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    Hi Paddy, he means 10mg which is equivalent to 10,000 mcg. You are right in saying a good balanced diet should provide all the Biotin we need. As for overdoing it, Biotin is considered very safe and any excess is passed through the body. On another note, one of your fellow Irishman, the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan says Guinness is the only proven hair loss treatment. He's quoted here. “They sell all those lotions to cure you of baldness… They don’t work. There is only one way to cure baldness – you pour Guinness over your head, collect it in a bucket, and drink it in the morning,” he says. “It’s proven to work.” We all might be missing a trick there
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    Been using 10k Biotin for years. It 100% improves the actual quality and thickness of the individual hairs and makes it grow quicker. It does the exact same for nails. Just be careful if you are prone to acne.
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    Yeah I wouldn’t worry about it too much then if you don’t have them naturally. It’s a minor thing and not too noticeable especially from the front. Biggest thing to have (again imo) is to have the face framed which you do have now. Your density should improve lots in the coming months. Exciting times ahead bro
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    I've also been researching a little on my own some alternatives to the tinfal. I will be running out in the next 3 months or so, and I wanted to know what either of you use for biotin + folic acid, if anything. The tinfal I have is 5mg of biotin and 5mg of folic acid. I am having a hard time finding such a large dose on Amazon. Some pills have 5000mcg (5mg) of one, but like 300mcg of the other. Should I suck it up and take two pills instead of my one? I know Bhatti recommends biotin pills for the recovery period, but should I consider staying on them indefinitely? Is it important to get 5mg and 5mg after 8 months, or should I look for a reduced dosage? Thanks for any help!
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    Can’t get much better than that at 5 months wow
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    Look, I think that you starting this conversation shows that you have a certain level of restraint instead of diving head-first into surgery which is good. That said, you need to get the idea of having surgery within the next year out of your head. I believe that Lennney is right, it’s not just about your age at this point. You simply haven’t done enough quality research, and emotionally your ripe for the taking of any doctor that is willing to tell you what you want to hear just to put you through a living hell in exchange for money. I personally don’t feel comfortable telling people to get on medication because I do not feel qualified. That said, the people who are telling you that the side effects are inevitable and irreversible are probably mainly people like you. As in they have never even tried it, just repeat what they hear and discourage others from giving it a shot. No offense, but if you have been doing as much research into finasteride as you have into doctors, you need to start back from square 1. Because someone you might call “credible” or “ethical” probably wouldn’t line up with how others would define those words. Just because Turkey is the one of the rare countries that you can visit, doesn’t mean that you couldn't have a Skype consultation with doctors from other countries just to pick their brain about your options. I find it off-putting that your doctor tells you that they have a system in place where if things don’t go according to plan, they offer a complimentary surgery. It’s already putting you in a mind frame of expecting and accepting a bad result like it’s no big deal. If someone botches the first procedure, potentially wasting or underutilizing 3K grafts, why would you ever let them touch you again and do the same with another 2K or so? Because it’s free? If you have trouble receiving any further guidance here, I would recommend that you youtube Joe Tillman and the Bald Truth. You’ll find hours and hours of hair transplant, medication discussion, etc. I think it’s a great place for you to start for easily accessible, quality information. Best of luck!
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    This is what you get when you go with a world class surgeon. No marketing, no technicians, no bullshit. I wish I could go back and use him for my previous surgery too. This forum needs to rethink who it recommends here.
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    All true what you state @Lennney above, Most all big brands also produce the same goods just repacked for their off-brand clients with very little differences in quality if any. Yeah, Costco is great both for their products and services and consumer friendly approach but also the way they treat their employees, and I’ve read times, polls that show corporate responsibility and employee happiness that Costco is always rated about the top of the list, and this is why I do not mind paying their yearly membership fee (10-years now) as I have the executive membership that gives a Costco cash 2% rebate in the mail to me at the end of every year which covers the cost of the membership fee for me as well as a little extra to shop with and I love it. Yes, only purchase is it says ‘Ships and Sold by Amazon’ or a highly rated 3rd party seller, but you must look before placing in cart, and yes it’s common for many counterfeit consumer items to be sold on Amazon by 3rd party sellers so you definitely don’t want to take the chance with a medication...ever.
