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    Hi Forum Visitors and Members, Today, I received a telephone call from Dr. Erdogan, and we had a lengthy conversation about certain things that have transpired within the last year or so. First and foremost, I want to thank all of those who participate on this forum and have the courage to share their genuine results and reviews. You guys are the backbone of this community and the reason why we started this community. What's changed? We flat-out asked Dr. Erdogan, what has changed in his clinic, that so many patients are reporting sub-par growth or are unhappy with their results. According to Dr. Erdogan, and we believe him nothing has really changed at his practice in terms of results. He has always had a few patients that are unhappy with their results. Naturally, every surgeon on the planet has patients with poor growth or are unhappy, but this past year we have seen a virtual campaign against this surgeon. Now, we have recognized that there are in fact some patients who are unhappy and rightfully so, but we've been assured by Dr. Erdogan, that every single one of these patients have been contacted by their clinic, and have even been offered flight tickets to Istanbul. In my opinion, I do feel that this is standing by their work and the patient. Our Recommendations Matter The reason why we had this discussion with Dr. Erdogan, is because our recommendations matter. We truly want to recommend only the very best surgeons on the planet. At this point, @LordBaldwin made a very valid point with statistical data, that statistically ASMED is still producing great results. Although, this does not change how some may feel about their own personal results. It does show that the clinic still consistently producing good results and changing lives. We Will Not Tolerate ANY FORM OF EXTORTION! Now I'm not going to name any names, but we have been alerted by Dr. Erdogan, that some other physician which cannot be named anyways per our legal representation has been trying to undermine his work. There have also been some patients who have demanded refunds and have even threatened Dr. Erdogan, to continue to smear his reputation until they are paid. I have been provided with proof and I have personally seen at least one patient create at least 5 different accounts and aliases to smear Dr. Erdogan's reputation. This type of behavior is unacceptable and is not tolerated by the Hair Transplant Network. I want to make it crystal clear to the community and to any visitor, NO SURGERY IS GUARANTEED! I repeat NO SURGERY IS GUARANTEED! Therefore, if the results do not turnout as expected, you cannot demand a refund. Simply does not work that way. This forum is not anyone's personal tool for extortion. We do not tolerate duplicate accounts or vociferous calls for attention simply because you want to be compensated. Everyone is free to share their genuine results and reviews, but if we see that there are ulterior motives we will have to deal with those users appropriately. Moving Forward There have been some changes to the Hair Transplant Network recently. We're in a transitional period, and we will divulge more information when we can, but rest assure that we are doing our due diligence of ensuring our recommendations stand for something. We will formally announce the changes at a later time. Best wishes, Melvin and Patrick Hennessey Onwards and Upwards
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    Definitely a visual improvement, and the new hair is blending in well with the transplants. I can't see a distinct difference in hair qualitt and strength compared to your transplanted hair, which is great. Even if it's still less mature and not as strong, you can't tell that by just looking at it, and it's likely to strengthen over time just like anything else. Which Dr. Pen head are you using? I've seen some with 12 which is what I'm doing on my Derminator, but I've also seen a 36 pin attachment as well. Just curious.
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    I would suggest ...follow my progress.
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    Like others have said, don’t worry about the shedding phase. I lost almost all my transplanted hair during that stage and looked worse off than before the surgery
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    Totally understand as I felt the same. Try not to look at your hair for the first 4 months. You’re at the worst part right now where you’ve shed everything, your native hair is short, scalp is still red, etc (hence why they call it the ugly duckling stage). It’s one heck of a crappy ride but you went to a great doc so just remain patient.
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    Usually the hair that gets “shocked” by the surgery goes into telogen and sheds (typically 2-4 weeks post op). If it does not shed, it should just continue growing. I’ve seen guys shed most of their hair and others (a tiny minority) keep half if not more and they continue to grow. At the end it shouldn’t impact final results. If the survival rate it high for the surgery by month 12-18 you should be enjoying great results.
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    Hi Raja, Per our records, the patient has been on brand name Propecia for quite some time. Likely around the time of his very first surgery performed at the outside clinic. He did not start any new medications post-surgery, but did continue with the Propecia. Thanks for the question.
