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    Im more concerned that with all these multiple threads, and all the advertising, when exactly did this site become the "Bhatti hair restoration network"?
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    Seldom do I hear "hard skin." Interesting...Perhaps doctors can jump in and give their opinion. I don't think there is such thing. Could it be less elastic? Perhaps that's what's causing the issue. But.... Typically when grafts pop it's not because of the quality of the skin. It is because you are a bleeder. What's causing that? Perhaps the diet. I am very aware of the many condiments in Indian culture - as I enjoy most of them when I cook. Tumeric is one. If this is the case, it is important to bring it up during the initial consultation. Leafy vegetables, fruits....that can help. The doctor can also suggest other vitamins to minimize the issue. But it's a bit early to question the results. I would give it 6 months and then start taking photos. Make sure you return to the doctor's office when scheduled to do so...and follow their instructions. I keep looking at your photo and it might be me, but you seem tilted somehow. Your left side is much higher than the right and it end on a point. The right seems blunted a bit, but slopes down. What this the hairline you and the doctor discussed prior to the procedure? Symmetry is typically a no-no in this industry....but this is an issue. Keep an eye on things and post at 4 and at 6 months.
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    Hello, I began losing my hair almost 10 years ago. Needless to say, it was a horrifying experience throughout. One doesn't really fully grasp the trauma of getting a change in appearance before it actually happens. The initial years were difficult for me. I was about 22 years old. And for someone that young, a balding look spells disaster. I became shy, apprehensive of socializing and conscious about myself. Eventually, I did start accepting baldness as a part and parcel of life. As a guy, you really aren't expected to focus on your appearance much. I wasn't going to be anything different. By providence, I joined Eugenix Hair Sciences as a Tele -medical consultant. Fairly recently, about 6 months and working here now. The doctors did suggest me transplantation. However, I never took it as seriously. Now, after a while, I finally began to think that maybe I could give it a try. Like who wouldn't want to try something when you can clearly see other people getting it done with positive results! I have been seeing the results of Eugenix in front of my own eyes on a daily basis and I started feeling that I should also get the procedure done. I don't think I'm particularly afraid of the pain or anything like that. After all I'm a tough guy (😜). But surprisingly, the surgery wasn't painful. I was 100% sure and expecting this procedure to be painful. That being said, lying down doing nothing was the tough part. In the design and planning of my procedure Dr Arika , Dr Pradeepand Dr Alok were involved. The frontal slits were made by Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika. Rest of the slits were completed by Dr Alok. The extraction of the grafts were done by Dr Alok. Few times Dr Arika and Dr Pradeep also supervised. I got 3024 grafts done for a good coverage of my frontal zone with adequate density. I also got my temples completely reconstructed. I am planning to share my progress throughout now. (I have interacted with many patients who have come from this forum to Eugenix for their procedure. Now it is my turn to share my story with others! I am taking pics of my scalp daily to keep a track of the procedure to document it for one year.) I have completed my head wash and now have started taking Finasteride as well for the minituarising hair. I am very excited to see the progress in my hair growth. And even more privileged that I get to share it with you all. It feel very supportive that there are people out there who genuinely care and would partake in my journey. I am going to keep you guys updated.
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    Full disclosure least i be accused of bias or having an agenda, I had a very regrettable experience and horrible result. But putting that aside, because I have for the most part moved on, are you genuinely trying to suggest there isn't at least some sort of coordinated marketing going on? Seems be a bit of a timely influx of older results including like previously mentioned, 2 people making multiple posts, and at least one or two bumped results. Just seems pretty coincidental to me, but more coordinated. But not that there's anything inherently wrong with that though. NOTHING wrong with people sharing good results or results they're happy with! God knows I wish I could have. I think the issue is probably more with transparency than anything else. OP While I do see some decent work, esp with Indian patients, and I'm not suggesting you away from any clinic at, I would suggest that you don't limited yourself to India or one area. At the very least get online consults from many and see what they say. My biggest problem was (being naive) seeing a few decent results from an inexpensive clinic and going ok yep that's it. And the only other research was asking that doctor. So, India might be the best place for you, and the advantage of being in India and close to several clinics is that you can visit several of them and talk to the surgeons etc in person. But it wont hurt do expand and get some opinions frlm all over the world.
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    Yes sorry California and Mathur. I commented here “uninvited” because I assumed this was an advertisement. I based this on a few reasons - the multiple threads all created at the same time on the same day by Dr Bhatti's patients (even some by the same user such as barberman1986) Mathur mentions for no apparent reason that he "went to US on a 2 year attachment with the IT company headquarters at Silicone Valley" and as it turns out lived near the clinic rep of Dr Bhatti. As he is currently in India I thought it sounded scripted. I am sorry for my misreading of this. As for me being a paid shrill .. I WISH someone would pay me to be here. I chose to forego a free touch up with that “eminent HR surgeon in Belgium” and go into debt for my current repairs, and so am currently stuck working horrible online jobs. I come here during my breaks to help other patients and support doctors I believe do good work as I do not want anyone going through what I went through. This also means I challenge those that I think don’t do good work or I do not believe are genuine. I hope OP has a successful operation in time for his wedding next year! Good luck sir.
