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    Looks like you might just be growing into adult hair line a younger age than the average male. However, with strong family history of genetic hair loss you want to keep a close eye on things and start preventative measures right away if you notice continued thinning / hair loss.
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    Thanks mate really appreciate it. I am one happy man my barber commented the other day saying hes seen a few ht now but mine is by far the best result which is great to hear. To be fair I was never one of those guys who got to depressed with hair loss I just didn't like how it was making me look so decided it was a ht or a skinhead. I am grateful I can try different styles and even tried the hairdryer a few times haha. So far best change I have ever made and I would encourage anyone to do it if it's a issue. This forum was great in educating me and exploring all options available, so thanks to you and your team as you boys do a great job. 👍👍
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    Can stumble across results where there are slight imperfections but really wouldn't be overly disappointed if that is the only issue with your result. Yes ideally when you have a procedure, it's natural to want it perfect and not have to go through the hassle of getting in the chair again but going by your pictures, it will be a pretty small touch up to get it right.Overall think it looks good but again probably get a better idea by comparing before/after photos with dry hair.
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    In a couple of weeks u will start seeing the magic...I’m 6 weeks post op with him and I checked my scalp yesterday and already seeing hair coming out
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    Those are two different men. Congrats! And good to hear that the Doctor stands by his work and is a perfectionist.