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    I just saw, it is exactly the same good luck! I think that from my 4 months pics you guys got the wrong impression. when the hair is down it's looks pretty good butwhen it is combed up it looks sick & very low density. here is a pic with a fluorescent light and a flash so you can see clearly the low density:
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    I've seen really good results by Dr Baubac from Beverley hills (part of Alvi Armani). He does all the work himself - extraction , incisions and remains there for implementation with his techs. His results are amazing but charges alot per graft which you would expect being based in Beverley hills. I'm nearly 8 months post OP from dr Erdogan with the result looking ok-ish but definitely will need refinement. I'm looking at baubac because he really does have natural and dense hairlines he also does body hair transplantation which I may talk to him about to beef up the top. But I cant seem to find any baubac patients on this forum and do not just want to base my decision on what they post on their website or on other forums. Patient reviews give a much more accurate indication of what most of a clinic's results are like. Can anyone give me a reason why there are no reviews on here ? I know hes not a member of this coalition organisation but so aren't many doctors who are reviewed here.
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    $8 per graft when I consulted with his reps late last year. Im a repair patient from another doc and consulted with Baubac's reps who gave me some wrong info on how best to approach my case, almost booked me into a spot without realising i was a repair patient (which in that case they required me to come in and do in person consultation first to see if i was eligible) and then I spent 10 mins explaining to one of his reps why I didn't want the juvenile hairline of Brad Pitt (my donor was depleted so obviously that would be a complete waste of grafts). Made me realise that maybe Baubac was only capable of one type of hairline (?) or at least maybe i shouldnt be talking to his reps in the first place. Says a lot about docs who actually consult with their patients from the start Only heard rumours about the NDA's. At that point everything seemed too dodgy. God i hate this industry
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    Way too early to judge. This is the hardest part of the process as there’s not much going on. Hang tight for another month or so and you should see something happen soon fingers crossed 🤞
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    HISTORY TIME! Original location was in Canada as you stated and that was run by dr Armani (RIP). His marketing team did a number on many of the forums and pulled in tons of patients. At one point they opened clinics in Beverly Hills (current location), Dubai, India, Argentina, etc. There was a lot of shady business going on by the company. Patients had to sign NDAs before surgery. If they posted bad results, Armani’s lawyers would contact them and threaten. Forums censored bad reviews and banned people posting bad things. Many of the forums were on Armani’s payroll. One unhappy patient finally reported Armani’s actions to the Canadian medical bureau and they did an investigation and took away his medical license permanently. This same patient researched dr Armani’s history and found out he wasn’t Italian (as indicated by his FAKE last name which he changed after coming to Canada from Pakistan which was his country of birth). After all of this, dr baubac was designated as the head of surgery for the company. (Baubac is actually a former patient of dr Armani). A few years ago I heard Armani got some form of cancer and passed away. Anyone is free to correct me but ive seen Armani’s name and results on various forums since 2005
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    Yep, I noticed that too. Not a good sign. If the Doc had all these success stories, he wouldn't need to keep recycling the same photos of guys from 10-20 years ago. And who knows if those pics from 10-20 years ago are legit photos and their grafts haven't fallen out by now.
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    Omg. it's the exact same hair line as mine looking good i'm following
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    As far as I've been able to ascertain, it will work for as long as you take it. The problem, and what typically does have an effect is the fact that sometimes you will forget to take the pill or you ran out and now you have to wait to resume taking it. And, that is honestly all you can do. Two things to consider here. Say you start taking the medication at 22. Unknown to you, you will start losing hair 5 years from now. So the first thing, when do you start taking the medication? I would say common sense tells you - you start when you start thinning. But this, necessarily is not true either. Take my son, for example. He is well aware of family history so he started taking the medication at 18. Mind you, he did not have any loss at the time. The other side of the coin, obviously, is - suppose he was to start losing hair the very next day. Good thing he started taking the pill. Now let's say he stops after 14 years. He will lose all that he would have lost. This process typically takes a full year. With regards to your comment about being effective for about 5 years and then starts loosing some of its effect...I've heard that about Rogaine and not Propecia. And the time is 7 years. The suggestion, however, is to keep doing the treatment as you are still getting some benefit...and more so when combined with other modalities.
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    3 Month Update Hairline is slowly starting to form. Pretty sparse in the middle, but it's still very early so I figure things will thicken up significantly over the next few months. Watching the sides and temples grow in has been very satisfying!
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    I've always admired, and looked up to people speaking a language that's not their native language. And also amazed at the people who judge them for not being perfect at it. SMDH