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    Good Evening Everybody. I have had two transplants already. I am/ Was a Norwood 6, with retrograde alopecia. I had my first transplant in 2012 with Dr Madhu. FUT https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/31136-hair-transplant-with-dr-madhu2700-fut/ My second HT was with Dr Bhatti, in 2018 to add density to my hairline and upto the mid scalp. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52308-hair-transplant-with-dr-tejinder-bhatti-darling-buds-chandigarh/ My Final HT was with Eugenix Yesterday. We managed to get 1650 Scalp Grafts + 400 Beard Grafts. Dr Bansal Wanted to use more of the scalp grafts for the crown and use the beard grafts to fillip the areas around the mid scalp. Started the procedure at 10.00 Am, had a break at 2.00pm, and the whole procedure was done by 6.45 pm. it went well, the place its self was well maintained, staff courteous and helpful. Below are some Pictures and I would be following up with regular progress. No Pain today, IM quite conformable. Slept really well and feel good overall.
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    Well well well. Hey guys im back after my 10 days ban at the hands of melvin and granted maybe the words i used were a bit over the top but hell if telling the truth gets me banned i dont mind at all. So Melvin do you remember on that other thread what i predicted Erdogan's response would be? I said that it would be a refusal of acceptance of the downhill spiral at Asmed. And surprise surprise!!! Look at that response! Exactly like i said it would be.. like a politician. Only once someone can acknowledge their shortcomings can things improve. Its obvious he will remain recomended on here so i hope people continue to show their sub par results and people stop going there because it is ridiculous whats been happening there. When people get too rich for their own good they begin to lose sight of what their passion was in the first place and thats what exactly is happening there. And yes Bill is right over the years and by this i mean 10 years the results have been on average ok however this whole debate has been on what's been happaning there in the past 2 years or so where the consistently sub par results are starting to take the p!$$. This is the whole nuts and bolts of it, we all agree even the best will produce the odd sub par result but its the consistently bad ones that are bringing this clinic down. The writing is on the wall for asmed, the way they operate it allows the possibility of more below average results, that no one can deny. I've said my bit and am tired of repeating myself everytime a sub par result turns up here (which is becoming more frequent) i know asmed follows my posts becasue a few months ago my coordinator told me they do and that i am their ambassador (yh right). All i can say to people considering surgery is NEVER EVER go by what a clinic posts on a forum, always look at what we the patients are posting because these are the "on average results". And on average over the past 18 months its been $h!t so for now consider others. I will always give credit where its due but if you think ill continue to back them when they carry on producing rubbish then i wont hold back because i dont have vested interests and am not here to keep everyone happy , that is your job melvin/bill. Cheerio
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    It depends on the region of the scalp. In the frontal hairline region, you can expect new hairs to start popping through around 3-4 months, start to get visible and longer around 5, and then pretty decent transformation with the caveat that they are still thinner shafts with extra "frizz" by month 6; month 6 through 9 they continue to thick and normalize, and then typically between month 9-12 the texture really starts to calm down and they mostly resemble the native hairs. Anywhere behind the "frontal band" region really can take longer to mature. And if this is the crown? Definitely give it 18 months to cook. Of course you always have to keep in mind that all patients are different. People mature at different rates and everything is "all good" as long as the end result is good. It may take some people a little bit longer to cross that finish line, but it's finishing strong that counts.
