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    I am 72 now, and I believe I had a very high survival rate for the transplants. I really didn't realize how thin my hair was until I took that top picture. I have always done everything for everybody else and I decided it was time to do something for myself. I also did not experience many of the side effects of the procedure mentioned on this forum. I never saw shedding or extended redness. I had both FUT and then FUE. Frankly, my biggest problem was dealing with the horrible haircut after FUE.
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    I had 2000 transplants with Dr. Tim Love in OKC in November 2011 and 2300 transplants Sep. 10, 2018 with Dr. Junaid Syed in Orlando. Today marks 1 year since my last transplant, and I am very pleased with the results. I am growing my hair out so it is looking better every day. Looking back at that picture I didn't realize how bald I was
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    As an American, I want to remember the fallen. The event that changed the way we live today. Everything from travel to going to a concert was impacted by this event. It’s crazy to think this happened 18 years ago. That means high school kids today don’t even remember it. I remember I was a sophomore in high school. I spent the whole day watching the news as the events unraveled. I was shocked, everyone was at a loss for words. I know we have members from all over the world, but where were you guys and what was your initial reaction?
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    You got mad because Japanese people were visiting Pearl Harbor? And you’re going to be mad when people from Saudi Arabia visit ny? What kind of overgeneralized bs is that? The people that are visiting have nothing to do with what happened in these tragedies. You think they made the shots? Wow. Get a grip dude. You actually went to a security guard to warn him that you’re enraged Japanese people are at Pearl Harbor? Lolllll you realize the biggest minority in Hawaii is Japanese. what if I visited the Alamo and became enraged at all Mexicans living in Texas or visiting? Does that even make sense?
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    I am so glad you're thrilled. At the end of the day that's the only thing that matters....but..... Did you have PRP? Typically hair starts coming in at 3-4 months and not all hair comes in at the same time. There can be a lapse of as much as 2 weeks post op. The hair is vellus-like. Very fine. It does take a full year to mature and really see the result. So, unless you did PRP which is known to speed things up, I'm not sure what results you are talking about. Are you doing any medications to help you with retention? Why was the doctor awesome? Did he do something special? What did the team do? I'm sorry but you are doing more of a disservice than anything by posting ....I can equate this to Karaoke and Rap. I call it KRAP.
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    Yes at 2 weeks there are still signs and the extraction points will heal still further. As said, size of punch plays a part and patient's own healing but wash and massage really well now and can add aloe vera or a cream that will help healing but nothing at this point to worry about and the pinkness will go.
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    Big transformation there! Congrats.
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    wow i hope my hair looks that good in 40+ years. awesome
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    Congrats! 👌🏻👍🏻
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    Wow! Massive result. If I remember correctly you are a gentleman of over 70 years? Goes to show it's never too late to realize your dream of hair.
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    That’s usually how it starts- very fine hair. Give it time
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    Looks very good dazed congrats 🙌🏼
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    Quite the positive change. Congrats. why did you choose these specific docs and why did you switch from dr love to dr syed?
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    Full disclosure least i be accused of bias or having an agenda, I had a very regrettable experience and horrible result. But putting that aside, because I have for the most part moved on, are you genuinely trying to suggest there isn't at least some sort of coordinated marketing going on? Seems be a bit of a timely influx of older results including like previously mentioned, 2 people making multiple posts, and at least one or two bumped results. Just seems pretty coincidental to me, but more coordinated. But not that there's anything inherently wrong with that though. NOTHING wrong with people sharing good results or results they're happy with! God knows I wish I could have. I think the issue is probably more with transparency than anything else. OP While I do see some decent work, esp with Indian patients, and I'm not suggesting you away from any clinic at, I would suggest that you don't limited yourself to India or one area. At the very least get online consults from many and see what they say. My biggest problem was (being naive) seeing a few decent results from an inexpensive clinic and going ok yep that's it. And the only other research was asking that doctor. So, India might be the best place for you, and the advantage of being in India and close to several clinics is that you can visit several of them and talk to the surgeons etc in person. But it wont hurt do expand and get some opinions frlm all over the world.
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    Yes sorry California and Mathur. I commented here “uninvited” because I assumed this was an advertisement. I based this on a few reasons - the multiple threads all created at the same time on the same day by Dr Bhatti's patients (even some by the same user such as barberman1986) Mathur mentions for no apparent reason that he "went to US on a 2 year attachment with the IT company headquarters at Silicone Valley" and as it turns out lived near the clinic rep of Dr Bhatti. As he is currently in India I thought it sounded scripted. I am sorry for my misreading of this. As for me being a paid shrill .. I WISH someone would pay me to be here. I chose to forego a free touch up with that “eminent HR surgeon in Belgium” and go into debt for my current repairs, and so am currently stuck working horrible online jobs. I come here during my breaks to help other patients and support doctors I believe do good work as I do not want anyone going through what I went through. This also means I challenge those that I think don’t do good work or I do not believe are genuine. I hope OP has a successful operation in time for his wedding next year! Good luck sir.
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    The world is a crazy place....millions and millions of people. But it seems to me that everyone has someone they can rely on. Kids and young adults have their parents, guys have their wives and so on....It is these "supporting actors" to call them that, that will typically do the research. The internet is a huge part of this. Everything is so accessible now. Who doesn't have a computer? We do live in an advanced world and it's very exciting for me to be living in such times. But before I get derailed......Research. Seldom do I go out and don't hear someone say..."I read on the internet about...." Be a restaurant, a medical practice, hair......Yelp and so many other sites are part of it as well. And now the marketing companies behind it all can actually keep tabs on you...what you search for, where you shop....and then they inundate you with "marketing" images of all your desires. It is difficult not to research given the push everyone seems to give around you. I do think we need to be doing a better job of educating. The overall message that transplants are permanent, (if it's good work it's permanent, if it's bad work it's also permanent), is not getting to people. Doing the research is huge when you consider you'll have to live with whatever result you get. It better be good.
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    Pre-Screened, In theory, your logic makes sense; the longer you leave them in, the longer the wound has to heal without tension, and the better the scar. In reality, there will be diminishing returns for leaving them in past the recommended period. Eventually any benefit you may -- and may is the operative word there -- achieve by removing tension on the wound would likely be nullified by the increased inflammation caused by leaving a foreign body in for so long. I close the vast majority of my strips with staples, and 14 days is the longest I recommend leaving them in. I have had a few patients go as long as 20 days or so for various reasons, and I have not noticed any better scarring from leaving them in for a few extra days. I have, however, noticed increased inflammation and a greater difficulty taking them out at 20 days versus 14. Hope this helps!
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    Hello @LeftHook I am taking finex, multivitamins and have started rogaine foam since last 3 weeks
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    For myself, the memories are still so vivid, raw and emotional when I look back. I was there that unimaginably horrific morning, a block away, just arrived at my job by Wall Street. I was very young then too but it still feels like it was yesterday. Each year this day fills me with anger, sadness, hope and appreciation ... especially to all those the sacrificed themselves for others ... and still do.