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    I recently saw this guys very impressive 1 year results he posted on another forum showing how he tackled his baldness and went from a Norwood 7 to what now looks to be a Norwood 3 .... all only from using medication and microneedling. I think a so-called “cure” can already be attained using a combination of medication/HT/Microneedling ...
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    Very promising Lenney and even more important, very natural! It can just get better!
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    Here's how I am hiding it right now at the office (everyone already knows...it's more so for clients and just not looking too weird).
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    Day 21 - density not looking so hot. A lot seems to have shed so far.
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    I'd like to see more pics of that man bun. Great video quality, what are you shooting with?
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    Wow, that is cool. 😂 Thanks for sharing
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    I told my current gf on our 3rd date. I also told her to not be surprised when I wash my fibers out lol. My crown is a lot thinner, she said “that’s okay my face doesn’t look like this when I wash off my make up either” that’s when I knew she was a keeper haha.