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    Sorry California, it just seems like the two prominent Indian clinics here are constantly posting or being recommended in the same thread in many posts as of late. Also, threads from like 3+ years ago are being bumped by the doctor when the patient hasn’t even logged into the site for years. Just looks like weird behavior. Anyway, back on topic to the OPs questions.
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    If you take a closer look at his crown loss, his coronet area (bottom rim) is in the Norwood 7 class and if not for his transplants, he would be a true class 7. He also has a below average grade donor zone.
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    There are several factors that can cause popping of the grafts during a HT procedure. Bleeding and skin characteristics are certainly two of the more common causes. However surgical technique is also important and can play a role in cases where popping has occurred. It is true that shedding of the transplanted hairs usually happen in the first month following the procedure. I have never heard of any way to soften the scalp. I have had many patients who appeared to have a tougher/ harder skin and still had positive results.
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    Day 8, all scabs are gone. Started moisturizing yesterday with Bephantol, repeated about 5times. Today after a warm long shower scabs went off very softly and easily! Now I'm scabs free and I can clearly see the redness 😉
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    Good advice by ⬆️. The popping out of grafts as you say might possibly due to thin blood in the surrounding are, as LaserCap mentioned if you are Indian/South Asian decent and consume lots of curcumen / Turmeric then that may be a possibility as they are know to be natural blood thinners and that may be why your grafts slipped out or “pooped” out....but I’m no doctor and that’s just based on what I know of supplements and diet. As for your scalp dryness or “harness” try applying some organic coconut oil....and of course give it time and take many photos. Good Luck!
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    Konior (my surgeon 2x) has argued it's more about surgeon than anything. Ferreira recently supported this Be curious to know what other surgeon's argue/what other patients have experienced
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    Is this the same doctor here who disclose the patient information unethically?
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    With that degree of loss, and donor that is thin, maybe try finasteride for a year and see if it does something for you.
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    If I were given the choice in that region I'd probably elect to go to one of the Thailand doctors instead
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    Have a look at Cooley as he seems to have some joy using electrolysis to remove grafts.
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    In north India you have Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr bhatti. I would suggest do your research properly meet and talk with their past patient's and then finalize your surgeon. I had my surgery with Dr Sethi you can check my progress on my post. This is going to be very important decision of your life so if you have any doubt don't choose that surgeon and also don't limit your search to north India. Just go with the best.good luck
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    I see what you mean. I am suffering from a similar bad FUT transplant in the front of my hairline as well. I often wondered / wanted to simply pluck the transplanted hair out in the front but was too worried about the skin underneath. I am looking into alternative methods and repair surgery options...right now I am leaning toward plug removal / redistribution and A cell treatment for the skin. But yeah we have very similar problems, it is a shame too because I, like you still have a lot of GREAT hair on my head - it would be really nice to utilize it again. Best thoughts.
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    so the Euro docs who get better results aren't looking out for patients donors or futures, that's what you'd like us to believe? Dr Lorenzo, Bisanga, Feriduni, Couto, DeFreitas, Keser are leaving wakes of mangled donors and patients hooped in their future progression??? not even close... They get less wow results in the us cause they're not as good across the board as the Euro docs. You got maybe 2 docs in the us who can match Euro fue results at best. These Euro docs aren't using numbers outside the numbers the American docs are and the donor areas are immaculate and they are all (the ones mentioned) highly ethical docs. Even Erdogan, who uses higher graft counts right off the bat than most docs, have you read his patient reports? do you see how often the patients getting these large counts still have huge numbers in the bank, almost universally. The doctor takes big numbers because he can get big numbers. Lorenzo and Erdogan have set the standard among fue docs in their ability to maximize grafts. I've found that many American docs are taking a we'll see approach as to how many grafts they can get, they have a ball park idea but they can't be sure, they play it safe cause they're not sure...as the procedures roll along that number clears up as the visual makes it clear for them, that's why you see so often when somebody asks in a patient report how many grafts did you doc say you have left, they'll quote a number and then the next procedure they were able to draw out 1500 more than they thought...the docs figuring it out on the fly... but with the coverage value system, Erdogan and Lorenzo know from jump what they can get and they plan with those numbers in mind so it isn't as reckless as you're thinking it is. It just sounds scarier to you because he's comfortable jumping in higher than another doc may be. I'm speaking strictly fue here.
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    Electrolysis can be effective but it does nothing to address any potential scarring you may have in the recipient area and this is where FUE is the better option. You are removing the graft, and any scar tissue that resulted in the placement. This will effectively allow you to relocate the offending grafts but as Mr. Gio stated, the survival rate of grafts transplanted multiple times may not be very high but multiple variables affect the final outcome. Sometimes when FUE is used to remove previously transplanted grafts a few can still survive the process and regrow so one pass might not be enough to remove them all but even with the majority removed you will enjoy a much more natural appearance that may alleviate your daily anxieties.