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    Keep in mind, density is also dependent on this main factor alone : if 60 per cm2 but majority is double, triple and quads then you are good if 75 per cm2 but majority is singles, doubles only, then you get less density I think surgeons should solely focus on extracting/identifying beforehand using magnifiers if possible as to how much doubles, triples they could extract. Avoid pulling too many singles ( only 200-500 required in most cases for soft frontal hairline - 2/3 rows in the front ) science should focus on this aspect alone and it will impact density in a positive way if there is a foolproof way of identifying spots in the donor where more doubles,trips are present. its like when scientist discovered oil under that sand. not all areas but some are full of oil.
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    Hair loss is not, nor will ever be, as profitable as any of the diseases I listed for pharmaceutical companies. That is why research and development stopped with RU -- they went bankrupt, were bought out, and no one was willing to carry the product through the finish line. This is happening even with more serious illnesses -- Pfizer and Enbrel was literally mass murder on a corporate scale. The reimbursements by insurance companies in the US are extrapolated from Medicare, which in turn are determined by the Policy & Steering Committee in Congress. Insurance companies are willing to pay more for life saving therapies than they are for cosmetic procedures. Wesley's research, for example, probably stopped because he ran out of funding, not because he wasn't getting results. Unfortunately, despite what anyone under 50 thinks, hair loss is small potatoes in the big scheme of things and at most an inconvenience compared to legitimately losing your health. You're exactly right. I'm tired of this "there's more money in chronic treatment than in a cure". This is a nonsense argument. Pharmaceutical companies don't think in terms of making money for the entire industry, they are selfish. They think of making money for themselves. The single company that "cures" AIDS or cancer or heart disease will make hundreds of billions (along with a few Nobel prizes) and happily bury the chronic disease treatments that their competitors have come up with. A cure for hairloss is a logarithmic scale smaller, and will result in tens of billions in profit, but anyone that finds it will certainly take the prize. The reason chronic illnesses are not cured is because they are f*cking complicated, and very rarely do diseases get cured by a single magic bullet. Rather it takes several bullets, then dosing it with gasoline and lighting it on fire, then nuking the remains. Hair loss is incredibly complex, these binary arguments are oversimplistic and cater to the conspiracy theory crowd that always questions but never comes up with alternatives.
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    Your hair still looks considerably better than before you started the Finasteride. Fingers crossed for you that it shapes back up to how it was before and this is all a temporary shed. Regardless, there are still other options it seems like you can explore, so not all hope is lost... And stay focused on the progress you've already made.
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    Prepare to have your sweat smell like maple syrup! I haven't said anything to my SO, but the SO does like the smell! I take 670mg once in morning and evening. I also take tribulus. 1000mg morning and evening. Everything seems to be fine with my mental state as well, so I haven't had any issues. I don't mind taking these supplements since I'm already in the routine with my fin (daily) and these supplements run me something like $10 a month. I heard a few months ago that the best advice for a dead bedroom is sleeping naked together. I don't have a dead bedroom, but I wanted to try it anyway this last weekend to see if it helps with performance. I will also say this: it is critical to stop worrying about performance to get good performance. I sometimes catch myself doubting or thinking about it and switch the subject or DO something immediately. Not thinking about it has been the single best thing I've done to combat ED. With sleeping naked, long story short, everything worked and my refractory period which is normally 6+ hours (urge for sex gone til next day, but ability maybe 8 hours or so) turned to 30 minutes. Everything else being the same, I was roaring to go 30 minutes later. I thought this ability was gone for last 3 years. It was nice because my SO was down to sleep naked, and there were no sexual connotations, just seeing how we liked it. I read the advice on Reddit, and decided to just give it a try for fun. I can vouch first hand.
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    Hey man! First of all, I have to say that your hair's initial response to finestaride was absolutely amazing -- completely transformed your head! Congrats on that result! I do understand your recent frustrations and worries regarding the shedding, and although I'm no expert on this, intuition makes me agree with the guys that have suggested judging the effectiveness after 12 to 18 months, given how hair growth and regrowth is a cyclic thing. Although the current shedding may seem worrisome to you, please don't lose sight of the fact that in comparison to where you started, the hair is still infinitely better. Hopefully the thickness will return to what you had during those peak months. I only started finasteride at the start of this month, and so your thread has been especially inspiring and helpful to me. Thanks again brother, and I wish you even greater results for the upcoming months and years
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    Glad to see you back man, you should do an update of your hair I would love to see it cheers 🍻
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    Wow, looking great! Your hairline's shape came out looking a lot like mine with the widow's peak, except with the major difference that it looks low enough that once your density grows in, you're only a quick late-90's Backstreet-Boys highlighted-tips dye-job away from having hair just like Chris Hemsworth (pictured below in Star Trek), and that sounds like a home run to me any day! Dr. Diep's done a fantastic job, please keep us posted!
