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    In my opinion and looking from your photos if you choose a good surgeon then 2,000-2,500 grafts could help with density in your frontal area but there is no way you will find a reputable clinic that will do that many grafts for you budget of $1,000. Save up some more money and do your research.
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    6 month update I reach the 6 month mark in two days and I’m over the moon with the progress so far. If I’m being totally honest I would have happily taken todays result as it stands as a final result based on my level of hair loss 6 months ago sitting in the Asmed clinic. There are some areas behind the hairline which look a little sparse still, so I’m hoping the hair maturation process will helps this. But ultimately once my hair is washed and styled I’m delighted with how it looks. I’ve attached a photo prior to surgery and have tried to take 6 photos at a similar angle to help compare. There is also a couple of photos in direct sunlight too. Any thoughts or feedback appreciated as always.
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    The Pic was taken today so it's the 8 months yes. Results came fast and strong I would say 95% at month 5 then not much change from there Digital cameras tend to make contrast more pronounced, in reality wiht the naked eye it looks even better No one ever noticed anything in terms of work done at the hair line or donor Donor is shaved to 3mm regularly and looks fine will post pics
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    you've got naturally great hair texture which makes your result look even better - just enjoy
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    A couple of suggestions and the reasoning behind it..... The crown takes TONS of grafts due to the whirl. Thus if you draw a dot on a piece of paper....draw a cross intersecting the point....turn the paper a touch in either direction and draw another cross intersecting the point once again......Every time you draw...it;s another procedure. You could actually use your entire donor. Hair in the middle and hair in the front grow forward and because of the shingling effect, these two areas typically will look fuller because of it. Thus, my suggestion is to consider adding density to the most prominent area. Start in the front and go back until you run out of grafts...concentrating on the front and top. The doctor can actually work on the horizontal plane and leaving the crown "round" so that, if your pattern expands, the crown will still look normal. Hopefully, by working in this fashion, your crown will end up being a lot smaller. It seems you have a lot of miniaturized hairs....and your pattern seems to be progressing. I would highly encourage you to get on a medical regimen to help with retention of the native hair. Second, talk to the doctor about doing PRP at the time of the procedure. This can help bring the results sooner but, more importantly, help reverse the miniaturization.
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    Anyone? lack of recent real life testimonials is really holding me back from considering this clinic despite the good reputation.
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    I've also started derma rolling recently and getting a fut with Hattingen Clinic in November. Do you happen to know how long after the ht happens before I can start derma rolling again? Thank you!
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    Hello Bill i m buying some good products for preventing hair loss from a turkish brand i really like their produtcs you can check them here nhtlab.com may be you will find what you are looking for