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    Trust me, I tried on a whim. I used the dropper for a month and did not like it. KEEP YOUR SPRAY TOP(s)!!!! I did a cursory search and found this: https://www.groomingadepts.com/hair-loss/treatments/kirkland-minoxidil-vs-rogaine/ It is a investigation into the inactive ingredients, and is 2 years old. I will reiterate that Costco is probably one of the most ethical and consumer friendly companies in the world. People have also said that Grey Goose vodka is Kirkland brand vodka: https://rebelbartender.com/2011/07/14/review-kirkland-signature-vodka-or-is-it-or-is-it-not-grey-goose/ I don't have a Costco membership, but I love store brand generics and especially love Kirkland's signature. Give it a shot! Most generics are made in the same place as the name brand, "Many generic brands are the exact same product as the name brand. They are even manufactured in the same facilities! The only difference is the generic brand is packaged differently." - https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/generic-vs-name-brand-which-should-you-buy/ I can help explain the theory behind this fact if you're interested. It increases sales of the product (of the minox or the vodka or whatever) and yet preserves the "integrity" of the name brand by not cheapening it. Tide or Persil can continue to charge what they charge, and will make additional sales through the store brand generic detergent. This may be why there are common parts between the two minoxidil manufacturers. It is simpler to consolidate a supply chain to make a single uniform product to accommodate changes in demand rather than a variety of shapes and sizes which all have various manufacturing methods and manufacturers. I agree with @CosmoKramer , but it would be wild to see someone make a knockoff of a generic! That being said, the supplier for Amazon is Costco themselves. I don't work for Costco, but would mind it. I can definitely get behind this company. It's a company that isn't "grimy".
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    Hey @Lennney Good advice on purchasing Kirkland brand minox, I just like to add that when purchasing on Amazon always best to be sure you are buying it directly as “Sold by Amazon” or a 3rd party seller that has a high rating and sales count otherwise there is a possibility it may be counterfeit / knock off.
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    For best results, you have to always work slightly harder and make an attempt to shower/ wash/shampoo quickly to make sure scalp is all clean and dry before applying minox each night. I know its hard on those night outs/bar events but think like this.... you get home after being tired, you brush your teeth so why ignore the hair which will only take 5 mins maximum. It requires effort but we all should try to invest into this. If you apply minox on hair with product/gel on it, most of minox will just stick with the product on the top most layer and will be hard to penetrate deeper into the scalp. It should provide some impact but real impact is only when there is no product at all.
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    Foam - 60 % effective Liquid - 90% effective as per real patients ( in my close knit circle )
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    same thoughts here. Its been said the liquid contains alcohol ( due to which it is able to penetrate deeper into the scalp ) but due to a few minor issues/complaints from patients such as : dryness, itchiness, redness etc...... rogaine decided to introduce a new evolutionary product as " rogaine foam " . its just a recent launch in the market, its not that old ....... however, my friend has used both- foam for 6 months, now on liquid for next 6 months - he said liquid seems to be solid when it comes to experiencing a concrete difference. Foam is just there catering to those patients who can't deal with minor dryness
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    Melvin, actually there is a difference and it’s related to the in active ingredients. For example, the liquid contains ingredient called propylene glycol which has a tendency to irritate the scalp. The foam however, does not contain this ingredient and contains a superior delivery system, making percentage of success higher with the foam in the liquid. I suggest incorporating this into your article. Best, Bill
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    Compare a post-op of ANY Bhatti case with ANY Keser case, if you think they're in the same league, or even on the same planet you need your eyes checked.