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    I don't see why a qualified laser tech can't remove this. Light skin and dark pigment is usually the best case scenario for a successful treatment. There's a place called Clean Slate Laser (they have 3 locations in New York area) and I've watched them remove SMP. The laser (a Picosure I believe) looked like a vacuum sucking up the diffuse pigmentation and leaving just a few of the darker deposits behind (probably because they were deeper in the dermis). The laser works by breaking the pigments particles up so they are small enough to be expelled by your body. Sorry to see you are going through this and I hope you can get it remedied.
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    I agree with what both of you say. There definitely seems to be a pattern with poor density behind hairline in SOME of the recent cases. Nobody except the clinic can answer why this is, perhaps they have paired techs together and the less experienced get a go on the second day. If if I would have known they were training techs in the old clinic whilst getting ready for the new one I wouldn’t have gone to be perfectly honest . I don’t even think I’d let a trainee cut my hair in the barbers let alone implant follicles. Having said that, they still do have good results , some of the techs are highly experienced .
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    Hey all. 4 month update! I'm finally feeling confident enough to go out without a hat! Density is getting substantial enough that with a little help from a concealer, I've got a solid hairline! If it's already doing this well, I'm excited to see the next 8 months of progress!
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    I felt it necessary to explain why I chose not to take up Dr Devroye's offer for a free touch up given his supposedly "great response", if only as a means to try and move on from all this and not let it affect my life anymore. UNETHICAL Dr Devroye performed surgery on me without properly marking out the recipient sites nor inspecting my donor (and after searching through literally thousands of cases I still have not found a single one on this forum where this has happened before). As seen by the pictures above the placement of the transplanted hair growth does not correspond to any markings made around the hairline. The burden of responsibility to follow basic surgical protocols rests solely on the doctor and should not rely on a patient to explain their goals verbally just because a doctor is running late. Even so if we are to allow Dr Devroye some leeway and let his own judgement as an experienced HT doctor dictate his actions why did he not make any attempt to integrate or match the densities between the transplanted and native areas? Or if he was in anyway confused about what I wanted why not just give me the damn marker pen and let me mark out the areas myself rather than blindly operate on me and hope for the best [did I seriously just need to write down all the reasons why a doctor needs to do his job]? As I said I have not found any other example of this anywhere else ... I even had to prompt Dr Devroye just to get him to look at my FUT scar and all he said was "good." It should be noted this apparent miscommunication never occurred during my other 2 HT's, and the majority of other clinics I consulted with after this surgery either responded with utter confusion or laughed in my face assuming I was joking. That's how goddamn stupid this was. Contrary to Dr Devroye’s statements here, my goals were in fact clearly stated in our initial email correspondence which I would be happy to post. I had also arrived the day before surgery at his clinic requesting a consultation to go over things but was told everything would be handled in pre-op. Clearly they weren't as he spent over 30 minutes with another patient before me whereas I was given less than 10 with the majority of that time spent taking photos. After that initial pre-op I didn't really see Dr Devroye until the end of the day. Suggested FUE to a strip patient during our skype consult because apparently it would be good for my film career; with this operation ended up depleting the core of my donor by 4700 grafts. I've since stopped working in film given the state of my hairline and am now in debt to cover the cost of my repair surgery. While I admit i am idiot for following Devroye's suggestion, I do have to question his ethical reasoning as to why he would even think it would beneficial for an FUT patient with above average scalp laxity to pursue FUE at this stage. Unless I want to risk another strip surgery I've estimated I lost access of at least 2k grafts due to the harvesting method employed (based on other estimations by a well respected clinic). Said in pre-op that the operation would only be 1800-2000 grafts max, but while I was unconscious during surgery this somehow expanded to 2600 grafts (and unbeknownst to me effectively exhausting the remaining core of my donor). This FUE estimate was also referenced in our original consultation form; While it might seem like I'm squabbling over a mere 600-800 grafts, given the nature of the graft placement (i.e. without a hairline) had the operation been more closely monitored and stopped at the agreed upon count, or a conversation enacted