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    Are you using the foam or the liquid? Are you doing the medication once or twice a day? The med does contain alcohol which tends to dry the scalp. That's where the irritation comes from. Many believe, if you use the medication twice a day, you are getting 100% of the medication. If you use it once a day, you are getting 90%. Cut to once a day, that should help. 2nd, the medication is systemic. No need to apply it all over. You can change the area. One day in the back, one day off to the side, one in the front, etc. That should also help. If the condition persists, visit with the Doctor. He can typically suggest something to use and perhaps even give you a script.
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    On Amazon, pretty good price $20. It’s the: Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope.
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    As discussed, Dr. Lupanzula feels that these types of products can clog pores and have the potential to stunt full regrowth which is why we do not recommend the use of any types of concealer in the recipient area.
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    Hi Wanted to post my update of of 10 month post op.
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    Jesus Christ. Why would anyone reply this way? What you're asserting here is that if the procedure is a success, the doctor takes credit but if it fails, the patient is to blame. There could very well be plenty of reasons why a transplant could fail but blaming the patient at every step is just ridiculous.
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    Paddy , Thanks for your query . Yes I am physician , currently heading the Medicine Department as a Clerkship Director of the Medical School and Assistant Professor Medicine Department at CMU . Dr Pradeep suggested finestride and Minoxidil. I agree with his recommendations. It prolongs the life cycle of the hair and some times prevents / halts the shock phenomenon and can let the implanted graft to just grow without shedding though there are multiple other factors . Personally I am already using fenistride . Taking Co-enzyme Q, Multivitamins with Zinc and biotin in it. One thing which is stated doing is to avoid any artificial sweeteners and any drinks with it along with eating a well balanced diet . Though no well validated studies are there but detailed literature review and personal experience in this field for 9 years now , has made me take this decision . I haven't decided about Minoxidil as it used to make my scalp very itchy . I will be avoiding wearing tight fitted caps either in ICU or sports ones alike with use paraben and sulphate free vegan shampoos . I will keep you all posted how my results turn out . Regards A.K.
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    Almost at 10 months on finasteride. Still constantly shedding since the end of November. The pictures may seem good but I’m not feeling great about it. The density is down from November considerably. I loved my hair in November. I felt so confident and would’ve been totally fine if that’s how my hair stayed. However, I need to remember where I started and that is the important part like Raphael84 stated. Has anyone been through something like this? Surely my body didn’t adapt that quickly? Surely my hairs didn’t all grow back for 1 cycle between July 2018 and November 2018 and then die out and not return? Im obviously sticking it out on finasteride for the long run. I’m just waiting for the rebound... which is hard I’ll be getting a haircut soon and will post pictures with a shorter haircut. I used to be able to push it up in the front but now i need to keep it flat and brush/comb it over...
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    It's disheartening to see posters on here behaving childish and sarcastic, if you notice they never have any pictures or threads either. I suggest ignoring trolls. My donor looked just like your after my surgery and I have gone on to have three procedures. The picture below was a week after my procedure. Then the second a pic is 6 months after at a #1 guard. A note to the community, this forum is to show support. Anyone who's on here knows how difficult it is to go through a procedure and so many questions and doubts running in your mind. Behaving childish and sarcastic to a new poster right after their surgery is not acceptable. If after a year there is a problem with the donor or results, then by all means call it how you see it, but a few days after the procedure we should be encouraging each other. No one wants to share their story if the responses they receive are sarcastic.
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    Hi everyone. Firstly apologies for the lack of updates, to be honest life just got in the way and I'm at a point where my hair isn't on my mind 24/7 like it used to be. However I'm basically at my 1 year post surgery anniversary. So here are the latest photos. Keen to get some thoughts and opinions.
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    Just an interesting update as I hit the 5 month mark (proper photos to follow). But I'm at a point already on the left side, where I can style part my hair to expose the hairline and the transplanted hairs are thick enough to blend into my native hair!! Comparison photo below for reference, under bright bathroom lighting also. The right side still has some catching up to do, but honestly that is what I envisioned the end result being, can't wait to see how it grows out over the coming months.
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    I think you're going to get a good result. It's still really early. The barometer is....just look at your before pics...;) I find the JFM beard dye better than the standard stuff, which is pretty shite tbh.