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    Don't remember his opinion on oils + massage, but in general he recommends just pure hand massage for 6 minute each excercise (pinching, pressing & stretching) and separate it in 3 segments. 1st massage - hairline, 2nd massage - vertex and 3rd massage - sides back and nape. This guy is actually selling his ebook. Not for free. I'm not sure how does it look now, but few years back I bought it for $50. Can't say I wasted my money. Actually I do believe his ideas. The main things for hair loss in his opinion that he concluded through many years of research are high fibrosis (excess collagen in places where it shouldn't be) and high calcification in the (excess calcium in places where it shouldn't be). In the link below he created a chart to understand better who is responsible for what + shows what Minoxidil & Finasteride are targeting and why they are working in most cases. https://images.app.goo.gl/GjvTkfQWVkQRyhho8 However his idea is to go all natural to decrease fibrosis and calcification through mechanical stimulation (vigorous scalp massages). I couldn't find link on google for his full flowchart, so I just print screen'ed from the ebook I've got. While all ideas makes sense, in the end it's extremely difficult to follow that massage regiment. He says regrowth starts at/around 6 month mark, before that don't expect anything. P.S. I'm not trying to promote here anything. Just sharing my thoughts and experience.
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    Great, good luck with this final step towards the crown I like how they drew crowns natural hair design with a marker in the first pic moving all upwards how about you frontal hairline, is everything fixed on session 2 with Dr Bhatti around that area
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    Price. Price is only reason to buy separately. I did the math earlier for individual pills, but if you could do math on how much it costs to purchase tinfal or a different combination pill I would appreciate it. I am already comfortable taking several pills (tinfal, fin, 2x [day] fenugreek, 2x ginseng, 2x tribulus), so another pill won't be a deal breaker for me. I bought a pill organizer on Amazon for a dollar or something (20 day shipping) and I make sure I get the single dose done for my pills as well as all the important-for-hair pills (fin, tinfal). It also ensures I don't double dose on accident.
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    If you get the thin area reinforced with a other surgery and if they finally become non transparent with that line it would a very nice improvement from where you started
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    I've read a ebook from Rob English about dutamesce massage (vigorous scalp massage) and done it myself for 6 months straight. It stopped my hair loss and I think that's the reason I still have much much more hair on my scalp than my brother had in my age as well as father. They're NW 6 and 7. I'm diffuse pattern 5 (still have hairs on my vertex). The problem with that is you need to do it for 20 min morning and evening every day. Its painfull on arms as you need to really push it with all strength you have. Takes a lot of effort to keep doing it, so I quit as I had many changes in my life at once. Never started doing that again.
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    Thanks for your continued support and guidance I have dandruff issue on scalp since childhood, it also helps clear that , More over i think its killing 2 birds with one stone - whenever we massage minoxi, then coconut oil, then rice water, then baby shampoo.... a few times a day, we end up massaging our scalp. Whether these liquids do anything or not lol that's a mystery but i think running fingers for each of those 10 min sessions, helps circulating scalp skin for blood flow quite a few times a day each day over and over again, i think that helps more than oil, minoxidil as that is the by product of this entire process but an effective one
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    Thanks everyone for your continued support and best wishes ( not for me alone but for each other on this incredibly supportive forum ) it definitely needs some motivation to go ahead, book/select a doctor and get this thing done. I now feel my life is changing slowly onwards..... and today i would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Shera who pushed me to make this decision. A few words: I was always scared of brain surgery lol ...... so the core decision to go or a no go was the key element, results, growth comes afterwards..... i was always contemplating, for any of those who're on the fence for a very long time..... find a client rep like this man who continues to support me , is in touch with me till this day. He never acted like a client rep, instead a friend, a brother, provided honest advise, said keep expectations low, i am not in 20s anymore, rather hitting 40s soon and really pushed me to go for it ( not for the sale, but for the sake of mental health/life ) I know its too early for me to complete say thank you to darling buds team but overall, if it wasn't for Shera, i would've never even continued with the next step. Himself being a patient also, he showed me the entire roadmap and it helped me to relax a bit. Now, i am happy the deed was done so HT itself as a decision is truly life changing I also would like to thank this forum, moderators and everyone else contributing.....