about where to place there extra grafts rather than randomly placed throughout, that would have made the difference between me being left with an easy repair job and the nightmare I had on my hands trying to solve the situation I was placed in. While Devroye claims; given his failure to address a homogeneous density on the thinning areas along the hairline I think his general judgment can be called into question being that the hairline is considered the most important surface. Was denied basic patient support past the first week I was In Belgium, with my emails requesting basic info either ignored or dismissed for weeks (what Devroye refers to in his post as complaining). Even Devroye’s assistant apologised for his behaviour. When I finally got a response from Dr Devroye I was ultimately told to wait for “remarkable improvements.” When those improvements did not come I was forced to join this forum in an attempt to understand what had happened while my preference would have been to always keep the matter private. But again, given what I had to go through I would happily provide all email exchanges that took place between me and Dr Devroye revealing his supposed patient follow-up proving that he does not in fact The final email I sent requesting information also went ignored, with his assistant apologising once more and informing me I would get a response a.s.a.p. Obviously I never got one. Allowed his trainee to make the incisions into the scar tissue to conceal my FUT scar (which apparently has a much lower survival rate and is largely dependant on surgical skill - see pic above). I was never informed of this and probably explains why the FUT scar was never concealed. Given I had prior email confirmation that Dr Devroye would be the only one making the incisions for surgery, this directly goes against my consent; INCOMPETENT By Devroye's own admission he spent a week with me post-op and failed to notice ANY of the issues with the graft placement or state of my donor. Contrary to Devroye's claims, when Monica, his head nurse, initially told me about the hairline issue I immediately went to Devroye who examined me, said everything was “good” and walked off. The damage to the donor would have been obvious too given I had a type of shining effect spread out across parts of my donor which is apparently only common with larger sized scars (either stemming from the extractions themselves or the areas of over-harvesting, Im not entirely certain). Given I had spent a week coming in take photos and nothing was said I just naively assumed this was normal. Devroye also appears to have placed hairs randomly in the crown which, once MPB progresses, will potentially leave me with the unnatural “halo of baldness” pattern in the vertex. Given Devroye made all 2600 incisions within what I would guess have been about a 10 minute period before leaving the clinic during the implantation process, I’m 99% certain no effort was given to establish hair direction to conform to the conventional whorl pattern. If I'm correct then what makes his actions unethical as well in that Devroye wrote a chapter on “Management of the crown” in the “Hair Restoration, an issue of facial plastic surgery clinics” book meaning he knowingly set me up for future issues once my MPB progresses. [photo revealing grafts were clearly placed in the crown] DISHONEST Dr Knudsen, who you sent me to consult with in Sydney on your behalf, was the one that provided you with the very pictures you fail to find issue with, and was the one that confirmed with me the areas of overharvesting and scarring. Once this information was passed onto you directly however I never heard from you again. Indeed I consulted with 17 clinics, most of which are on this network, who all verified the donor depletion and overharvesting based upon the same photos provided. LIGHTINGThe pictures above were both taken before this operation, one at home, the other in Dr Devroye's clinic. While I understand the need to showcase one's results, seriously - the lighting is so soft that I don''t recognise my own hair here. In real life my hair was completely diffuse and see-through, and had it looked anything like this as shown in Devroye's clinic photos i wouldn't be wasting my time and money having a transplant. I've only ever encountered the type of full wall lighting systems found in Dr Devroye's clinic on film sets and modelling studios, industries in which I used to work prior to this procedure. Below are pictures taken pre-op in Devroye's clinic and then 8 months post-op, showing how the exact same untransplanted hairline looks vastly different in natural lighting, while the areas that where transplanted now appear identical in density (as if i didn't experience any growth whatsoever which was obviously not the case). Considering that his clinic photos were a deciding factor in my choice as a HT doctor, I'm still uncomfortable with how his results are presented to the general public. The Devroye I met the week I was in Belgium for surgery was a monosyllabic and entirely disinterested doctor from the one I had initially encountered during our Skype consult. The most in the way of any substantial feedback from Dr Devroye came from this forum thread, addressed only to the forum members, and while I was initially relieved to be acknowledged as his patient, was