I think it looks great, no one would notice. I'm pretty sure if I started complaining about my hair transplant to my gf she would say it looks off too, you could have a tiny stain on your shirt that no one would notice, unless you point it out.
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    This is why I'm so paranoid to go for a HT! I've been in contact with 30 clinics! I've read good and bad news about them all! They are all very eager for you to come.. And all make promises of restoring a natural look. But it's such a huge risk. Some posts I see here look great.. They posts clinics post on their social media pages looks amazing. I've been advised from 1500 to 5000 grafts! That's a massive difference. It's really difficult. Seems to be a real gamble. Sadly.
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    This all started from some posters saying that other(s) donor area looked depleted. Mainly on @FUEblonde1985 thread, if you look at his latest update, he himself said his donor was a non-issue and didn't look bad at all. Unfortunately, if you repeat something a couple times online it will all of the sudden become truth. I have had two procedures with Dr. Diep, and my donor has zero issues. If it was depleted you would be able to tell from this video.
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    Keser is well known for dense packing. 3.5 euro per graft. H&W , Lorenzo, Couto, Konior etc. Many competent clinics exist and many of those probably have experience sorting out the messes that ASMED now produce. And yes, you are right, it is frankly criminal that they were asking for more money to fix this. Absolutely disgusting in fact. I honestly don't understand how these can still be recommend here.
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    I think the first problem here is how aggressive they allowed you to go on lowering the hairline. Very difficult to lower a hairline that much and look natural. They set you up for failure.
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    I’m so sorry that’s a terrible result using so many grafts just trying to make as much money as possible that’s why they always put more grafts than other clinics...they have an amazing marketing team behind it and they really sell it very well until now I think more and more bad results come out people will wake up...just do your research and find a doctor who does all the work himself
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    Echo what others have said....this is an obviously poor result and there have been far too many justifiably unhappy ASMED patients regularly filtering through.....seemingly even more so when there's lowering of a hairline involved. I'm not a huge fan of massively lowering hairlines but if someone chooses to do it, really do think the surgeon has to be heavily involved in the whole process. You are quite rightly not happy with the density and so best to look to put it right but as already mentioned, you should look to a surgeon who is heavily involved in the procedure.
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    This just keeps happening to the point where it's ridiculous now. This clinic's reputation is taking a huge beating and this is also the case in the non-English forums. To answer your question, do NOT return to this clinic. Go to a quality surgeon who is more involved. Also, unfortunately no, I don't think you can leave it that way as it looks unnatural. I'm sorry for the stress this must be causing you. There guys should no longer be recommended anywhere in my opinion. They seem happy to blast through your donor area like no tomorrow with no regard for your wellbeing. On the bright side, this IS fixable.
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    I absolutely agree with Guano, this kind of result is very common at Asmed, don't go back and lose more precious grafts, luckily you have more grafts so you have a second chance to fix things, take your time do more research and choose another surgeon because not many get that 2nd chance, best of luck.
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    I'm starting to think that ASMED promises you they'll use i.e. '3000 grafts' - but will only plant 1500 or something way less than what they've advised you. The clinic seems to be a massive money-grab with a ferocious marketing team behind it. It's becoming more and more prevalent across all patients which have gone to this clinic that there is a lack of density with their transplants, that's one thing that is a common theme at ASMED. You should definitely consider going to a different surgeon and never go there again. Depending on your budget you should maybe look at some surgeons who specialise in dense packing..
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    I'll post it in my main thread 😊 I'll show you guys the tats I'm getting too lol. One is expensive from a top end artist the same week as my nose job next month
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    Hi @LeftHook thanks for the comment and feedback! I’m hoping my thread helps people out... I figured since I’m going through this I might as well share too! I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the updates! I’m hoping the next few months go by pretty quickly so I can continue to see results. I am a bit anxious of the “ugly duckling” phase I’ve read so much about as the hairs shed 😱 but only time will tell!