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    Il let you have the last word on that melvin as thats clearly what you want. And exactly whats the point in asking him anything when clearly he cant admit his shortcomings himself! And to add if the doc himself gave patients' respect by acknowledging something has gone wrong there then il give him respect for admitting that. For him to say oh weve always had some bad results as an excuse is ridiculous is he blind? Can he not see what patients have been posting in that last 18 months? Its been consistently sub par including mine although not as bad as most of the others. The only person i think should be banned is you, i wouldnt be surprised if you defend him even if he absolutely butchers someone. No melvin the difference is the consistency of the sub par results thats where the difference is. And exactly whats the point in asking those questions when the attitude in his response shows a clear refusal to believe that something is not quite right. And dr koray and yourself need to stop falling back on well every doctor has a few disappointed patients , thats a complete cop-out when the consistency has been like this thats damn right embarrassing for you and him to say that. The only person that needs to get off this forum is you. The fact that you your self on that other thread wanted to put the concerns of recent results forward to Erdogan shows you too deep down inside know that something is not right there but you wont admit it because you and him both have a stake on this forum. And you talk about respect? Il respect doctors who can actually acknowledge that there is a problem at their clinic and say that this is the problem and this is what theyre going to do to ensure consistency is back to where it used to be. But a damn right refusal to believe that theyre doing something wrong? No way will a person like that get my respect back. And if there is a campaign against him then good because unless we dont filter out these types of doctors than people will continue to get sub par results and end up severely depressed because of it. And to add really importantly, he says he acknowledges the patients that are dissatisfied ,- all that means is he is aware of their dissapointment it is NOT an acknowledgement of something going wrong there. So melvin please dont fool everyone with "he acknowledges the patients". End of the day the proof is in the pudding just look at the results in the last 18 months, you dont need campaigns or me telling people whats what. The results are all on record so guys make your own mind up. Im going for a run peace out!
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    I might legit start using that coconut oil! Haha! Seriously, you'll look back on your life and use this procedure as a marker: things before and after this point. You look like another individual. You look 10-15 years younger. Of course you could have shaved it and resigned to hair loss, but choosing to keep a hairstyle with Bhatti's help was a great decision. Your results are nothing short of incredible. Awesome stuff, glad to have seen the transformation!
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    FA - Folic acid. It's another B vitamin like biotin. Why the hell did they name like 6 vitamins B? C'mon. FA and biotin 5g&5g make up the tinfal we take. I was curious, at dosage, but like I said earlier, research showed positive results from .8g of FA. I think I'll just do 1.6g and call it good.
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    FARSAN, I am considering HT and Dr Koray is in my list. Why don't you kindly talk about your own experience with doctor koray FARSAN and post some photos. I see you havent posted any update of your own results since late February or early March 2019 although you have mentioned your results lacks density in some of your previous comments but your 6 month update photos didnt show any signs of poor growth what so ever. ? What are you hiding? Show us. Post photos from different angles and lights and show us clear evidence about what dr koray's sup par results looks like. The more you negatively talk about dr koray without posting pictures for months the less we believe you. You REPEATEDLY say "NEVER EVER go by what a clinic posts on a forum, always look at what we the patients are posting" and you havnt posted anything photos for months and months. In your last 6 month update you stated you will "post again at 7 months with full 360 degree photos including crown update?" and you have NOT kept that promise. These points sums up how much we respect your opinion about Dr Koray. ACTION IS LOUDER THAN WORDS
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    In most cases, it starts from 4-6 month timeline but thickening, growing in length might take upto 18 months Its actually tough for all baby hairs to grow upto 6-8 inches so early... it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Keep in mind - Doctors play 70% of the part, 30% is to be played by each patient.
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    The clinic should be able to give you the photos, no?