offended by almost every single statement knowing everything written to be entirely disingenuous or a blatant obfuscation of the truth. Had things just been kept private or Dr Devroye been more polite about the whole situation I might have considered returning to his clinic, but instead I chose to spend a fortune elsewhere just to avoid him. For a surgery where an inferior donor harvesting method was suggested against my best interests (and then pursued without any consideration to my donor capacity), where the recipient sites themselves were never marked out and incisions were made either by someone other than the Dr I had consented to or whose placement would always obviously led me to an unnatural appearance requiring further surgery, where the extracted graft count agreed upon in pre-op was exceeded without my knowledge, and then for all of these things to somehow go unnoticed in my supposed put together all reads like an outright absurdity. I'm actually relieved the results aren't far worse. The cherry on top being once I began noticing the choices made by Devroye (not mistakes) I was ignored and denied any patient support whatsoever. In retrospect I should have gone to Turkey for the same surgery, as Devroye's staff had suggested, and achieved a far better result for a fraction of the price. The one thing Dr Devroye got right in his assessment however is that I am upset with myself, I am still upset that I failed to follow my own instincts and just walk out of his clinic before the valium took effect and I fell unconscious given my continued level of disgust at everything that happened. I would of course be more than happy to provide all documentation, emails and photos supporting everything I say here is true. And thus my initial review remains the same; I can not recommend Dr Devroye's clinic despite the offer to rectify my situation. Thank you for reading.
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    I can only comment on my experience with Keser compared to ASMED as I had surgery with both. Having the doctor perform the entire process made a huge difference for me. It is not a HT factory like ASMED and you don't have barely 20 year old techs operating on your head. At ASMED, the doctor spent about 45 minutes with me. With Dr Keser, I spent the entire process with him. Remember, this is the guy who brought FUE to Turkey. The downsides were that I didn't like Ankara at all - I never felt at ease outside of the clinic. Istanbul is more welcoming and friendly. The hotel that Dr. Keser has a deal with is pants too. What is important is the result however and I cannot comment as I am only 3 months post-op. Also, ASMED didn't contact me even ONCE to check how I was or how the result was. Very strange experience. Poor in many ways. Keser's translator has contacted me multiple times already.
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    Hi GEazy and everyone, Here's my latest and last update at month 8. Overall, I am very satisfied I did the HT with Dr. Laorwong (thank you Doctor). I believe the density to be good enough and the hairline to look good and natural. Conclusion: I am a happy dude and am happy to recommend the Dr. Laorwong one more time. I hope all these posts have been useful to you and invite you to share your own experience to assist others. ps. In the pics below, I have a lot of hair and my hair is curly so the density is slightly more accentuated on these pics but even with short hair the result is still very natural. Cheers!
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    When I evaluate a patient for hair transplant surgery, I always do something in my mind: Regardless of how much or little hair loss the patient has or how adherent they are or are not with medications, I imagine they are going to progress to a NW VI and I will need to rebuild the entire front to back using only what they have in the donor area. In my opinion, it takes around 5,000 - 6,000 grafts to do this convincingly, and the average patient can do this via a combination of FUT and FUE. By imagining the patient will essentially lose all of their hair and I only have what is available in the true safe donor area, I can plan accordingly and not take any action that will put the patient in a bad position down the road. If we rely on things that may not be used or may not even exist commercially yet, we may get ourselves into a bad situation. If we "plan for the worst and hope for the best" and act in a conservative manner, I believe the average patient who theoretically will progress to a NW VI can be satisfied with surgery alone. I have done this on patients many times, and it works. So, I do think it is very possible and quite common to achieve satisfactory coverage for a high NW patient using only surgery. But it is imperative that we act in a smart, conservative manner and use the donor as efficiently as possible.
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    No doubt, 6'5" would really benefit you I would also recommend getting 1 or 2 PRP injections to boost your HT results. also, strict diet with tons of nutrients, dry fruits, super foods to keep the blood flowing, working out are all necessary steps to ensure a successful result. I think overall, you are on a strong regimen you're following, we just need to be consistent and patient for 1 year