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    This. Rather than address the failures that are clear for all to see, we get a blown out, fluffy sales pitch filled with impressive technical sounding words and names. It's actually quite insulting to those who have had terrible results.
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    I find it difficult to understand how they can maintain quality . How can you review each graft on a screen like that
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    Yes there are individuals who don’t bald beyond Norwood II or III. Those individuals don’t start balding in their early 20’s. 99.9% of men who bald in their 20’s will continue to bald later in life. Those who were Norwood II at 23 maybe Norwood V by 50. And trust me you’ll still care about looks at 50. We don’t sell hair transplants, I’d rather give it to you straight than play with highly improbable scenarios, to make you feel better about going through a procedure that will likely leave unsatisfied at some point. Now if you were okay with the illusion of density and understood that hair transplants don’t cure your hair loss, I’d say go through with it. But you will likely either have to a) have additional procedures to keep up with density or b) style your hair in a way to make it look like a full head of hair. This is the reality, I have nothing to lose or gain by telling you the truth. Playing the relative game is a dangerous proposition. Below is a picture of my father age 62, brother age 42 and me 33 at the time. I’m the only one who went completely bald by 30.
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    Well it really depends on what route you want to take. Let's suppose you are NW 3 as you said. If you are already shaving your head and are comfortable doing that because you don't want to be styling your hair a certain way to try to hide the thinning and bald areas, then perhaps you should skip the hair transplant. However if you still have some length to your remaining hair and trying to style it in a way that doesn't look too bad, then you already (your words) "have to style my hair in a special and avoid certain light or swimming activities to avoid obvious lack of density or bald spots", so then a hair transplant, even if it isn't extremely dense, will give you more hair to style and make it easier to cover any areas that bother you.
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    In the USA years ago it was garbage men. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/hair-raising-tale-deceit-article-1.176678 I guess they moved on to using taxi drivers now. Heck with machines like Artas doing the work now, I guess anyone can do it. Sigh....
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    I am very lucky that i have the hair that i have, thats one of the reason why i got an HT, Dr Freitas explained to me that the differences of results due to quality of hair is enormous, the technician who extracted from the donar also made the comment that i had the opposite problem to everyone else in terms of 3/4 hair graft numbers - i had loads, and not many single hair grafts, which they found funny. She its quite rare. I will go through the shedding phase i think in 1-2 weeks time, the start of it at least and hopefully in the next 6-9 months i will have some great results. I will probably update every months, i think for now i i will keep my hair short, like david silva haha, its easier to use the minoxidil as well. If Dr Freitas has taken you on, then he must be believe he can get a good result with you, so i would be positive. Your right about the ponytail, i like my hair tied back as well, but the loss of the hairline and temples made my hairloss stand out so i didnt do it anymore. But its not good for the hair.
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    You don't think these people are qualified.
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    You can never have full density with hair transplants alone. Now if you're a norwood II and wish to only fill in the hairline then yes, you can transplant 60fu per cm2, but what happens when the rest starts to thin? If you consider that a typical norwood 6 area is over 200cm2. You simply don't possess the donor supply necessary to completely fill the entire scalp with "full" density. This is why we use the "illusion of density" if this isn't acceptable. I would warrant against having a hair transplant. Hair loss will progress, especially at the age of 21. I can assure you that I was once 21 and didn't suffer from diffuse hair loss either. They say the only thing certain is death and taxes, but who ever said that must've not had hair loss, because hair loss will progress, and it's not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.
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    I have used both many times. I feel like staples consistently provide better cosmetic outcomes in the back. They are not quite as comfortable in the post-op, but I think they get the job done a little better in the end. Having said that, I have seen excellent results from many doctors who only use sutures. Most FUT doctors prefer one over the other and use one over the other on a regular basis. I would recommend selecting a doctor based upon the criteria you find important, and then letting them close up in the manner which they believe provides the best results. For example, if you like the way a doctor's incision line scars look and they frequently use sutures, go with what they recommend and you will have the best chance at obtaining the type of scar that drew you to the doctor in the first place. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any specific questions about using one versus the other and I will try to get them answered.
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    Sutures were used in my first 3 FUT procedures and then staples were used in my fourth and last procedure. My surgeon wanted to use staples because my laxity was a tad bit tighter than my previous procedures and he wanted to make sure my strip scar would not stretch. It was not pleasant having the staples and hurt like you know what having them removed.
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    Yeah I agree. All one has to do is look at my thread to see how many others are dissatisfied. Pluggy, thin, huge gaps. But they’ll say it’s definitely improved, that it’s not bad and could be great with a small touch up lol. How about a transplant that doesn’t need 4000+ grafts for just a small hairline case? Cash grabbing mill, nothing more nothing less. If a doctor wants the absolute best result for a patient, they will supervise the entire procedure beginning to end. If they wanna pop their head in for a few between 6 surgeries in a day, is anyone really going to argue that this is in the interest of the patient? If so how? Its not about the best results anymore. It’s not about quality, it’s about volume. Relying on their old work and peoples obliviousness. It’s so messed up.
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    That email is itself a sales ploy. It doesn't address any of the concerns raised here. It's an iteration of what currently exists - dressed up in propagandistic garb. For example - use of "surgical assistant", when in fact he means "technicians" - but it doesn't sound as good to say the procedure was carried out by technicians and occasionally overlooked by a surgeon here and there.
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    It's actually 6 patients a day with the potential or more. Refer to my next post below where dr Erdogan him self sends an email to melvin whom in tern posts it for us to see. He is clearly deluded.
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    I chose Koray Erdogan because this forum also made me believe that he was the best in Turkey and one of the best in Europe but his lack of involvement in the process and the four full surgeries taking place at the same time I did not know until I was there and this is the big problem with Asmed in recent times and the proof is the subpar results. My result also lacks density like @kw877 so I will count how many grafts have grown per square centimetre and contact the clinic. Like somebody said on the last page, it's not just a lot of money but it affects our mood in a very deep and negative way.
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    There's nothing wrong with profiting from a forum. I think everyone here can appreciate the value that advertising can bring. But on a moral level, surgeons should only be advertised as recommended if the results are to a sufficiently high standard - otherwise that advertising should be swiftly withdrawn and another surgeon recommended. In this way, the forum can evolve with the best surgeons whilst also generating a profit. It doesn't need to be one or the other. Both can be achieved if a conscious choice is made to go down that path.
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    Mine had to be removed about 10 days later. It's a very simple procedure. It only takes about 15 minutes.
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    Dont waste your time consulting with asmed. What's done is done cant go back. It's good that you dont want to go back there it's not like it's a one off they're consistently producing your type of results. Just get to 12 months and get some consultations done with docs that actually give a crapp and dont have 6 7 8 patients a day, looking back its ridiculous to think they were a viable option for me. Good news is it's not a botch and I guarantee to you if you take this step very carefully you'll be laughing at the end of it.
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    Hey guys in 3.5 weeks I will reach my final 12 month mark and share some pictures and a final feedback with you. Today I tried to measure the density in the recipient area. I know it isn't a professional method, but it's still sure that the implanted density doesn't even come close to the 50 Grafts per sqm. In the picture I show you one of my measuring points in the left temple area.
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    Now I'm 10.5 month post op and it is sure a failure. I haven't got a hairline and my temples are empty like pre op. Can't style my hair and have to wear it down. If I would have the choice again then I wouldn't go to asmed. Any ideas what I can do? A touch up by asmed isn't a option for me.