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    Yes the two words specifically the second word i used actually actually does go in line with Erdogan's response and is very very true as you can see from his reply. Melvin there is a simple question and i hope youre not out of your debth here and that is -Where (like you said) did he take ownership and acknowledge the unhappy patients - can you pin point where in that response did he say anything along the lines of "we have had some not great results, and this is why it has happaned, and this is what i am going to do to ensure it doesnt continue to happan etc.." ???? Please stop making a fool out of people its embarrassing already. And you said he is standing by his work.. that term infuriates me when i hear it because it says to people he will defend his work come what may doesnt matter how bad it is. Please for god sake dont insult peoples' intelligence. Yes and dr dogany was taken off for good reason and i will for sure raise a glass when this doc goes the same way.
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    It'll hardly make a difference on here, as long as this site keep getting Erdogan's sponsorship money the results wont matter.
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    If I was in your shoes I would INSIST that her boss James Harris do the repair work.
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    Good thread. Not to alter it too much or stand on a "soapbox" here, but this is why I often encourage younger patients who are set on surgery to consider FUT. Regardless of how far a patient progresses, an individual with true androgenic alopecia should always keep that safest part of the safe donor region. Even in advanced cases. The very advanced cases (like a NW VII) are often very familial and we see strong signs early, but even these individuals can still be conservatively served with what they have back there. If the entire donor area thins, then the patient likely has some other type of loss and should never have been offered surgery in the first place. But I do find this is pretty rare and typically somewhat obvious from an early stage. If a doctor has global donor concerns, he/she should advise the patient not to move forward now. However, we see too often today doctors taking from "safER" regions in the "expanded donor" on young patients. As mentioned several times here, this area may not be truly safe and only appears that way because the patient is young and early in his journey. So, this thread is a good reminder to act conservatively, treat the donor as finite and sacred, and maximize for the long-term.
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    That's normal. This also tends to happen during the losing period. One side may be emptier than the other. In cases like this it is best to work both corners at the same time because everyone knows the other side will eventually catch up. Believe it or not many doctors, because the patient asks for it, will only work on the one side....this is very frustrating and somewhat naive...the patient will eventually have to return to hit the other side.
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    All is going well, its normal to have indifferent growth here and there as you are only at the beginning. Remember its full marathon your running not a 10k ...........All the best..... ..............Paddy.....
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    Do you just post on this site to make other clinics look bad??🙄😂 ridiculous result!
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    @baldlivesmatter Dude I hadn't even seen your recent photos, I went back and looked at some of your pre-op photos. I can't believe the change at 7 months. It's incredible, like seriously I'm freakin jealous haha!
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    Thanks for tht question. If You have been following this thread it’s obvious tht I’m more than happy with my experience and results with dr Bhatti. However since you asked I assume it’s not obvious. Among other factors, I’m on an annual vacation in Mumbai my hometown. And a few other reason which wont allow me to travel to Chandigarh. Eugenix is right here. Hope tht helps. I absolutely would recommend dr bhatti to anyone.
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    He isn't recommended here because he does not need the influx of patients and has no desire to pay the membership fee's.
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    Yes, transplanted hair can be susceptible to hormonal/mpb hair loss over time, even most all HT surgeons will tell you you are likely to loose around 10% of the transplanted hair. In all honestly, it doesn’t look that bad as it looks like the majority of the transplanted hairs have remained and that your native hair continued to fall out even with you taking Finasteride (it’s not guaranteed to work on everyone) judging by your photos. Also, if you did get 3k grafts just in your crown its also likely that many didn’t survive as it’s common for the crown to be stubborn with graft whether it be done by a top surgeon or a cheap one. Do you have any photos directly post procedure to show how the grafts look on your scalp? Would be good to see.
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    you all proberbly know that im a former patient of This clinic. and furthermore the results and donor was really bad. To answer the question regarding a second chance for the clinic i Also need to ask my self This question: “Would i go to This clinic and get my HT done again?” The answer with be NO, not in a million of years I was the one discovered that dr hakan used fake profiles and Many of Them was texting me and praised him to the sky. And lured me into a HT with him When to find out it was guys sitting in the same building as the doctor. I mean come on! I could mention a few more things that would make people stay Thousends of miles away from the clinic but i want.