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    Sorry to hear you go through this. It isn’t easy going through a repair and i know firsthand how this feels. Im in a terrible situation. Its quite sad really. But You should get some consults with folks that may be willing to and can handle repairs. I believe DR Bisanga has done repairs and another great doc that can give you multiple options is Dr Wong from Hasson & Wong. I know he has fixed other “top doc” forum recognized doctors failures and repaired patients. It’s definitely worth it to get a consult or feedback as to how multiples docs consider the best approach in your case. Best of luck and i hope you get it sorted
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    Have a look at Cooley as he seems to have some joy using electrolysis to remove grafts.
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    Very nice transformation. How many total grafts? How long ago was the first procedure?
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    First 3 days are critical 'Perez-Meza D, Leavitt M, Mayer M. The growth factors. Part 1: clinical and histological evaluation of the wound healing and revascularization of the hair graft after hair transplant surgery. Hair Transplant Forum Int. 2007;17:173–5.
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    Very clean work, Hope it all goes well for you.
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    I wish you all the best man, hopefully it will turn out to be how you wanted!
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    If I was you I would forget hair transplant and I would carry on with my life it’s harsh but do yourself a favor and stay away from that especially when u are not in any medication
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    If you looking for hairline refinement work I'd also strongly consider looking into Keser and de Freitas (who were my other choices outside of Konior for my hairline repair work). All seem to have a lighter touch when it comes to hairline aesthetics
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    Some good and fair advice above. I would support that. I believe that one of the most important things for you as you continue to research, is realistic expectations. I didn't see you mention what you are looking to achieve in regards to your restoration, but with extensive loss and donor limitations, even with beard/body hair you expectations need to be well understood. You have some very good physicians on your preferred list. Keep up the research. Ask many questions. Request consults from your preferred list. I wish you good luck.
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    Hi From your post and photos, IMO, your donor looks pretty good and agree, doing a FUT for your high level of loss would be a wiser 1st chose choice. The list of surgeons/ clinics looks good....I would also add Hattingen hair clinic in Switzerland and Dr Bloxham @ Feller in Bloxham in NY for FUT work. Get as many consultants as possible and the more in-person the better. Best of Luck!
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    Being a higher end Norwood id only strongly consider FUT as your starting point and prioritise H&W, with Rahal, Bisanga and Path rounding out my shortlist. You have high sides but your crown area seems to be expanding. As for being a candidate I'd get my donor assessed first (preferably in person) by one fo the top clinics you are considering. Given your age Id be concerned youd end up a NW7 and I'd want to approach things very conservatively. Hope someone else more versed in these matters can add something of value. good luck!
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    Hey man, work looks good albeit a bit bloody but nothing to be too concerned about as it heals and crusts over. Hairline does look pretty conservative but then again your hair loss at your age was heading rapidly and you can alway lower in the future if you choose to, coverage looks good too from the amount of grafts used. Good luck healing and your progress!
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    Everything looks right on track, I was at my absolute worst at around 2 months. Things started improving by the third month and by the 4th month I was definitely on my way.
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    Fantastic results. Thanks for updating. I can only hope to have hair like that at 50
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    Matt! Looking amazing mate! Congratulations!!!
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    I agree...not too many 51 year olds have a head of hair like yours. Your result looks great and completely natural.
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    He specifically addresses his experience and concerns with fin in his update.
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    Yeah, this is a great result, especially for a 51-year-old. It's age appropriate, but you still have far better hair than most guys your age. Congrats!
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    the conservative hairline with some age appropriate recession makes it even more natural! There is no way anyone would think you've had a hair transplant with your result. I understand we'd all want a more hair, but I'm convinced the better docs know exactly where the correct hairline placement should be. I can't tell you how many cases I look at where people are thrilled to have an 18 yo hairline which looks top-heavy, temples not restored properly, and stands out like a sore thumb. Just wanted to let you know your case looks ultra-natural and you should have no regrets about the conservative hairline. Enjoy and congrats!
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    WOW you've got some awesome results man. Thanks for updating us with your pictures.
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    #1. I had my first transplant in 2011 so only 8 years, but I am totally pleased. #2. I had FUT for my first transplant and I wear my hair long so that was never a problem. #3. FUT because of the horrible haircut needed for FUE #4. I think my hairloss has pretty much stopped and I never used any potions. #5. No Medication 2nd Transplant 09/10/2018 and doing great. Now I am going for the Moses look including the beard. LOL
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    In my opinion the problem is very obvious, OP just didn't explain it very well initially and the first batch of photos he provided don't show the problem. It very clearly looks like there are two separate hairlines due to the high level of density added behind the frontal hairline, and it doesn't look natural because of this. The lighting in the Devroye clinic photos is obviously very soft and doesn't show this but the others do. You can't argue this looks natural. Its evidently see-through and because of the higher density behind it very clearly looks transplanted.The problem is made worse by the fact that even more density behind this area was added (behind it looks great) which makes the separation more distinctive. I don't see 2600 grafts worth of improvement overall either. I think Devroye's approach of adding density to areas behind the hairline was valid, but very clearly the hairline was a problem and perhaps the lighting in the clinic didn't make this obvious. If the transplant looks unnatural in daylight, then there is clearly an issue that should be addressed. What I suspect is that the clinic lighting is didn't show this, or perhaps Devroye thought the hair at the front of hairline was native hair and would eventually fall out and expose the thick hairline behind it. Also seems like there was a clear communication issue and Devroye didn't deliberately avoid his wishes. Either way, I do think its obvious, I don't understand how one can't see the issue. Should be said I also don't think its a tough fix or that its some sort of grave error either, hard to tell the exact width of the area but I suspect its only 600-800 grafts or so to get it looking perfect. But considering the amount of grafts in this surgery, the donor depletion especially around the scar shouldn't have happened either and there's no getting around the fact that it was poor aesthetic judgement on behalf of Devroye to create such a distinction of density between the frontal area and behind it. Its a reasonably wide of separation so it should have been an obvious issue. Not much can be done but opt for a touch-up with a top-hairline surgeon, shouldn't be a huge issue but obviously the time and money lost is unfortunate. I do think its a clear L of a Devroye case in terms of growth and shows poor judgement on his behalf by not addressing the very front of the hairline even if he didn't deliberately avoid the patients wishes.